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The Daily Moot (7/9/18)

1. Monster Hunter World Releases on PC August 9th

Capcom has finally revealed when the popular game Monster Hunter World is coming to PC. The game will be available on August 9th on Steam. Monster Hunter World will be capped at 60 fps on PC, which is double the FPS the game currently gets on console. If you choose to pre-order Monster Hunter World for PC you’ll receive the Origin Armor Set and the Fair Wind Charm.

  2. Things are Getting Weird in Fortnite Before Season 5   Epic Games did a fantastic job teasing Season 4 of Fortnite. The build up the meteor that eventually struck Dusty Depot saw tons of hype from fans who couldn’t wait to see what was coming to the popular game. Now, it seems like Epic Games is trying to outdo themselves. Rifts have opened up inside the game and several items have popped into the map, like a wagon and an anchor. But there are also Fortnite items spawning in the real world! Last week, a hamburger disappeared from the game and appeared in California. Now, Fortnite llamas are sprouting up across Europe. Whatever season 5 is going to be, we won’t have to wait much longer as it comes out on July 12th.

  3. Darksiders 3 Comes Out on November 27th   In the Darksiders games you fight as one of the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse against the Seven Deadly Sins and their evil armies. In the first game you fought as War, in the second game you fought as Death, and now in the third game you’ll fight as Fury. Darksiders games have been praised for their combat in the past, so hopefully the third can live up to that expectation. You can preorder Darksiders 3 on Steam or GOG for $60 USD before the November 27th release.

  4. Overwatch’s Pink Mercy Skin Raised $12.7 Million For Charity   A few months ago, Blizzard revealed a Pink Mercy skin that they sold for $15 USD. All proceeds from the skin sales were to go to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. In addition to the Mercy skin, players could also buy a Pink Mercy themed t-shirt or donate directly through a handful of Twitch streams. Well, the final numbers are now in and the Overwatch team has revealed the total amount raised was almost 13 million dollars! Good job everyone!

  5. Moments of Triumph Return in Destiny 2   Yesterday Bungie revealed they have brought back Moments of Triumph, the popular achievement mechanic from the original game, for Destiny 2. Some of the challenges are available now, but the full list and the ability to redeem rewards will not be available until July 31st. Players will only have until October 1st before Moments of Triumph comes to a close, so make sure you get moving. You can go to to check your current progress.

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