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The Daily Moot (6/27/19)

1. Apex Legends Season 2 Trailer Teases a New Legend
The trailer for season 2 of Apex Legends officially released at 10 am this morning, but it had already leaked online. You can expect some big changes to the Kings Canyon map at the hands of a yet to be revealed new Legend. They may be called Crypto, and their ultimate might be an EMP. You can watch the season 2 trailer below!
2. Twitch Introduces Subscriber Only Streams
Twitch has begun to roll out a feature for streamers that will enable them to stream only for their subscribers. These won’t be “private” streams according to Twitch, and the streamers will still need to adhere to all content guidelines. Previously, the best way to incentive users to subscribe was by adding sub-only emotes and restricting access to chat. What are your thoughts on sub-only streams?
3. More Details about Pokemon Masters
Pokemon Masters was revealed during E3, but despite the game’s mobile status we didn’t know much. This morning, Nintendo posted a video outlining more aspects of the game. In Pokemon Masters, each trainer has a single Pokemon that they’re paired with. Trainer/Pokemon pairs, called a Sync, will battle against each other in teams of 3. Also, the battles will take place in real time. Pokemon Masters will release on Android and iOS this summer.
4. Terraria Launches on Nintendo Switch
Terraria is now officially available on Nintendo Switch! The base game came out for PC in 2011 and has since expanded to Xbox, PlayStation, and mobile. Although the original game cost only $10, the Switch version looks like it costs $29.99. Also, despite the game’s age, the developers are still adding content to the game for free. A new update called Journey’s End will be out later this year.
5. Final Fantasy XIV is Coming to TV
Sony has just announced a partnership with Square Enix to develop a live-action TV series based on Final Fantasy XIV. The TV show will tell an original story set in Eorzea, but the specifics are still unknown. The story will explore “the struggle between magic and technology in a quest to bring peace to a land in conflict.” Like all video games turned TV shows, there’s probably a 50% shot at best this actually makes it to screen without being cancelled. Still, exciting right?!

The Daily Moot (6/27/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/27/19)

The Daily Moot (6/26/19)

1. The ARENA! Episode 1: Clash Royale
Good morning lovely lads and ladies, and welcome to the arena! This is a new series where Dylan and Brian face off in a different game to determine who's the better gamer. This week's Arena is Clash Royale!
2. Dr. Disrespect is Unbanned on Twitch
Although the doc isn’t officially back yet, his channel is. Last night, Dr. Disrespect’s twitch page was unbanned and ever since fans have been pouring into the arena despite the channel’s offline status. His chat is full of emotes, subscriptions, and overall ecstatic messages from his excited fan base. A message from the doc says “stream will resume TBD. Twitter will have all the answers."
3. One Punch Man Fighting Game Revealed
Saitama is coming to PC and consoles in a newly revealed One Punch Man fighting game. The news release from Bandai Namco states the game will feature 3 vs 3 battles, but the initial trailer only shows off 1 on 1 fighting. In the trailer we see Saitama, Genos, Speed-o’-Sound Sonic, Mumen Rider, and Lord Boros. Visually, the game looks to stay true to the source material just as other recent fighting games have. A release date beyond ‘Coming Soon’ is still unknown.
4. PUBG Narrative Game Begins Development
PUBG Corporation has revealed a new game studio they’ve formed to develop an “original narrative experience within the PUBG universe.” Leading the studio is Glen Schofield, formerly of Sledgehammer Games and Visceral Games. We’re expecting the “narrative experience” to be a classic FPS campaign, but the possibilities are endless. Does this pique your interest at all?
5. Reports of Extreme Crunch to Finish Black Ops 4
A report from Jason Schreier at Kotaku has revealed extreme working conditions at Treyarch during Black Ops 4’s development. While everyone worked long hours to create the game within deadlines, QA testers in particular reported horrible working conditions. They were treated like second-class citizens and worked up to 70-hour weeks for $13 an hour on average. You can read more below, including a general statement on the topic from Treyarch.

The Daily Moot (6/26/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/26/19)

The Daily Moot (6/25/19)

1. YouTuber Etika Found Dead
After a week-long search for Etika the New York police confirmed his death today. Desmond 'Etika' Amofah was a popular gaming YouTuber known for his energy and personality. Etika primarily created content for Nintendo games. He had experienced a semi-public struggle with mental health for several months and went missing last week. Fans were immediately concerned about suicide, and then doubly so after Etika’s belongings were found. May he now rest in peace. The US National Suicide Prevention Hotline is 1 – 800 – 273 – 8255, available 24/7.
2. Steam Summer Sale 2019 Starting Today
According to a reliable leak, the Steam Summer Sale should be starting today at 10 am. Steam seasonal sales usually feature tens of thousands of games at reduced prices. The sale should last about two weeks, so you’ll have plenty of time to find some sweet deals. The Epic Games Store just held the Epic Mega Sale, which may encourage Steam to go even bigger than usual with this year’s Summer Sale.
3. Fortnite Content Update Brings Back the Pump!
Baby we’re back! The Pump Shotgun has returned, available in both floor loot and Vending Machines. On the reintroduction of the Pump Shotgun, Epic says after receiving feedback about the Tactical and Combat shotguns, they want to experiment “with a world where the Pump Shotgun joins the current shotgun lineup.” The Shockwave Grenade and Suppressed SMG have also been unvaulted. Finally, the Rare Tactical AR, Impulse Grenades, Rift-To-Go, and Pirate Cannon have all been vaulted.
4. Teamfight Tactics Open Beta Starts Tomorrow
Teamfight Tactics is the League of Legends version of Dota Auto Chess. It has been on the LoL PBE for a week, but it will finally be coming to a full open beta starting tomorrow. In Teamfight Tactics eight players build a team of fighters and then let them loose to battle against one another. Apparently, the game is incredibly fun despite some bugs and glitches. You can download and play it tomorrow starting at 10 am PT if you’re in North America.

The Daily Moot (6/25/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/25/19)

The Daily Moot (6/24/19)

1. Weekend Wrap Up!
Happy Monday! This week we've got something new we hope you'll enjoy. In the Weekend Wrap Up we quickly cover the top stories from the weekend in a short video. Included stories are:
GuardianCon 2019
Harry Potter: Wizard's Unite release
14 Days of Fortnite
2. Hearthstone Update looks to Redefine Class Identities
In a surprise announcement, Blizzard has revealed they will be sending two iconic Hearthstone cards to the Hall of Fame. Hall of Famed cards are only playable in Wild and not Standard, the competitive format. Mind Blast and Vanish are the two cards; Priest and Rogue fans should not fret though, as new cards are being added to replace the old. In fact, 8 new cards are being added to the game to help define classes and archetypes more clearly.
3. Mario Royale Returns as DMCA Royale
You may have missed Mario Royale last week. It is like Tetris 99 in that it pits a bunch of players against each other as they play an iconic, traditionally single player game. Mario Royale specifically is a race through multiple Super Mario levels. The browser game got copyright struck almost immediately by Nintendo, but it has now returned from the ashes as DMCA Royale. All assets have been updated to hopefully avoid a lawsuit from Nintendo.
4. Steam Adds LGBTQ+ Tag for Games
Tags are one of the best features on Steam to help you find new games that match your interests. If you just beat The Witcher 3 you may look at the tags “Open World,” “Story Rich,” or “Atmospheric” and think ‘yeah, that’s what I loved about this game.’ Then, click the tag and BOOM! Tons of games that you may love. Well, now there’s an official LGBTQ+ tag to help smaller developers creating games of that genre.
5. ESL One Hamburg 2019 will Host the First Offline Dota Underlords Tournament
ESL One Hamburg 2019 is a DotA 2 tournament, but it will feature a Dota Underlords tournament as well. The side event will have a €5K prize pool and will be open to all attendees to join for free. Dota Underlords is the official Dota Auto Chess game Valve is developing after the mod became so popular. ESL One Hamburg 2019 takes place October 25th-27th.

The Daily Moot (6/24/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/24/19)

The Daily Moot (6/21/19)

1. What's goin on Moot fam?! Happy Friday aka Moot Points Day! In this weeks episode the boys breakdown the highly anticipated Apex Legends Season 2 and everything we can expect to see. Check it out below!
2. Dota Underlords DOUBLES Artifact Player Count in One Day
The Beta is finally live for Dota Underlords and it is performing rather well. According to SteamDB, the game has already eclipsed 170k concurrent players which is more than double the amount of players on Artifact at the games peak. Underlords came about initially from a mod called Dota Autochess that took a moon ride straight to success-ville quickly after release. The game seems to be an instant classic and is showing no signs of slowing down, check out the Dota Underlords lounge here!
3. Halo Master Chief Collections Tests on PC Next Week
The long awaited and highly anticipated Master Chief Collection on PC will enter its testing phase next week! This is super exciting news for gamers everywhere, but mostly for those who have been waiting for Halo to come to PC for years on end. Apparently only a very small number of Registered Halo Insiders will be able to get their hands on the test version, so the chances of playing it next week are slim to none. Nonetheless, the entire world is ready for the next rendition of the Halo Master Chief Collection!
4. Anthem CEO Admits the Game is Lackluster
When the CEO of a AAA title is saying the game “is not working very well,” you know there is a big problem. This is the exact case for the highly controversial game, Anthem. Anthem was one of the most hyped up games the world has ever seen when it was announced back in 2016, but the results have been lackluster at best. EA’s CEO, Andrew Wilson, has been critical of the game even stating “the Javelin suits weren’t compelling, or traversing the world and participating in the world wasn’t compelling…” Do you think Anthem will ever figure things out? Let us know in the comments section below.
5. Crash Team Racing is Having Troubles
Crash Team Racing, the Mario Kart impersonator, is having its fair share of troubles with online gameplay. Many players are reporting various bugs including constantly disconnecting as well as disappearing off the course entirely. The developers behind the game, Beenox, are aware of the issues and are doing everything they can to get the game back on track!
6. EA Supports Loot Boxes
To what comes as a surprise to no one, EA backs their stance on loot boxes in video games. EA has called their loot boxes “Surprise Mechanics” and event went onto say they are being “used ethically.” We all know EA has a history with loot boxes and it is not a pleasant one at that, so it is surprising to hear this quote coming from a senior executive at Electronic Arts. Check out the link below for more on EA’s controversial comments!

The Daily Moot (6/21/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/21/19)

The Daily Moot (6/20/19)

1. 500K Global PUBG Tournament Announced
PUBG Corporation just announced a global tournament that will take place in Seoul, South Korea later this year. The tournament will feature teams representing 16 different countries competing for their share of a 500K USD prize pool. The tournament will take place August 9th-11th and it will be the last global tournament before the 2019 PUBG Global Championship in November.
2. Cyberpunk 2077 may get Witcher 3 Style Expansions
Cyberpunk 2077 won’t be out for almost a year, but the developers are already discussing post-launch content. Specifically, they mentioned how Cyberpunk 2077 may get big, classic expansions like The Witcher 3 had. These expansions weren’t like modern DLC where you get a bit of extra content, possibly even content cut from the main game. Instead, in the Witcher 3 each expansion was almost like a brand-new game.
3. Settlers of Catan Launches on Nintendo Switch
The incredibly popular board game Settlers of Catan has been adapted for the Nintendo Switch! In the game, called CATAN, you strategically collect and use resources to build settlements, roads, and cities. The Switch version supports up to 4 player multiplayer but apparently you can’t play multiplayer locally. CATAN is available on the Nintendo eShop now for $19.99.
4. Bungie is Reworking Destiny 2’s Eververse System
After breaking free from Activision Bungie has taken to reviving Destiny 2. Yesterday they revealed their plans for changing the Eververse in the game to create a system that feels better for Destiny 2 players. Starting this fall, all Eververse armor will be converted to Universal Ornaments; these are visual cosmetics without stats that can then be applied to any piece of armor. Now, you can look however you like while still using your strongest items.

