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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/16/19)

1. Pokemon Reveals a Ranked Mode for Sword and Shield!
Happy Friday Mooties! In this week's episode of Moot Points we talk about the new Pokemon Ranked Mode, the new TFT Patch, and Dota 2's The International 2019. Let's dive in!
2. Epic Games Addresses Concerns About the B.R.U.T.E.
By now we’ve all heard complaints about the B.R.U.T.E., the new mech introduced to Fortnite with Season X. Many players feel the B.R.U.T.E. is too strong and hinders competitive integrity, but Epic doesn’t feel the same way. In a blog post shared this morning, Epic Games defended the introduction of the mech by saying it provides gives some players a chance to get a few kills or even a win. Apparently, there are on average only 5 or 6 kills per game with a B.R.U.T.E., meaning it is not too strong. Thoughts?
3. Tencent’s New Overwatch-esque Mobile Game
Tencent, a giant Chinese game publisher, has just released Ace Force into open beta. Ace Force is a team hero shooter, just like Overwatch, with a cartoon-ish art style. There’s only so much design space when trying to create a roster of a few dozen unique characters, so it’s no surprise to see several things that remind us Overwatch. From the trailer alone, we see some rocket barrages, some sniping, and someone who looks to be piloting a mech. Ace Force is available for both Android and iOS phones.
4. Bungie is Making Changes to Destiny 2’s PvP
Since splitting from Blizzard-Activision earlier this year, Bungie is taking stock of all aspects of Destiny 2. In a blog post this morning, franchise director Luke Smith outlined several changes Bungie will make to the game’s Player vs Player systems in the near future. The Quickplay and Competitive playlists will be replaced by more specific ones. Some maps will be cycled out of the map rotation and replaced by original maps like Widow’s Court and Twilight Gap. Finally, there’s a slight tease that Trials may even come back in the future, which we think Destiny fans would love.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/15/19)

1. The International 2019 Begins, Prize Pool at $33 Million
Dota 2’s biggest tournament of the year is officially under way. The International is famous for crowdsourcing its prize pool; Valve offers in-game cosmetics for Dota players to buy to support the tournament. This year’s prize pool just hit $33 million, making it the largest esports prize pool ever. Each player on the winning team will now take home at least $3 million dollars.
2. Epic Apologizes for Selling a New Dog
Epic Games has apologized for releasing Gunner, a new pet dog for Fortnite that looked too similar to Bonesy. Bonesy is from a previous Battle Pass and was supposed to be an exclusive reward. Epic is refunding everyone who purchased Gunner, plus an additional 200 V-bucks. If you have already refunded Gunner, you’ll also get the extra V-bucks plus you’ll get a Refund Token that can be used on eligible items purchased in the last 30 days.
3. Apex Legends Toys Coming Soon
Some cool Apex Legends toys will be coming out by the end of this year. There will be two types of Apex Legends toys. The larger figures are 9 inches tall and use the actual game’s 3D models so they’re accurate to the game. The smaller vinyl figures, on the other hand, are a bit more stylized but they still look sweet. As far as prices, the big figures are $100 and the smaller ones are only $30.
4. Future of Magic: the Gathering Esports
Wizards of the Coast announced yesterday sweeping changes to the Organized Play aspect of Magic: the Gathering. Magic started as a tabletop card game over 25 years ago, but within the last year the game has found success digitally as well. This means the company must reimagine and redefine how players can compete in events and tournaments in their aspirations to become pro. You can read about all the changes below.
5. Echo Fox is Officially Leaving the LCS
Echo Fox will not be in the 2020 League of Legends LCS after a proposed sale of the team fell through this morning. Now, Riot Games will take over the process of selling the team’s slot in their league. Echo Fox is being pushed out of the LCS because of a public dispute between Rick Fox and a shareholder named Amit Raizada after Raizada used a racist slur in a conversation with former CEO Jace Hall. Raizada has refused to relinquish his shares in the team and Riot Games as a result has been forced to remove Echo Fox from the LCS.
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/14/19)

