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The Daily Moot (5/1/18)

1. Fortnite Comet Destroys Dusty Depot
The long-awaited comet has finally struck Fortnite’s map, signaling the start of season 4. The comet struck Dusty Depot, not Tilted Towers, and left a massive crater in it’s place. The crater brought with it a new consumable for players to use called Hop Rocks. When a player uses a Hop Rock they can temporarily jump as if they were in low gravity. Lastly, the new season has two new locations on the map to be explored, new battle pass challenges, and new cosmetics.
2. Blizzard Teases Original Content for Heroes of the Storm
Heroes of the Storm is most known for being an arena where characters from other Blizzard games can do battle, but Blizzard plans to introduce more original characters and storylines to the game this year. Heroes of the Storm will continue to bring together characters from throughout Blizzard’s different games, and maybe even some characters from outside the Blizzard world, but the focus will be on expanding the unique overall identity of Heroes of the Storm.
3.Rainbow Six: Siege 1.2 Patch Brings Balance Changes
Patch 1.2 for Rainbow Six: Siege goes live today on PC and tomorrow for consoles. The patch brings several balancing tweaks for different operators and maps. Perhaps the most notable changes come to Lion, who’s scan ability is being nerfed. The cooldown has been doubled, from 10 seconds up to 20, and the amount of charges has been reduced from 3 to 2. Read the rest of the official patch notes at the link below.
4. FIFA 18 World Cup Update Free This Year
Electronic Arts has not been the most popular company in the gaming industry this year, which may explain why they have decided to give away this year’s FIFA 18 World Cup Update for free. The World Cup update includes lots of goodies, ranging from new team uniforms to new Russian stadiums. Players will be able to play through the entire World Cup and will even be able to include non-qualified teams, like the US, if they so choose.
5. Star Wars: Episode 1 Pod Racing Game Re-Released on PC
19 years ago, the popular N64 game Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer came to the PC. As time passed, the game became harder and harder to play on modern operating systems. Finally, the game has been re-released for PC on PC players can buy the game for just 10 dollars and relieve the amazing experience that is pod racing. You can even play with a controller, although you will need to map each button individually.

The Daily Moot (5/1/18)
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The Daily Moot (5/1/18)

The Daily Moot (4/30/18)

1. CD Projekt Red to Reveal an RPG at E3 2018
According to the official E3 exhibitor directory, CD Projekt Red will be revealing a Roleplaying Game this year. The game will be available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Most suspect the game in question to be Cyberpunk 2077, an open world game set in a dystopian near future. The game is said to be even more ambitious than CD Projekt Red’s last RPG, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.
2. Fortnite Season 4 Starts Tomorrow
Epic Games confirmed in a tweet this morning that Season 4 will start tomorrow. The tweet said “brace for impact,” heavily implying that the comet will finally strike the map. You can expect new skins, probably superhero themed according to teasers, and new challenges. Whether Tilted Towers will still be standing after impact is anyone’s guess.
3. Every Exotic Weapon in Destiny 2 Will Soon Be Upgradeable
Each exotic weapon in Destiny 2 will soon be getting a unique Masterwork edition through a “catalyst.” While we don’t know the exact details of what the Masterwork edition will bring, we do know it will at least include tracking kills and spawning orbs. Exotic Masterwork weapons will launch on May 8th and will be available to everyone, not just those who buy the Warmind expansion.
4. Fifteen People Arrested for Developing PUBG Cheats
15 people suspected of creating and distributing hacking programs for PUBG have been arrested and fined. The current fines total over $5 million according to Bluehole, the company behind PUBG. Some of the cheating programs even went so far as to include code designed to steal user information. This is not the end of cheating in PUBG, and more people are under investigation as we speak, but it is certainly a step in the right direction.
5. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Now Available
Steam users can now test a beta version of Stardew Valley’s latest update, which includes multiplayer mode alongside some single player updates. Players can now invite others to their farm, where they can work as farmhands. There’s plenty players can do together, like farming, mining, and participating in festivals. Players can even communicate with one another through text and emojis. Check the link below to see directions on how to access the beta.

The Daily Moot (4/30/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/30/18)

*Special* Daily Moot (4/27/18)

Hello Moot family! We are back for another Special Daily Moot where we give you Moot Points with Dylan and Brian Episode 3! Enjoy and have a great weekend 😎
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*Special* Daily Moot (4/27/18)
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*Special* Daily Moot (4/27/18)

The Daily Moot (4/26/18)

1. Meteors Have Actually Starting Hitting Fortnite’s Map
Just this morning, we have begun to see meteors actually connecting with Fortnite’s map on several different livestreams. The meteors come in at very high speeds and destroy trees and presumably buildings around their point of impact. A teaser on twitter from Epic Games suggests superheroes may be coming to save the day. Keep an eye towards the sky as you’re playing Fortnite over the next couple days and be sure to check the article below to see the clips for yourself.
2. Super Mario Odyssey Sells 10 Million Copies
Today Nintendo released an updated list of Switch sales and revealed that Super Mario Odyssey is their best selling game. Super Mario Odyssey sold over 10 million copies, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe sold over 9 million, and Breath of the Wild sold 8.5 million copies. At the BAFTA awards (British Academy of Film and Television) earlier this month, Super Mario Odyssey won awards for Best Family Game and Best Game Design.
3. More Details for Magic The Gathering Arena’s Economy and Events
Yesterday, in an exclusive event for popular streamers and personalities, Wizards of the Coast revealed more details about Magic: The Gathering Arena’s premium economy and events. The paid currency is gems, which players can use to enter draft or constructed events. Not all events will be available all week long, but Wizards hinted at a rotating schedule of events that should keep things interesting for players all month long. Magic: The Gathering Arena is currently in closed beta, but hopefully it won’t stay that way for much longer.
4. Riot Games Sponsors UC Berkeley Esports Program
Riot Games, the company that makes League of Legends, has partnered up with the University of California, Berkeley. Not only is Riot Games sponsoring scholarships for student-athletes, but they are also supporting the launch of a new Intramural Esports league for League of Legends. This is just another step in legitimizing esports as a career path, which we are all about.
5. Splatoon 2 Collaborates with Ninja Turtles for Next Splatfest
Splatoon 2 is hosting another Splatfest next month, this time with the purpose of determining the best Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. The collaboration between Nintendo and Nickelodeon for this event is probably timed to promote the new Ninja Turtles series coming to TV later this year. Players will be able to get Ninja Turtle branded t-shirts and sneakers to rep their favorite turtle in Turf War battles.

The Daily Moot (4/26/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/26/18)

The Daily Moot (4/25/18)

1. PUBG Mobile Gets Arcade Mode and Shooting Range
PUBG Mobile got a new update yesterday and it brought some exciting features. Players will now be to play games in Arcade mode, which is designed to be faster paced than a normal game of PUBG. Arcade mode games only start with 28 players and are intended to take 5 or 10 minutes, instead of the usual 15-30 minutes a game of PUBG Mobile takes. Players on mobile can also now use the shooting range to practice their skills. It is unknown when these features may come to PUBG on other platforms.
Also, We have a new board for PUBG Mobile. Check it out, now!
2. Hearthstone Gets New PVE Mode April 26th
Hearthstone got its first expansion of the year last month and tomorrow it will get it’s first new PVE game mode of the year. ‘Monster Hunt’ is similar to the first dungeon crawl event Blizzard made for Hearthstone, but with some notable differences. For one thing, players will use one of four unique heroes instead of a default class. Find out the rest for yourself tomorrow when Monster Hunt goes live!
3. Ubisoft Hints at Nerfs to Rainbow Six Siege’s Fastest Operators
Yesterday the Rainbow Six Siege development team gave some insight on the future of the game in a Reddit AMA. In response to a question regarding the relative power of 3 speed operators compared to 3 armor operators, a member of the Rainbow Six Siege team agreed that 3 speeds feel too dominant. It was hinted that some balance changes will be on the next test server.
4. Microsoft Blocks Halo Online Mod, Hints at Halo on PC
Back in 2014, Halo Online was developed for Russian markets as a bit of an experiment. After a couple years, the project was put on indefinite hold. A team called ElDewrito developed a mod to keep The Halo Online experience alive and well for PC players. Today, they were hit with legal action from Microsoft. Not all hope is lost for those of us who want to play Halo on our PCs, as Microsoft has hinted at a partnership with ElDewrito to develop an official Halo experience for PC in the future.
5. Sonic Mania Plus Gets Amazing New Trailer
Sonic Mania released last year to relatively high reviews. In a couple months, Sonic Mania Plus is coming out to expand on the original game. The expanded edition will release on July 18th for the Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. To hold us over until then, Sega released a beautiful new trailer for the game today. Check it out at the link below!
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The Daily Moot (4/25/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/25/18)

The Daily Moot (4/24/18)

1. Sticky Grenades and Limited Refunds Come to Fortnite
In perhaps expected news, Epic Games has introduced another exciting new item to Fortnite. The ‘Clinger’ is a sticky grenade that was just added to both Save the World and Battle Royale. This plunger+grenade abomination will stick to structures or enemies and then blow up. The item is uncommon rarity, meaning you should be able to find plenty to test around with. Additionally, this patch will let players refund 3 items they bought with V-bucks if the purchase was made in the last 30 days.
2. Wolfenstein 2 Nintendo Switch Release Date Announced
Bethesda announced this morning that Wolfenstein 2 for Switch will release on June 29th. Wolfenstein 2 is being ported to the Switch by the same company that handled the Doom and Rocket League ports. Like Doom, Wolfenstein 2 will utilize the Nintendo Switch’s unique motion controls. Wolfenstein 2 released late last year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The game received high reviews and was lauded as a fantastic single-player experience.
3. H1Z1 Coming to PS4 on May 22nd, Free to Play
The open beta for H1Z1 on PS4 starts May 22nd. H1Z1 recently decided to go free-to-play on PC and that will carry over to the version of the game on console. The PS4 version of H1Z1 will have an even heavier focus on action, with more guns and faster matches. Games will be 15 minutes or less with the gas closing in faster than normal.
4. Fortnite is Coming to China, Getting Big Esports Investments
Fortnite will soon be coming to the Chinese market in what is another big step toward world domination. The game will be published in China by Tencent, China’s biggest gaming company. Tencent will also be investing $15 million into esports both in China and internationally. Tencent notably owns League of Legends completely and holds a 40% stake in Epic Games. Ironically, they are also the Chinese publisher of PUBG mobile.
5. Xbox Players Can Soon Link to Their Discord Account
Pretty soon, you’ll be able to tell all your Discord friends what you’re playing on your Xbox. Linking Discord to your Xbox will function exactly like the other social media account integrations, and as far as we can tell you won’t be able to actually connect and use Discord on your Xbox, but you’ll be able to show people what you’re playing! Hopefully Microsoft and Discord continue to develop the partnership to bring Discord to the console eventually.

The Daily Moot (4/24/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/24/18)

The Daily Moot (4/23/18)

1. PUBG Global Invitational 2018 Features $2 Million Prize Pool
The PUBG Global Invitational will take place in Berlin later this year and will be the first major PUBG tournament officially hosted by PUBG Corp. Regional qualifiers will take place throughout July as they narrow down to 20 teams. Although we don’t know much about the event yet, like specific dates or venues, we do know there will be separate winners for first-person and third-person gameplay.
2. Ninja’s Fortnite Event in Vegas Beats Old Twitch Record
This past weekend, Fortnite streamer Ninja broke his old Twitch viewership record when he starred in a live competition at the new Esports Arena at the Luxor Resort and Casino in Las Vegas. The event featured 9 solo games and had players buying in to play for $75 a game, with $2,500 rewards for killing Ninja or winning the game. Ninja won a single game and got second twice. The twitch stream peaked at 667,000 viewers which barely surpasses the old record set during Ninja’s stream with Drake.
3. ‘Detroit: Become Human’ Demo Available Tomorrow on PSN Store
Detroit: Become Human is a Playstation 4 exclusive game set to release next month, but the developers will be letting us play the first mission starting tomorrow. In Detroit: Become Human the players choices matter in a meaningful way as they explore the story of three androids unfolding. In the first mission, you will play as Connor, an android sent to save a kidnapped girl held hostage by another android. Make sure to check out the demo soon, as the official game releases on May 25th.
4. GTA 5: Premium Online Edition Announced
In what seems to be a move meant to bring in new players, Rockstar announced yesterday a new special edition of GTA V. The Premium Online Edition will be available on Steam, Xbox One, and PS4 and includes the entire main game and a Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack for online play. The starter pack includes an assortment of weapons, properties, and vehicles plus in-game currency to help new players out. The total in-game value of the items is about $10,000,000. The Premium Online Edition of GTA V costs $80 USD on console and $85 on Steam.
5. PUBG Getting Weapon Balance Patch Soon
In a community post on Steam, the PUBG team said they wanted gun choice to be based on personal preference and a given situation instead of objective power. To accomplish this, they will be tweaking the balance of guns in an upcoming patch. Level 3 helmets will also get rarer, as they will soon only spawn in loot crates. This will drastically increase the power level of the Kar98K, which kills any player in a single headshot if they do not have a level 3 helmet.

The Daily Moot (4/23/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/23/18)

*Special* Daily Moot (4/20/18)

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are bringing you the second episode of 'Moot Points with Dylan & Brian,' a show where we talk about all things gaming. You can expect to see a new episode every Friday.
Also, The #FortniteIRL grand finalists and winners have been announced, so make sure to check the link at the bottom to see if you won and to vote for your favorite finalist!
1. Moot Points With Dylan and Brian (Episode 2)
2. PUBG’s New Event Has Falling UAZs and 8 Man Squads
In what will hopefully be a continuation of a nice chain of weekend events, PUBG brings us ‘Metal Rain’ this weekend. Metal Rain takes place on Erangel, where players fight in eight player squads. The game mode features flare guns which can summon air drops. If the flare gun is fired in the safe zone, a normal care package will drop. However, if a flare gun is used outside the safe zone an armored UAZ will fall from the sky instead of a care package. Sound sweet? We think so. Make sure to play it while you can and let us know your thoughts!
3. Darwin Project Goes Free to Play
In a developer update today the studio behind Darwin Project have announced the game will be free to play effective immediately. While Darwin Project has several new takes on the battle royale genre, this move brings them in line with other games contending in the same space. The move to free to play is taking place to “bring in new players and maintain a level of activity that ensures players are able to get the most of out [sic] Darwin Project.” Players who purchased Darwin Project will receive a Founder’s Pack with cosmetic items as compensation.
4. Kickstarter Horror Game ‘Agony’ gets Late May Release Date
After missing the initial release date, Agony will be hitting the market on May 29th. The highly anticipated horror game will be available on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Agony’s Kickstarter promises ‘the most terrifying vision of hell in the history of gaming’ and the trailers back up that promise. If you want to share your hype for Agony, come check out the game’s board in the Incubator lounge.
5. Ben Brode Leaves Blizzard, Starting New Company
In a surprising piece of news, Ben Brode announced today he will be leaving Blizzard behind. Brode has been the Game Director and popular face of Hearthstone since the game’s inception and many will be sad to see him go. Ben Brode said he will be helping to start a new company that will “probably make games,” but he doesn’t know or isn’t yet ready to share more than that.