The Daily Moot (6/20/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/20/19)

The Daily Moot (6/19/19)

1. Dragons Sighted in Apex Legends!
That’s right, real dragons have been seen inside Apex Legends! The dragons soar through the air and can be shot and damaged. They also apparently pick up death boxes, as you can see in some of the clips of them, which they’ll drop upon being damaged enough. Loot raining from the sky? Yes please! There were some teasers of dragons coming soon, but we expected that to be a part of Season 2 which doesn’t start for a couple weeks.
2. Teamfight Tactics now Available on LoL PBE
You can now play Teamfight Tactics on the League of Legends PBE if you’re honor level 3 or higher. The PBE is the Public Beta Environment, where Riot Games allows certain players to test upcoming builds of their game, and Teamfight Tactics is a DotA Auto Chess knockoff. Teamfight Tactics will be available with the release of patch 9.13, which is expected sometime next week.
3. Rise of Azshara Launch Trailer
Rise of Azshara is the name of World of Warcraft’s next big patch, set to release next Tuesday, June 25th. Rise of Azshara will introduce TWO new zones, ONE new raid, and an reworking on the Azerite system. The star of the show in Rise of Azshara is (surprise!) Queen Azshara. The Naga have been a common enemy in WoW since vanilla so it is sweet to see them in the mix again.
4. Harry Potter: Wizards Unite Launches this Friday
The Pokemon Go-esque game Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is set to release in the US and UK this Friday, the 21st. Wizards Unite appears to have more mechanical complexity than Pokemon Go, which was notably simple. You can watch the launch trailer for Wizards Unite below.

The Daily Moot (6/19/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/19/19)

The Daily Moot (6/18/19)

Fortnite Adds Chug Splash – New Healing Grenade!
Happy patch day, Fortnite fans! Today’s update is rather exciting, as it introduces a new healing item to the game. The Chug Splash is a throwable item that explodes and heals everyone nearby for 20 health. Notably, the item will heal enemies as well so be careful! Also, if you’re at max health don’t worry; you’ll get 20 shields instead. Finally, the Chug Splash will buy some extra time for your downed teammates. So what do you all think? Is this new item sweet or does it miss the mark?
2. Apex Legends Season 2 Introduces the L-Star
Season 2 of Apex Legends is right around the corner and it is going to bring some cool new things to the game. First and foremost, the L-Star is a new Plasma Fueled submachine gun. The L-Star will only be available in air drops, like the Mastiff and Kraber, and it will use a unique ammo type. There will also be new hop-ups; the Disruptor rounds will deal more damage to shields while the Hammerpoint Rounds will deal more damage to unshielded enemies. Season 2 starts on July 2nd.
3. The Division 2 Gunner Specialization now Available
The new specialization for The Division 2 is now available in the live version of the game as a part of today’s Title Update 4. Season Pass holders will be able to immediately access the Gunner while the rest of us have to complete some in-game challenges to unlock it. The Gunner’s signature weapon is a minigun and it looks like they’re designed to play a bit of a tank role in endgame content.
4. Monster Hunter World Iceborne Beta Dates
Although the Iceborne expansion won’t officially release for another three months, there will be a beta for it next week on PlayStation 4. PlayStation Plus members can participate in the beta from June 21st to 24th even if they don’t own the game. The following week, all PlayStation 4 players will be able to access the beta from June 28th to July 1st. Iceborne releases on September 6th for Monster Hunter World on Xbox and PS4, with a PC release coming a few months after.
5. Dr. Mario World gets a Release Date
Nintendo just announced an official release date for Dr. Mario World, the company’s most recent mobile game. Dr. Mario World is a puzzle game that will be available on iOS and Android devices on July 10th. The game is similar to something like Bejeweled, where you attempt to match similarly colored pills and viruses. The game is apparently “free-to-start,” but beyond that we don’t know what kind of monetization squeeze Nintendo will put on us.

The Daily Moot (6/18/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/18/19)

The Daily Moot (6/17/19)

1. New Overwatch Short Story ‘What You Left Behind’
A new Overwatch short story was released this morning. The story, titled What You Left Behind, focuses on Baptiste. In the story Baptiste may be on his way to join Overwatch, which is reforming after Winston’s call to action in a previous cinematic. The last short story, Bastet, featured Ana and launched alongside an in-game skin for her. This may mean we’ll be getting a Baptiste skin this week so keep your eyes peeled.
2. Cyberpunk 2077’s E3 Demo Will be Made Public at PAX West
The Cyberpunk 2077 demo available at E3 this past week was awesome, but you wouldn’t know that unless you were there. Well, you’ll need to wait a few months but we’ve now learned the gameplay demo will at least eventually be made available. Specifically, the gameplay demo will be revealed to the public during PAX West 2019. PAX West will take place in Seattle from August 30th-September 2nd.
3. New Gwent Expansion ‘Novigrad’ Coming Soon
CD Projekt Red is introducing a new expansion to Gwent later this month. The expansion is called Novigrad and naturally focuses on the titular northern city. There is a new faction called the Syndicate and 5 new Leaders. The expansion introduces almost 100 new cards, two new keywords, and a new resource called Crowns. Novigrad releases for Gwent on June 28th.
4. Mortal Kombat 11 Introduces a Ranked Mode
Starting tomorrow the Kombat League ranked mode will be available in Mortal Kombat 11. Kombat League is four-week long, seasonal ranked mode where players can compete against one another online to earn in-game rewards. Like Fortnite’s Arena Mode system, you’ll start at a low level (Apprentice) and work your way up the ranks toward the highest rank (Elder God). Each rank comes with exclusive rewards.
5. Try WoW Classic during Stress Test this Week
IF you’re an active World of Warcraft subscriber you can try WoW Classic this week. Blizzard announced this morning they’ll be running a stress test of WoW Classic starting on June 19th and running for 48 hours. The test will be open to EVERYONE who currently subscribes to World of Warcraft, as long as they play in the Americas and Oceania regions. You can download WoW classic a day early so you maximize your 48 hour window. WoW Classic launches on August 27th.
We're hosting a massive Rocket League tournament this week! Read about how you can join here:

The Daily Moot (6/17/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/17/19)

The Daily Moot (6/14/19)

1. Happy Friday everyone! Jeez, what a week it has been huh? In this week's episode of Moot Points, Brian covers the top FIFTEEN stories to come out of E3 over the past few days. He's giving the news rapid fire. Can you keep up?
2. Hunt: Showdown is Free to Play this Weekend
Hunt: Showdown is an awesome game that involves creeping through a dark swamp as zombies and other players both try to kill you. Sound interesting? Well, you can try the game for yourself for free this weekend on Steam. As per usual, if you find you like the game you buy it for 20% off as well.
3. Fallout 76’s Battle Royale Mode will be Extended
Bethesda recently revealed Nuclear Winter, a new battle royale game mode for Fallout 76. While the alpha test of the game mode was only supposed to last until June 17th, due to the mode’s popularity among Fallout 76 players Bethesda has decided to extend it. The free trial period for Fallout 76 will still end on the 17th though, so if you hope to keep playing you’ll need to buy the game. Good news, though, as it is currently 50% off.

The Daily Moot (6/14/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/14/19)

The Daily Moot (6/13/19)

1. Dota Underlords is Now in Closed Beta
If you own Dota 2’s battle pass then you can now play Dota Underlords, the official standalone version of the highly popular Auto Chess mod. Soon, the game will start an open beta so non-battle pass owners can play as well. The current build of the game is a bit skeletal, but Valve hopes to flesh it out quickly with the help of the community.
2. GTA Online is Getting a Casino
The Vinewood Casino in Grand Theft Auto Online is finally opening its doors for business. The Vinewood Casino has been in the game since launch but it had never been accessible. We don’t actually know anything about how the casino will function or what kind of games players can expect to find within, but still! Are you excited for the Vinewood Casino opening?
3. Marvel’s Avengers Campaign is Only Single Player
During the reveal of Marvel’s Avengers at E3 earlier this week Square Enix claimed the game supports multiplayer co-op, but we’ve since learned this does not apply to the campaign. Apparently, the Marvel’s Avengers campaign is heavily scripted and has you switching between characters during missions similar to Grand Theft Auto 5. As you progress through the campaign, you’ll unlock side missions. These are where you can play with your friends.
4. The Division 2 is Free to Play this Weekend
If you’ve been interested in The Division 2 but haven’t pulled the trigger on buying it just yet, you’re in luck! Until Monday, you can play The Division 2 for free if you download it from ubisoft’s website. Your progress made will naturally carry over if you decide to purchase the game once the free trial ends. Also, The Division 2 is slightly on sale for the next 6 weeks so you’ll even save some scrap on the purchase.

The Daily Moot (6/13/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/13/19)

The Daily Moot (6/12/19)

1. Dr. Disrespect Banned from E3 and Twitch
Yesterday, Dr. Disrespect hosted his first ever ‘in real life’ stream while he was at E3. While the stream was honestly pretty entertaining (including a cameo from Moot’s own Dylan) things took a turn for the worse when the Doc’s cameraman followed him into a restroom. Filming in a public bathroom is a misdemeanor in California, and streaming yourself breaking the law is against Twitch’s terms of service. As a result, Dr. Disrespect has been banned from Twitch and his access to E3 was revoked.
2. Fortnite Patch V9.21
It is E3 week, but that doesn’t mean Epic Games is going to adjust their normal patch release schedule. Today’s patch introduces the Proximity Grenade Launcher, a new explosive weapon. This weapon shoots bouncing grenades that detonate when near an enemy. Epic is also increasing the spawn rate of small and normal Shield Potions, as they noticed shields have been hard to come by. There are some other small changes, but these are the big ones. Fortnite fans, are you happy with the patch or nah?
3. Animal Crossing: New Horizons will have Expanded Character Customization
Fans of the original Animal Crossing game didn’t have much to complain about, but one of the features the game lacked was character customization. Specifically, there was not an adequate range of skin tones and hairstyles so that anyone could pick the game up and make a character in their own likeness. In the upcoming Animal Crossing game, though, that won’t be a problem. You’ll be able to fully design your villager and you can even update their hair styles any time you want based on how you’re feeling.
4. The Avengers Game Looks Promising, Sort Of
Yesterday, Square Enix revealed the new Avengers game they’re working on. The game, titled ‘Marvel’s Avengers,’ is not explicitly set in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe but it naturally features most of the same characters. Specifically, this game is focusing on the Hulk, Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, and Black Widow. You’ll be able to play up t o 4 player online co-op. Perhaps the most interesting aspect of Marvel’s Avengers is that the storyline will be released over time instead of all at once. Marvel’s Avengers is set to release May 15th, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.

The Daily Moot (6/12/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/12/19)

The Daily Moot (6/11/19) *E3 Edition*

Welcome back to another special E3 Edition of The Daily Moot! Today's show is just about to kick off with a Nintendo Direct live from E3. We'll summarize the day's top stories as they happen, so be sure to check back on this post throughout the day! And you can watch the stream for yourself right here:
1. Nintendo's Big Announcements
-Dragon Quest XI's main character (just referred to as 'hero') and Banjo-Kazooie will be coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as playable fighters by the end of the year!
- A Zelda: Breath of the Wild sequel is in development!
- Animal Crossing: New Horizons has been delayed until March 2020.
- Luigi's Mansion 3 will have couch co-op mode and online play!
And more!!! Check out this article to read the rest.
2. Tons of info about Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Revealed
We learned a lot about Fallen Order at E3 during the gameplay demo. In Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order you'll play as Cal Kestis, who's mission is to rebuild the Jedi Order. This game will be completely narrative focused and single player. And it comes to PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on November 15th of this year.
3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
This is a reimagining of the franchise largely because the last Modern Warfare ended in nuclear warfare. A fresh start means they can bring Modern Warfare back to where it is supposed to be, the modern and current times. Also this game will have crossplay between Xbox, PlayStation 4, and PC. The game will release on October 25th of this year.
4. Gears of War 5
There's a new mode called 'Escape' that is inspired by Horde speed runs and it is a mix between Horde and Versus. The main goal of the mode is to detonate a bomb within a swarm hive and then escape with your life. This will have a "customizable difficulty system" so you can tune Escape to be whatever amount of challenging you wish. There will also be leaderboards to track your skills. Players will also have access to a new map builder tool to build their own hives to challenge themselves or one another.