1. Retail Row is Back in Business!
The first big update to Fortnite Season X brought back Retail Row, but it didn’t come alone. The Fiends from last year’s Halloween event are here to party as well. Fiends won’t spawn anywhere but Retail Row, nor can they leave the area. The other big change in the new update is another reduction to BRUTE spawn rates.
2. DreamHack Anaheim Announced for February 2020
Dreamhack just announced their first event ever to take place on the US West Coast. Dreamhack Anaheim will take place from February 21-23, 2020 at the Anaheim Convention Center. The event, like all Dreamhack events, will feature professional tournaments across several titles. There will also be cosplay contests, musical performances, and activities for all attendees.
3. Epic Games Annoys Fortnite Players with a Dog
If you were to look at the Fortnite item shop today you may see a familiar face. Season 6 introduced wearable pets to Fortnite via the battle pass. Bonesy, an adorable dog with a scarf and a smile, was one of these pets. There’s now a new dog, called Gunner, in the item shop who looks almost identical to Bonesy. Some players are annoyed that Epic is selling what was effectively an exclusive item, others are annoyed there are now 2 items that basically indistinguishable, and finally some players are probably stoked because they missed out on their chance to buy Bonesy.
4. No Man’s Sky’s BEYOND Update is Here
BEYOND is an update for No Man’s Sky that is large enough to justify the use of capitalization. We’ve talked about it before, but this update is MASSIVE. Skimming the patch notes we see that new features include: VR Support, increased multiplayer party size, improved missions and tutorials, improved interactions between players, a new social hub, (more) new missions, new technology trees, gameplay balances, … oh my goodness the list goes on and on. Read the full patch notes at the link below.
5. Artwork for Cancelled Batman Game Leaks
A heap of concept art has leaked on 4chan that looks to be from a cancelled Damian Wayne Batman game. Right off the rip we should clarify this leak could be fake, however the images are pretty convincing. The game was supposed to be a sequel to Arkham Knight, which released in 2013. Based on the concept art, the game was to be set in a darker, rundown version of Gotham City. Instead of this game, rumors suggest Rocksteady is developing a ‘superhero creation game.’

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/13/19)

1. Overwatch Role Queue is now Live!
Rejoice (or despair) Overwatch fans! Role Queue is now available on live servers. Sigma also comes to the game today, so there’s tons of new goodies to explore. Today’s patch also tweaks tons of heroes as the game is due to change dramatically. Notably, Brigitte is now much more of a healer than she is a healer/tank hybrid. What do you think about Role Queue?
2. Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.16 Notes
The first major patch comes to Teamfight Tactics tomorrow, introducing FOUR new champions and one new Origin. All of the new champions are Hextech, which is a rather unique origin; when you have multiple Hextech units you will throw a bomb at an enemy equipped with an item. The bomb then detonates and disables all enemy items in a small radius for 8 seconds. There are also TONS of changes to champions, matchmaking, and more so check out the full patch notes below! Also, check out the Teamfight Tactics lounge here on Moot!
3. Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection Event Starts Today
The Iron Crown Collection event brings a new solos mode and much more to Apex Legends. There is a new special currency called Crowns that will be used to unlock event specific items. There are also tons of new cosmetics including several incredibly sweet skins. There is even a new Heirloom item called Raven’s Bite for Bloodhound. You can unlock Bloodhound’s Heirloom set via direct purchase once you have obtained all 24 Iron Crown Collection Event Pack items, whatever that exactly means.
4. Destiny 2 Looks to Change their Microtransactions
Bungie recently split from Blizzard-Activision and as a result the development studio is relooking at many of Destiny 2’s systems. A blog post today from the Destiny franchise director explored microtransactions in the game and how Bungie looks to improve them moving forward. In the future, Bungie hopes to split cosmetics from gameplay as much as possible. Playing and grinding the game will reward you with weapons, power, mods, perks, stats, titles, and more. Spending money is how you’ll get ornaments, shaders, ships, emotes, and more. Seems like a good plan, Bungie.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/12/19)

