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The Daily Moot (3/2/18)

1. PUBG’s Still has eSports Problem

Despite PUBG holding a star-studded tournament to the biggest names on Twitch, the game still will have a hard time becoming an esport. PUBG can be a very entertaining game to watch if players are trying to win, but when players are trying to not lose, it becomes boring. Due to the complete randomization of items dispersed around the map and lack of excitement in gameplay, there is no future in esports for PUBG. Until a drastic change is introduced to the battle royale survival style game, PUBG will remain stagnant.

  2. ‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm’ Coming to Switch   The ‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm’ is making its way to the Nintendo Switch next month. The date is confirmed for April 26th in the UK, however, Bandai Namco North America has not disclosed the release date in the United States. The game will be available only digitally and will include a lot of DLC released for the original games. Stay tuned for more information on the game and when it will be released to the US.

  3. ‘Far Cry 5’ Does not Include Loot Boxes, Includes Microtransactions   The long awaited AAA game, Far Cry 5, will not include loot boxes, however it will include microtransactions. The premium in-game content will include simply cosmetic items and time savers. The in game currency, Silver Bars, will also be included in the microtransactions, although it can be found around the map. We do not know the actual price of said premium items, but we will find out sooner rather than later. Hopefully this is not a repeat of microtransactions killing a game like the Battlefront 2 fiasco.

  4. ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ One Month Later   Since its rough launch, Dragon Ball FighterZ has bounced back in a major way. The unique competitive fighting game has attracted players world wide from all backgrounds proving its worth day in and day out. The gameplay is very challenging, yet rewarding, and the overall look of the game is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to be going nowhere, in fact it will be featured in this years EVO tournament. What are your guys thoughts on Dragon Ball FighterZ one month into its existence?

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