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The Daily Moot (7/10/19)

News Picks

1. Nintendo Reveals the Switch Lite

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Nintendo revealed a new version of the Nintendo Switch this morning called the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is designed for handheld play and does not include detachable Joy-Con controllers. It also does not connect to a television, so you’re completely restricted to handheld mode. The battery life will last longer, which is nice, and it will cost less. The Switch Lite will cost $200 USD and will be released on September 20th this year.

  2. The Division 2 Adds Raid Matchmaking   FINALLY, Ubisoft caved to the pressure and implemented matchmaking for Operation Dark Hours in The Division 2. Why was there pressure, you ask? Well, Ubisoft promised raid matchmaking would be in The Division 2 and then the game released and it was nowhere to be found. You can now play through Operation Dark Hours on a new ‘Discovery’ difficulty that lets you find teammates to play with, but you won’t be able to earn Exotic loot.

  3. Dauntless Releases First Major Content Update   Dauntless is releasing its first major content update next week, titled Fortune and Glory. There will be a new hunting mode called Trials that will present you with modified Behemoths to fight off against. Two different difficulties will offer unique rewards. There will also be a new season called High Skies, that offers two new Hunt Passes full of cosmetics and consumables. Fortune and Glory launches on July 16th.

  4. Amazon is Developing a F2P Lord of the Rings MMO   Yooooo a Lord of the Rings MMO? Let’s goooooooooo! Amazon is working with Leyou, a Chinese game publisher. Leyou owns the studio that develops Warframe, so hopefully some of that MMO experience will transfer over. The new game is set well before events of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We don’t even have a name for this game yet nor do we know a release date.

-------------------------------------------   Check out our latest YouTube video! In this video Brian analyzes Hollow Knight, a critically-acclaimed indie platformer, to answer the question: Should You Play It?!

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    Nice! Great news today 👌

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    Not a fan of the gray button scheme, otherwise I'm digging the new Switch!

  • ObliviousRex LV.36 RIP Jul 11, 2019, 04:06 AM

    Nintendo 2DS XXL will be great for Pokémon Sword and Shield...

    LiteSwitch? Hmmm...

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    yeah I agree with that the switch lite seems like it should've been a better version of the 3ds,
    but I'm waiting for the switch pro

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    Dauntless needs that injection of life

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    Think this is a video series people will be anticipating, good job moochachos.

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    Switch Lite? Nintendo want that cash huh

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    The switch lite is the Wii U game pad

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