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The Daily Moot (6/15/18)

Happy Friday Mooties! We're sorry to say there is no 'Moot Points with Dylan & Brian' this week, but we have a great episode in the works for next week. We're wrapping up the last of the exciting things from E3 in today's The Daily Moot. Have a nice weekend!   1. Dota 2’s Battle Royale Mode is Now Live


We originally reported on Dota 2’s battle royale game mode when it was first announced and we are excited to say it is now live. The Underhollow pairs eight teams of three against each other in a fight to be the last team standing. The game mode is only available to those with the 2018 International Battle Pass, which costs $10 USD. It is uncertain how long The Underhollow will be available to players, so make sure you try it out while you can.

  2. ‘My Friend Pedro’ is an Intense 2D Platformer   In My Friend Pedro your best friend is a talking banana who helps you through the game. The game is intense shooting action-platformer with sweet combat, an awesome aesthetic, and the ability to chain kills together in a perfectly bloody mess. My Friend Pedro also allows you to clip your best moments to share with friends and strangers on social media. The game is set to release on Nintendo Switch sometime next year.

  3. Skateboarding simulator ‘Session’ Coming to Xbox One and PC   Indie developer Crea-ture Studios debuted a trailer for their upcoming skateboarding game called Session during Xbox’s E3 press briefing earlier this week. The game will be coming to Steam Early Access and Xbox Game Preview this year with an official release next year. What makes Session especially interesting is that it was crowdfunded via Kickstarter over the last year. In Session, you play with a dual analog controller scheme where each joystick controls one foot.

  4. ‘Fear the Wolves’ is an Intense New Battle Royale   Fear the Wolves is a scary take on the battle royale genre that sees 100 players fight it out in a post-apocalyptic Chernobyl. Radiation spreads across the map as the game progresses, restricting the size of the safe zone for players. In a unique twist on the genre, Fear the Wolves offers an alternate route to victory; you win if you are the last man standing, but you can also win by making is to the single-seat extraction helicopter that appears in the final zone. Fear the Wolves is coming to Steam Early Access this summer.

  5. Survival Game ‘Scum’ Coming to Early Access   SCUM is an open world survival game that is will be coming to Steam Early Access this year. The reveal trailer showed some exciting details, like robots that keep contestants in line. The end of the trailer also showed what appeared to be a zombie, so there’s definitely some weird things going on. Hopefully we get some more trailers and actual gameplay before too long.

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