The Daily Moot (6/11/19) *E3 Edition*
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The Daily Moot (6/11/19) *E3 Edition*

The Daily Moot (6/10/19) *E3 Edition!*

Happy Monday Mooties! This is one of the most exciting times in gaming. That's right, it's E3 week! Let's quickly cover what we saw over the weekend, then we'll get into today's breaking stories. Check in with this post as the day goes on, as we'll try to update it as the day goes on.
1. Cyberpunk 2077 Gets a Keanu Reeves Cameo and a Release Date
Over the weekend we got a new trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 featuring none other than Keanu Reeves, perhaps the most loved human being alive. In fact, Reeves wasn't just in the game as he was also at E3 to reveal the release date! Cyberpunk 2077 will be available on April 16th, 2020 on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.
2. Fallout 76 is Introducing Battle Royale
A new game mode called Nuclear Winter is coming to Fallout 76, finally bringing battle royale to the struggling open world game. 52 players will fight to the death to determine who gets to be the Overseer of Vault 51. There is currently a free trial for Fallout 76 if you'd like to try out the battle royale mode or the game in general.
3. Halo Infinite Coming Holidays 2020
We finally got to see more Halo Infinite over the weekend. The new trailer didn't feature any gameplay unfortunately, but we finally got to see Master Chief. We also learned the game will come out late next year, during the holiday season. Finally, it was confirmed that Halo Infinite will be releasing on PC!
4. More Info About Borderlands 3, including Release Date
We learned a lot more about Borderlands 3 this morning during the PC Gaming Show. The multiplayer will be flexible, meaning you can play with anyone at any time. The game will have a level cap of 50 at launch. Finally, there is now a revealed release date. Borderlands 3 will be available September 13th of this year on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.
5. Watch Dogs Legion Officially Revealed!
The rumors from last week were true! The next Watch Dogs game takes us to London, where you can recruit and play as ANYONE. The game is set in the near future, where some sort of police state is holding the general population down. Check out the trailer to see more. Watch Dogs Legion comes out March 2020.
6. Rainbow 6 Quarantine Confirmed!
More rumors confirmed! Rainbow 6 Quarantine is a co-operative tactical shooter that is set to release next year. The presenter closed with "you will risk everything every time you step into the game" which reminds us of Hunt: Showdown and Escape from Tarkov. Do you think this is the kind of game you could get behind?
More of today's breaking stories coming soon!

The Daily Moot (6/10/19) *E3 Edition!*
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The Daily Moot (6/10/19) *E3 Edition!*

The Daily Moot (6/7/19)

1. Pokemon Sword and Shield Look so Sweet! (Moot Points Episode 57)
Happy Friday all you lovely ladies and lads! In this week's episode of Moot Points, we talk about how awesome Pokemon Sword and Shield look. We learned a ton of new info about the game from a Pokemon Direct this week, so you won't want to miss this. Check it out now!
2. New Rainbow Six Co-op Shooter Rumored for E3
Remember that DOPE co-op game mode Outbreak that came to Rainbow Six Siege last year? Well, that may be the basis for a new game that Ubisoft could reveal at E3. The rumored new game would be a cooperative first person shooter called Rainbow Six Quarantine. This seems like a good move from Ubisoft, as Rainbow Six players generally loved the Outbreak mode. Tune into E3 next week to see if these rumors are actually true.
3. Days Gone Introducing Survival Mode Difficulty
A new update came to Days Gone today that added a Survival difficulty level. Survival is even harder than the game’s current hard mode. You won’t be able to bypass tough enemies with Fast Travel and there’s a new immersive HUD that reduces enemy awareness indicators and outlines. The update also lays the foundation for weekly challenges, which will be coming to the game by the end of the month.
4. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Customization Tools Rumored
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is packed with cool stories to explore and badass enemies to fight. If that’s not still not enough for you, you may be in luck; there are rumors circling that Ubisoft will reveal a new community creation tool for the game at E3. This will enable players to create their own stories within the game, hopefully to then be shared with others to experience. Fingers crossed this turns out to be true because it sounds sweet.
5. ‘Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair’ Revealed
Yooka-Laylee is a platformer game that released a couple years ago. The game was a spiritual successor to the classic Banjo-Kazooie and it was generally well received. This morning, Playtonic Games revealed Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair,’ a sequel to the original Yooka-Laylee. The new game will be a 2.5D platformer as opposed to the 3D style of the original. Learn more at E3 next week.

The Daily Moot (6/7/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/7/19)

The Daily Moot (6/6/19)

1. Destiny 2 Announced Huge Changes, Going Free to Play
Wow! We don’t think anyone expected such a massive announcement from Bungie this morning. They announced several things about Destiny 2. First, the game will be free to play once the Shadowkeep expansion releases in September. Next, they’re introducing cross-saving so you can play your character on any platform. Finally, the game will be available on Google Stadia when it releases and soon it will even be on Steam!
2. PUBG’s Erangel Visual Update Coming to Test Servers Soon
PUBG Corp hit a home run with Erangel when they initially released PUBG. The map had tons of diverse areas and we all went nuts exploring and learning it. Still, Erangel never actually looked great. SO, PUBG Corp is giving Erangel a visual update to make it look better. You can see a video showing off the updated map in the article below. The new Erangel will be playable on PUBG’s PC test servers starting tonight at 8 pm PST.
3. Google Stadia will Launch this November
This morning Google revealed a ton of information about Stadia, their soon to release game streaming platform. Let’s list some of what we learned: Stadia will release in November (if you buy the Founder’s Edition), it will cost 10$ per month (free version coming next year), you’ll need to buy games (we think), and the controller alone costs $70 bucks.
Blizzard is Rumored to be Working on Overwatch 2
In a shocking report from Kotaku, it has been rumored that Blizzard cancelled a Starcraft-based first person shooter game to shift resources toward developing Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2. While Diablo 4 has basically been confirmed for a while now, an OVERWATCH SEQUEL is crazy news if true! The new Overwatch game reportedly has a large player vs environment (PvE) aspect, similar to a game like Left 4 Dead.

The Daily Moot (6/6/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/6/19)

The Daily Moot (6/5/19)

1. ‘SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated’ Announced!
HOLY *DOLPHIN NOISES*! THQ Nordic just announced Spongebob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom Rehydrated, a remake of the similarly titled 2003 classic. Battle for Bikini Bottom was a 3D platformer where SpongeBob fought off an army of robots created by Plankton. The new game does not have a release date yet, but it will be available on all platforms (including Nintendo Switch!)
2. Pokemon Sword and Shield gets a Release Date
Alright nerds, November 15th is now the official date where we all quit our jobs, ruin our lives, and begin to play Pokemon for the rest of all time. That’s right, Pokemon Sword and Shield will be releasing on November 15th. From this morning’s Pokemon Direct, we also learned there will be online Max Raid Battles and open-world type zones called Wild Areas.
3. Battlefield V’s Next Chapter Focuses on the Pacific Front
DICE just revealed the next SIX maps that will be coming to Battlefield 5. The first 3 comprise Chapter 4: Defying the Odds, which will release on June 27th. These maps are set in France, Germany, and Norway. The next chapter, Awakening the Giant, will finally bring players into the Pacific theatre where many of the iconic World War 2 battles took place. You can see a trailer showing off a bit of action on all of the upcoming maps in the article below.
4. Apex Legends’ Legendary Hunt has Begun
Respawn introduced a limited time event and in-game challenges to Apex Legends yesterday. The Elite Queue is a limited time queue where you can only enter if you placed in the top 5 of your previous match. There are also challenges for you to complete before June 18th. You can earn a legendary Bloodhound skin, among other rewards. The Elite Queue will stick around until July 2nd.
5. Rocket League is Going Retro with the Radical Summer Event
Starting next week, the Radical Summer event will encourage Rocket League players to celebrate the good old days. The 9 week event will feature “iconic movies, television, and culture” from the 1980s. This include classics like the Ghostbusters car and Knight Rider. There will also be new on-theme game modes, including a game mode called Ghost Hunt. Get in on the Radical action starting June 10th.
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The Daily Moot (6/5/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/5/19)

The Daily Moot (6/4/19)

1. Watch Dog Legion Leaks Ahead of E3
As is tradition, a new game Ubisoft was set to reveal at E3 has leaked ahead of the show. Watch Dogs Legion is the title of the next Watch Dog game. Legion takes us across the pond as the game is set in London instead of a major US city. The main gimmick in Legion is that you can play as NPC in the game if you recruit them. Apparently, the developers went pretty deep on this as all of the characters have unique voice overs, character traits, and more. Learn more about Watch Dog Legions next week at E3.
2. Rainbow Six Siege Celebrity Showdown Taking Place at E3
Ubisoft and Twitch are partnering to host a Rainbow Six Siege tournament at E3 next week. The tournament will feature celebrities and streamers battling for 100K in prize money, with half of the winnings going to charity. The event will take place after Ubisoft’s presentation at E3 on June 10th. T-Pain and Lil Yachty will both lead their own teams.
3. PlayStation Testing 16 Player Parties
It’s Friday night, you’re in a PlayStation voice party with 7 of your closest friends, and then your eighth closest friend logs on. What do you do? Before, your only options were either cut that friend out of your life forever or call it a night and cry yourself to sleep. Well, Sony is now testing a new solution. PS4 players who sign up for the Preview Program will be able to create voice parties for up to 16 players, double the current limit. We don’t know where these people with 15 friends are, but they should be happy.
4. Next Destiny 2 Expansion Leaked
Today marks the release of the Season of Opulence, a new expansion for Destiny 2. While this should be a time for Destiny 2 players to excitedly embrace the fresh content, instead many find themselves looking forward to the next expansion. Some leaked images suggest the next Destiny 2 expansion will be called ‘Shadowkeep.’ Shadowkeep looks to bring players back to Earth’s moon, where they’ll “become a slayer of nightmares.” Learn more on June 6th during a livestream from Bungie.
5. Fortnite Cheaters Qualify for World Cup
This past weekend a pair of players who have previously been banned for cheating qualified for the Fortnite World Cup. The players, XXiF and Ronaldo, were temporarily banned on May 3rd for cheating during World Cup qualifiers. The ban was only for 14 days, and now the duo is headed to New York. While some feel they served their time and certainly wouldn’t cheat a second time, the majority of Fortnite fans feel somewhere between uncomfortable and outraged over the news. What do you all think?
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The Daily Moot (6/4/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/4/19)

The Daily Moot (6/3/19)

1. Magic: the Gathering Show Coming to Netflix
Exciting news for fans of Magic: the Gathering this morning, as Netflix and Hasbro have announced a new show based on the game is in the works. The Russo brothers, who directed Avengers: Endgame, will be executive producing the new Netflix series. Over the last year or two there have been several amazing Magic: the Gathering shorts, including a particular epic video that included a chilling cover of Linkin Park’s In the End.
2. The Division 2 Introduces a New ‘Gunner’ Specialization
Ubisoft will be introducing a fourth specialization to The Division 2 some time soon. The new specialization is the Gunner, where you can give up some defensive capabilities in exchange for a badass minigun. Unless you have the Year 1 pass you’ll need to complete a series of in-game challenges to unlock the Gunner specialization. The Gunner comes to the public test servers tomorrow.
3. Hearthstone’s ‘Rise of the Mech’ Update is now Live
The big update called Rise of the Mech came to Hearthstone this morning, buffing cards for every class and introducing several quality of life updates. For example, the game’s reconnect feature has been drastically improved. Anyone who log ins during the month of June will receive a free golden SN1P-SN4P legendary card. What do you Hearthstone fans think of the new update?
4. Rick Fox Looks to Stay with Echo Fox
Earlier this year Rick Fox announced his intentions to leave Echo Fox, the esports organization he founded, after an investor used a racial slur toward him. In his own words, Fox said he could not “support or be a part of something where there’s an individual in the organization that is blatantly as racist as this person is.” Now, we’ve learned that Fox has changed his mind and has decided he would rather work to remove the racist individual from Echo Fox’s organization than to personally leave. Rick Fox has been a blessing to League of Legends esports and it is great to see he will remain involved with his organization.
5. Age of Empires: Definitive Edition will Support Cross-Play
The Age of Empires: Definitive Editions have been available on the Microsoft Store since they released. Last week, the developers announced they would be bringing the Definitive Editions of the games to Steam. We’ve also learned there will be support for crossplay between platforms, meaning you can play with your friends regardless of where you initially purchased Age of Empires. We don’t know an exact date for when the Definitive Editions will be available on Steam, but it should be “soon.”

The Daily Moot (6/3/19)
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The Daily Moot (6/3/19)

The Daily Moot (5/31/19)

1. Modern Warfare is Back on the Menu! (Moot Points Episode 56)
Happy Friday to each and everyone one of you that makes up the BEAUTIFUL Moot community. In this week's episode of Moot Points the guys talk about the new Call of Duty game. Modern Warfare is back and it looks better than ever. But we can we trust Activision on this one?
2. Apex Legends Limited Time Event Coming Soon
Ayyyy, poppi! What an update for Apex Legends. First, there will be a limited time event. The Apex Elite Queue will only be available to those who finished in the top 5 of their last match. There will also be challenges to complete during the event’s duration. Respawn is also giving bonus legendary skins to season 1 battle pass owners. Finally, we learned next season’s battle pass will have better rewards and actual challenges to complete. Yo, Respawn. This… this is a good update.
3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate now Playable in VR
Using Nintendo Labo you can now play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in virtual reality. Specifically, you’ll need the Toy-Con VR Goggles from the Labo kit. With the Goggles, you can play limited, timed, or offline battles in virtual reality. You can battle against CPUs in virtual reality but you cannot battle against other actual players yet. Still, pretty neat.
4. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 Endgame DLC Coming in August
Winds of Magic is the name of a new expansion for Warhammer: Vermintide 2 that will introduce endgame content to the game. Players will face new enemies, tackle fresh challenges, and more. There will also be a raised level cap and a brand new weapon for each hero. There is also a new game mode appropriately titled Winds of Magic; in the Winds of Magic mode players will face an increasingly difficult series of challenges. You can sign up for a beta of the new expansion on the game’s official website.
5. A new Darksiders Game will be Revealed at E3
According to a schedule of presentations that will be at E3, it looks like a new Darksiders game will be announced. Darksiders 3 came out just at the end of last year, so it may be a while before the next one actually releases. Still, it is reassuring to know there will be a next one. E3 takes place in Los Angeles starting on June 11th.