*Special* Daily Moot (4/20/18)
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*Special* Daily Moot (4/20/18)

The Daily Moot (4/19/18)

1. PUBG Is Finally Getting Map Selection
Friends, the time is finally upon us: PUBG Corp. listened to the complaints and will be introducing map selection soon. Despite near universal calls for map selection as soon as Miramar was announced, the PUBG team was radio silent on the issue for months. In an update posted this morning, PUBG Corp. explained their hesitation was apparently based on concerns regarding matchmaking times. Even though they had the most popular game in the world, they were concerned about splitting their player base. This is another step in the right direction for PUBG, but it may have come too late.
2. Radical Heights First Patch Includes Weapon Melee and Bike Tricks
The new battle royale game Radical Heights launched in early access last week to some moderate success. People are playing it, and some of them are having fun, but the game definitely has some issues. The first patch hopes to address some of those. Players will now have more control over the BMX bikes which means they should spin out less frequently. Players also can now quick melee while holding a weapon, which will make looting cash registers significantly easier. Finally, there is a new assault rifle, the FAL. Are you guys enjoying Radical Heights? Let us know in the comments!
3. Overwatch League Casters Refuse to Say a Player’s Name
Recently, the Korean casters for Overwatch League have decided not to say the name of the Dallas Fuel’s new tank player, ‘OGE.’ The Overwatch League suspended OGE last month for account boosting, which is the act of playing on someone else’s account to boost their rank in exchange for payment. English fans are particularly upset with the Korean casting team for refusing to say the player’s name, and even some of the English broadcasting team got involved. ‘Montecristo,’ experienced video game commentator, called out the Korean team for being unprofessional. Although he has since apologized for the tone of his message, he still stands behind the message that refusing to say a player’s name is failing to do the job of commentating.
4. Destiny 2’s Power Cap in ‘Warmind’ DLC Will Take Longer to Hit
In this week’s weekly update from Bungie, the senior designer on Destiny 2 talked about how the power level grind will change with the upcoming DLC, Warmind. The soft level cap in Warming is 340, which is only a 10 level increase from the current max, but the hard cap is 380. Those extra 40 levels will be harder to obtain than any before them, with the last 10 being an extensive grind. Estimates suggest the most dedicated players will take several weeks to hit the hard level cap. This should be good news for Destiny 2, which has needed reasons for players to come back and keep playing the game.
5. Assassination Party Game ‘Murderous Pursuits’ in Open Beta This Weekend
Murderous Pursuits is a rather unique game that releases next week on April 26th, but anyone can try it this weekend for free on Steam. The game is set in an airship and your goal is to kill other players while staying alive yourself. Your best protection is to blend in with the NPCs by checking out art exhibits, talking to people, and other boring things that NPCs do. On paper, the game reminds us of Assassin’s Creed multiplayer which was always popular. Definitely check out the open beta this weekend and let us know if you enjoy Murderous Pursuits!

The Daily Moot (4/19/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/19/18)

The Daily Moot (4/18/18)

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Potentially Dropping Campaign, Adding Battle Royale
Although Treyarch is not slated to fully reveal Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 until May 17th, recent rumors may have all the infos fans of the series need. The rumors claim that the single player campaign for the new game would not be finished by the October 12th release date, so it was scrapped entirely. Instead, Treyarch could be focusing on delivering the best multiplayer experience possible. While this will almost certainly include traditional online multiplayer and the iconic Zombies game mode, it may also include a battle royale mode.
2. World of Warcraft’s New Expansion Removes World PvP, Replaced with ‘War Mode’
Blizzard announced at BlizzCon 2017 the end of PvP servers in Battle for Azeroth, the new World of Warcraft expansion set to release on August 14th. This week, game director Ian Hazzikostas revealed an effective replacement for world PvP in ‘War Mode.’ War Mode is something players can toggle on or off when they’re in their faction’s capital city. Players with War Mode turned on will be migrated to a dedicated server where they can fight the opposing faction at will. Specific rewards haven’t been revealed yet, but there is an implied risk/reward aspect to the new system. Hopefully we will get more information soon.
3. Epic Games Removing Guided Missile From Battle Royale
Only a few weeks after the Guided Missile went live, Epic Games has decided to move it to the vault. Although the new weapon gave us some amazing clips, kills, and memes it also felt generally unfair, particularly in the late game. The Guided Missile allowed players to scope out others and go for kills without exposing themselves, something which should be avoided in the battle royale genre. Weapons that go to the vault may return at some point after internal testing and tweaking.
4. Wave Race Producer Teases A New Game for Switch
For those who may be too young to remember, Wave Race is a jet skiing game for Nintendo consoles. The first debuted in 1992 on the Game Boy, a sequel came to the Nintendo 64 in 1996, and the most recent game came to the GameCube in 2001. After such a long time, it is quite the pleasant surprise to hear the game’s producer tease a potential new game for the Switch. Although there’s no official confirmation yet, Wave Race seems like a perfect game for the Switch and we’re keeping our hopes up for an official announcement soon.
5. For Honor Adding Training Mode Over a Year After Release
A new training mode will be available in For Honor starting on April 19th on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. The training mode will let players new and old learn the controls and hone their skills. A grading system will give feedback on how to improve and measure one’s progress. Finally, new Training Media will help players learn about the different game modes, factions, and other in-game features.

The Daily Moot (4/18/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/18/18)

The Daily Moot (4/17/18)

1. Monster Hunter: World Introduces Kulve Taroth, new Elder Dragon
As the Spring Blossom Fest draws a close, Monster Hunter: World gets ready to launch a new limited-time event. This time, hunters will have the opportunity to team up in groups as large as 16 to track down Kulve Taroth, the elder dragon. Hunting parties will split into groups of four, but will still ultimately be working together. As players weaken the elder dragon, weapon relics will fall off of it’s shell. These new weapons also will have random stats, a new introduction to Monster Hunter: World. The hunt begins on April 18th at 5pm PDT and we do not know when exactly it will end so make sure to move fast.
2. NBA Playgrounds 2 Announced, Coming This Summer
The arcade style basketball game NBA Playgrounds 2 will be releasing on Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch this summer. The new game will include two new online modes. The Playgrounds Championship mode sounds like a tournament structure of sorts while the ‘worldwide online league’ sounds like a more traditional online ladder experience, with several ranked divisions. The game will also feature a complete single player mode, allowing you to take your team all the way to the NBA Championship.
3. PUBG’s New 4x4 km Map ‘Savage’ Will Feature a Dynamic Blue Zone
After a wildly successful first round of testing, Savage is back for more. The test started last night and will only run until tomorrow at 6pm PDT, so make sure you play while you can! Notable changes in the new round of testing include reduced redzone size and duration, a dynamic bluezone, and tweaked grenade and boat spawn rates. According to the patch notes, the new bluezone will “calculate and adjust its waiting time based on the number of players left alive.” Pretty exciting stuff if you ask us.
4. GTA Online’s New Mode Pays Homage to ‘The Italian Job’
In a recent update GTA Online introduced ‘The Vespucci Job,’ a mission where two players try to escape in Weeny Issi Classics while their two opponents try to shoot them up from pursuing cop cars. It is a pretty direct nod toward ‘The Italian Job,’ where a very similar scene took place. The new game mode is another in a long line of cool missions brought to GTA Online, and if you play it between now and April 23rd you’ll gain double GTA$ and RP.
5. Deadmau5 Streams ‘Mad Early Alpha Alpha’ Version of His Game
Joel ‘Deadmau5’ Zimmerman is in the early stages of developing a new game and streamed some early alpha footage over the weekend. Early alpha might even be an overstatement, as the game is so early on in it’s development process, but it is cool to see the project. Deadmau5’s character has a sniper rifle and appears to be in some sort of small arena, but this may just be an area for testing. It is unclear what genre the game will be beyond a first person shooter, but there is still plenty of time to find out. Check out the article to see the minute long clip.
We are again looking for some new Moderators to help out on Moot. We are looking specifically for God of War Moderators, but we will also be accepting some more Moderators for other popular lounges. Apply below:

The Daily Moot (4/17/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/17/18)

The Daily Moot (4/16/18)

A new lounge is open on Moot for the highly anticipated God of War game releasing this week:
The #FortniteIRL event is now over, thank you all for your submissions! Please read the following update regarding the winners:
1. Sea of Thieves Will Receive New Content Starting in May
Just a few days ago, the Sea of Thieves development team finally announced plans for the new content the game so desperately needs. The first content update is called The Hungering Deep and will release in May. The Hungering Deep will introduce ‘a new AI threat to the world’ for players to battle against. There will also be new mechanics and unique rewards for players to unlock. After The Hungering Deep, Sea of Thieves will start to see weekly updates with new events, mechanics, and rewards. Two more big content updates are slated to release later in the summer, called Cursed Sails and Forsaken Shores.
2. Dallas Fuel Fire Head Coach and Star DPS Rascal
Last night it was announced that the Dallas Fuel fired their head coach ‘KyKy’ and star DPS player ‘Rascal.’ The Dallas Fuel were fan favorites coming into the first season of the Overwatch League, but quickly experienced a host of issues. While many of the Dallas Fuel’s issues revolved around recently removed tank player ‘XQC,’ the team has continued to struggle after his departure. The Dallas Fuel have been plagued by internal struggles, including poor communication due to language barriers. We’re hopeful they can get things sorted out and start competing for the top spots in the Overwatch League soon.
3. Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Feature Classic Mini-Games
Square Enix revealed in a new trailer several 1980s-era mini games that will be playable in Kingdom Hearts 3. The trailer shows Sora using a handheld device to play four different games. The included games are The Barnyard Battle, The Carnival Kid, Giantland, and Musical Farmer. It is still unclear how to unlock these mini-games or if there will be any additional ones. Kingdom Hearts 3 will release later this year on both Xbox One and Playstation 4.
4. Unique FPS Brawler ‘Sky Noon’ Hosting Closed Beta This Week
Sky Noon is a unique new game set to release later this year that has players battling each other on levels set high in the sky. Instead of using traditional weapons, players are equipped with weapons that shoot air bullets with the goal of knocking enemies off the map. To maneuver around, and save themselves, players are equipped with a trusty grappling hook. The closed beta for the game will launch this Thursday (4/19) and last through the weekend. Interested parties should check out the game’s official discord server to enter the beta key giveaway. A link to the discord is in the article below.
5. PUBG Creator Defends Red Zone, Tells Players to Get Better
In a recent interview Brendan Greene, better known as PlayerUnknown, defending the red zone and called out those who are asking for it to be removed from the game. Many argue the red zone has no point, adds unnecessary randomness to the game, and is a serious health risk to players due to the loud nature of the bombings. Greene, however, argues that the red zone brings excitement to the game and only bad players die to it. The main purpose of the red zone, according to Greene, is to use the audio cover to move in on enemy positions.

The Daily Moot (4/16/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/16/18)

The Daily Moot (4/13/18)

1. Micro-transactions Return to Battlefront 2 Alongside Endor Update
After an outraged response from passionate fans, EA removed micro-transactions from Star Wars Battlefront 2 but said that they would be back this year. Well, the time has come and micro-transactions will be returning to the game next week alongside the Endor update. It seems that EA recognized the problem with linking micro-transactions to anything other than cosmetics, as the revamped system only lets you purchase skins with real-world money. We will see if EA actually learned their lesson on the topic later this year when they release some other titles, like potentially Battlefield V.
2. PUBG Releases New Deathmatch Mode, This Weekend Only
After the success of Tequila Sunrise, the shotgun-only limited time mode, it makes sense that PUBG Corp. would have a follow-up. Last night they released War, which resembles team deathmatch more than any other PUBG mode before it. War pits three teams of 10 against each other in a small zone. The zone never gets smaller and players can respawn and will do so with a random weapon, a single grenade, and level one armor. If that interests you, make sure you play it before April 15th at 10 PM ET when the game mode goes away.
3. Hearthstone’s New Expansion Already Has a Broken Combo
Hearthstone expansions are always exciting times. New cards means new possibilities and it usually means there is something broken that slipped past QA testing. This time, it took only hours for players to confirm that the new Shaman legendary Shudderwock is as broken as expected. Shudderwock has a ‘Battlecry’ (which triggers when you cast it) that repeats all other Battlecries from cards you played earlier in the game. The deck casts a very specific set of cards, then casts Shudderwock and wins on the spot. Blizzard has shown they dislike one turn kills in Hearthstone, so we will see how long this goes without a nerf. Check the link to see the combo in action.
4. A Way Out Sells 1 Million Copies in 2 Weeks
A Way Out is a unique co-op game that can only be played with two players, either online or split-screen. The game tells the story of two prisoners who attempt to escape together. The players have plenty of choices for how they approach certain situations, which means replaying this game is certainly on the table. Reviews for A Way Out have been overwhelmingly positive and it should continue to sell well as more people sit down with a friend to play it.
5. Gwent Receives a Promising Roadmap, Returning to Witcher Roots
The directors of Gwent announced today a six month plan to bring back Gwent to its roots. Over the last year, Gwent has taken on more RNG elements and moved away from the aspects that made it unique as a digital card game. The team behind the game has heard the community’s feedback and outlined exactly how they plan to fix the game in a big update called ‘Homecoming,’ set to release in six months. The only concern now from the community is that six months may be too long, as the game is losing players every day.

