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The Daily Moot (5/14/19)

1. World of Warcraft Classic gets a Release Date

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The highly anticipated World of Warcraft classic finally has a release date. On August 27th you’ll be able to transport back through back to the earliest days of World of Warcraft. Classic will allow players to relive the magic that was World of Warcraft circa 2004. All World of Warcraft subscribers will be able to access WoW Classic servers for free. You can sign up for the closed beta if you absolutely can’t wait until August.

  2. The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Releases this Week   The first eight player raid will be coming to The Division 2 this Thursday. Operation Dark Hours will be a race to beat, as the first team to complete it will get their photo posted in the White House in game. All players who beat Operation Dark Hours in the first week after release will get a commemorative arm patch. You’ll need to have reached tier 5 and completed Tidal Basin to access Operation Dark Hours.

  3. Red Dead Online Expands Co-op Campaign   Rockstar just released the biggest update yet for Red Dead Online. The update expands both the free roam aspect of the online experience and the cooperative campaign. You can also now trigger random events while you’re out exploring. Finally, you can now play poker online with up to six players. You can play private games, invite-only games, or join public tables for high stakes.

  4. Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct Tomorrow   Nintendo just announced they’ll be hosting a Nintendo Direct for Super Mario Maker 2 tomorrow at 3 pm PST. Super Mario Maker was a popular game that allowed players to create custom Super Mario levels. The sequel game releases on June 28th for the Nintendo Switch and it looks like we’ll know a lot more about it by this tomorrow.

  5. New Splinter Cell Game Apparently in the Works   While there were whispers of a new Splinter Cell game that would come eventually, we’ve now apparently got confirmation that the game is coming. Ubisoft’s creative director tweeted out that the’s “working on the next Splinter Cell” game. He followed that tweet up with another that said “Ok – plz don’t retweet. I may be in trouble.” Seems like maybe this wasn’t the place or time he was supposed to reveal a new Splinter Cell, but here we are.

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