The Daily Moot (5/31/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/31/19)

The Daily Moot (5/30/19)

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Officially Revealed
Hooooly smokes, amigos! Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is real and it is coming out this October 25th. There are a few super exciting things about the new Call of Duty. First, the game will launch with cross-platform play. Also, there won’t be a season pass. This is so the team working on the game “can deliver more free maps and content as well as post-launch events to all players.” Modern Warfare will feature a single player campaign, several multiplayer options, and a new co-op game mode.
2. Remastered Ghostbusters Video Game Coming this Year
We didn’t even know there was a Ghostbusters video game, but we now know it is being remastered. Ghostbusters: The Video Game released in 2009 and featured the movie’s iconic cast as voice actors. Saber Interactive is handling the remaster, although we don’t know the exact extent of the work they’ll be doing just yet. Whether the remaster is purely visual improvements or more is still uncertain, but you can check out the reveal trailer to get hyped regardless. The remastered game will be on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch by the end of the year.
3. Anthem Test Server Now Available on PC
Cataclysm is an end game event that was supposed to come to Anthem this month. Last month, BioWare announced they would be delaying Cataclysm but they gave no new release date. Hopefully we will get more information about Cataclysm during a livestream from the game’s developers later today, but in the meantime there is now a test server available to PC players. On this test server, players will be able to experience Cataclysm content as the developers finalize it.
4. Age of Empires Definitive Editions Coming to Steam
The team behind Age of Empires took to their website today to announce they’re bringing the Definitive Editions of Age of Empires 1, 2, and 3 to Steam. The Definitive Editions are apparently “remastered with the latest tech in game development,” whatever that means. The timing here is apparently to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Age of Empires 2. Many players will be happy to see these games finally on Steam, as they were previously
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The Daily Moot (5/30/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/30/19)

The Daily Moot (5/29/19)

1. Death Stranding Finally Gets a Release Date
While the wait is not over yet, there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel. Sony has finally announced a release date for Hideo Kojima’s next game, Death Stranding. Death Stranding will be coming to PlayStation 4 on November 8th of this year, which is sooner than even some of the game’s most ambitious anticipators would’ve hoped for. We still don’t exaaactly know what kind of game Death Stranding even is yet, but we know it looks sweet!
2. Avengers Video Game to be Revealed at E3
Square Enix confirmed this morning they will reveal a new Avengers video game at E3 this year. Beyond the title of the new game, which is Marvel’s Avengers, we don’t know much. Don’t let the name fool you, as this game is NOT from Insomniac Games even though they developed Marvel’s Spider Man. The developers at Square Enix are no slouches though, as the studio is responsible for several successful game series’ like Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts.
3. Fortnite Content Update Introduces Burst SMG
A new content update has come to Fortnite patch v9.10 and it introduces the Burst SMG to the game’s battle royale mode. The Burst SMG takes the place of the suppressed SMG, which has been vaulted. The Burst SMG fires 4 rounds at a time for around 23-25 damage per bullet with a 1.75x headshot multiplier. What do you all think of the current gun balance in Fortnite and do you think the Burst SMG will mix things up at all?
4. Several New Pokemon Games Announced
During yesterday’s Pokemon 2019 Press Conference, Nintendo revealed multiple new Pokemon games they are working on. The first is a new Detective Pikachu game that will continue the story from the first Detective Pikachu game. There is also a new Pokemon sleep game that you’ll play while sleeping. Finally, Pokemon Masters is a mobile game that will enable you to battle all the famous Pokemon Trainers from the franchise’s storied history.
5. New Call of Duty will be Officially Revealed Tomorrow
At 10am PST tomorrow morning Activision will finally pull the curtain back to reveal the next Call of Duty game. While this normally would be an incredibly exciting time, a bit of that excitement is lacking because we basically already know what the next game will be. Some leaks have all but confirmed the next Call of Duty will be Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Still, it will be nice to see Activision fully confirm the new game and hopefully reveal some more details about the upcoming title.
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The Daily Moot (5/29/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/29/19)

The Daily Moot (5/28/19)

1. Dauntless Hits 6 Million Players in First Week
Dauntless just officially launched last week, but the game has already reached 6 million unique players. This is double the game’s player count during the open beta on just PC. Dauntless is free to play, available on consoles, and supports cross-platform game play. Certainly all of these contributed to the game’s popularity after release. If you want to learn more about Dauntless and find teammates to play with check out the Dauntless lounge here on Moot!
2. Battlefield 5 Gets a New Map This Week
In two days the next free DLC releases for Battlefield 5. This week’s update is a part of Chapter 3 of the Tides of War. The central point of the new update is Mercury, a new map set on the beaches of Greece. The map is based on the German invasion of Greece during World War II, specifically the Battle of Crete. You can check out a video of the map in action in the article linked below.
3. Destiny 2’s Season of Opulence Will Introduce a New Game Mode
The Season of Opulence will be the final DLC to come as a part of Destiny 2’s Forsaken Annual Pass. Just this morning, Bungie began teasing a new six-player activity that will be introduced in the Season of Opulence. The Menagerie, as it is called, is a “maze of challenges” waiting for players in the lost vaults of the Leviathan. Players who complete the Menagerie will earn a chance to claim specific weapons and armor as rewards. New bosses and difficulties will be introduced to the Menagerie over time.
4. Ubisoft May Reveal a New Roller Derby Game at E3
A leak over this past weekend shows footage of what may be a new game from Ubisoft called Roller Champions. The game appears to based loosely on the Roller derby sport, similar to how Rocket League is loosely based on soccer. Roller Champions is apparently online only and multiplayer, as two teams of 5 will face off. Hopefully we will get more info about Roller Champions from Ubisoft soon as E3 is rapidly approaching.
5. Sea of Solitude Gets a July Release Date
Sea of Solitude is a sweet adventure game that is part of the EA Originals project. In Sea of Solitude, you’ll play as Kay. Kay is a young woman navigating through a world where loneliness turns humans into monsters. Kay needs to figure out what turned her into a monster (hint: it may have something to do with her feeling lonely) and more important, how can she turn herself back into a human. Sea of Solitude releases on July 5th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

The Daily Moot (5/28/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/28/19)

The Daily Moot (5/24/19)

1. Moot Points: Tfue vs FaZe Clan (Episode 55)
Happy Friday! In this week's episode, we talk about the drama between Tfue and FaZe Clan and how it could change the esports landscape forever. Check out this week's episode now!
2. Next Call of Duty Game Called “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare”
So, we knew next year’s Call of Duty game was going to be a Modern Warfare title. However, many of us probably expected it would be called Modern Warfare 4 because it will be the fourth Modern Warfare game in the franchise. Well, we were wrong. The new game is called “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare” because that won’t confuse anyone. It is expected to release some time in 2020.
3. Overwatch Introduces Replay Feature
Mama, Christmas came early! Overwatch fans will be incredibly excited to hear they can now watch replays of their last 10 matches played. The new replay feature, which is currently on the Public Test Realm, will let you rewatch the action from any perspective. You’ll also have access to a map overlay feature similar to what is used for Overwatch League matches.
4. League of Legends Offers Pro View Feature
If you have ever found League of Legends esports coverage to be lacking, the new Pro View feature may be for you. Pro View enables you to spectate the game how you want to, whether than leaving yourself at the mercy of the camera operator. Pro View will start with the Summer Split and will cost $15 USD for coverage of the LCS or LEC and $20 USD for both.
5. Dauntless Gets Half a Million Players in First Day
Within the first 24 hours of Dauntless’s official release the game saw 500,000 new players. For a non-battle royale game, that’s a pretty solid first day. Dauntless is notable for launching with full cross-platform support. Not only can you play cross-platform, but you can also progress cross-platform. If you start playing Dauntless on console and then ascend to PC gaming, all of your progress made on console will be waiting for you when you launch the game on your new computer.

The Daily Moot (5/24/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/24/19)

The Daily Moot (5/23/19)

1. Division 2’s Dark Hours Raid Won’t be Made Easier
In response to some rumors last week, Ubisoft has clarified that they will NOT be making the Dark Hours raid in The Division 2 any easier. Since the raid launched last week, 7,000 PC players and 200 console players have completed the raid. If you compare these numbers to the number of people actually playing The Division 2, you’ll see how difficult the content really is. Specifically, the number of console players able to beat the raid is concerning. Maybe Ubisoft should take the Overwatch approach and balance PC and console separately. Thoughts?
2. Cyberpunk 2077 Won’t be Playable at E3
CD Projekt Red has confirmed they will be at E3 with Cyberpunk 2077, but unfortunately the game will not be playable for the general public. Instead, E3 attendees will have the opportunity to watch gameplay presentations where CD Projekt Red employees will be playing. While it is sad the game won’t be playable, we’ve all been eager to see more Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay so this is at least a small victory.
3. Nioh 2 Closed Alpha Coming to PS4
Team Ninja has announced they will run a closed alpha for Nioh 2 starting tomorrow and running until June 2nd. The alpha test will only be available to a few PlayStation 4 players. Apparently the test is limited to a small number of players “to ensure the team can manage the feedback.” It is not immediately clear to us how one can get into the closed alpha, which unfortunately may mean it is too late if you haven’t already been invited.
4. Mordhau is Reverting Some Player Bans
Mordhau is a medieval multiplayer game focusing on melee combat. The Mordhau developers banned around 2,000 players this week for using third party software, but they’re now overturning some of those bans. Third party software can be a common way to cheat, but there are also many third party programs that are completely harmless. If you’ve been unfairly banned and it wasn’t overturned, you can contact the Mordhau developers and they’ll look into it.
5. Fortnite Hotfix Attempts to Address Building Delays
Since patch v9.10, some Fortnite players have complained about delays while trying to build. Epic released a hotfix this morning to address, and hopefully fix, the issues players have been experiencing. Specifically, there was a bug when you pulled out your weapon while editing. Doing this would cause your weapon to turn invisible AND it would prevent you from building more.
Have you heard of Dauntless? It is a free to play monster slaying game that is on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is also cross platform and multiplayer. Check out the Dauntless lounge to find teammates and discuss the game!

The Daily Moot (5/23/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/23/19)

The Daily Moot (5/22/19)

1. Riot Games is Finally Making a Mobile League of Legends
League of Legends may be the game with the most mobile ripoffs in existence. Well, Riot Games must’ve finally caught on and realized the demand for a mobile League of Legends game because they’re making a (surprise!) mobile League of Legends game. Riot will be partnering with Tencent to develop the mobile game that is apparently not an exact replica of the PC game. Instead, it will play slightly differently as it is designed to be played on your phone
2. First Look at Mario Kart Tour for Mobile
Mario Kart Tour is an upcoming mobile version of the popular Nintendo racing game. The game just started a beta test in Japan and some testers were polite enough to upload footage of the game to the internet. Mario Kart Tour is a simplified version of Mario Kart; your car drives automatically, but you can still turn by dragging left or right on your phone screen. The game is also free to play, although some sort of monetization model is expected. Mario Kart Tour is set to release this summer.
3. A Standalone Dota Auto Chess Game is Coming
Dota Auto Chess is an insanely popular custom game mode for DotA, a MOBA game similar to League of Legends. Valve has now announced they’ll be working with the Chinese studio that initially developed the custom game mode to bring a standalone game to market. Markets, actually, as Valve will be developing a version for Steam while the Chinese studio developers a Chinese version. A timeline for the standalone game is not yet known.
4. Epic Games Partners with Air Jordan
Epic Games just announced a sick partnership with Air Jordan that brings a new Limited Time Mode, new skins, and more to Fortnite. The Limited Time Mode is called The Downtown Drop; if you ever played Sonic, you’ll feel right at home here. Race to the bottom of the course as you collect coins on your way down. There’s also a new skateboard Back Bling with 10 different styles.
5. Path of Exile: Legion Expansion Official Trailer
Path of Exile is a DOPE free dungeon grinder game, similar in gameplay and style to Diablo. Next month, the game will be getting an expansion called Legion. In Legion, players throw themselves into an eternal battle between five different armies. There’s new everything in this update, including new enemies, jewels, items, Divination Cards, and build archetypes. There’s also an overhaul of the game’s melee combat systems. Legion releases on June 7th.
Have you heard of Dauntless? It is a free to play monster slaying game that is on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. The game is also cross platform and multiplayer. Check out the Dauntless lounge to find teammates and discuss the game!

