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The Daily Moot (9/13/19)

1. Borderlands 3 is out now and there's a DOUBLE Moot Event! (Moot Points Ep. 71)   That's right! Our Borderlands 3 DOUBLE Event is already live! Check out the video or the event post (or both!) to see how you can participate for a chance to win big.

  2. The Game Awards Announces Event Date   The fifth Game Awards show will take place on December 12th. The Game Awards features awards for a wide variety of categories, including the coveted Game of the Year award that God of War won last year. While we don’t officially know any of the nominees yet, we can certainly start to speculate. Which game do you think deserves to win Game of the Year for 2019?  

  3. Remnant: From the Ashes Introduces Adventure Mode   A new Adventure Mode option is now available in Remnant: From the Ashes. Adventure Mode allows you to re-roll specific individual worlds. You and your party can adventure through whichever worlds you’d like without it affecting your main campaign. Any loot or traits gained in Adventure Mode will be kept by your character, so the mode isn’t a complete toss. There’s a ton more in today’s patch; check out the patch notes below if you’re interested.

  4. Modern Warfare may have Lootboxes?   This weekend be nothing but excitement for Call of Duty fans, who are finally getting a chance to play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. During the beta, some players noticed a spot in the post-match report that had the word lootbox written across it. There has been no mention of lootboxes for Modern Warfare yet. Is Activision planning on sneaking microtransactions into Modern Warfare after the game launches? Call of Duty fans are especially hesitant about microtransactions because Black Ops 4’s setup was mediocre at best and obviously exploitative at worst.

  5. DAEMON X MACHINA Nintendo Switch Launch Trailer   DAEMON X MACHINA is a third-person shooter game that just launched exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. In DAEMON X MACHINA you pilot a mech suit called an ‘Arsenal’. You can customize up to 6 different weapon slots on your Arsenal to help in your battle against other mechs. The story is honestly a bit confusing, so maybe check out the launch trailer below, eh?

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