1. Ninja VS Twitch!
Happy Monday! This weekend was a crazy one for Ninja: Twitch used his channel to promote other streamers, meanwhile he was busy giving out his phone number to all of his millions of fans! We also look at everything going on on Moot this week.
2. Minecraft’s Graphics Overhaul is Cancelled
Back at E3 2017, Mojang announced the Super Duper Graphics Pack for Minecraft. The Super Duper Graphics Pack was intended to bring stunning improvements to Minecraft’s graphics, but after two years of development Mojang has announced they’re cancelling the project. Apparently, the studio has not been happy with how the updated graphics have been performing across the different platforms Minecraft is on.
3. Fortnite World Champ Gets Swatted During a Livestream
The Fortnite Solos World Champion ‘Bugha’ got swatted during a livestream this weekend. Luckily nobody was hurt. Swatting is the act of calling the police to someone else’s house. It is extremely dangerous and reckless, as it wastes resources plus puts lives in danger. A 2017 swatting ended with the death of an innocent party plus a 20-year prison sentence for the person responsible. People, don’t do this.
4. Epic Reduces Mech Spawn Rates; Is it Enough?
This weekend Epic reduced spawn rates for the BRUTE mechs, but is it enough? It seems that the core of the issue for most players in the strength of the BRUTE, not the frequency at which it spawns. Fortnite’s Championship Series start next week and it looks like the BRUTE will be available in those incredibly important matches.
5. Ubisoft Removes DLC Content from The Division 2
Last month Ubisoft introduced Expeditions to The Division 2. The DLC missions were designed to be a rotating experience, except now they’re rotating out of existence. Something in Ubisoft’s plan didn’t come together fully, and they said they’re removing the Expeditions until they can bring them back with more replayability. In theory that sounds nice, but it’s a mega bummer for people who haven’t got a chance to clear the Expeditions yet because there’s an exotic rifle called The Diamondback that is rewarded to all players who complete the missions.
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/9/19)

1. Rocket League Crates Are Going Away! Are Loot Boxes DOOMED?! (Moot Points Episode 65)
2. Discord Reveals ‘Go Live’ Feature
Discord has just revealed a new feature called ‘Go Live’ that will enable you to stream to up 10 friends. While that sounds laughable given the larger context of the Twitch vs Mixer debate where streamers like Ninja are moving to new platforms for millions of dollars and thousands of viewers, this is actually kind of a big deal. Most streamers have incredibly small audiences comprised of mostly friends. In fact, this is closer to screensharing than it is even to streaming. The feature launches next week.
3. ESPN Delays Airing Apex Legends Tournament
After the tragic events that occurred in El Paso, Texas and Dayton, Ohio this past weekend ESPN has decided to delay airing the X-Games Apex Legends tournament. The tournament also took place last weekend and ESPN was planning on airing highlights from the X Games event. Now, that hour long special won’t air on television until October 6th. You can still watch the entire event on ESPN 3 or the ESPN esports YouTube channel.
4. No Man’s Sky Will Support 32 Player Co-Op
We’ve told you BEYOND will be a massive update to No Man’s Sky, but we’re still learning the exact scope of massiveness involved. Sean Murray, the head of Hello Games, has revealed more information about next week’s update including the fact that you can play with up to 31 friends! BEYOND is introducing The Nexus, a massive social hub to connect with other players. There will also be comprehensive VR support and tons of new or expanded game mechanics. BEYOND will be free to all No Man’s Sky players on August 14th.
5. Epic Games Pledges Loot Box Transparency Across All Games
Earlier this year, Epic Games turned Loot Llamas in Fortnite Save The World into X-Ray Llamas that reveal all of their contents before the point of purchase. Earlier this week, Epic and Psyonix announced they were removing crates from Rocket League. Earlier this day, Epic Games announced they will continue to be transparent across all titles in the future. This matches statements shared by other companies like Microsoft, EA, and Ubisoft who have all also promised to be transparent with loot box odds.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/8/19)