The Daily Moot (4/13/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/13/18)

The Daily Moot (4/12/18)

1. God of War Gets Amazing Critic Reviews, including 10/10s
Critics are starting to release their reviews of God of War and they are certainly exciting. Multiple websites, including Polygon and IGN have given it a perfect 10/10 and metacritic currently has it is a 94 out 100. The author for Polygon’s review, Chris Plante, focuses on how God of War makes some notable changes from the original game. Kratos is a parent now, and as such acts a bit differently than he did in the original game. Don’t fret though, it is still a God of War game with the fluid combat we know and love. Read the rest of the review below and get hyped for God of War, releasing on 4/20. We know Team Moot is hyped! 😉
2. Destiny 2 Expansion ‘Warmind’ Announced for May 8th
Bungie announced yesterday both the name and release date of their next expansion. Warmind will feature new locations, new heroes, and new enemies for players to fight and will release on May 8th. There’s no trailer yet, but according to Destiny 2 community manager Deej we can expect one on April 24th. In the same announcement, Bungie elaborated on their roadmap for 2018. While the roadmap does include some highly requested features, like weapon randomization, many of them are slated to come much later in the year. Warmind better be a great expansion for us to still be around by then.
3. New PUBG Patch Changes Speed of Blue Zone to Improve Pace of Play
Yesterday Bluehole announced a new update with changes to Mirimar and the blue zone. On Mirimar, they have added some new roads, vehicle spawns, and high-tier loot areas to draw more action to the Northeastern and Northwestern parts of the map. Regarding the blue zone, it will now start moving sooner meaning players have less time between zones to loot, heal, and get moving. However, it will start to move more slowly towards the end of the game while dealing higher damage. It will be interesting to see how serious of an effect on the pace of play this change has. Finally, they have removed clothing spawns from the game! We think everyone will be happy about that one.
4. COD: WWII DLC Introduces Aerial Combat and the Egyptian Front
The second DLC pack for the new Call of Duty game is now available. ‘The War Machine’ DLC brings players to the historic Dunkirk location, a rocket testing site in Germany called V2, and even to the oft-forgotten Egyptian front. Those three locations comprise the new maps in the DLC for multiplayer. Players also get to fly a plane for the first time in the Call of Duty franchise in the new Operation Husky. Lastly, the new Zombie map is located in Berlin and features NPCs getting attacked by the undead horde alongside the players, which is a nice touch in our opinion.
5. King of Kong’s Billy Mitchell’s High Scores Wiped Out by Twin Galaxies
If most of the words in the title confuse you, don’t fret. Billy Mitchell is a classic video gamer who has held several high score records since the 1980s. Twin Galaxies is a company that tracks official high scores for games, including many held by Billy Mitchell. King of Kong is a 2007 documentary that told the story of rivals Billy Mitchell and Steve Wiebe. Recently, several of Billy Mitchell’s high scores in Donkey Kong came under suspicion and this morning Twin Galaxies announced they were tossing out all of his high scores. The evidence against Mitchell confirmed he used an emulator when he got over a million points in Donkey Kong. Although some high-score organizations allow emulators, Twin Galaxies only accepts scores on the original machines. With Mitchell’s scores erased, Steve Wiebe now holds the title for the first 1 million point game in Donkey Kong.

The Daily Moot (4/12/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/12/18)

The Daily Moot (4/11/18)

1. The Overwatch Archives Event is Now Live
Overwatch Archives is now live with a new brawl mission and new skins. The new brawl, called Overwatch Retribution, lets you play as a team of four Blackwatch members against a swarm of Talon units. If that doesn’t interest you, you can also play last year’s Uprising mission for the duration of the event. There are also over 100 new cosmetic items, plus last year’s item available in crates and for a discounted rate. Overwatch Archives will last until April 30th, so make sure to get what you want before it’s gone!
2. Fortnite Patch V3.5 is Out Now; Port-a-Fort, Replays, and 50v50 V2
Epic Games deployed a new patch for Fortnite today and it is a bit of a saucy one. The patch includes the Port-a-Fort that was announced yesterday, but it also includes the highly anticipated replay feature. The Moot team saw a bit of the replay feature for ourselves at GDC 2018 and were seriously impressed. As we saw with PUBG, we’re sure that moviemakers will love the new tool and start releasing amazing content very soon. The patch also brings back the 50v50 Limited Time Mode, but with some tweaks. Teams now start on different buses, have different sides of the map marked off, and will get to see the final circle location from the beginning.
3. Monster Hunter World’s First Global Event Launches
The Spring Blossom Festival is the first global event for Monster Hunter World, and it brings some exciting additions to the game. Event quests have returned, there is a new set of Blossom armor, and more. Players will receive extra login rewards, including both a second Lucky Voucher and a new Spring Blossom Ticket. Players will have the opportunity to receive not just new armor but also a new weapon, the Wyvern Ignition Greatsword. This fan-designed weapon awaits hunters who complete the event quest called “Every Hunter’s Dream.” Make sure to get everything finished by April 19th, when the event ends.
4. Xbox One X Enhances Backwards Compatibility, Includes Red Dead Redemption
In a continued effort to improve the experience of playing older titles of the Xbox One X, Microsoft recently announced a list of 6 titles that will see improvements on the new system. According to Microsoft, the enhanced games will be able to run at a significantly higher resolution and pixel count without needing to actually alter the original code. The list of recently enhanced games includes Darksiders, Portal 2, and Red Dead Redemption. The article below also links to a video where you can see a side by side comparison of Red Dead Redemption on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One X. Suffice it to say, the difference is impressive.
5. Radical Heights Early Access is a Mess With Potential
Radical Heights represents a couple growing trends in the gaming industry. For one, it’s another battle royale game in a rapidly saturating market. Additionally, it is in “X-Treme Early Access” with tons of bugs and missing features. Some areas of the map even have buildings with no textures whatsoever. But, according to some of the people who have tried it, the game is actually pretty fun. It has a couple unique takes on the battle royale genre, like how it handles the safe zone and the in-game currency system. Riding the bicycles in the game is reason enough to try it in our mind. Give it a shot, the game is free on Steam now.

The Daily Moot (4/11/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/11/18)

The Daily Moot (4/10/18)

1. Fort Sprouting Grenades Coming to Fortnite, Called Port-a-Fort
Epic Games has teased the next new thing coming soon to Fortnite and it is the Port-a-Fort. These seem to be throwable items, not placed like traps, that spawn a ‘quick defensive position’ upon impact. The short teaser trailer shows a tower roughly 3 stories high spawning in about a second. Like most of the items introduced recently, the Port-a-Fort will surely shake up the game at least a little bit. It will be interesting to see who benefits most from the new item, either experienced players who could already build very quickly or less-skilled builders who struggled to defend themselves. Expect the Port-a-Fort in the next couple weeks.
2. Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 Release Date Revealed
The Mega Man X Legacy Collections will be digitally released on July 24th for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch for $20 each. You can also purchase a $40 bundle that includes both games. The first bundle includes Mega Man X, X2, X3, and X4 while the second bundle includes Mega Man X5, X6, X7, and X8. Players will get to choose to use optional updated settings or play the games with their original resolutions.
3. Summit1G’s Fans are Upset With Him After he Played With Jake Paul
A couple days ago, Summit1G played a few squad games of Fortnite with controversial YouTuber Jake Paul. In the last couple weeks, the Paul brothers both migrated to Twitch in an attempt to capitalize on Fortnite’s success and further monetize their fanbase. While playing with Jake Paul and afterwards, Summit1G received a lot of complaints from his fans. The streamer took to twitter to say that he was was disappointed in his viewers for how they acted. Other streamers have spoken up and said they would never risk upsetting their viewers by playing with one of the Paul brothers. We will see how Summit1G’s viewership changes in the coming weeks.
4. Next Pokemon Go Limited Time Event Focuses on First-Gen Pokemon
Starting today (April 10th) at 1 PM PDT, players will find significantly more first-generation Pokemon out in the wild. While you will have a great chance of finding any first-generation Pokemon, a couple specific ones will stake out at gyms; Aerodactyl and Snorlax will be waiting for players who compete in Raid Battles until the event ends on April 17th. Also, for the duration of the event players will receive double candy for transferring Pokemon.
5. South Korea Fined Game Companies Almost $1M Over Loot Crates
Last week, The Korea Herald reported that several game developers in South Korea had been fined for a total of almost $1 million for deceptive loot box practices. The Korean Fair Trade Commission (FTC) said that Nexon Korea, Netmarble Games, and NextFloor all misstated the odds of earning high-level loot from their loot boxes. Nexon Korea was the most highly punished and paid the lion’s share of the fines, paying around $885,000 for their shady practices. Hopefully governments continue to crackdown on businesses misleading their frequently young customer bases.

The Daily Moot (4/10/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/10/18)

The Daily Moot (4/9/18)

1. The Studio Behind ‘LawBreakers’ is Moving on to Battle Royale
If you haven’t heard of LawBreakers before, we don’t blame you. The game released around the same time PUBG came out in early access and was a bit overshadowed to say the least. As a result of both the game’s unimpressive player numbers and the success of battle royale games like Fortnite and PUBG, the team behind LawBreakers is reinvesting their energy into a new game called Radical Heights. Radical Heights, like a traditional battle royale, pits 100 players against each other to be the last man standing. It has a certain arcade-y feel to it and it some unique mechanics, but those may not be enough to draw players away from the established battle royale games. Early access starts tomorrow.
2. Blizzcon 2018 Dates Announced, Tickets on Sale in May
The highly anticipated Blizzcon will be in Anaheim on November 2nd-3rd this year. Tickets will go on sale in batches, with the first starting at 7 pm PT on May 9th and the second at 10 am PT on May 12th. Blizzcon features a wide array of events like Q&A sessions, cosplays, developer panels, and perhaps most importantly some big esports tournaments. Finals for all the big Blizzard games will take place at Blizzcon, including the finals for the Overwatch World Cup. Those who can’t make it in person have the option of buying the Blizzcon Virtual Ticket to get all the in-game goodies they’ve come to expect from Blizzcon.
3. Jeff Kaplan Says Overwatch Isn’t Ready for Player Role Queues Yet
When asked about role queues in Overwatch, where you can queue up as a tank, healer, or dps and find a team with a balanced composition, Jeff Kaplan said Overwatch was not ready just yet. The problem, according to Kaplan, said the two proposed systems both have problems. Either the game lets you queue as a tank but then switch heroes OR they lock you into only playing tank heroes after you queue up as one. The first way creates a system where role queue is effectively pointless and the second method doesn’t accord for the fluid nature of Overwatch. Hopefully the team can find some happy medium because many members of Overwatch’s community believe role queuing could fix many of the game’s perceived problems.
4. Paladins’ Team Shows Off Realm Royale’s Crafting System in Their New BR Game
Back in January, Paladins Battlegrounds came out for a few magical days. Although the battle royale game mode was in early access, it was a hit with those who got the chance to play it. After a few days though, Hi-Rez Studios recalled the game mode, announced they wanted to release it as a standalone game, and went silent. Finally, there is news: Realm Royale is still on track and they’ve made some changes, notably by introducing a crafting system. Players will be able to destroy unwanted items for materials and can bring those materials to forges where they will turn them into a random legendary weapon or ability. A lucky few have made it into the closed alpha test for the game, but there is a strict NDA so don’t hold your breath for any more info until Hi-Rez is ready to tell us themselves.
5. GTA 5 Has Made More Money Than Any Film, Book, or Game EVER
An industry analyst has just revealed his findings that Grand Theft Auto 5 has sold over 90 millions copies and brought in $6 billion in revenue, making it the most profitable form of media in history. For comparison, a movie like Star Wars brought in around $3 billion dollars after adjusting for inflation, according to the analyst. Although GTA 5 came out years ago, it continues to sell copies every year in large numbers. While there isn’t any plans for a GTA 6 announced yet, Red Dead Redemption 2 comes out this year on October 26th. It almostly certainly won’t match GTA 5’s record numbers, but it should still be a great game.

The Daily Moot (4/9/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/9/18)

*Special* Daily Moot (4/6/18)

Happy Friday everyone! Today we are doing the Daily Moot a little bit differently by giving you all a special treat... We present the very first episode of 'Moot Points with Dylan & Brian'!
The team is very excited about this project, and we hope you all enjoy it! Expect more videos like this to come in the near future. Have a great weekend!
Don't forget to participate in our #FortniteIRL event for your chance to win 'Epic' prizes!

*Special* Daily Moot (4/6/18)
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*Special* Daily Moot (4/6/18)

The Daily Moot (4/5/18)

1. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Announced, Release Date Set for September 21st
Activation announced today the Spyro Reiginited Trilogy, a remaster of the original three Spyro games from the Playstation 1 era. The game will launch with both newly remastered sound and graphics in what looks to be a massive upgrade over the originals. The Spyro Reignited Trilogy will be available on the PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox One, and Xbox One X on September 21st. Although we don’t know too much more about the game just yet, there is an announcement trailer that we highly recommend you check out. You can pre-order now for $39.99, if that’s your thing.
2. New PUBG Limited Time Mode is Shotguns and Melee Weapons Only
PUBG is releasing another limited time Event Mode that will last for only 72 hours. This new one is named ‘Tequila Sunrise’ and is only shotguns and melee weapons on Mirimar. The event goes live tonight at 7pm PDT. Shotguns, melee weapons, and level three armor all have drastically increased spawn rates. Bluehole is also experimenting with the safe zone settings with this one, as they are making the first safe zone much smaller and active as soon as the game starts. This should bring people together for some exciting close quarters combat. Tequila Sunrise is squads only, although you can still turn off auto-matchmaking if you really want a challenge.
3. Rainbow Six Siege Dev Cracking Down on Toxicity
In a blog post today, the Rainbow Six Siege development team outlined some new plans to combat negative player behaviors. In the short term, Ubisoft has implemented a chat monitoring system. The system will scan for inappropriate language, like racial or homophobic slurs, and track an individual’s use of them over time. Bans will be issued with duration based on severity, ranging from a few days up to a lifetime ban for the most egregious offenders. Ubisoft also mentioned a desire to combat intentional team-killing. Finally, they said Season 3 will include the ability to mute and the filter the game’s text chat. All in all, a welcome update in our eyes.
4. World of Warcraft’s Seventh Expansion Launching on August 14th
Battle for Azeroth, World of Warcraft’s next expansion, finally has a set release date. The new expansion will be launching on August 14th, which surprises many fans as a month or two ahead of schedule. While that is definitely exciting, let’s hope it isn’t being rushed through testing. The current expansion, Legion, has been wildly popular with players and will be hard to beat, but many players have high hopes for Battle for Azeroth. While Legion has seen the Horde and the Alliance, the game’s two factions, working together to fight the Legion army, the Battle for Azeroth again sees the two factions in direct conflict in what should be an amazing story.
5. Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery RPG Launches this Month with Impressive Voice Cast
Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is a new mobile RPG launching later this month. The goal of the game is to make the player feel like they’re a new student at Hogwarts, and one of the ways the developers are going about doing that is including some exciting voice actors. The impressive list of voice actors includes Maggie Smith and Warwick Davis, the original voice actors for Professor McGonagall and Professor Flitwick. Although we don’t know how exactly the game determines what house to put you in, we’re really hoping to end up in Gryffindor.

