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The Daily Moot (7/11/18)

1. Overwatch League Coming to ESPN, Disney, and ABC

ESPN announced this morning that Overwatch League will be broadcasted live on their network of TV channels starting with this season’s playoffs. The agreement is not restricted to only live matches, meaning we may see talk shows and other original content surrounding OWL as ESPN tries to bring it to a more mainstream audience. It is important to note that this new deal does not cancel any existing distribution agreements, meaning Overwatch League will continue to be streamed on Twitch.

  2. ‘Subnautica’ Announced for PS4   The highly popular underwater survival game Subnautica will be coming to the PlayStation 4 this holiday season. Panic Button is the studio bringing the game to the Sony console. Panic Button is the studio that brought Doom and Wolfenstein II to the Nintendo Switch and they are working on Warframe from the Switch as well. Subnautica is a beautiful game and we highly encourage you check it out when releases if you own a PS4.

  3. Shroud Gets Banned from PUBG for a Month After Playing with a Hacker   A few days ago, Shroud teamed up with a hacker in one of his games. The hacker had been in a couple of his previous games and eventually Shroud decided to embrace it. Shroud rode in a flying car with the hacker and killed one person after the hacker told him where to find the enemy. Yesterday, PUBG Corp. banned Shroud for a month. Shroud joked while playing with the hacker that he would get banned and doesn’t seem particularly shaken up by the news. Recently, he’s been playing Rainbow Six Siege.

  4. New ‘Sea of Thieves’ Weekly Event Brings You Underwater   Many were disappointed with the lack of content in Sea of Thieves when it released, but the team behind the game has been impressing fans with the content they’re putting out ever since. The first expansion, The Hungering Deep, was generally well received and Cursed Sails is coming this month. In the meantime, weekly events have been keeping players engaged. This week’s event sees players going underwater to fight off a curse.

  5. ‘The Gardens Between’ Coming to the Switch   The Gardens Between is an adventure puzzle game set to release later this year and the studio behind the game has just announced it will be on the Nintendo Switch. It will launch on the Switch at the same time it launches on PlayStation 4, Windows, and Mac. In the Gardens Between, the player follows two best friends named Arina and Frendt. It is an emotional journey that examines the meaning of true friendship. Watch the Switch announcement trailer below.

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