The Daily Moot (5/22/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/22/19)

The Daily Moot (5/21/19)

1. Dauntless Launches with Cross Platform Play
Dauntless is a free to play monster slayer game that just launched on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Epic Games Store on PC. What is truly remarkable about Dauntless’ official launch is that it comes with both cross-platform gameplay AND progression. Dauntless can be played solo or in groups of up to four players.
2. New ‘Grid’ Racing Game Announced
A new game in the Grid racing game series has just been announced. The new game is appropriately called just ‘Grid’ and it will release on September 13th of this year. The developers released a cinematic trailer to announce the new game. In the trailer, we see a Porsche 911 RSR take a beating as it drives around the track which suggests a return the original game’s rewind mechanic. We don’t think they’d show such a nice car taking such a pounding if it wasn’t reversable.
3. Ubisoft May Make The Division 2’s Raid Easier
Last week, Ubisoft released Operation Dark Hours for The Division 2. The update introduced the first raid to the game alongside a challenge to be the world’s first team to clear it. While a team of PC players took the raid down within 5 hours, it took three days before a team cleared the raid on console. Consoles players in general have complained the raid is too difficult, so Ubisoft is considering reducing the difficulty. However, the raid is meant to be difficult so Ubisoft will probably wait at least a bit longer before doing anything drastic.
4. Sony Shows off the new ‘PlayStation 5’
Although they never called it the PlayStation 5, most of us are pretty safely assuming that is exactly what Sony’s new console is. This past weekend, Sony demonstrated an unnamed new console and compared it to the PlayStation 4 Pro. The next PlayStation will rely on a Solid State Drive that means load times should be significantly faster. There are also apparently dramatic improvements to the GPU and CPU. You can see the side by side comparison in the article right here.
5. Hearthstone Buffing Tons of Cards after Yesterday’s Nerfs
Yesterday, Blizzard announced they were nerfing 3 key Rogue cards and one integral Druid card. Today, Blizzard has announced they’re going to buff two Boomsday Project cards from each class. This is a part of the Rise of the Mech event, which will start on June 3rd. All players will receive a golden copy of a new neutral legendary called SN1P-SN4P. While the event is a limited time, the card buffs will remain after it is over. Check out all the buffs In the article below.
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The Daily Moot (5/21/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/21/19)

The Daily Moot (5/20/19)

1. Streamer Tfue Sues FaZe Clan Over Contract
Turner “Tfue” Tenney is one of the biggest streamers on Twitch. Seemingly out of nowhere, it has just come to light that Tfue is suing FaZe Clan, the esports organization that signed him, for an oppressive and potentially illegal contract. The lawsuit claims FaZe is taking up to 80% of the money Tfue would generate from sponsorship deals. With FaZe denying any wrongdoing, this story is far from over.
2. Apex Legends Patch Improves Hit Detection
Respawn Entertainment is looking to improve hit detection in Apex Legends with today’s small patch. Hit detection is the ability for a game’s server to recognize whether your shot connects or not. In Apex Legends, it has historically been a bit of an issue. Today’s patch looks to both improve hit detection itself and also improve Respawn’s systems to detect why hits may not be detected. There are some other performance and quality of life improvements in the update. You can read the full patch notes in the article below.
3. Big Hearthstone Nerfs Look to Weaken Rogue Decks
Since the most recent expansion came out for Hearthstone, Rogue has been the strongest class. This morning, Blizzard announced a handful of nerfs that will reduce Rogue’s power level to a more fair place. EVIL Miscreant now has 1 health, Raiding Party now costs 1 more mana, and Preparation reduces your next spell by only 2 instead of 3. Additionally, the Druid card Archivist Elysiana will now cost 9 mana instead of 8. These nerfs go live this Wednesday.
4. Overwatch Anniversary Event Begins Tomorrow
Overwatch’s third anniversary event starts tomorrow, May 21st. Overwatch anniversary events are trips down memory lanes, as previous seasonal skins and game modes are available. For example, you can play old seasonal brawls or Archives missions. You can also get cosmetics from any seasonal event in your Anniversary Loot Boxes, so get on that grind before the event ends on May 28th.
5. Ubisoft Reveals Operation Phantom Sight for Rainbow Six Siege
Yesterday Ubisoft revealed the main details of Operation Phantom Sight. We already knew about the attacking operator, Nokk, from last week’s teasers. Now, we also know the defending operator; Warden has Smartglasses that give him better visibility through smoke and immunity to flashes if he’s standing still. Operation Phantom Sight will be live on Rainbow’s test servers starting tomorrow.
Are you funny? Clever? None of the above? Perfect! Enter the Moot Caption Contest and win up to 500 Moot Coins.

The Daily Moot (5/20/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/20/19)

The Daily Moot (5/17/19)

1. Operation Dark Hours Comes to The Division 2! (Moot Points Episode 54)
Happy Friday beautiful Moot family! In this week's episode of Moot Points, the guys talk about The Division 2's Operation Dark Hours. The update adds a new 8 player raid which DOESN'T haven't matchmaking?! What's up with that? Check out the video to hear what we think of the new raid and share your thoughts as well!
2. Microsoft Reveals ‘Minecraft Earth’
Well, this is a sweet surprise. Microsoft and Mojang have just revealed Minecraft Earth, a new augmented reality mobile game akin to Pokemon Go. In Minecraft Earth, you’ll collect critters and building blocks as you explore the real world around you. Then, you can start building with those blocks. Minecraft Earth will be a free game and you can expect a closed beta to start sometime this summer.
3. Warframe’s Jovian Concord Update is Coming Next Week
Digital Extremes has pulled back the curtain a bit on Warframe’s new update that is releasing next week. The Jovian Concord update will drastically improve the title region, similar to the Plains of Eidolon update. There will be improved graphics, better audio, and practical improvements to the region to accommodate the game’s updated parkour. There are also new enemies and bosses to face.
4. Bungie Nerfs Popular Destiny 2 Weapons
Last night, Bungie announced plans to nerf some of the most popular weapons in Destiny 2. Naturally, fans of the game are rather upset. Specifically, Whisper of the Worm will now refill with your reserve ammo instead of generating ammo out of thin air when you hit 3 critical shots in a row. Bungie also plans to nerf the Sleeper Stimulant and the Lord of the Wolves. While most of the community would rather see other guns buffed instead of their favorite guns nerfed, apparently Bungie disagrees.
5. Ubisoft Disables Clash in Rainbow Six due to Exploits
Ubisoft has taken action in response to several exploits currently plaguing Rainbow Six Siege. Clash, IQ, and a few other operators can currently exploit a bug with gadgets and shields. Clash can shoot through her shield, IQ can turn invisible, and some defenders can attach their shields to their weapons. Apparently, Ubisoft will be able to fix all of these bugs in a patch next week.

The Daily Moot (5/17/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/17/19)

The Daily Moot (5/16/19)

1. Fortnite x John Wick Limited Time Mode is Live
The new John Wick inspired Limited Time Mode ‘Wick’s Bounty’ is now available for Fortnite players. In Wick’s Bounty, your goal is to collect 1,000 gold coins. You earn 1 coin per elimination plus you’ll take all of the coins from a player when you kill them. As you get closer to victory, the game will get harder. For example, enemies will see you marked on their map once you have 400 coins. There’s also a new John Wick skin available in the game.
2. Ubisoft Teases New SPOOKY Rainbow Six Operator
Yesterday, Ubisoft posted a teaser on the official Rainbow Six twitter page teasing a new operator. The new attack operator is named Nokk and she seems like she’s going to be awesome. In the teaser, Nokk flickers between being visible and invisible; most are speculating that Nokk will have something resembling Vigil’s ability to make himself invisible to attacking drone cameras. Nokk and another operator will be fully revealed this weekend during the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Finals.
3. Super Mario Maker 2 Gets Story Mode, Co-Op, and Online Play
Yesterday, Nintendo hosted a 15 minute Nintendo Direct to showcase Super Mario Maker 2. During the Direct, Nintendo revealed some awesome stuff we can look forward to in the upcoming game. There will be a new story mode for you to explore on your own or a co-op creation mode for you to play with friends. You can also play online in either multiplayer co-op or versus. Super Mario Maker 2 releases on the Nintendo Switch on June 28th.
4. Steep is Currently Free to Keep on Uplay
You can currently grab Steep for free on Uplay until May 21st. Naturally, this only on PC. Steep is a open-world snowboarding game. Except it is not just snowboarding, as the game also includes skiing and wingsuiting. Steep is a silent killer; the game has a beautiful setting, exciting gameplay, and a radical soundtrack. If you’re a PC it is definitely worth picking this game up for free while you can.
5. Nintendo Offering Game Vouchers to Switch Online Users
Nintendo Switch Online subscribers can now purchase 2 game vouchers for $99.99. Each game voucher can be redeemed in the Nintendo eShop for one full priced Switch game from a small selection of games. The available games are mostly iconic Switch games like Super Mario Odyssey or Breath of the Wild. If you spend both vouchers on $60 games you’ll end up saving 20 bucks from the venture. The game vouchers are only available until through July 31st.

The Daily Moot (5/16/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/16/19)

The Daily Moot (5/15/19)

1. Fortnite Patch v9.01 Nerfs Drum Gun and Ballers
The first patch of Fortnite season 9 is here and hallelujah, they’re nerfing the Drum Gun! The Drum Gun’s base damage has been reduced by 4 damage per bullet at both rarities. The Baller has also been nerfed, as it now has only 150 health instead of 200. Finally, the patch introduces the Tactical Assault Rifle.
2. New Pokemon Mobile Game Announced
Pokemon Rumble Rush is a new free-to-play mobile game that will have you exploring a variety of islands with a companion Pokemon. Sound familiar? Yeah, this sounds a lot like the other Pokemon mobile game that came out in the last few years only to quickly disappear. Pokemon Rumble Rush is currently only available for Android devices in the Australia region, but it should hopefully become more widely accessible soon.
3. Valve Trademarks ‘Dota Underlords’
Valve has apparently applied for a trademark on a product called ‘Dota Underlords.’ Dota Underlords seems like a new game, but we really don’t have any concrete information. Given the recent abomination that was the release of Artifact, it may seem surprising that Valve is so keen to jump into another new game. What kind of game do you expect Dota Underlords to be?
4. New World of Warcraft Cinematic ‘Safe Haven’
While Blizzard’s cinematics tend to focus on Overwatch, this morning’s cinematic actually centers around World of Warcraft. This cinematic marks the return of Thrall, the Horde’s old Warchief. The current Warchief, Sylvanas, has gone a bit off the deep end and it seems like a good time for a change. The upcoming Rise of Azshara update is going to shake things up a ton, and with Thrall back in the mix anything is possible.
5. Rocket Arena is a New Rockets-Only FPS
Final Strike Games and Nexon just revealed Rocket Arena, a new 3v3 FPS with an interesting twist. In Rocket Arena, everyone uses rocket launchers only. The goal isn’t to kill your opponents, but instead to knock them off the map. Sign ups for the closed beta are open now (ironic, we know) for PC players. When the game launches, it will be on PC and Xbox with crossplay available.