The Daily Moot (4/5/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/5/18)

The Daily Moot (4/4/18)

1. Spider-Man Coming Exclusively to PS4 on September 7th With No Micro-transactions
The release date for the highly anticipated Spider-Man has just been announced as September 7th. The game won’t have any micro-transactions, but it will have unlock able skins for Spider-Man. While some of these skins will come from pre-ordering or the DLCs, most of them seem like they will be unlocked by playing the game. Hopes are definitely high for this game and the trailers looks good so far, but a large part of how the public will receive this game hinges on the the web slinging mechanics. If they get that right, the game will be a success. If they can’t though, it will be just another Spider-Man game that can’t live up to Spider-Man 2.
2. More Keys for PUBG’s Savage Beta and Some Welcome Updates
The initial response to PUBG’s new 4x4 km map Codename: Savage has been overwhelmingly positive. The new map lacks clothing spawns, has plenty of weapons and vehicles, and has interesting terrain. Now, Bluehole is expanding their test in a few ways. For starters, they’re bringing in even more people. You can try to get a beta key by visiting Make sure you help your friends get keys too, because they just introduced squads to the new map. Alongside that update, they have increased loot spawns in smaller buildings to reward those who want to play it safe. Additionally, they shifted some values regarding the blue and red zones and have changed the balance of vehicle spawns on the map. Patch notes in full at the link below.
3. Far Cry 5 Breaks Franchise Sales Records
After doubling the first week sales of Far Cry 4, Far Cry 5 is now the fastest selling game in the series’ history. The only Ubisoft launch bigger than Far Cry 5 is Tom Clancy’s The Division, which grossed $310 Million USD in the first week. Ubisoft published an image with some amusing stats from the first week of Far Cry 5. We won’t put them all here, so make sure to check the link for the rest of them, but we’ll include some personal favorites. 8,651 players have been ambushed by skunks this week, 5.1 million fish have been caught already, and 1.1 million hours of quality time have spent with Cheeseburger the bear. Check out the rest at the link below.
4. Overwatch’s New Comic is All About Blackwatch
In a continued effort to build hype for the soon to be released Overwatch Archives event (this year’s version of Uprising), Blizzard released a new comic today. The comic features members of the Blackwatch team, the black ops division of Overwatch. Reaper, McCree, Genji, and Moira went on secretive missions to do what needed to be done. Without spoiling the contents of the comic, we’ll just say that you learn a bit more about these characters and what shaped them into the heroes we know now. You can read or download the comic at the link below. It is the one called Retribution.
5. Fortnite Will Slow Down Patch Schedule to Focus on Bug Fixes
The speed at which the Fortnite development team has released exciting new things to their game has been astonishing. Just in the last few weeks, they added multiple new game modes, several new cosmetics, and the new guided missile. While the new content will keep coming, actual updates that need to be downloaded will start occurring every 2 weeks (or one Fortnight) instead of every week. This will allow the dev team to focus on bug fixes as the game will change at a slower pace. I hope I speak for everyone when I say we love the new content but we also want to see some of the problems fixed. It’s good to see them listening to community feedback on this one.

The Daily Moot (4/4/18)
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The Daily Moot (4/4/18)

The Daily Moot (4/3/2018)

1. PUBG Releases New Smaller Map on Test Servers
PUBG’s new 4x4 km map, Savage, was released this weekend on their test server to a very limited audience. Luckily for those of us who didn’t receive beta keys, twitch streamers and gaming journalists exist. The early consensus on the new map is that it is a HUGE step in the right direction. To list a few positives: there aren’t any clothing spawns, there is valuable loot all over the map, and there is interesting terrain to fight in. The guys at PC gamer wrote down some of their initial play test thoughts so feel free to check them out at the link below.
2. Overwatch Probably Won’t Ever Have a Battle Royale Mode
Responding to a healthy amount of demands for an Overwatch battle royale mode, Jeff Kaplan said it would be a tremendous amount of work to implement. Kaplan said, among other concerns, that “Overwatch wasn’t designed to be a 1v1. Every hero’s not balanced against every other hero.” While this is true, a similar style game (Paladins) had a successful alpha weekend with their battle royale mode. It seems unlikely that Blizzard totally skips on the battle royale craze, so if not Overwatch then what game? Personally, I suspect Heroes of the Storm.
3. Fortnite Mobile is Now Available on iOS for Everyone
After a closed beta of Fortnite Mobile last week, the game is now coming to all iOS users with recent enough phones. Fortnite Mobile will run on the iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 8, and X plus the iPad Mini 4, Air 2, 2017, and pro. The game won’t run on the iPhone 5S, 6, or 6 plus nor will it run on the iPad Air, Mini 2, Mini 3, or iPod Touch. Apparently Fortnite Mobile will be available on Android devices within the next few months. As in the beta, crossplay with PC is available and you can link your accounts so you can use all your skins on multiple platforms. Go get those victory royales.
4. New Rocket League Patch Lets Players Create and Join Tournaments
In this awesome update, Rocket League how includes a tournament functionality. Players can both create and join tournaments of up to 128 teams (with a minimum of 8). Tournaments have cross-platform functionality and the creator can set minimum and maximum thresholds for entry based on competitive rank. The new update also includes new chat bans for toxic players, inventory display changes, and some interface changes. Check the link to read the entire patch notes.
5. Two New Legendary Pokemon Available in Pokemon Go Until June 5th
Starting today, the legendary Pokemon Latias and Latios will be available in Raid Battles in Pokemon Go. Until May 8th Latias will appear in Europe and Asia while Latios will appear in North America, South America, and Africa. On May 8th, the 2 Pokemon will switch locations for the remainder of the event. The new legendary Pokemon event starts shortly after Niantic introduced research missions to the game. Players are generally impressed with the amount of new content, but whether it will be enough to bring old players back is still undetermined.

The Daily Moot (4/3/2018)
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The Daily Moot (4/3/2018)

*Special* Daily Moot (3/30/18)

Today we decided to do 'The Daily Moot' a little bit differently. Instead of giving you news stories, we decided to give you all a glimpse of our experience at GDC last week. Check out the video below featuring our admins Dylan & Brian at the Game Developer Conference in San Francisco.
Also, make sure to check if you were a winner in our #Outbreak giveaway event by checking here:
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*Special* Daily Moot (3/30/18)
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*Special* Daily Moot (3/30/18)

The Daily Moot (3/29/18)

1. New Fortnite Patch Introduces Guided Missile and Sniper Showdown Return
Fortnite patch 3.4 will launch later today bringing with it the guided missile, the return of the sniper showdown limited time mode, and several highly requested bug fixes. The guided missile will give the user complete control, leaving their character vulnerable for the duration. The missile will do the same damage as normal rockets and can be found in chests and supply drops. The sniper showdown is similar to last time it was around, but with the hunting rifle and crossbow added. Additionally, downed players will die instantly. Lastly, in a series of amazing bug fixes bullseyes will disappear once the challenge is done, bushes will stop popping into view, and players heads will no longer float above the rest of their body at range.
2. Blizzard Announces the Return of Overwatch Uprising
Overwatch’s highly popular Uprising event will be returning on Tuesday April 10th. The Uprising event lets players travel into Overwatch’s past to play as some of their favorite heroes during significant moments in Overwatch’s history. Last year’s event saw players fighting Omnics in King’s Row; it is still uncertain what exactly the new event will be, but is almost assuredly going to be something new and not just a repeat of the King’s Row mission. Check out the tweet from Blizzard linked in the article to see the teaser.
3. Top Twitch Streamer Ninja Accidentally Uses Slur on Stream
Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll have heard Ninja’s name recently. He has made headlines for setting Twitch records for most subscribers and most concurrent viewers on an individual’s stream. Last night Ninja was playing with Nadeshot, the founder of 100 Thieves, when he fumbled over some rap lyrics and said a word that he certainly wishes he wouldn’t have. Ninja has been praised for being ‘one of the good ones’ and a generally stand-up dude; it will be interesting to see how the community’s perception of him changes moving forward. Ninja has apologized profusely on his twitter.
4. Team Fortress 2 Overhauls Their Competitive System
In a new update, Team Fortress 2 is attempting to get more serious with their competitive matchmaking. They’re overhauling their system and replacing it with matchmaking modeled off of CS:GO’s competitive environment. The patch includes other big updates, including creating more balanced casual matches and allowing you to queue for matches while in casual games. There are also weapon changes and tons of bug fixes, so make sure to check out the full patch notes if you’re playing TF2.
5. No Man’s Sky NEXT is a Free Update Releasing in Summer 2018
While most of us faulted the No Man’s Sky development team for false promises and moved on, they stayed hard at work. They’ve released several updates for the game already, and NEXT is apparently the most ambitious one yet. No Man’s Sky NEXT Will be a free update for people who already own the game. We don’t know anything about the nature of the update yet, but we know it is supposed to come out this summer. Alongside the announcement of the update, the team announced the game will be coming to Xbox One X when NEXT releases. This may come as a surprise to a few, as No Man’s Sky was presented as a PS4 console exclusive.

The Daily Moot (3/29/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/29/18)

The Daily Moot (3/28/18)

1. LEGO The Incredibles Announced for Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC
Today Warner Bros. Interactive and Disney announced the upcoming release of LEGO The Incredibles for all platforms. The game will release on June 15th in the US to complement the Incredibles 2 movie release on the same day. In the UK, the game and movie will release about a month later on July 13th. The game, in traditional LEGO game fashion, will be an open world hub. Players can explore, unlock new areas, and fight dozens of different crime bosses. Check the article for some screenshots.
2. Fortnite Battle Royale Starting Pack is a Great Deal with an Awesome Skin
Yesterday, Fortnite introduced a new starter pack bundle to buy in game. The starter pack, which costs $4.99, includes 600 V-bucks, a cosmetic backpack, and a new skin that is instantly one of the best in the game. Right off the back, 600 V-bucks is $6 worth so you’re instantly getting value there. Games have started including starter packs, presumably to get users comfortable spending money on virtual items. We don’t know if the starter pack is a limited time offer or a permanent deal, so don’t wait too long before you pull the trigger on purchasing it.
3. Rainbow Six Siege Updates Recoil in an Attempt to Fix Weapons
Although most of the time the gun combat in Rainbow Six Siege feels buttery smooth, there has been a history of inaccuracies with fully automatic weapons. In order to fix this, the R6 team is reworking their recoil system. The guns in Rainbow Six Siege will be moving away from predictable recoil patterns. The team says the hope to keep the guns feeling as close as possible to their original recoils. It is promising to see the team explaining their thought process so well, and after the recent success from the Rainbow Six team they definitely deserve the benefit of the doubt.
4. Players are Already Using a Mouse and Keyboard to Dominate PUBG Mobile
Playing PUBG on a phone is already hard, although perhaps not as hard as many of us anticipated. Plenty of players have reported pleasant surprise at how playable mobile PUBG feels. Unfortunately for most, some players are finding ways to connect a mouse and keyboard to their phone. This let’s them play the game the same way they would on a PC, meaning they can completely dominate those who are actually using their phone to play. These players are mostly using emulators or bluetooth connections to take advantage of the PUBG mobile situation. It is unclear what Bluehole can do to stop players from exploiting the mobile situation for easy wins.
5. Dragon Quest 11 Gets a Confirmed Release Date for Western Markets
Although Dragon Quest 11 came out in Japan last year, it has not been released yet in the western world. Today it was announced that the game will launch on PC via Steam in North America and Europe on September 4th of this year. The game will be coming to PS4 this year as well, and the Switch eventually, but development is still in progress on that one. In traditional RPG fashion, Dragon Quest 11 will feature an immersive world and finely tuned turn-based combat.
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The Daily Moot (3/28/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/28/18)

The Daily Moot (3/27/18)

1. Overwatch World Cup 2018 Announced
In what may not come as a surprise to most, Blizzard has announced today the Overwatch World Cup is returning for 2018. Starting today, Blizzard will track the skill rating of the top 150 players in each country. At the end of the season the top 20 countries will be invited to the Overwatch World Cup, with Korea, the United States, France, and Thailand automatically qualifying. These four countries will serve as hosts for the group stage of the World Cup. The top 8 and finals will take place at Blizzcon 2018 in November.
2. 2018 Finalists for World Video Game Hall of Fame
The 12 video game finalists have been announced to join games like Pac-Man, Super Mario Brothers, and World of Warcraft in the World Video Game Hall of Fame. The contenders this year include both historic titles that helped shape gaming as a whole like Spacewar!, King’s Quest, and Asteroids alongside games that launched iconic franchises like Call of Duty, Dance Dance Revolution, and Half-Life. To see the full list of contenders, check the link below. You can vote once a day until the winner is announced on May 3rd.
3. Sea of Thieves Devs Respond to Feedback and Cancel Death Tax
Before the system even hit live servers, the Sea of Thieves developers say they heard the feedback and will not be implementing a ‘death tax’ system. The idea behind the system was pretty straight forward; players would need to pay a cost to the Ferryman each time they died. Further, this cost would vary depending on how the player died. If you died an embarrassingly clumsy death, you would pay more than someone who died in battle. While many feel the game lacks the substance to justify its $60 price tag, it is nice to see the developers respond to the community. Hopefully they continue to do so.
4. Xbox Live Gamers May Start Getting Banned for Offensive Language
If you’re on Xbox, don’t get alarmed, but you may need to start watching what you say. Microsoft has introduced a new content policy set to go live on May 1st that says their users may not “publicly display or use the Services to share any inappropriate content or other material (involving, for example, nudity, bestiality, pornography, offensive language, graphic violence or criminal activity).” There are a few concerning parts here, but the biggest problem is ‘offensive language’ is vague and will mean different things to different people. And this problem goes beyond just Xbox Live, as the new conduct policy is for all of Microsoft’s services. The point is, Xbox gamers need to be careful until we find out exactly what is and is not ban-worthy.
5. PUBG’s New Map May Help Save the Game as an Esport
If you’ve played PUBG at all you know how thrilling the game can be. If you’ve watched any PUBG streams, you know how exciting some moments can be. But if you’ve watched any PUBG tournaments, you’ll know how uneventful most of the games are. Most of the tournament games have less than 100 players, for one thing, and the teams play ultra-conservatively. These leads to games with too little action, yet the spectators still find a way to miss most of it. Well, the 4x4 map may be exactly what PUBG as an esport needs. A smaller map will mean more action throughout the game that will be easier for the spectators to capture. As someone that loves to watch almost any competitive esport, I’m looking forward to it.