1. Borderlands 3: FL4K Character Trailer
Borderlands has revealed another new character from the upcoming game FL4K is an AI with three pet companions who help him hunt his foes. The “beastmaster hunter” design space is nothing new, but that’s okay because it can be a very satisfying play experience if executed properly. Check out the trailer below to see some of FL4K and his beasts in action. Borderlands 3 releases on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia on September 13th.
2. No Man’s Sky BEYOND Launch Trailer
BEYOND is a massive update for No Man’s Sky that looks to bring both VR and social multiplayer to the game. Initially, the features in BEYOND were split into three separate updates but over time the studio realized their virtual reality, multiplayer, and social systems were all too interconnected to split. We still don’t know everything about BEYOND, but we know it comes out on August 14th and we know it looks gorgeous in the launch trailer.
3. Is Death Stranding Still a PS4 Exclusive?
On PlayStation’s website, Death Stranding used to be listed as a PS4 exclusive. That makes perfect sense because we’ve known the game was going to be exclusive to the platform, except now Death Stranding isn’t listed as an exclusive. Some fans are speculating this means the game is going to come to PC. Another, perhaps more likely take, is that this means Death Stranding will be coming to the PlayStation FIVE and thus won’t be ‘exclusive’ to the PS4. Thoughts?
4. Police Investigate Threats Made Against Twitch Offices
The San Francisco Police Department has been investigating multiple threats made against Twitch’s San Francisco headquarters. Reportedly, Twitch staff were asked to work from home yesterday for their own safety. Apparently, the threat originated from Twitter, although the police have not shared more than that. As of today the SFPD have said there is not an active threat at the Twitch offices.
5. Unrailed! Release Date Trailer
Unrailed! Is a multiplayer game where you cooperate with friends to build a train track across procedurally generated worlds. Based on the trailer, it feels like Overcooked or some other co-op game that is fun on the surface until it totally destroys every meaningful relationship in your life. Joy! You can also play against friends in some sort of versus mode. Unrailed! Comes to Steam Early Access on September 9th.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/7/19)

1. Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer Reveals New Info
Nintendo released a new trailer for the upcoming Sword and Shield games, showing off new Pokemon, evolutions, and villians. The new bad guys are Team Yell, a group of punks that wear pink and follow a young goth girl named Marnie. You can watch the entire trailer below for more info. Pokemon Sword and Shield release this November 15th for the Nintendo Switch.
2. Rocket League is Moving Away from a Crate System
One of the things Rocket League is known for is crates and the in-game cosmetics they offer. Rocket League crates are easy to acquire, but the keys to open them cost $1 USD each (if you buy 5 or more at once.) Now that Psyonix has been acquired by Epic Games the company is choosing to move toward a more modern approach; you will be able to view the exact items you are purchasing in advance, similar to Fortnite’s Save the World mode.
3. Anthem Releases Cataclysm Update
After several delays, the Cataclysm activity is now available to Anthem players. Cataclysm was added with this week’s 1.3.0 patch. BioWare describes Cataclysm as a mode that evolves over time and encourages players to work as a team. Despite those impressive sounding goals, apparently the mode has been less than impressive to those who got their hands on it early. Update 1.3.0 also introduced tons of balance changes, which you can read about in the article below.
4. Final WoW Classic Test Run Starts Tomorrow
World of Warcraft Classic isn’t set to release for another 3 weeks, but you’ll be able to participate in the final test run starting tomorrow. The test will begin at 11 am PST tomorrow and will end on Friday. You can download WoW Classic using your launcher. WoW Classic officially launches on August 27th.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/6/19)