The Daily Moot (5/15/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/15/19)

The Daily Moot (5/14/19)

1. World of Warcraft Classic gets a Release Date
The highly anticipated World of Warcraft classic finally has a release date. On August 27th you’ll be able to transport back through back to the earliest days of World of Warcraft. Classic will allow players to relive the magic that was World of Warcraft circa 2004. All World of Warcraft subscribers will be able to access WoW Classic servers for free. You can sign up for the closed beta if you absolutely can’t wait until August.
2. The Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Releases this Week
The first eight player raid will be coming to The Division 2 this Thursday. Operation Dark Hours will be a race to beat, as the first team to complete it will get their photo posted in the White House in game. All players who beat Operation Dark Hours in the first week after release will get a commemorative arm patch. You’ll need to have reached tier 5 and completed Tidal Basin to access Operation Dark Hours.
3. Red Dead Online Expands Co-op Campaign
Rockstar just released the biggest update yet for Red Dead Online. The update expands both the free roam aspect of the online experience and the cooperative campaign. You can also now trigger random events while you’re out exploring. Finally, you can now play poker online with up to six players. You can play private games, invite-only games, or join public tables for high stakes.
4. Super Mario Maker 2 Nintendo Direct Tomorrow
Nintendo just announced they’ll be hosting a Nintendo Direct for Super Mario Maker 2 tomorrow at 3 pm PST. Super Mario Maker was a popular game that allowed players to create custom Super Mario levels. The sequel game releases on June 28th for the Nintendo Switch and it looks like we’ll know a lot more about it by this tomorrow.
5. New Splinter Cell Game Apparently in the Works
While there were whispers of a new Splinter Cell game that would come eventually, we’ve now apparently got confirmation that the game is coming. Ubisoft’s creative director tweeted out that the’s “working on the next Splinter Cell” game. He followed that tweet up with another that said “Ok – plz don’t retweet. I may be in trouble.” Seems like maybe this wasn’t the place or time he was supposed to reveal a new Splinter Cell, but here we are.

The Daily Moot (5/14/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/14/19)

The Daily Moot (5/13/19)

1. Apex Legends may Start Punishing ‘Piggybackers’
Respawn Entertainment has identified different type of unsavory behavior that they may start punishing. ‘Piggybacking’ is when a player follows around their squad until the end of the match to earn survival time experience without actually contributing anything. Piggybackers apparently don’t loot, shoot, or even doot (granted, there aren’t any trombones in the game so we'll give a pass on this one).
2. Dauntless Gets a Console Release Date
Dauntless is a cooperative RPG that has been in open beta on PC for about a year now. The game was initially supposed to come to consoles last month, but it was pushed back. Now, it has been announced that Dauntless will release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 on May 21st. On the same date, Dauntless will be available on PC through the Epic Games Store. Dauntless will come to Nintendo Switch and mobile devices later this year.
3. New Oddworld: Soulstorm Teaser Video
The newest teaser for Oddworld: Soulstorm finally shows some gameplay from the upcoming title. Soulstorm is the next title in a long line of games featuring Abe the Alien. The new game forces Abe to craft tools for himself in his struggle to save himself and his buddies. Check out the teaser trailer for Oddworld: Soulstorm below. The game is expected to release early next year.
4. Monster Hunter: World Free Trial on PS4 this Week
This week is your time to try Monster Hunter: World if you’re on PlayStation 4. Until May 20th, PS4 players will be able to download a free demo of Monster Hunter: World to see if the game suits them. Your save data will carry over if you ever decide to buy the full game, which is currently 60% off. Monster Hunter: World’s first expansion, Iceborne, was recently revealed and will be releasing on September 6th.
5. World of Warcraft Recruit-a-Friend Program Ending
After an incredibly long tenure, the Recruit-a-Friend program in World of Warcraft is coming to an end soon. Through the program, WoW players could invite friends to play with them and experience mutual benefits during the new player’s trial period. Bonus experience, in-game rewards, and more were available to both the new player and their recruiter. Blizzard has said they’re removing the Recruit-a-Friend program to replace it with something else but we don’t have any details about the replacement program yet.

The Daily Moot (5/13/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/13/19)

The Daily Moot (5/10/19)

1. Moot Points Episode 53: Fortnite Season 9 is LIT!
Happy Friday to all you lovely lads and ladies! In this week's episode of Moot Points, the guys talk about Fortnite's new season and all of the exciting changes. We also have a new segment called Buy or Bail we hope you'll love. Enjoy!
2. Fortnite Celebrity Pro-Am Tourney Returning
The Fortnite celebrity Pro-Amateur tournament is making a return this year after the event’s massive success last year. The tournament will take place at the first ever Fortnite Summer Block Party on June 15th-16th. The Summer Block Party will be a big festival featuring events, meet and greets, mini golf, and more. It will be in Inglewood, California with tickets going on sale soon.
3. Monster Hunter: World Iceborne Expansion Revealed
Yesterday, Capcom revealed a new expansion for Monster Hunter: World called Iceborne. Iceborne is apparently a massive expansion that will introduce a new region, a new story, and new monsters. Iceborne will be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 6th, with PC players left to wait until this winter before they can get their hands on it. The expansion will cost $39.99 (!!!) on its own or $59.99 when bundled with a copy of the base game.
4. Tetris 99 DLC Adding Offline Mode
Tetris 99 is the Tetris battle royale we didn’t know we needed. For some, however, playing Tetris against 98 other real humans may be too daunting of a task. Now, you’ll have the option to play Tetris 99 offline against bots. The new Big Block DLC is available for $9.99 on the Nintendo eShop now. The update also includes a new marathon mode that seems to match the more traditional form of Tetris we all know and love.
5. Destiny 2 Season of Opulence gets a Release Date
Season of Opulence is the final DLC for Destiny 2’s Annual Pass. Bungie has now revealed the expansion will be available to play on June 4th. Unlike with previous Destiny 2 DLCs, this time the new raid will be available immediately. This means the race for a world first clear of Crown of Sorrow, the new raid, will start immediately instead of after the usual multi-day delay. Let the race begin!

The Daily Moot (5/10/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/10/19)

The Daily Moot (5/9/19)

1. Fortnite Season 9 is Here!
Mama, it’s better than Christmas... it’s new Fortnite Season Day! The 9th Season of Fortnite is taking us into a new sci-fi future, where Tilted Towers and Retail Row have both been rebuilt. There are also several smaller changes around the map. Slipstream’s are this season form of fast travel. Perhaps the craziest aspect of Season 9 is that the Pump Shotgun has been vaulted! There’s a new combat shotgun to take its place. What has you most excited about Season 9?
Head over to the Fortnite lounge now to find teammates to explore the new season!
2. Reverse Friendly Fire Comes to Rainbow Six
Ubisoft has taken the next step in their attempt to ‘fix’ Rainbow Six Siege’s friendly fire and teamkilling issues. Starting today, reverse friendly fire will reflect damage dealt to teammates back onto the shooter. This only kicks in after a player has either killed a teammate who chose not to forgive them OR dealt enough to teammates in one game that reverse friendly fire activates on its own. What do you Rainbow Six Siege players think of the new solution to griefing and teamkilling?
3. Monster Hunter: World x Witcher 3 Event Begins
The Monster Hunter: World and Witcher 3 crossover event has started on PC. There is a new permanent quest that has you play as Geralt of Rivia. You’ll investigate some weirdness going down in the Ancient Forest in typical Witcher fashion. There is also a temporary multiplayer event where you play Ciri. You’ll only be able to complete that between May 17th and May 30th, so make sure you don’t miss the opportunity.
4. Blizzard Reveals Hearthstone’s New Solo Adventure
The Hearthstone team just revealed the game’s next solo adventure, called The Dalaran Heist. The Dalaran Heist continues the story started with the recent Rise of Shadows expansion. In The Dalaran Heist, you’ll take on the role of different henchmen working for the League of E.V.I.L. as they attempt to steal the city. The Dalaran Heist will be available to play on May 16th.
5. Ubisoft Won’t Increase Division 2 Gear Score Cap in Next Update
Ubisoft planned to increase The Division 2’s Gear Score cap from 500 up to 515 with the upcoming Title Update 3. However, after listening to player feedback, they’ve decided against increasing the Gear Score cap. An increased cap just before the game’s first raid is set to come out would’ve invalidated players’ efforts to improve their gear over the past few weeks. Good looks, Ubisoft.
More stories coming soon!

The Daily Moot (5/9/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/9/19)

The Daily Moot (5/8/19)

1. John Wick Video Game Revealed
In an unexpected announcement, Lionsgate and Good Shepherd Entertainment have revealed John Wick Hex, a new strategy based game coming soon. In John Wick Hex, you’ll play as the iconic character from the movies as you carefully maneuver through fights. The game has a pretty unique visual style which you can see in a few screenshots included in the article below. John Wick Hex does not yet have a publicly revealed release date, but it will be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC.
2. The International 2019 Battle Pass now Available
The International 2019 is the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year. In fact, The International is usually the biggest esports tournament of the year as well. This year, players can purchase The International Battle Pass to unlock exclusive content. 25% of revenue generated by Battle Pass sales will go toward The International’s prize pool, which is sweet. The International 2019 takes place August 20th-25th.
3. Apex Legends Season 2 Details to be Revealed at E3
In EA’s most recent earnings call, the publisher said they plan to reveal the first details about Apex Legends’ second season at E3. Apparently, they have big plans for new content in the next season. Naturally, we can expect another Legend, another Battle Pass, and hopefully more. Consensus seems to be the first battle pass was exceptionally underwhelming, so hopefully the next one takes some major steps in the right direction.
4. Name of New Ghost Recon Game Leaks
There is a big reveal event planned for tomorrow, but the Ubisoft online store may have accidentally leaked the name of the new Ghost Recon game. Briefly, a collector’s edition for a game called Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Breakpoint was available on the German Ubisoft store. The new game is supposedly set to release on October 4th for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Tune into Ubisoft’s official announcement tomorrow at 11:30 AM PST.
5. China Bans PUBG, Replaces it With an Identical Game
Remember hearing about how popular PUBG was in China? Well, Tencent got tired of struggling with the Chinese government to monetize PUBG so they’ve taken PUBG away and replaced it with a more government friendly game called Game For Peace. The two games are almost identical, but Game For Peace apparently “pays tribute to the blue sky warriors that guard China’s airspace.” Also, characters wave at you when they die now, so it’s less violent?

The Daily Moot (5/8/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/8/19)

The Daily Moot (5/7/19)

1. Overwatch’s New Map ‘Havana’ is now Live!
After what felt like a long stint on the game’s Public Test Realm, Overwatch’s Havana map is now on live servers. Havana is a new Escort map set in and named after Cuba’s capital city. The map is colorful and full of life, in typical Overwatch fashion. Like most Escort maps, there is a healthy mix of tight chokepoints and wide areas to do battle. The patch also introduces All Star skins which will be available for the next 2 weeks.
2. Anthem Patch 1.1.1 Releases Today
Anthem is getting a new patch today that unfortunately doesn’t look to address any of the game’s biggest issues. Patch 1.1.1 addresses some small issues like stats not displaying properly, but it doesn’t look to improve any of the game’s larger problems. This patch also marks the removal of Elsyian Caches, so we hope you used your remaining keys before the patch went live this morning.
3. EA Access is Coming to PlayStations This Summer
EA Access is a subscription service that gives subscribers access to a library of EA games, including all of their top titles. In 2014 the service came to Xbox, last year something similar came to PC, and this July the service will finally come to PlayStation 4. Subscribers will also gain access to EA’s Play First Trials, where they can test up new releases for up to 10 hours. EA Access costs $5 USD per month or $30 USD per year.
4. QuakeCon Comes to Europe This Year
For the first time, QuakeCon will take place in Europe this summer. QuakeCon Europe will occur the same weekend as the traditional QuakeCon in Dallas. While the event will be free to enter, you’ll still need to register for a ticket if you want to go in. Attendees will be able to play a medley of Bethesda games with Doom Eternal taking center stage. QuakeCon and QuakeCon Europe will take place July 26-27.
5. Private Servers Coming to Battlefield 5
Starting some time later this year, Battlefield 5 players will be able to start their own private matches. The new Private Games feature is an evolution of the Rented Server Program. EA has announced the base level of the feature will be free, which suggests there will be a higher level for those willing to pay a premium. In Private Games, you’ll be able to customize tons of things like map selection, game mode, friendly fire, and more.

The Daily Moot (5/7/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/7/19)

The Daily Moot (5/6/19)

1. Fortnite Season 9 Starts this Week
T’was the week before a new season and everybody was getting pretty hyped. This weekend Fortnite players saw the destruction of Tilted Towers and Retail Row. Now, we’re getting our first teasers for Season 9. The first teaser image shows a futuristic character with the caption “The Future is Unknown.” Not much to go on. What do you all think will happen in Fortnite’s new season?
2. San Francisco Shock Finish a Perfect Stage in OWL
The San Francisco Shock have just accomplished an Overwatch League first, as the California based team didn’t lose a single map during the most recent stage of the Overwatch League. This is especially impressive because the Shock started off as one of the league’s weaker teams during the first season of OWL. The Stage Two playoffs kick off this Thursday, with the San Francisco Shock facing the underdog Shanghai Dragons.
3. Ghost Recon World Premiere Coming This Week
Last week Ubisoft began to tease a new Ghost Recon game that were preparing to announce. Well, it is starting to look like the announcement is going to a more extravagant affair than initially expected. Ubisoft has announced the official Ghost Recon world premiere event will happen this Thursday at 11:30 am PST.
4. Respawn to Show Off Fallen Order Gameplay next Month
Last month Respawn Entertainment officially revealed Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, a new single player RPG game set in the Star Wars universe. While the teasers for the game have obviously been exciting, what we really want to see is gameplay. Well, now we know that we will get to see Fallen Order gameplay next month at EA’s EA Play event on June 7th. Do you guys think Fallen Order will be awesome, or do you expect it to flop?
5. Kerbal Space Program DLC Coming this Month
Kerbal Space Program is a hilarious space exploration game that is known for its accurate physics. The game’s second expansion, Breaking Ground, will introduce scientific experimenting to the game. You’ll be able to run science experiences, build science bases, and more once the new expansion comes out. While the expansion itself costs $15 USD, there will also be new features in the game for free to play players as well. Breaking Ground will be available on May 30th.