The Daily Moot (3/27/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/27/18)

The Daily Moot (3/26/18)

1. Weapon Skins Come to PUBG’s Test Server
Although Bluehole is still working hard on all the bugs and requested features in PUBG, they announced today a feature many of us have wondered about for some time: weapon skins. Weapon skins will be obtained through the game’s crate system. You will find weapon skins in both the premium crates and the free crates. If you don’t like the randomness of opening crates, you can always buy the skins you want from the steam marketplace. The skin market in CS:GO, for example, is thriving and is what keeps many players invested in the game. We’ll see if it works for PUBG.
2. Far Cry 5 Skips Loot Boxes and Has Healthy Microtransactions
Far Cry 5 doesn’t have any loot boxes, but there are micro transactions. The game has 2 currencies: in-game dollars and silvers bars. Silver bars are the premium currency you can buy with your hard-earned money, but you can also find them in the game. While many games of the past have had a similar system, what makes Far Cry 5 satisfying (or at least not frustrating) is that it doesn’t force you to spend money to progress at a normal pace. Instead, the game constantly rewards you with gear and cash so you can progress your character.
The author of the article summarizes the entire micro transaction issue perfectly with their closing paragraph. They say “Far Cry 5 has the best situation possible for microtransactions: People with more money than time can put some cash in to get what they want a little ahead of their peers, and the rest of us can ignore the system and save some real-world money as we have fun collecting cash in-game.”
3. Fortnite Mobile is the New Thing Kids Are Using to Avoid Learning in School
With Fortnite Mobile out on iOS for those who have been invited, it has quickly become the hottest app out right now. And like most mobile games, the most popular market is teenagers with smartphones. The game is so popular with kids that it has become a problem in schools across the country. Some schools have even gone so far as to ban the game on their Wi-Fi networks. With Fortnite coming to Android soon and a full release of the mobile game on the horizon, this problem doesn’t seem like it’ll go away any time soon.
4. Pokemon Go Gets Storylines, Quests, and Mew
Pokemon Go at the start felt like capturing a bunch of Pokemon for the sake of capturing Pokemon, and that was okay. But as time went on, players wanted some other reason to play the game and Niantic did not instantly deliver. Soon, players may again feel a reason to play Pokemon Go. Niantic will be adding quests to the game, such as ‘Visit 5 Pokestops,’ ‘Win 3 Gym battles,’ or ‘Catch a Dragon-type Pokemon.’ These quests will be complemented by new storylines to progress through, which may eventually lead the player to capture Mew, the legendary Pokemon. Check out the article for some screenshots of what quests will look like. Personally, I might have to re download the app and give it another shot.
5. A Fortnite Stream on YouTube Last Night Got Over 1 Million Viewers
Last night Spanish YouTuber elrubius hosted a for-fun tournament featuring 100 of the top Spanish-speaking Fortnite streamers. YouTube confirmed elrubius’ stream received over 1.1 million views while even more watched the other participants’ streams. These numbers trump the Twitch viewer records set by Ninja and Drake earlier this month.

The Daily Moot (3/26/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/26/18)

The Daily Moot (3/20/18)

1. Brigitte, Overwatch’s Newest Hero, is Now Available to Play Across All Platforms
Brigitte, the newest support hero added to Overwatch, is now available to play. She is a rather aggressive support as her kit combines offensive and defensive abilities to aid her team. The young hero is the daughter of Torbjorn, everyone’s favorite Swedish armorsmith. Brigitte is actually not new to Overwatch lore; she was Reinhardt’s squire in the comic ‘Dragon Slayer,’ which came out before the game released. Just remember, Brigitte won’t be available for competitive play until the start of Season 10.
2. Atari Reveals New Console’s Sleek Design
It may be surprising to hear, but Atari is working on a new console to be released this year. Although more information will be coming out at the Game Developers Conference this week, yesterday they revealed the visual design of the console and it is intriguing. The new console, named the Atari VCS, has a clean black look that is both a nice nod to the past and an inspired look forward. Although we don’t know what kind of games to expect on the Atari VCS, we have our hopes up that we can see a nice mix of classics alongside new titles.
3. Dragon Ball Legends Announced: The Mobile PVP Fighting Game You’ve Been Waiting For
Yesterday, at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, Bandai Namco announced Dragon Ball Legends for iOS and Android. The mobile fighting game will include global real-time PVP, meaning you will be able to fight against the best around the world. You will be able to control your characters using ‘Universal Cards’ that are tied to specific characters and tell them what move to do. Tapping Universal Cards in succession will trigger combo attacks. With the mention of constant content updates, this game certainly looks promising.
4. Sims Creator Announces a New Mobile Game Called ‘Proxi’
Will Wright, the man who designed The Sims and SimCity, has just announced that he is working on a new mobile simulation game called Proxi. Wright has said that the game is a bit different from his previous games, as players will start with a completely blank world to build on. Players build using memories to create new islands which can eventually connect to one another to create a complex 3D world.
5. Fortnite Mobile Brings in $1 Million in First Three Days
Although Fortnite Mobile isn’t available to everyone yet, the game has already broken the million dollar mark for Epic Games. The money comes from in-app purchases for cosmetic items, of which there are plenty in Fortnite. What makes Fortnite cosmetics so awesome is that players link their Epic Games account across platforms so you can use skins that you buy on all platforms. If you’re waiting for Fortnite to fail I hope you’re not holding your breath because it could be a while.

The Daily Moot (3/20/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/20/18)

The Daily Moot (3/19/18)

1. New Battle Royale Game Mode for Fortnite Called Blitz: Fast-Paced Games Suited for Mobile Play
Blitz, the new game mode for Fortnite Battle Royale, is available now on all platforms (including mobile). Blitz is just like normal squads in Fortnite, except the game is rapidly accelerated. There is already a storm circle when you jump from the battle bus and new circles form and close-in at a faster rate than usual. On top of the accelerated clock, the game also includes higher spawn rates for top tier weapons and healing items. Additionally, you will even harvest resources faster! All of these factors combine to create a seriously intense, fast-paced game.
2. PUBG Mobile Officially Launches for iOS and Android Around the World
In the ever present arms race between Fortnite and PUBG, Bluehole has matched Epic Games today with the official release of a mobile version of their game. Although there have been PUBG knockoffs available on mobile for some time, fans will be excited to get their hands on the official mobile game for free on both iOS and Android starting today. The mobile version of PUBG, like the original version of the game, pits 100 players against each other in a fight to the finish. Unlike the Fortnite mobile app, PUBG mobile lacks cross-platform play and account progression.
3. Epic Games Releases $12 Million Dollars Worth of Paragon Assets Following the Game’s Failure
Paragon, a multiplayer battle arena game from Epic Games, is shutting down it’s online servers on April 26th for good. The MOBA never really took off the way that Epic Games would have wanted it to, but they aren’t going to let all their hard work go completely to waste. Many of the visual assets from the game, including both characters and environments, will be completely free for developers to download and use on the Unreal Engine Marketplace.
4. HTC Vive Pro Coming Next Month Represents Another Step Forward for VR Gaming
HTC announced today the new Vive Pro HMD. The new Vive headset has an increased resolution of 2880x1600 and includes built in headphones. You can pre-order the new model starting today for $799, the same price the original Vive launched at back in 2016. Speaking of, the currently available Vive is dropping $100 in price down to $499. It’s important to note that the new Vive Pro HMD does not include the base station or controllers. If you already have your setup, this will be nice for you as you don’t need to buy stuff you don’t want. If you’re just looking to get into VR gaming, though, it means it will cost you more than just the base $799 price tag.
5. Lego The Incredibles Game Confirmed by Toy Packaging
Finally, it has been confirmed that there will be another Legos game coming. The next confirmed game in the Legos series is based on the highly anticipated animated movie ‘The Incredibles 2.’ The Legos video games have brought us some surprisingly satisfying games in the past, most notably Lego Batman and Lego Star Wars. Although we don’t know exactly when the game will come out, we can assume it will be around the time of the Incredibles 2 movie release slated for June of this year.

The Daily Moot (3/19/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/19/18)

The Daily Moot (3/16/18)

1. Fortnite on Mobile Could Demonstrate the Future of Mobile Gaming
Fortnite has launched a mobile version of the popular battle royale game mode to mobile as of today. Although the game is only available to select individuals on iOS who signed up via the Fortnite website, plenty of people are playing it and giving their feedback. While some say the controls feel clunky and the game doesn’t run smoothly, others (perhaps with newer phones) are praising the game for its ability to run and operate smoother than anticipated. Any first person shooter game is going to struggle with touchscreen controls, and Epic Games has hinted at controller support in the near future. Check out this article to get a look at the layout of the controls and see some gameplay for yourself.
2. Release Date Revealed for Jurassic World Evolution
Jurassic World Evolution is a strategic management game, akin to Rollercoaster Tycoon, based on the Jurassic Park film franchise. The company developing the game, Frontier Developments, announced today that the game will be released on June 12th for Xbox One, PS4, and PC. Frontier Developments is the company behind the Rollercoaster Tycoon series, so it is promising to see them working on this project.
3. EA is Bringing Microtransactions back to Battlefront II, but They’re Finally Only Cosmetic
We all remember the controversy regarding Battlefront II and their loot crates. Initially, loot crates in the new Star Wars game contained items that would make your characters stronger and give an unfair advantage to those who invested more money into the game. As a response to community outrage, EA removed all loot crates from the game with the promise that they would returned later. Well, later has come and the loot crates are back. Thankfully, though, the loot crates will now only contain cosmetic items. Progression in the game will now come exclusively from grinding out games and leveling up your character. You know, like how it should have been all along.
4. Kirby Star Allies Officially Launches on Nintendo Switch
After a short free demo period for the game last week, Kirby Star Allies officially launched today. The side scrolling platformer can be played solo, but it is meant to played with friends. You can team up with up to three other players to take on a host of enemies. In classic Kirby fashion, sucking up enemies to take on their abilities will help you get far in the game. But, as we said before, the real power and enjoyment of the game comes from teaming up with others to play. So get on out there, find some buddies, and get going.
5. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 May Be Getting Remastered
The popular game in the Call of Duty franchise may be next in line for a remastered release. Just today a listing on Amazon for ‘Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered’ popped up with a April 30th release date. While this may be a placeholder for an unannounced game, it also could be exactly what it says it is. The current price point is listed as 20 Euros, which is roughly $25 USD. This strikes us a fair price for a remastered game, but it will be up to the potential customers to decide for themselves.

The Daily Moot (3/16/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/16/18)

The Daily Moot (3/15/18)

1. Geralt's Crossover Officially Announced
After a week or so of speculation, the news is finally here; Geralt from The Witcher is officially doing a crossover with Soulcalibur 6! The news broke this morning in the form of a trailer that show Geralt in all of his glory showing off his sword skills and magic. Geralt will be voiced by the original voice actor, Doug Cockle, and is set to look even better than he has in the past. It makes perfect sense to put Geralt in the Soulcaliber franchise which is filled with old timey aesthetics and magic. Fans everywhere should be genuinely excited for this release!
2. Ninja’s Star Studded Streaming Crew Breaks Record
Ninja once again streamed Fortnite last night to a couple hundred thousand people, which is nothing new. What is new, is the fact that he was streaming with Drake, Travis Scott, and Juju Smith-Schuster, and broke the viewing record with over 600,000 live viewers! A record that was set a few weeks back upon Dr. DisRespect’s return with 480,000 viewers, was absolutely obliterated by Ninja last night. Ninja is officially the face of Twitch and can be crowned the best player in Fortnite. I think it is now official that PUBG will never catch up to Fortnite ever again.
3. Ark: Survival Evolved is Coming to Mobile
The dinosaur survival game, Ark, is making its way to the mobile industry for iOS and Android devices. There is no specific release date for the game but it is expected to roll out sometime this Spring. The game is expected to bring the full online dinosaur-survival experience, similar to the PC and console version. It seems every game is making their way to mobile, Ark is just one of the many.
4. Attack on Titan 2 is Brutal
Attack on Titan 2 is a game filled with naked man eating giants trying to get rid of the human race as a whole; it is brutal. Obviously this game takes after one of the greatest animes of all time, Attack on Titan, and it does a great job of letting you play through the story. It is an exciting and vibrant environment which comes with the highest of high and demoralizing lows. If you are fan of the show, you will definitely love the game which will soon be available on March 20th.
5. Narcos Video Games Announced
Curve Digital officially signed with Narcos to bring Pablo Escobar’s drug filled antic to consoles and PC. Narcos is a Netflix original tv show with an incredible story line which will hopefully make a wonderful video game. It will be interesting to see what kind of game the developers will turn this into. Will you guys be buying?

The Daily Moot (3/15/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/15/18)

The Daily Moot (3/14/18)

1. Twitch Prime Now Gives Free Games
Starting tomorrow, March 15th, Twitch will be offering Prime users free games each month. The “freebie” initiative is called “Free Games with Prime” and it literally does just that. This is another impressive addition of free stuff given out by Twitch to their Prime subscribers which already includes free in-game items, ad-free viewing, channel subscriptions, and more. For the month of March, Prime users will have access to Superhot, Shadow Tactics, Tales from Candlekeep, Oxenfree, and Mr. Shifty. This is a great move by Twitch as streaming platforms are becoming more and more clutter by the day.
2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Hints at Battle Royale Game Mode
Activision hinted at a future battle royale game mode in Black Ops 4 by saying they are “keenly aware” of its success. While this is by no means an announcement is a battle royale game mode, it is giving us the implication that something may be on the way. The success of battle royale style games has been unparalleled and it only makes sense for other game developers to follow in the footsteps of games such as PUBG and Fortnite. What do you guys think, is Activision going to create a battle royale style game?
3. Stardew Valley Multiplayer Mode is Close
The Stardew Valley multiplayer mode has officially entered QA testing, which means it is somewhere close on the horizon. The multiplayer functionality is apparently just icing on the cake for what is expected to come in the next update. Eric Barone, the games creator, stated that the update will also bring a lot of “new single player stuff.” After the QA testing will come the beta testing, so expect the full release to come sometime soon!
4. Kirby Star Allies Review
Kirby Star Allies is set to come out this Friday, March 16th. The hype for the game has been pretty lackluster, but the reviews of the game after some players were given early access has been pretty stellar. IGN recently released a very in depth review of the entire game and gave it an overall score of 8.3/10. That is a pretty dang good score for a platformer style game. Here at the Moot headquarters, we are all planning on buying the game upon release; will you?
5. Skyrim VR Coming to PC
Skyrim Virtual Reality will make its way to PC on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive next month on April 3rd. Skyrim has been an amazing game since day one, and it looks like it is about to get even more awesome. Check out the preview for the VR version of Skyrim by clicking the link below!

The Daily Moot (3/14/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/14/18)

The Daily Moot (3/13/18)

1. Former Halo Lead’s New Game
The former executive producer of the Halo franchise, Josh Holmes, is developing a new game called "Scavengers" with his indie gaming company, Midwinter Entertainment. The game is said to be a spiritual successor to the Warzone game mode from Halo 5: Guardians described as a multiplayer survival shooter “coopetition”. Multiple groups of players will face off against other teams as well as quick-witted and powerful AI. The game takes place in the near future where the Earth has been pushed into a new Ice Age. There is no official release date just yet but expect some more information to come at E3 this year!
2. Remote Explosive Coming to Fortnite Battle Royale
Surprise, surprise, Fortnite Battle Royale is adding even more weapons to the arsenal of existing weapons. This time, it is in the form of a stick bomb. The stick bomb is expected to take the place of the smoke bomb that is going to be removed from the game entirely due to the lack of usage. Fortnite Battle Royale is setting a new precedent in terms of how often developers should be releasing updates. Keep it up, Epic Games!
3. Monster Hunter: World Update
Monster Hunter: World is getting a new Devil May Cry update sometime in the near future. The update will contain new armor and weapons including a new charge blade variant described as a “devious combination of the Force Edge and Alastor” (swords from the original Devil May Cry). There has not been an official release date for the new DLC but expect it to arrive sometime in the next handful of weeks.
4. 9 Characters We Hope to See in Smash
IGN put together a list of 9 characters we are hoping to see in the upcoming Super Smash Bros. and it is honestly pretty spot on. The list is as follows:
- Shovel Knight (Shovel Knight)
- Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy)
- Solaire of Astora (Dark Souls)
- Papyrus and Sans (Undertale)
- Captain Toad (Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker)
- Breath of the Wild Champions (Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
- Geralt (The Witcher)
- Amaterasu (Okami)
- Spring Man/Ribbon Girl (ARMS)
Do you agree? Who else would you want to see in Smash? Let us know in the comments!
5. Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 2018 Spotted
A listing for Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell 2018 was spotted earlier today on Amazon by a Reddit user only to be quickly removed. The listing was shown with no description, cover art, price, or system, it simply had the name only. Granted this could be a speculative placeholder put into action by Amazon, or maybe this could be a title we will see later on this year. It has been 5 year since the last Splinter Cell, and would make a lot of sense to bring the successful title back to life. Would you buy as new Splinter Cell title? Let us know in the comments!
Also we are looking for new Moderators for all lounges! Fill out an application below if you are interested. Good luck!

