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The Daily Moot (7/10/18)

1. New Battle Royale ‘The Culling 2’ Releases Today

The Culling, which released in early access in 2016, was one of the original battle royale games. While it wasn’t incredibly popular, the sequel may stand a better chance of success now that the genre is so mainstream. The Culling 2 will drop 50 players instead of the usual 100 into each game. It also will only cost $20 dollars, which is $10 cheaper than PUBG and infinitely more expensive than Fortnite. We’ll see over the next few days how streamers like the game and if it will have much relevancy in the scene moving forward.

    2. Wasteland 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch   Wasteland 2 originally released on PC in 2014 after a successful Kickstarter campaign. Now, the team behind the game is porting it to the Switch. The post-apocalyptic roleplaying game will be available in August on this year. The Switch is getting the Director’s Cut of the game, which includes the original game as well as additional perks for character creation and tons of new voice-overs.

  3. Procedurally-generated Metroidvania ‘Chasm’ Arriving July 31st   Procedurally-generated games were super hyped up a few years ago, and now another one is finally coming to market. Chasm is a Metroidvania game, which is a style of platformer. In Chasm the sequence of rooms the player encounters as they play through the game will be different each time. In other words, the rooms themselves aren’t procedurally generated, but the order the player sees them is. This is to avoid the most common issue of procedural generation, which is rooms or worlds feeling like they were designed by a computer.

  4. Nintendo Hopes to Release at Least 20 Indie Games a Week on the Switch   During a shareholder meeting a couple weeks ago, Nintendo executives addressed the future of indie games on Switch. One Nintendo executive had a promising message for indie developers and their fans; Nintendo hopes to bring 20 to 30 indie games to the Switch each week! Nintendo is already close to that mark, as last week we saw 18 new indie games come to the eShop.

  5. Next Hearthstone Expansion is Called ‘The Boomsday Project’   Hearthstone’s next expansion is set to launch on August 7th and is based around one of Hearthstone’s most iconic cards, Dr. Boom. There will be a total of 135 new cards, some new mechanics, and a new single-player puzzle mode called The Puzzle Lab. ‘Magnetic’ is a new keyword that lets players merge mech minions to combine their stats and abilities. There are also new Projects and Omega cards. Projects benefit both players and Omega cards have extra boosts if you cast them when you have 10 mana crystals.

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