The Daily Moot (5/6/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/6/19)

The Daily Moot (5/3/19)

1. Moot Points Episode 52: Bloopers!
Happy Friday Froopyland residents! The Moot team was a bit busy this week, so we assembled some of the best bloopers from the last few months into an awesome montage for you all. We promise, we'll be back with fresh content next week. Enjoy!
2. First Call of Duty League Teams Announced
Activision has begun to announce teams that will participate in the upcoming Call of Duty league. Similar to the Overwatch League, the Call of Duty league will feature teams based in major cities from around the world. The first five teams revealed will be based in Atlanta, Dallas, New York, Paris, and Toronto. The same organizations that control the Overwatch League teams in these cities will run their respective Call of Duty league teams as well.
3. Riot Games Reveals 90 Day Plan to Improve Workplace Conditions
Riot Games has been under fire since a Kotaku report late last year that revealed an unsavory work environment. Now, Riot has revealed a 90-day plan to make their company more diverse and inclusive. Riot’s 90 day plan looks to improve processes like interviewing, anti-harassment training, and pay equality analysis.
4. Epic Bans Fortnite Pro Who Cheated in World Cup Qualifiers
Fortnite’s competitive playerbase has been in a frenzy over the last few weeks as players attempt to qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. While many are trying their best to qualify, some have been caught cheating. One particular player, Damion “XXiF” Cook, qualified for the World Cup Finals before he was caught cheating. XXiF got several free kills in his qualifier matches, which you can easily see in his replays. All players involved have received 14 day competitive bans and XXiF has been forced to forfeit his spot in the finals. Sucks to suck, eh?
5. Fortnite In-Game Event Tomorrow at Noon PST
The next in-game event for Fortnite should be taking place tomorrow, Saturday the 4th, at noon Pacific Time. Whether the event will be the volcano exploding, the vault under Loot Lake opening, or something else entirely is still uncertain. What is certain is that you DON’T want to miss this so make sure to update your games and get into a lobby just before noon (Pacific Time) tomorrow!

The Daily Moot (5/3/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/3/19)

The Daily Moot (5/2/19)

1. Epic Games Acquires Rocket League Developer
In unexpected news, Epic Games announced yesterday that they are working to acquire Psyonix, the studio that makes Rocket League. This means you can expect to see Rocket League on the Epic Game Store sometime soon. Meanwhile, Psyonix has announced they will continue to support Rocket League on Steam and will even continue to sell the game on Steam at least until it is available on Epic’s store. If you’re interested in Rocket League, be sure to keep an eye on the Rocket League lounge here on Moot. We have some exciting news coming soon!
2. BioWare Set to Focus on Dragon Age 4
So, Anthem wasn’t exactly a smooth launch. It seems BioWare is aware of the game’s troubles, as they’re moving several key members of the development team away from Anthem. Looking forward, BioWare is set to invest the majority of their resources into the next Dragon Age game. Still, it may be some time before we actually see Dragon Age 4 as the studio has been relatively silent on the actual content of the new project.
3. Classic Star Wars Battlefront Comes to GOG
In celebration of Star Wars day, just announced the digital release of the classic Star Wars Battlefront game from 2004. The game is now available to purchase DRM-free for a 15% discount. There are also other Star Wars games on sale for the next week to really celebrate Star Wars week.
4. Borderlands 3 to have Cosmetic Only Microtransactions
Randy Pitchford, the CEO of Gearbox Studios, revealed yesterday that Borderlands 3 will have cosmetic microtransactions. Well, he said “there’s no microsanctions,” but other team members quickly clarified that you’ll be able to purchase fun ways to customize your game, but none of it will be pay-to-win. This model of mictrosanctions, where you can only purchase cosmetic items, is quickly becoming the industry standard.
5. Tilted Towers is Apparently Broken
Fortnite’s Tilted Towers has been a weird place for the last few days. Last week, some players were noticing their Tilted Towers was super low resolution with textures that didn’t load properly. Now, there’s a basement in Tilted Towers where players die immediately upon entering it. This doesn’t seem like an intentional teaser event, but it could be? Epic has said they’re working on a fix for the issue.

The Daily Moot (5/2/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/2/19)

The Daily Moot (5/1/19)

1. Big Updates to CS:GO’s Battle Royale Mode
Not too long ago, Valve released a battle royale mode for CS:GO called Danger Zone. The game mode has been generally well-received by CS:GO and battle royale fans alike. Today, Danger Zone is getting a new map and several other updates. Players can now respawn if any members of their squad are still alive. You can also now choose a perk at the start of the match. Finally, there are new items to use and new upgrades to unlock.
2. Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Stream Today
Gearbox Studios is officially revealing Borderlands 3 gameplay today through a livestream on Twitch. The livestream started at 10 am PST this morning, so you should rush on over to Twitch to make sure you don’t miss out on any more of the action. You can expect to see the new Vault Hunters coming to the game, some of the new places for players to explore, and more.
3. Get Shiny Pokemon through the Pokemon Pass App
Nintendo released a new app this morning called the Pokemon Pass, which fans can use to get free content for games like Pokemon Let’s Go by visiting ‘designated retail locations.’ On May 11th those who have downloaded the free app can check in at their local Target to receive a free Shiny Pikachu and a Shiny Eevee for Pokemon: Let’s Go Pikachu or Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee. Future freebies will include more video game content plus digital content like stickers and wallpapers.
4. New Earthworm Jim Game in Development
Earthworm Jim was one of the classic Sega Genesis games from the 1990s. The game was so popular it got a sequel and then a high-definition remake in 2010. Now, a new game is in development. The new Earthworm Jim will release on the new Intellivision console, which will launch on October 10th, 2020. The original Earthworm Jim is a 2D run and gun sidescroller, so it stands to reason that we can expect something similar when the new game releases next year.
5. Steam now has Over 1 Billion Accounts
Just a couple days ago, Steam officially welcomed their one billionth unique account. This doesn’t actually mean Steam has one billion users, as many of these accounts are bots or previously banned users, but it is still a noteworthy milestone. The more interesting numbers are concurrent and monthly users. Steam is currently around 15 million concurrent users, slightly down from last year’s PUBG-fueled peak of 18 million.

The Daily Moot (5/1/19)
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The Daily Moot (5/1/19)

The Daily Moot (4/30/19)

1. Black Ops 4’s Operation Spectre Rising Out Now
The new operation is now live for Black Ops 4 on PlayStation 4 only, with PC and Xbox One to receive the update shortly. Spectre Rising introduces new maps, new mods, a new specialist, and more to Black Ops 4. Some of the content is free, like the new Assassin specialist. As far as paid content goes, you’ll receive access to three new maps in exchange for your hard-earned cash. Finally, the Hydro Dam on the game’s Blackout map has burst and the map is flooding with water.
2. Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update is Live
Sea of Thieves patch 2.0 just went live today, marking the game’s one-year anniversary. The massive anniversary patch introduces a new PvP game mode called The Arena where crews fight against one another. There is also a new campaign called Shores of Gold to explore. There are tons of other cool additions to the game as well, like the new ability to fish, hunt, and cook. Read the complete patch notes for more details.
3. New Mercenary Added to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Ubisoft just updated Assassin’s Creed Odyssey to add another mercenary to the mix. Testiklos the Nut is now in the game to fight or recruit. You may remember Testiklos’ brother, Testikles. Well, Testiklos the Nut has been distraught ever since he was separated from Testikles. We suggest proceeding with caution.
4. Mortal Kombat 11 Update Addresses Economy
There were some complaints regarding Mortal Kombat 11’s economy almost immediately after the game released. Apparently, it would be a tremendous grind to unlock all of the game’s skins. After the update, players will receive two to three times the amount of currency for post-fight rewards. The Towers of Time also received an overhaul to be less punishing to players.
5. Halo: The Master Chief Collection Testing Delayed
Remember when we told you the Halo Master Chief Collection would be available to test by the end of April? And then we told you it would MAYBE be available? Well, now we have the unfortunate pleasure of informing you that Master Chief Collection won’t be available to test this month, as the team has experienced more difficulty with porting to PC than they originally anticipated. There’s no new date for MCC testing on PC, but the developers promise us it will come eventually.
Do you like customizing your profile here on Moot? Is there anything you WISH you could customize about your profile that you currently can't? Well, we want to hear about it! Head on over to this post and comment what profile improvements you'd like to see and we'll implement the best suggestions!

The Daily Moot (4/30/19)
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The Daily Moot (4/30/19)

The Daily Moot (4/29/19)

1. Watch Borderlands 3 Gameplay Reveal Streams this Week
On Wednesday this week you’ll have the chance to see Borderlands 3 gameplay for the first time (except for that leaked clip, but let’s ignore that for now.) Viewers watching the sponsored streamers will also get a chance to test out the Echocast Twitch extension, which enables you to check out the streamer’s inventory while they play. There’s also a chance to win free in-game loot as you’re watching. Read the article here for more info.
2. Moot x Marbles Showdown Stream
Last Friday, Dylan and Brian headed to the office to host an epic Marbles Showdown stream. There’s no way to fully relive the once in a lifetime experience, but you can watch the VOD if you’d like to try. Lots of fun, laughs, and gaffs were had as the guys commentated some marble races and answered questions about Moot. See the VOD here!
3. Riot Employees Plan to Walkout in Protest
Riot Games is the studio that brought the world League of Legends. They’ve experienced a bit of controversy of the last few months which seems unlikely to stop. Riot Games is currently attempting to stop two employees from taking legal action due to alleged gender discrimination. Due to this, some Riot Games employees are scheduling a walkout for next Monday in protest.
4. Poster Reveals Super Mario Maker 2 Details
While we knew Super Mario Maker 2 was under development, we didn’t have many details about the game itself. Well, we learned a few things this weekend due to a new poster that has popped up in Japanese game stores. We can see that Meowser and Charvaarghs will be included in the new game, for one. We also see levels in different settings like space, underwater, and the jungle.

The Daily Moot (4/29/19)
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The Daily Moot (4/29/19)

The Daily Moot (4/26/19)

Monday's Daily Moot here!
1. Moot Points: Fortnite x Avengers: Endgame (Episode 51)
Good morning you Mootiful beauties! In this week's episode of Moot Points the guys talk about the new Fortnite x Avengers: Endgame Limited Time Mode and how awesome it is! Check out the episode here:
2. Bungie is Nerfing a Couple Destiny 2 Guns
Bungie is set to nerf PvP all-star hand cannons Luna’s Howl and Not Forgotten in Destiny 2’s upcoming Season of Opulence. Both guns have the Magnificent Howl perk, which leads to such a fast time to kill that it makes other weapons feel weak in comparison. Bungie plans to nerf the Magnificent Howl perk and reduce the firing speed of both hand cannons from 180 RPM down to 150 RPM.
3. League of Legends’ New Champion is a Magical Cat
Yesterday Riot Games revealed Yuumi, the next champion to come to League of Legends. Yuumi is a magical cat with some unique abilities. Most notably, Yuumi can attach to allied champions so she doesn’t need to control her own movement. When attached, some of Yuumi’s abilities change slightly. Yuumi comes to League of Legends’ live servers on May 14th.
4. More Information About Death Stranding
Hideo Kojima and Norman Reedus technically revealed some more information at the Tribeca Film Festival this week. We say technically because everything about this game is extremely confusing and we have no clue what’s going on. Kojima emphasized Death Stranding is a metaphor for connection, either between players or the player and the world. Sooo, maybe the game’s multiplayer? Either way, Death Stranding looks dope. Check out this article to read more about what new Death Stranding info was revealed.
5. Risk of Rain 2 Roadmap Promises New Characters and Bosses
The team behind Risk of Rain 2 just released a roadmap outlining their content plans for the game moving forward. Starting in June, Risk of Rain 2 will be getting a series of updates that introduce new survivors, stages, bosses, items, and more. These updates will continue up through Spring 2020 when the game will officially launch version 1.0.

