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The Daily Moot (8/13/19)

1. Overwatch Role Queue is now Live!


Rejoice (or despair) Overwatch fans! Role Queue is now available on live servers. Sigma also comes to the game today, so there’s tons of new goodies to explore. Today’s patch also tweaks tons of heroes as the game is due to change dramatically. Notably, Brigitte is now much more of a healer than she is a healer/tank hybrid. What do you think about Role Queue?

  2. Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.16 Notes   The first major patch comes to Teamfight Tactics tomorrow, introducing FOUR new champions and one new Origin. All of the new champions are Hextech, which is a rather unique origin; when you have multiple Hextech units you will throw a bomb at an enemy equipped with an item. The bomb then detonates and disables all enemy items in a small radius for 8 seconds. There are also TONS of changes to champions, matchmaking, and more so check out the full patch notes below! Also, check out the Teamfight Tactics lounge here on Moot!

  3. Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection Event Starts Today   The Iron Crown Collection event brings a new solos mode and much more to Apex Legends. There is a new special currency called Crowns that will be used to unlock event specific items. There are also tons of new cosmetics including several incredibly sweet skins. There is even a new Heirloom item called Raven’s Bite for Bloodhound. You can unlock Bloodhound’s Heirloom set via direct purchase once you have obtained all 24 Iron Crown Collection Event Pack items, whatever that exactly means.

  4. Destiny 2 Looks to Change their Microtransactions   Bungie recently split from Blizzard-Activision and as a result the development studio is relooking at many of Destiny 2’s systems. A blog post today from the Destiny franchise director explored microtransactions in the game and how Bungie looks to improve them moving forward. In the future, Bungie hopes to split cosmetics from gameplay as much as possible. Playing and grinding the game will reward you with weapons, power, mods, perks, stats, titles, and more. Spending money is how you’ll get ornaments, shaders, ships, emotes, and more. Seems like a good plan, Bungie.

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