The Daily Moot (3/13/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/13/18)

The Daily Moot (3/12/18)

1. Fortnite Mobile Sign-Ups are Live!
Last week it was announced that Fortnite Battle Royale will be coming to iOS and Android devices. Today, those who have an iOS device are able to sign up for the waiting list which will give players an email invitation when you are able to play. Android users will have to wait for now, but your opportunity will be coming sometime in the near future! The game is set to support cross play between Mac, PC, PS4, and of course mobile. Fortnite is gradually taking over the entire gaming industry as they continue to reinvent the battle royale style game as we know it.
2. Super Smash Bros. Will Probably be a New Game
Last week Nintendo Switch fans rejoiced everywhere as the news was spread about Super Smash Bros. coming to the new console. The biggest question now is if the game will be a port from the Wii U, or will it be a brand new game for the Nintendo Switch? IGN has reason to believe it will indeed be a brand spankin' new game. A handful of their reasons are as follows: there is no specific title yet, the developers are a completely new team than before, their website has been revamped, and lastly the tweet from Masahiro Sakurai about the state of the game. Check out the article from IGN to see all the reasons why the next Super Smash Bros. will be a brand new game.
3. NHL’s First eSports Championship
The National Hockey League is putting on its first esports championship this month with a prize pool of $100,000. The best 24 players from Canada, Europe, and the U.S.A will come together to compete for the title as the best NHL player in the “world”. Registration is currently underway and the competition for qualifying pools will begin on March 24th with a total of 1,024 players. Expect other traditional sports to make a splash in 2018 in terms of gaming.
4. Vermintide II is Awesome
Warhammer: Vermintide II is the best four player cooperative role playing game since Left 4 Dead according to Time Rodgers of Kotaku. Rodgers states that the gameplay is just downright beautiful and the melee is impressive as ever. Check out the link to get a better light on the review of Warhammer: Vermintide II and why you just might enjoy the game as well!
5. Darwin Project Hits Early Access
The Darwin Project officially went into early access on Steam this past weekend and did exceedingly well. While the game is not necessarily for everyone, it does has its place for a large portion of video game players. The battle royale style game takes place in a snowy Canada and allows 10 players to duke it out in any way imaginable. In addition, there is a spectator tool built into Mixer and Twitch that allows viewers to influence the gameplay in many fashions. Right now the game is $15 on Steam and is looking to be the next big battle royale game.

The Daily Moot (3/12/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/12/18)

The Daily Moot (3/9/18)

1. Fortnite Battle Royale Coming to Mobile
Epic Games is developing Fortnite Battle Royale for iOS and Android devices. There is no specific release date yet, but iOS users will be able to sign up for an early version of the game sometime this year (Android support will come later). The early sign ups will begin March 12th where users will be put on an email invite list and will receive a notice when the game is available. Both mobile versions will have the capability to play cross platform with PC, Mac, PS4, and Xbox. The future of gaming is having the ability to play your favorite game across all platforms, and Epic games is paving the way.
2. Sea of Thieves Last Open Beta
The Sea of Thieves final open beta begins today on Xbox and PC, and will be the biggest version of the game any players has seen. In addition to everything you had seen previously in the beta, you and your friends will now be able to test out Merchant Alliance voyages and Skeleton Fort attacks. Remember, the game is still a beta so there are bound to be sugs bugs, but the development team will take note and make sure the game is seamless upon the full release on March 20th. Sea of Thieves shows a lot of promise and is ready to make an impact in the gaming world in 2018!
3. Undertale Coming to Nintendo Switch
Yoyo Games has partnered with Nintendo and is bringing the classic game, Undertale, to the Nintendo Switch. The original creator of the game, Toby Fox, commented on the game saying he is very excited and hopes Mario plays his game. The game will be available sometime this Summer and is expected to be quite popular.
4. Days Gone Delayed
Sony has confirmed that Days Gone will be delayed until at least 2019. While there is no reason for the games delay, it is a fair to assume it has taken longer to develop than expected. The game takes place in a post apocalyptic world following a bounty hunter named Deacon St. John as he fights zombie-like enemies. The highly anticipated game will be heavily sought after in 2019!
5. Valve’s New Digital Card Game
Valve finally released some information on their next Dota-2 themed digital card game, Artifact. Artifact is a very unique take on a digital card game as it has hero cards that respawn after death, three lanes of play, and items to buy and equip to creatures. The digital card game sure is crowded, but Valve seems more than ready to take on the challenge of entering the market.

The Daily Moot (3/9/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/9/18)

The Daily Moot (3/8/18)

1. Super Smash Bros is Coming to the Switch!
Well, the news is out, a new Super Smash Brothers game is coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2018! The announcement came at the end of a lackluster 30 minute long Nintendo Direct where they announced a handful of irrelevant and boring games (for the most part). Fans everywhere were either hoping for news on Pokémon or Super Smash, and their wishes came true. Now, we do not know when the game will come out or what the game entails, but we do know it is on the way. Thank you Nintendo for not letting us down! What are your thoughts on the Nintendo Direct? Let us know in the comments!
Bonus! Here is a silhouette of the characters. Can you name any?
2. PUBG 2018 Roadmap
PlayerUnknown released a lengthy statement today highlighting the 2018 roadmap for PUBG. The statement included aesthetic improvements, new content and gameplay, an emote system, new vehicles, stability, optimization, security, sound improvements, esports, custom games, and more! It was quite the statement to the community and hopefully the developers stick to their words and truly improve the overall game. It is no secret that PUBG has been surpassed by Fortnite as the most popular Battle Royale game, so hopefully this can help boost the game and give them a fighting chance in the BR relm.
3. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Confirmed
Activision confirmed today that Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 will be coming to PC, PS4, and Xbox on October 12th. There was not much released about the game besides that it will be a “game changing experience.” May 17th of this year will be the community reveal event where Activision will announce much more on the title and gives fans a good idea of what to expect. The game is the next chapter after COD: Black Ops 3, which is the best selling game in the entire COD series. Expect some big things from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4!
4. Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 is Coming
In today’s livestream of The Division State of the game announcement, it was confirmed that The Division 2 will indeed be created. We do not know the specifics of the game or when it will arrive, but the developers were saying they wanted to dive deeper into the exploration of The Division world. The first game initially did well, but took a nosedive a few months after the release; hopefully the next title will have a way to retain users! Expect more information at E3 this year in June.
5. H1Z1 is now Free to Play
Daybreak Games announced today that H1Z1 will now be free to play. Those who purchased the game will be given a significant reward called the “H1Z1 Appreciation Pack” from the development team which includes 10,000 skulls, 10 victory crates, and other cosmetic items. Going free to play after years of the game being premium could be a sign of panic from Daybreak Games as they are falling behind in a major way against the Battle Royale competition. Do you guys think H1Z1 will stay relevant in the Battle Royale scene? Let us know in the comments!

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The Daily Moot (3/8/18)

The Daily Moot (3/7/18)

1. Another Nintendo Direct is Coming!
Nintendo recently announced that there will be a Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow, March 8th. The company has stated the Direct will be giving more information on the upcoming title, Mario Tennis Aces, but there is absolutely going to something else involved in the presentation. The question is: what will they announce? Fans are expecting to hear something along the lines of Fire Emblem for the Switch, or maybe the release date for the upcoming Yoshi title. While some fans are hoping for a massive surprise such as details on the new Pokémon for Switch or even Super Smash Bros. What do you think will be announced?
2. Fortnite Battle Royale is Getting a 20-Player Squad Mode
Fortnite Battle Royale will be getting a limited time game mode where players team up in groups of 20 to take on four other 20 member teams, called Victory Royale. This is the first large team game mode since the 50v50 game mode that premiered at the end of last year. There is no specific release date for the new game mode as of now, but expect some news in the next couple of days or so. New and exciting game modes is just one of the ways Fortnite Battle Royale is the separating itself (in a good way) from PUBG.
3. Black Ops 4 Should be Coming Soon
Rumors and leaks have been popping up everywhere hinting that Black Ops 4 will be the next major Call of Duty title. A new rumor popped up yesterday as James Harden was wearing a hat featuring the Black Ops 4 logo when he arrived in Oklahoma City to take on the Thunder. Expect the game to be announced sometime in the near future and expect it to be developed by Treyarch, the company who developed the last three Black Ops games. Stay tuned for more information in the following weeks!
4. Rainbow Six: Siege Hits All Time High Players
The 2015 title, Rainbow Six: Siege, is making an unprecedented comeback in gaming as they just broke their all time high player count. Yesterday, it was reported there was a high of 176,000 players, which is up from last years high of just over 47,000 players. The all time high comes just one day after the newest update, Outbreak, where players fight off a parasitic infection in a remote town in New Mexico. It looks like Rainbow Six: Siege will be here to stay for a long time from now.
5. Final Fantasy XV is out on Steam
After over a full year, Final Fantasy XV is now available on Steam for $50. The game will feature free Half Life costumes if you purchase it anytime before May 1st. The game is a super fun RPG which takes you on an adventure through mystical fantasy worlds, so you should buy it now!

The Daily Moot (3/7/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/7/18)

The Daily Moot (3/6/18)

1. Far Cry 5's Map Editor is Insane
Far Cry 5’s map editor, aka Far Cry Arcade, is going the be the best map editor in any game to date. The concept of a map editor is simple, give players tools to create and environment and then populate the environment with enemies, items, and vehicles. The combinations are endless and have essentially no boundaries. The coolest part is that you will now be able to include items, vehicles, and enemies from almost any Ubisoft game ever made. Get ready to let your imagination run wild when the game is released on March 27th!
2. Fortnite is the Most Watched Game on Twitch
Fortnite has officially passed PUBG as the most watched game on Twitch, averaging over live 150,000 viewers at any given time. In the past two weeks alone, Twitch viewers have watched over 5,000 years of gameplay. That is insane! Fortnite is showing unprecedented growth in the video game sector as it now seems that literally everyone is playing the game. Check out the article to see more statistics on Fortnite’s incredible run!
3. The Witcher Crossover?
Geralt, the star from The Witcher franchise, will be a guest star in a new game coming out later this year! Marcin Momot, the community lead for CD Projekt Red, sent out a tweet hinting at the possibility of a crossover including Geralt. Many people are already suggesting he could be coming to Soulcalibur 6, Final Fantasy XV, or even Monster Hunter: World. The possibilities are endless. What game do you think Geralt will come to? Let us know in the comments!
4. Fortnite PS4 and PC Crossplay Still Works
Fortnite, the extremely popular game developed by Epic Games, is still able to be crossed over between PC and PS4. It is pretty cool that you can cross platforms, but it seems a bit unfair because whoever has the PC has a inherently large advantage. If you don’t mind the advantage and you want to play with your buddy but he has an alternative system, worry no more! Check out the link to learn exactly how to make it happen.
5. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Gets a New Map and Game Mode
Activision’s 2015 entry to the Call of Duty series, Black Ops 3, just received a major update including a new game mode and new map. The new game mode, Infected, includes one singular player who is infected and tries to infect the rest of the players until the horde includes everyone, or a non-infected player outlives the clock. The new map, Redwood Snow, is a snow covered version of the already existing map, Redwood. It is always fun and exciting to see game developers care for older games by updating game modes and maps.

The Daily Moot (3/6/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/6/18)

The Daily Moot (3/5/18)

1. Tekken Comes to Mobile
Tekken came out with “Tekken Mobile” last week for Android and iOS devices. The overall game is pretty solid as it features an RPG style level progression, in game treasures, and unlockable characters and items. However, the controls are a little wonky. Tapping on the left side of the screen blocks while tapping on the right side of the screen attacks, while holding the left or right side does a super block or super attack. While it is weird to see Tekken in the mobile gaming scene, it quite exciting to have it on the go at all times. Check out the full article from Kotaku to learn more about Tekken Mobile!
2. Ubisoft to Expand Division Team
Ubisoft is looking to add at least 25 people to their Massive Entertainment team, which is responsible for the popular shooter, The Division. Most of the people they want to bring on are designers, so we know he overall look of the game is set to get a large boost. In addition, the managing director, David Polfeldt, released a rumor saying there could be a sequel coming to The Division at some point in the future. Would this enough to bring back players to the “dead” game?
3. Monster Hunter: World to the Switch?
The studio that ported Skyrim to the Nintendo Switch, Iron Galaxy, has reached out to Capcom in an attempt to port Monster Hunter: World to the Switch. The CEO of Iron Galaxy, Adam Boyes, tweeted to Capcom in hopes of a response to proposition. Capcom has repeatedly stated that MHW is not coming to the Switch, but Iron Galaxy is hoping to change their mind. Hopefully Iron Galaxy is successful and does in fact bring Monster Hunter: World to the Switch!
4. Brigitte Tips & Tricks
The most recent character to come to Overwatch, Brigitte, is already making a major impact to the meta. Many players have learned how to play with Brigette and started using her as their main. If you are looking to learn more about Brigitte and how to effectively play as her, check out the link below from IGN!
The Palico event has finally come to a conclusion! Thank you to everyone who participated, we will announce the winners 3/7/18.
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The Daily Moot (3/5/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/5/18)

The Daily Moot (3/2/18)

