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The Daily Moot (3/5/18)

1. Tekken Comes to Mobile

Tekken came out with “Tekken Mobile” last week for Android and iOS devices. The overall game is pretty solid as it features an RPG style level progression, in game treasures, and unlockable characters and items. However, the controls are a little wonky. Tapping on the left side of the screen blocks while tapping on the right side of the screen attacks, while holding the left or right side does a super block or super attack. While it is weird to see Tekken in the mobile gaming scene, it quite exciting to have it on the go at all times. Check out the full article from Kotaku to learn more about Tekken Mobile!

  2. Ubisoft to Expand Division Team   Ubisoft is looking to add at least 25 people to their Massive Entertainment team, which is responsible for the popular shooter, The Division. Most of the people they want to bring on are designers, so we know he overall look of the game is set to get a large boost. In addition, the managing director, David Polfeldt, released a rumor saying there could be a sequel coming to The Division at some point in the future. Would this enough to bring back players to the “dead” game?

  3. Monster Hunter: World to the Switch?   The studio that ported Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch, Iron Galaxy, has reached out to Capcom in an attempt to port Monster Hunter: World to the Switch. The CEO of Iron Galaxy, Adam Boyes, tweeted to Capcom in hopes of a response to proposition. Capcom has repeatedly stated that MHW is not coming to the Switch, but Iron Galaxy is hoping to change their mind. Hopefully Iron Galaxy is successful and does in fact bring Monster Hunter: World to the Switch!

  4. Brigitte Tips & Tricks   The most recent character to come to Overwatch, Brigitte, is already making a major impact to the meta. Many players have learned how to play with Brigette and started using her as their main. If you are looking to learn more about Brigitte and how to effectively play as her, check out the link below from IGN!

  ==================   The Palico event has finally come to a conclusion! Thank you to everyone who participated, we will announce the winners 3/7/18.

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