The Daily Moot (4/26/19)
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The Daily Moot (4/26/19)

The Daily Moot (4/25/19)

1. Fortnite x Avengers: Endgame LTM is Here
Well, it’s finally time! The new Avengers: Endgame Limited Time Mode has come to Fortnite and it is incredible. In the limited time mode, two teams of 50 face off against one another. On one side, you have Thanos and his army. On the other side, there is an army of heroes who can utilize some of the Avengers weapons. Will Thanos gather all of the Infinity Stones and eliminate the heroes, or will the heroes defeat Thanos once and for all?
2. Respawn Outlines Plans for Apex Legends’ Future
Respawn Entertainment posted on an EA blog earlier today to outline their future plans for Apex Legends. Their main focuses in the short term will be fixing laggy servers at the start of matches, addressing audio issues, dealing with cheaters, and improving hit registration. Respawn also revealed their future content plans will take a more seasonal cadence, instead of surprise releasing content. Each season will introduce a new legend, a new battle pass, and more to keep things fresh.
3. Epic Games Would End Exclusivity Deals if Steam Paid Developers More
When the Epic Games Store was announced, the biggest thing to draw attention was their revenue sharing model. Compared to the 30% cut Steam takes from game sales, Epic’s 12% cut seems extremely generous to game developers. In response to a question on Twitter, the CEO of Epic Games announced they would immediately stop signing exclusivity deals if Steam reduced their 30% cut down to 12%. He even said Epic would go so far as to put their own games on Steam.
4. Ubisoft Launches Bug Hunter Program for Rainbow Six Siege
Ubisoft has just announced a new Bug Hunter program for Rainbow Six Siege’s test server. Players who report three acknowledged bugs on the test server will be eligible to receive unique in-game rewards. The first reward is a “raptor legs” weapon charm. This is a pretty interesting way for Ubisoft to incentive users to report bugs. Rainbow Six fans, does this make it any more likely that you’ll mess around on the test server?
5. BlizzCon 2019 Dates Announced
Blizzard just announced the dates for BlizzCon 2019. The massive convention featuring all things Blizzard will take place in Anaheim, California on November 1st-2nd. In even more exciting news, the convention will also feature the Overwatch World Cup 2019. There will also be the Hearthstone Global Finals, a Starcraft 2 tournament, and multiple World of Warcraft tournaments. Tickets go on sale on May 4th and again on May 8th.

The Daily Moot (4/25/19)
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The Daily Moot (4/25/19)

The Daily Moot (4/24/19)

1. Overwatch Introduces the Workshop
In a surprise developer update this morning the Overwatch team revealed the Workshop, a new custom game mode editor. Jeff Kaplan described the feature as one for “power users,” and explained that the new tool will be easiest to utilize for those with game development or programming experience. The Workshop enables players to build custom game modes and even prototype new heroes. Check out the video below to hear more about it!
2. Modern Warfare 4 May be the Next Call of Duty Game
Activision hosted a private event this past weekend to show off the next Call of Duty game to several NFL and college level football players. Using a video posted on one of the player’s Instagram’s, some internet detectives have concluded the new game is Modern Warfare 4. You can apparently hear the words “Modern Warfare 4” and “Killstreaks.” We’ve all be hoping for Modern Warfare 4 for years so fingers crossed this turns out to be true.
3. Days Gone Getting Free DLC Starting this Summer
Although Days Gone hasn’t even released yet, the developers announced this morning that the game will be receiving free DLC a couple months after launch. The DLC will include a new Survival difficulty that sounds effectively like playing the game on ‘hard mode.’ There will also be new challenges and rewards for players who complete challenges or Survival mode. Days Gone releases on PlayStation 4 this Friday.
4. Cheaper Nintendo Switch Reportedly Coming Soon
There have been whispers about Nintendo’s plans for new Switch models and today we got some more information about what is supposedly in the works. Apparently, there will be a cheaper version of the Switch coming out sometime this June. There is also word of a “modest upgrade” for the original Nintendo Switch, although Nintendo is not working on a “more powerful version” of the console so make of that what you will.
5. Planet Zoo Announcement Trailer
The creators of Zoo Tycoon and Planet Zoo have just revealed ‘Planet Zoo,’ a new zoo simulation game. The game includes both a campaign and a sandbox mode, so you can build your zoos however you like. Based on the trailer, the game’s aesthetic is niiice. According to the description, the animals display lifelike behaviors as they explore the habitats you create for them. Planet Zoo is coming to PC in Fall of this year.

The Daily Moot (4/24/19)
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The Daily Moot (4/24/19)

The Daily Moot (4/23/19)

1. Next Fortnite x Avengers Crossover Event Teaser
Fortnite posted another teaser image this morning to build hype for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame crossover event. While yesterday’s tweet showed an image of Captain America’s shield, this one features Thor’s hammer. This seems to hint that players will be able to play as multiple Avengers characters, unless last year’s crossover event that featured only Thanos. Are you excited for Avengers: Endgame and the Fortnite crossover event?
2. Anthem Update Adds New Stronghold, Other Fixes
Patch 1.1.0 comes to Anthem today, introducing the new Sunken Cell stronghold and offering fixes for several of the game’s issues. Sunken Cell is available to all players who have completed the game’s main story. The most welcome aspect of the new patch may be the ability to change your gear without returning to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay. Read the entire patch notes in the below article right here.
3. Sea of Thieves ‘Shores of Gold’ Cinematic Trailer
Sea of Thieves’ big anniversary update is coming out on April 30th. The free update is introducing several new things to the game and today Rare released a trailer for the new Tall Tales store mode. The story campaign, called Shores of Gold, will take you and up to three friends on a lengthy search for a mysterious island full of treasure. Check out the incredibly awesome trailer for Shores of Gold now!
4. Biggest Minecraft Update Ever ‘Village and Pillage’ is Out Now
A new update came to Minecraft today, introducing tons of new features. The update, titled Village and Pillage, is apparently the largest ever to come to Minecraft. Among the (lengthy) list of new features added to the game you’ll find: crossbows have been added to the game, cats got new features, pillagers and pillagers outposts have been added, and more. Check out the lengthy patch notes now!
5. PUBG Unbanned in Nepal
A few weeks ago, it was announced that PUBG was banned in Nepal due to gaming addiction concerns. Now, the Nepalese Supreme Court has ruled addiction concerns are not enough to justify outlawing one particular video game. While PUBG is unbanned for now, the game’s detractors in Nepal will have a chance to gather evidence to argue their case. What do you all of think of this idea that videos encourage addictive or violent behaviors among youth?

The Daily Moot (4/23/19)
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The Daily Moot (4/23/19)

The Daily Moot (4/22/19)

1. Fortnite Teases Avengers Crossover
Avengers: Endgame releases this week and it seems like Epic Games will be hosting another crossover event to promote it. Whole some suspect a return of last year’s Thanos event, the teaser shows a Fortnite character holding Captain America’s iconic shield so this year’s event may be different. The teaser says something will happen on April 25th, the day before Avengers: Endgame releases.
2. Apex Legends Stream Views Drop 75% in a Month
This time a couple months ago Apex Legends was on top of the world. The streaming world, that is. But over the course of March and the first half of April, Apex Legends experienced a sharp decline in Twitch viewership. In comparison, Fortnite remained steady during that same period of time. It is hard to understand why Apex Legends hasn’t maintained viewership, but it could be due to a lack of new content in the game. What streams are you watching these days?
3. Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode Coming This Week
When Kingdom Hearts 3 released this year it was notably missing Critical Mode, the most challenging difficulty from past Kingdom Hearts games. Well, franchise director Tetsuya Nomura took to Twitter this morning to announce Critical Mode will be coming to Kingdom Hearts 3 tomorrow. Critical Mode can make the game more difficulty by changing several variables like damage taken, AP or HP gains, and more.
4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Update
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was a masterpiece of a game, at least according to our very own admin Rue who wrote an excellent Rueview of the game here on Moot. However, great games can still improve and FromSoftware is releasing an update today to accomplish exactly that. The new update focuses on balancing different tools so that players have more relevant strategic choices to make during combat.
5. Smash Bros. Player Assaulted with Crab after Winning Tournament
Immediately after Juan ‘Hungrybox’ DeBiedma was the grand finals at a tournament this weekend someone from the audience threw a dead crab at him. Luckily, the crab did not hit Hungrybox but he was immediately aware of it. The assailant was identified by the event organizers and he will be permanently banned from future events with the tournament organizer.

The Daily Moot (4/22/19)
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The Daily Moot (4/22/19)

The Daily Moot (4/19/19)

1. Moot Points Episode 50: Is Apex Legends Dead?!
Happy Friday MootTubers! We have a VERY special episode of Moot Points this week as we are celebrating 50 episodes! There's even a giveaway in this episode, so we highly encourage you check out the episode RIGHT NOW!!!
2. Floating Rune Shows Up in Fortnite
Here we go again! A floating rune just appeared in Fortnite near Paradise Palms. The metallic object has a massive health meter that all players can see. Every time the object takes enough damage, it moves a little bit. This will probably be a lot like Kevin, the famous purple cube, where we’re frantically chasing the rune around the map for the next few days or weeks as the buildup to Season 9 continues.
3. Epic Catches Hundreds of Cheaters in World Cup Qualifiers
Last week was the first round of Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers and Epic Games has caught hundreds of players participating in unsavory behaviors. 206 players will forfeit their winners as a result of their actions. Some players went around region locks to participate in more qualifiers. Others were banned for account sharing. A small number of competitors were even caught teaming. The next round of World Cup Qualifiers takes place this weekend.
4. Overcooked 2’s Campfire Cook Off DLC is Live
Overcooked 2 is awesome cooperative cooking game where you work with a friend or loved one to prepare meals until it eventually ruins your relationship. Super awesome! The game just got a new DLC called Campfire Cook Off that introduces new levels, new chefs, new recipes, and more. The base game is also 30% off this weekend!
5. Apex Legends’ Gibraltar is Currently Bugged
Apex Legends patch 1.1.1 introduced a new passive perk to both Gibraltar and Caustic that makes them take 10% less damage. This was implemented to account for the larger size of these two Legends, which makes them easy targets. Unfortunately for Gibraltar fans, there is actually a bug currently where he seems to take a bit of damage to his health when shot even if he still has shields. You can see the bug in action in the article right here.

The Daily Moot (4/19/19)
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The Daily Moot (4/19/19)

The Daily Moot (4/18/19)

1. Fortnite: World Cup Creative Announced
Epic Games has just announced another event to the Fortnite World Cup. The Fortnite World Cup Creative will run from April 29th to June 7th. The World Cup Creative will feature five different creative maps made by community creators. 15 participants will be selected to compete in the final Creative competition at the Fortnite World Cup Finals.
2. Mortal Kombat 11 Launch Trailer
Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios just released an awesome launch trailer for Mortal Kombat 11, which comes out next week. The launch trailer features the iconic music that has defined the Mortal Kombat series for over 20 years. In the trailer, we see Kronika, the Keeper of Time, attempt to rewind time to reset history. Players will need to battle as fighters from different eras to restore balance to the world. Mortal Kombat 11 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on April 23rd.
3. Halo: The Master Chief Collection Beta Tests may be Delayed
Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC some time this year. When the news was announced last month, it was also revealed that PC beta tests COULD start as early as this month. Now, we’ve gotten the word that we may have to wait a bit longer than expected before we can start testing Halo on PC. Much of the difficulty apparently comes from porting Halo Reach to PC, as Reach was not in the original Master Chief Collection.
4. Sea of Thieves Playtesters Broke the Harpoon Mechanic
Sea of Thieves players are patiently waiting for a large update coming out on April 30th to celebrate the game’s anniversary. The update is set to bring a new campaign, new activities like fishing and cooking, and a new PvP mode called Arena. Additionally, it will introduce harpoons which can be used to help maneuver your ship. The Sea of Thieves team released a hilarious behind the scenes video this morning that shows playtesters getting up to wacky hijinks with the harpoon, including using it to ‘climb’ mountains with their boat.
5. ‘Steel Division 2’ Delayed Until June
Steel Division 2 is a sequel to the Real Time Strategy game Steel Division: Normandy 44. The sequel, which is also set during World War 2, has been delayed until June 20th. There will still be beta tests between now and then for those who have pre-ordered the game. Apparently, it is being delayed so the developers can gather more feedback from players and implement relevant updates.
We just added a Frequently Asked Questions board in the Moot Lounge! Check it out:

The Daily Moot (4/18/19)
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The Daily Moot (4/18/19)