1. PUBG’s Still has eSports Problem
Despite PUBG holding a star-studded tournament to the biggest names on Twitch, the game still will have a hard time becoming an esport. PUBG can be a very entertaining game to watch if players are trying to win, but when players are trying to not lose, it becomes boring. Due to the complete randomization of items dispersed around the map and lack of excitement in gameplay, there is no future in esports for PUBG. Until a drastic change is introduced to the battle royale survival style game, PUBG will remain stagnant.
2. ‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm’ Coming to Switch
The ‘Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm’ is making its way to the Nintendo Switch next month. The date is confirmed for April 26th in the UK, however, Bandai Namco North America has not disclosed the release date in the United States. The game will be available only digitally and will include a lot of DLC released for the original games. Stay tuned for more information on the game and when it will be released to the US.
3. ‘Far Cry 5’ Does not Include Loot Boxes, Includes Microtransactions
The long awaited AAA game, Far Cry 5, will not include loot boxes, however it will include microtransactions. The premium in-game content will include simply cosmetic items and time savers. The in game currency, Silver Bars, will also be included in the microtransactions, although it can be found around the map. We do not know the actual price of said premium items, but we will find out sooner rather than later. Hopefully this is not a repeat of microtransactions killing a game like the Battlefront 2 fiasco.
4. ‘Dragon Ball FighterZ’ One Month Later
Since its rough launch, Dragon Ball FighterZ has bounced back in a major way. The unique competitive fighting game has attracted players world wide from all backgrounds proving its worth day in and day out. The gameplay is very challenging, yet rewarding, and the overall look of the game is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. Dragon Ball FighterZ seems to be going nowhere, in fact it will be featured in this years EVO tournament. What are your guys thoughts on Dragon Ball FighterZ one month into its existence?
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The Daily Moot (3/01/18)

1. New Harry Potter RPG Trailer
‘Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery’ will be coming to Android and iOS devices sometime this spring. The developers of the game, Jam City, released the first trailer to give fans an inside scoop on what to expect later this year. The game takes you on a magical adventure through all kinds of danger and secrets as you explore the Harry Potter universe. Players are now able to pre register for the game giving them a notification the second the game is released to the world. Check out the link to see the full trailer and register!
2. Rainbow Six: Siege Makes Operators Easier to Unlock
Ubisoft is taking steps in the right direction in order to make Operators much easier to acquire. Starting on March 6th, all players will be able to play with any of the original 20 Operators without spending any Renown (R6S currency). In addition, all Renown costs will be removed from any prior or future attachments which will make it even easier to get Operators. Ubisoft is also implementing a handful of other updates which will increase overall gameplay. Click the link to learn more!
3. Nintendo not Focusing on Switch 2.0 at this Time
Nintendo is making it their goal to heavily focus on adding more peripherals to the Nintendo switch, rather than focus on updating its base hardware. In addition, they are also focusing on manufacturing and shipping to keep up with demand as well as adding more features to work with its USB Type-C port. Nintendo Switch’s birthday is coming up on March 3rd, so now is a good time to figure out what you are getting it for it’s birthday! 😉
4. Darwin Project Comes to Steam Next Week
The Hunger Games Style Battle game, Darwin Project, will be available on Steam next week on March 9th. The game has an interesting twist on Battle Royale style games where they allow viewers, aka Show Directors, to influence the game and what is happening in the environment. The game is designed to be watched just as much as it is played to create a chaotic environment. The game will go on sale next week starting at $15.
5. Fortnite 3.1.0 Goes Live
In the wake of the Jetpack being pushed back in Fortnite due to a last minute design flaw, Epic Games has filled the void with a different update. Update 3.1.0 brings new guns, new locations, tweaks to weapon drops, and more. The highlights of the update are definitely the Hunter Rifle as well as the new location called Lucky Landing which are exactly they sound like they are. Check the link to see what else is new in the update!
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The Daily Moot (3/01/18)
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The Daily Moot (3/01/18)

The Daily Moot (2/28/18)

1. H1Z1 Leaves Early Access with New Game Mode
H1Z1 has officially left Steam’s early access and surprised its fanbase with the brand new game mode, Auto Royale. Auto Royale consists of up to 30 teams of four people who drive around recklessly while picking up power-ups, new weapons, and fuel all while destroying the opposition. The game also introduced new weapons and cars such as the Light Machine Gun and the Armored Recon Vehicle. Leaving early access has brought many new features, mechanics, and weapons to the game, and has pushed H1Z1 to a point where they can once again compete with PUBG and Fortnite as the best Battle Royale game.
2. Overwatch New Hero Announcement
Overwatch took to Twitter today to officially announce the new hero coming to the arena, Brigitte. Brigitte is an armor-clad support character who specializes in defense and just so happens to be the offspring of Torbjörn. Brigitte is the 27th hero added to the Overwatch game and she seems to be a pretty solid option. We do not know when she will be released, all we were told was “soon”. Overwatch continues to innovate and update in order to keep the game as good as it can be.
3. Fortnite's Jetpack Delayed
Fortnite has made the decision to push back the launch of the Jetpack due to a last minute design issue. Instead, the game has decided to release the Hunter’s Rifle as well as a new “lucky point of interest on the map”. We do not know exactly how the Jetpack will work, but we do know that it is quite far along in development and should be ready to rock sometime next week. Until then, let me us know in the comments what you think the Jetpack will entail!
4. Bloodborne Available in the March PlayStation Plus Lineup
Bloodborne will be the headline of the PlayStation Plus lineup coming next month in March. Bloodborne initially released in 2015 and received extremely high praise from some of the most prestigious gaming companies. In addition, the PlayStation Plus lineup with include a handful of favorite from PS3 and PS Vita. Check out the link to see the entire list!
5. Super Mario Odyssey Could Receive More DLC
An executive at Nintendo told IGN in an interview that there could potentially be more DLC coming in the future. It is really a matter of someone coming up with a practical idea that would would work out in a game such as Super Mario Odyssey. The game recently had additional DLC which included new Mario outfits as well as a new game mode, Luigi’s Balloon World. Keep your eyes peeled for what is next in Super Mario Odyssey.
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The Daily Moot (2/28/18)

The Daily Moot (2/27/18)

1. Fortnite is Getting a Jetpack
Yeah, you read that right, a jetpack is coming to Fortnite to “take the fight to all new heights”! The announcement came via an in-game notification with not many supplementing details besides a yellow background which could possibly mean the item will be legendary. There is no specific time table for the release, but given how Epic Games usually announces Fortnite updates, we could see jetpacks in action in as little as a weeks time. Keep your eyes peeled for another update sometime this week on the release of jetpacks in Fortnite!
Oh and by the way, Fortnite also released a new game mode call “Solid Gold” where every weapon is legendary. This will only be available for a few days so get out there and battle!
2. ESRB Adds ‘In Game Purchases’ Labels to Games
After months of controversy, the ESRB will now be adding a new label to games telling the buyer if it includes in game purchases or not. The label isn’t necessarily for adults, rather it is to warn adults buying games for children. This seems to be one of the first real steps in reevaluating in-game purchases, specifically loot crates. What is next fur in game purchases in video games?
3. Rocket League Partners with WWE
Rocket League has announced a new partnership with the WWE which is set to include in-game crossovers as well as real life sponsorships. Expect to see some cool new items in the actual game of Rocket League, as well as seeing the game’s name posted all over anything WWE. We do not know exactly what we will see in the real life and the game regarding this sponsorship, but expect something big in the near future.
4. Planet of the Apes VR Game Announced
Planet of the Apes will be getting a VR game for HTC Vive and PlayStation VR on April 3rd. The game will be called “Crisis on the Planet of the Apes” where the players goes into the eyes of an ape to take on the human race. The game will be developed by Imaginati Studios. Is this something you guys would buy? Let me know in the comments!
5. Atari is Making a New Night Driver
After more than 40 years since the last Night Driver, Atari is set to release it again to iOS and Android devices. The game is currently available in the Canadian App Store where they are testing the waters to see how the market reacts. We do not know exactly when the game will be released in the United States, but hopefully it will be sometime this year. The game is developed by a U.K. company called Gameaholic.
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The Daily Moot (2/27/18)
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The Daily Moot (2/27/18)

The Daily Moot (2/26/18)

1. ‘Monster Hunter: World’ Continues to Grow
Monster Hunter: World has continued to be one of the best game in the past few years as it has now become the fastest selling game in Capcom’s ‘star-studded’ history. In only one month it has sold over six million copies across PlayStation and Xbox One consoles. A moderately large part of the games success is due to the ability to bring on new players and make them feel at home thanks to the ‘Adopt-a-Hunter’ program. Monster Hunter: World is an incredibly well-polished game which will only improve and become more successful as time goes on.
2. More Information about Hero 27
Overwatch has provided another sneak peak at what could possibly be the 27th hero in the Overwatch universe. This time, Overwatch tweeted out a picture of “Slaga v 3.0” which appears to be a new melee weapon which could potentially be for Hero 27. This teaser further points us in the direction of believing Hero 27 to be Torbjörn's daughter, Brigitte, due to what we learned in the last teaser from Overwatch’s Twitter account. Stay tuned for more information regard Hero 27’s true identity!
3. Executive Producer’s Statements on ‘Kingdom Come: Deliverance’
Martin Klima, Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s executive producer, has released statements saying he wished the team had more time to polish the game. Despite the game’s early success with over a million copies sold in less than two weeks time, Klima says the game has plenty room to grow and be better than it is at its current state. The title received a score of 84 from which is pretty good for a non-AAA game. Will you guys buy the game or will you steer away? Let us know in the comments!
4. PUBG PC Leaderboards Wiped Today
Today at 6:00PM Pacific time the PUBG PC leaderboards will be wiped says PUBG Corp.. The next season of multiplayer will be announced sometime in the near future but until then all matches will not be ranked. It seems as if this might be in direct correlation of the PUBG cheaters that have been the companies number one priority recently. As of now “99% of cheaters” have been permanently banned from competing in PUBG as the company vigorously works on getting all 100% of players banned.
5. Final Fantasy XV DLC Coming in 2019
Square Enix recently announced that there are four more DLC updates coming to Final Fantasy XV and all of them are most likely coming in 2019. It is interesting to see the company putting all of their efforts into updating Final Fantasy XV instead of focusing on creating Final Fantasy XVI at some point this year or next. Regardless, it is nice to know that Square Enix is taking their time to ensure quality in the upcoming DLC, rather than decreasing the quality in order to have everything release sooner.

The Daily Moot (2/26/18)
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The Daily Moot (2/26/18)

The Daily Moot (2/23/18)

1. New Overwatch Hero?
Overwatch recently released a cryptic message via Twitter that is most likely hinting at “Hero 27”. The message details a combat engagement titled “Operation White Dome” which involves the heroes Captain Ana Amari, Lieutenant Reinhardt Wilhelm, and Chief Engineer Torbjörn Lindholm. However, there is one name listed in the bunch called “Private First Class Emre Sarioglu” which is unfamiliar to Overwatch fans. Could this be the name of the next hero? Probably. This tactic is nothing new for Blizzard as they teased us in a very similar way with Hero 24, Orisa. Hopefully Emre Sarioglu is indeed the next hero!
2. Color Blind Players are Concerned with Rainbow Six: Siege New Operator
Oliver “Lion” Flament, a new operator in Rainbow Six: Siege, is drawing some concerns from colorblind players. One of Lion’s abilities involves a drone that can detect movement in hostile areas by highlighting the player in a red aura, which is practically invisible to colorblind folk. The Ubisoft dev team has been notified of the issue and is currently working on a patch, but the patch has no timeline. Ubisoft has ignored gaming issues relating to colorblind players in Rainbow Six: Siege since the dawning of the game. It would be nice to see the patch come out sooner rather than later.
3. Nintendo Wins Big at DICE Awards
Nintendo had a huge night at the DICE Awards last night where they took home a plethora of awards including the most prestigious award, ‘Game of the Year’ for ‘The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’. Other big winners included were games such as Cuphead, PUBG, and Snipperclips, but they didn’t even come close to Nintendo. Check out the full list of winner by clicking the link below!
4. League of Legends Loot Crate Drop Rates
Riot recently officially published the drop rates for Hextech chests in League of Legends. Hextech chests contain in-game items and can be earned through gameplay or purchased directly. Check out the drop rates below:
- Skin Shard—50 percent.
- Champion Shard—25 percent.
- Emote Permanent—10 percent.
- Ward Skin Shard + 150 Bonus Orange Essence—11.5 percent.
- Summoner Icon Shard + 150 Bonus Orange Essence—3.5 percent.
Click the link for more information regarding drop rates in Hextech chests!
5. MLB Home Run Derby Virtual Reality
A new home run virtual reality simulator has been made to put you in the position of a Major League Baseball player participating in the Home Run Derby. The player is put into a batting cage where they strap up a virtual reality headset and wield a weighty plastic bat in order to hit some Major League dingers. The game has been brought to events around the world in order to have users test it out and get a feel for what the final product will include. The game is set to release this spring for PlayStation VR as well as the HTC Vive.

The Daily Moot (2/23/18)
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The Daily Moot (2/23/18)

The Daily Moot (2/22/18)

1. Fortnite Season 3 is LIVE
Fortnite season three has officially been released to the public and is well underway. However, there were some bumps in the road early on which caused the servers to be taken offline for three hours so Epic Games could fix the problem. Nevertheless, the servers are back up and things are going swimmingly. Season three includes a variety of new cosmetics from outer space, “turbo building” mode, as well as a feature to automatically switch your materials upon running out of another. In addition, Fortnite is now capable to run at 60 fps on console to make the game look even more beautiful. Epic Games is doing exceedingly well with providing consistent updates and keeping the fan base happy.
2. Rocket League Tournament Beta is Available Now
The Rocket League tournament beta will be live for the next few days to give players a taste of what will be available sometime in the spring. So far everything seems to be performing as promised even though it takes quite a long time for everything to load (that is to be expected in a beta). There a still a few things missing such as chatting with participants and an option to spectate a tournament once you lose, but overall it’s nice. It will be exciting to see what the final product looks like!
3. Super Mario Odyssey DLC is Live
Super Mario Odyssey released their new and exciting DLC today. The DLC includes a new game mode with Mario's brother, Luigi, call “Luigi’s Balloon World”. In the game mode, you essentially play hide and seek with random balloons hidden in a condensed area. The more balloons you find, the higher up you rank on the leaderboard. In addition, a handful of new Mario costumes have been released, including the fan favorite ‘Dark Souls’ costume. Keep the cool content coming Nintendo!
4. Warcraft 3 gets Major Patch
In the wake of rumors for a remastered version of Warcraft 3, Blizzard has implemented a major patch which includes hero balancing, widescreen support, and 24 player lobbies for custom games. The developers hinted again at a remastered version coming to consoles by saying this patch is the last patch for to supports Windows XP. A remastered version for current consoles would definitely bring in a widespread audience of individuals.
5. Bungie’s Updated Plan for Destiny 2
Bungie announced today that the initial plan to improve Destiny 2 has been altered with certain features being pushed back to make sure they are done properly. It is great that Bungie is trying to ensure quality in the updates, but it seems as if they are running out of time. By the time Bungie finalizes all of the updates it simply will be too little and too late to bring back the fanbase.
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The Daily Moot (2/22/18)
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The Daily Moot (2/22/18)

The Daily Moot (2/21/18)

