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The Daily Moot (3/01/18)

News Picks

1. New Harry Potter RPG Trailer

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‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ will be coming to Android and iOS devices sometime this spring. The developers of the game, Jam City, released the first trailer to give fans an inside scoop on what to expect later this year. The game takes you on a magical adventure through all kinds of danger and secrets as you explore the Harry Potter universe. Players are now able to pre register for the game giving them a notification the second the game is released to the world. Check out the link to see the full trailer and register!

  2. Rainbow Six: Siege Makes Operators Easier to Unlock   Ubisoft is taking steps in the right direction in order to make Operators much easier to acquire. Starting on March 6th, all players will be able to play with any of the original 20 Operators without spending any Renown (R6S currency). In addition, all Renown costs will be removed from any prior or future attachments which will make it even easier to get Operators. Ubisoft is also implementing a handful of other updates which will increase overall gameplay. Click the link to learn more!

  3. Nintendo not Focusing on Switch 2.0 at this Time   Nintendo is making it their goal to heavily focus on adding more peripherals to the Nintendo switch, rather than focus on updating its base hardware. In addition, they are also focusing on manufacturing and shipping to keep up with demand as well as adding more features to work with its USB Type-C port. Nintendo Switch’s birthday is coming up on March 3rd, so now is a good time to figure out what you are getting it for it’s birthday! 😉

  4. Darwin Project Comes to Steam Next Week   The Hunger Games Style Battle game, Darwin Project, will be available on Steam next week on March 9th. The game has an interesting twist on Battle Royale style games where they allow viewers, aka Show Directors, to influence the game and what is happening in the environment. The game is designed to be watched just as much as it is played to create a chaotic environment. The game will go on sale next week starting at $15.

  5. Fortnite 3.1.0 Goes Live   In the wake of the Jetpack being pushed back in Fortnite due to a last minute design flaw, Epic Games has filled the void with a different update. Update 3.1.0 brings new guns, new locations, tweaks to weapon drops, and more. The highlights of the update are definitely the Hunter Rifle as well as the new location called Lucky Landing which are exactly they sound like they are. Check the link to see what else is new in the update!

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