1. New Rocket League DC Super Heroes DLC
On March 5th, Rocket League will be getting a new DLC filled with everything DC Super Heroes. The pack, priced at $4, will include two brand new versions of the Batmobiles as well as the following:
- Aquaman -- Decal (Breakout), and Player Banner
- Batman -- Decal (Paladin), and Player Banner
- Cyborg -- Decal (Roadhog), and Player Banner
- Flash -- Speed Force Boost, Wheels, Decal (Venom), and Player Banner
- Green Arrow -- Decal (Hotshot), and Player Banner
- Green Lantern -- Decal (Merc), and Player Banner
- Superman -- Decal (Octane), and Player Banner
- Wonder Woman -- Wheels, Decal (X-Devil), and Player Banner
- DC Comics -- Player Banner
All of the new content looks incredibly cool especially the Wonder woman wheels and decal on the X-Devil. Will you guys be buying the DC Super Hero DLC? Let us know in the comment section below!
Here is the full trailer:
2. New PUBG Loot Crates
The PUBG developers have added two new loot crates to the game as well as some updates to the ‘PUBG economy’. The first new crate is called the ‘Fever Crate’ and it will include a handful of retro style cosmetics; while the second crate will include traditional combat gear, called the ‘Militia Crate’. In addition, the ‘Fever Crate’ will be a premium crate which requires players to purchase a key in order to reveal what is inside. Check out the link to read more about the updates and to see some of the new items!
3. Metal Gear Survive is a Slow Grind
Metal Gear Survive, the side story to Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes, features a customizable mercenary who must do anything in his power to save survivors and return home. Most of the game features your character running around in a barren wasteland in order to find ways to survive in the apocalyptic environment. With supplies such as guns and ammunition are scarce, you must determine the most efficient way to use your resources in order to be successful. The game is a slow, yet fun, RPG that is indeed not for everyone. Check out the full review by Heather Alexandra from by clicking the link below!
4. Everything We Know and Don’t Know about Nintendo’s Premium Service
Nintendo Switch’s premium service is somewhere on the horizon and arriving soon. We do not know everything about what it will have to offer, but we do know some vital information. The premium service will be called ‘Nintendo Switch Online’ and will be able to be purchased in increments of one month ($3.99), three months ($7.99), or a full year ($19.99). The service will include a handful of classic games such as ‘Super Mario Bros. 3’ and ‘Balloon Fight ’which can be played by any of the buyers. However, there are still many questions to be answered about Nintendo Switch Online such as: What does this mean for the Virtual Console? How many classic games will be available? Will the service be available everywhere? For now, it looks like we will have to wait and find out sometime in the future!
5. Tips for Playing ‘Subnautica’
Subnautica, an underwater expedition game, has gained relevance recently for its mysterious gameplay and aesthetically pleasing graphics. The game is challenging yet rewarding, but it can be quite frustrating swimming in circles for hours on end. Thankfully, Kotaku has provided a handful of tips to help you enjoy Subnautica as much as possible. The tips are as follows:
- Scan everything
- Read your PDA to advance the story
- You swim faster with nothing equipped
- Food and water don’t tick down if you're sitting in a chair
- Pass the time in a bed
- You can throw things away in a trash can
Check out all of the tips for you to learn by visiting the article below!

The Daily Moot (2/21/18)
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The Daily Moot (2/21/18)

The Daily Moot (2/20/18)

1. ‘Rainbow Six: Siege’ Will not get a Sequel
Although Rainbow Six: Siege started off slow, the game is proving to be worthy with its recent success. The developers are claiming there will not be a sequel to the game as R6: Siege is intended to stick around for another 10 years or so. There are plans to release at least 100 total operators into the game (36 currently with eight coming soon) over the span of the title’s lifetime. R6: Siege is one of the greatest comeback stories in video game history as it now has reached a total of 27 million players according to Ubisoft. Expect big things for Rainbow Six: Siege in the year of 2018 and for many years to come!
2. Can Playing Video Games be Beneficial?
In a recent study done by the University of Electronic Science and Technology of China in Chengdu, researchers came to the conclusion that playing one hour of League of Legends can positively affect brain activity. Although the sample size was quite small at 29 players, there was a wide variety of players in terms of skill level and amount of time played who were included in the study. In the wake of the “Gaming Disorder” news, it is quite pleasant to see the media isn’t only focusing on the “negatives” of gaming. Check out the link to see the full study on why gaming can be beneficial!
3. Fortnite’s Season 3 Battle Pass Revealed
Fortnite’s newest Battle Pass contents have been revealed and they surely will not disappoint. The upcoming theme is (drumroll please!): SPACE! That’s right, the newest cosmetics coming to season three of Fortnite will take you and your squad to space. So far, only the space suit has been revealed but expect some other awesome gear to come out in the near future. We do not know exactly when the battle pass will be released but it could come as early as February 21st, the day after season two is over. It is time to prepare for liftoff as Fortnite’s space cosmetics are right around the corner!
4. A New PUBG Map is Coming in March
The developers of PUBG have been spending 100% of their efforts locating and banning cheaters worldwide. Due to this issue, there have been many setbacks in the advancements and updates to the actual game of PUBG. But have no fear! The shiny new updates are just around the corner which are set to include gameplay enhancements as well as a brand new map that will be announced in March. To see the entire plan for the future of PUBG, check out the article by
5. H1Z1 Continues to Struggle
It was not too long ago when H1Z1 was consistently the third most popular game on Steam with an average of 86k players per hour. It seems the tides have changed as today the game is struggling to even break the top 50 games on Steam, or even break 10k concurrent players per day, according to data analysts from GitHyp. The competition, PUBG and Fortnite, is getting the best of H1Z1 and taking up a large majority of the ‘Battle Royale’ market share. Despite the game’s recent struggles, they are still set to announce the 15 teams that will participate in the ‘H1Z1 Pro League’ which is set to kick off sometime in the first quarter of 2018. Will the game ever get back to where it once was?

The Daily Moot (2/20/18)
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The Daily Moot (2/20/18)

The Daily Moot (2/16/18)

1. For PUBG, 99% of Accounts That Were Banned for Cheating are From China
We previously mentioned the drop in player base that PUBG has recently been suffering from. News is surfacing revolving around the banning of many cheating accounts in PUBG. In January of this year, one million accounts were banned for cheating in PUBG and another ban wave is incoming. BattlEye, PUBG’s anti-cheat detection system provider, recently stated that 99% of the cheating accounts banned were from China.
Tencent has announced they are creating a Chinese server for PUBG players and are planning on making sure cheating software does not slip through their systems.
Maybe this huge surge and removal of cheaters is the reason for PUBG’s active player base dropping steadily...
2. System Shock, a Kickstarter Game Backed by $1.35 million, Goes on Hiatus
The expansive project of Nightdive Studios, System Shock, is going on hiatus after almost two years of ‘public development’. Their kickstarter campaign launched in 2016 and reached $1.35 million in funding, beating out their $900k goal. System Shock was deemed a remake of the game’s 1994 version, with many backers extremely passionate about the developers and their project.
But things started to shift in different directions. CEO Stephen Kick stated: "We moved from a Remaster to a completely new game. We shifted engines from Unity to Unreal, a choice that we don’t regret and one that has worked out for us. With the switch we began envisioning doing more, but straying from the core concepts of the original title."
Development will be paused for the near future, but Kick and Nightdive Studios promise to release a finished game.
3. For Honor Getting a Much Needed Game Mode
An event has been added to For Honor called ‘Apollyon’s Legacy’ which consists of a new co-op game mode called ‘Test Your Metal’. This game mode assembles a team of four players to fight off waves of bosses, with each wave increasing in difficulty.
Apollyon’s Legacy is live NOW and is going on until March 8th.
Here’s a trailer for more information:
4. What if Overwatch was a fighting game? 🤑
This needs no explanation. An awesome rendition of Overwatch with a fighting game layout, similar to what you would see in a Mortal Kombat or Street Fighter game.
Check it out!
(Made by TGN)
5. Free PS4, Xbox One, and PC Games to Play Over the Weekend
There are a bunch of free-to-play events going on this weekend for many popular game titles. Here’s a list for you to enjoy. Hopefully you find something you haven’t played yet and give it a try!
(These are all free-to-play this weekend, though some require PS Plus or Xbox Gold to play)
- Rainbow Six Siege
- Overwatch
- Metal Gear Survive (beta)
- PS Plus members get a free Fortnite item pack too!
Xbox One:
- Rainbow Six Siege
- Overwatch (Requires Gold)
- NBA 2K18
- Metal Gear Survive (beta)
- Assasins Creed Chronicles: India (Games w/ Gold)
- Crazy Taxi (Games w/ Gold)
- Rainbow Six Siege
- Overwatch
- Dungeons 2 (only on GOG)
- Civilization IV: Complete Edition (Twitch Prime Members)
- Metal Gear Survive (beta)

The Daily Moot (2/16/18)
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The Daily Moot (2/16/18)

The Daily Moot (2/15/18)

1. CD Projekt Red, Makers of The Witcher 3, Respond to the Loot Box Controversy
With controversy continually stirring around the loot box fiasco, CD Projekt Red remains a shining star of hope for players who do not want to pay for additional cosmetic and/or beneficial items that may harm the ecosystem of a game. Co-founder Marcin Iwiński stated that “if you buy a full price game, you should get a big, polished piece of content, which gives you many, many hours of fun gameplay.” The Witcher 3 focuses on addons and DLC, which may seems like ‘snipped’ pieces of content should be in the base game, but really adds an extensive story line with much depth and items that enhance a single player experience for a very minimal cost.
2. Steam Lunar Sale 2018
Speaking of The Witcher 3, it’s on sale! (Btw, this is not sponsored; it’s just a really great game)
Notable Mentions of Sales:
- Witcher 3: $19.99 USD @ 60% off
- Nioh: $34.99 USD @ 30% off
- Tekken 7: $24.99 USD @ 50% off
- Pyre: $9.99 USD @ 50% off
- Left 4 Dead 2: $1.99 USD @ 90% off (great buy)
- Undertale: $4.99 USD @ 50% off
- Planet Coaster: $11.24 USD @ 75% off
- Cities: Skyline: $7.49 USD @ 75% off
- Okami HD: $13.99 @ 30% off
You can check out the rest of the games on sale here:
3. Ajit Pai, Chairman of the FCC, is Under Investigation Over a $3.9 Billion Media Deal
Net Neutrality news is back! We won’t get too political on the topic, but it affects every gamer and general media consumer as well, so it’s definitely a topic we should touch on. Besides, there’s interesting news about Ajit Pai participating in a $3.9 billion dollar deal with Sinclair Broadcasting while they were negotiating to buy Tribune Media. Back in 2017, Pai and the FCC approved of a set of rules that allowed television broadcasters to increase the amount of stations they can own. Following two weeks after these rules were set in place, the acquisition of Tribune Media by Sinclair Broadcasting took place.
The FCC inspector general is currently investing Pai in suspicion that he was involved in the deal. We’re unsure if anything will come of the investigation, but it will definitely raise some eyebrows revolving Pai’s siding with the ISP’s around Net Neutrality.
4. Kingdom Come Deliverance Has Sold Nearly 500k Copies
Having only released two days ago on February 13th, Kingdom Come Deliverance has sold 100,000 retail copies and over 300,000 Steam copies (SteamSpy), peaking at 75,000 concurrent players on Steam. The game is currently placed as the top-selling game on Steam and is gaining very positive reviews. If you’re into medieval combat RPG’s, you’ll definitely enjoy the interesting mechanics and immersive story that Kingdom Come Deliverance has to offer.

The Daily Moot (2/15/18)
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The Daily Moot (2/15/18)

The Daily Moot (2/14/18)

This mobile game has tried to break into the mainstream esports scene in the past. Will it be successful with this update?
1. Vainglory Introduces 5v5 Game Mode
Vainglory, the popular mobile MOBA title developed by Super Evil Mega Corp, recently launched a major update that would allow players to battle 5v5 like your other popular MOBA titles, notably League of Legends. This update will keep the three-lane-map experience, online performance, and frame rate the same while adding four additional players. 3v3 matches will still be allowed with this update.
For esports lovers, Super Evil Mega Corp will integrate the 5v5 game mode this April into their esports program, including the regular season of Vainglory Premier League. The format will be a double-round-robin with playoffs at the end of the season. World Champions will be determined by a single relegation tournament and regional championships.
Vainglory is F2P and can be downloaded for iOS and Android devices.
2. CD Projekt Red Unveils Gwent Draft Arena, a New Draft-Based Game Mode
The new Gwent draft mode will allow players to build a deck with no restrictions on card factions, rarity, or duplicate cards. Once players construct their decks they will face down Gaunter O’Dimm, the boss. Rewards will be based on how many wins you get before losing 3 times, with a guaranteed legendary card for those who get 9 wins, which is the maximum.
It makes us incredibly excited to see Gwent introducing an arena mode, but.... it also makes us more than a bit sad that we won’t get to play against other players and their drafted decks. Maybe it will be as fun as Hearthstone’s dungeon run is, but we're skeptical that it will have the staying power, especially if we play every match against the same boss.
3. Supercell, the Company Behind Clash Royale, Reports 810 Million in Profit for 2017
Supercell, the company behind popular mobile games like Clash of Clans and Clash Royale, has reported their financial figures for 2017 and they’re pretty impressive. Even though they did not release a new game last year, they still brought in 2 Billion in revenue and 810 Million in profit. Supercell is owned by the Chinese company Tencent, who will be happy with those numbers. Supercell's long term focus on creating sustainable games will continue as we move into the rest of 2018. Fans are hoping for a full release of Brawl Stars or even an unannounced title to be released some time this year. We'll have to wait and see.
4. Senator Calls on ESRB to Reconsider Loot Boxes
A Democratic senator from New Hampshire has called on the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, or ESRB, to start accounting for microtransactions when rating games. ESRB ratings are the famous ‘T for Teen’ or ‘M for Mature’ that we all know. The senator, Maggie Hassan, says “as technology advances, ESRB must work to keep pace with new gaming trends, including the in-game microtransactions and predatory gaming tactics, particularly as they are deployed on minors.” In October the ESRB said they did not consider loot boxes to be gambling because the player always got something out of the purchase, equating them to buying a pack of trading cards.
5. “Predatory” Loot Boxes Could be Banned for Minors in Hawaii
Hawaii’s very own Democrat Chris Lee has helped introduce a pair of bills that would limit the sale of video games with “gambling mechanisms” in Hawaii. The first bill is HB2686 which talks about video game’s “predatory mechanisms”. Mechanisms such as loot boxes promote users to pay money for a chance at winning something within the game. In the document, it notes how digital stores exists as a way for players to sell in-game items to cash out their winnings, similar to gambling at a casino.
HB2727 is the other bill which includes the same text, but goes on to say how video games should enclose the odds of obtaining certain items. If this law passes, Hawaii’s Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs, could access probability rates to ensure data is accurate through audits. At this time, lawmakers in Washington and several other states have put forth similar bills.

The Daily Moot (2/14/18)
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The Daily Moot (2/14/18)