1. Solo Mode Coming to Apex Legends!
Finally, Apex Legends is getting Solos! Solos will only be available as a limited time event for now during the Iron Crown Collection Event. Apex Legends is notably designed with team play in mind, as many Legends have team-oriented abilities. Solos will be available in Apex Legends on August 13th. The game mode will be available for two weeks.
2. Fortnite v10.00 Introduces Tilted Town
Tilted Towers, or should we saw Neo Tilted, has been hit by another big change. We’ve gone back in time, as Neo Tilted is now Tilted Town. Tilted Town is an old Wild West themed place with some unique rules: absolutely no building or destroying allowed! That’s right, Tilted Town is an old-fashioned shooter in a bubble. There are also era-appropriate weapons that have come out of the vault, including the double barrel shotgun, six shooter, and hunting rifle.
3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Will Support Mouse+Keyboard on Console
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is going to support cross-platform play immediately when it launches on October 25th. To smooth the joining of different platforms, Infinity Ward has revealed they will support mouse and keyboard input for console players. Then, their cross-platform lobbies will only match players together who use the same input method. Infinity Ward also announced a new Realistic Mode, that removes most of the HUD and several audio/visual game cues.
4. Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?! Reveal Trailer
‘Cook, Serve, Delicious! 3?!’ is newly revealed game coming to Steam Early Access in January 2020. In this game, it looks like you’re working in a food truck. You need to complete several orders at a time before arriving at a location. And it also looks like you shoot at rival food trucks? Check out the trailer to see if this is your kind of game.
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/5/19)

1. This Week on Moot!
There's a lot going on Moot on this week, including a new event, new contests, and even a new update! Check out the video below to learn all about what's going on here on Moot. You'll also learn about several opportunities to win big, both in the form of Moot Coins and REAL CASH PRIZES!
2. Rainbow Six Siege’s Next Operators Leak
Images revealing the next two Operators to come to Rainbow Six Siege have leaked online. These Operators should come out with the Year 4, Season 3 Operation. Both Operators are shown in a jungle setting and they both have the Indiana Jones vibe to match. You can see the leaked images for yourself in the article below.
3. Solid Snake is NOT Coming to Tekken 7
EVO is a massive fighting game convention that features dozens of tournaments across several popular titles. Just before the Tekken 7 Grand Finals, EVO played a video that showed Solid Snake (of Metal Gear Solid), suggesting he would be coming to Tekken soon. Since then, Bandai Namco (the company that owns Metal Gear Solid and Snake’s likenss), the creator of Tekken, AND the voice actor for Snake have all spoken out to clarify that Snake is NOT coming to Tekken and they did not authorize any of this. Apparently, some people at EVO thought this would be a cute joke and they did not realize the dangers of using other people’s intellectual property without asking. So, sorry if these chumps got your hopes up.
4. Respawn Developer Teases the Next Apex Legends Character
A producer for Respawn Entertainment, the studio that develops Apex Legends, posted some pictures of herself in a motion capture suit this weekend. Fans guessed this had to do with Crypto, the supposed next Legend to come to Apex Legends, and the producer did not shut down the speculation. It is still uncertain when Crypto would release, or whether Crypto even is the next Legend, but perhaps this is the start of us getting more information sooner rather than later.
5. Special Hat Pikachu Returns to Pokemon Go this Week
To celebrate this year’s last Pokemon Go Fest, Niantic has decided to bring back several of the special hat versions of Pikachu. Until August 12th at 1 am PST you will be able to catch versions of Pikachu wearing Santa hats, detective caps, party hats, witch hats, flower crowns, summer straw hats, and Ash Ketchum’s original hat. The special Pikachu available will change depending on the day.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/2/19)

1. Fortnite Season 10, CoD: MW Multiplayer, and Ninja Leaves Twitch! (Moot Points Ep. 64)
This week was a crazy one for gaming, folks. A new Fortnite season, the reveal of Modern Warfare's multiplayer, and Ninja LEAVING Twitch to stream exclusively on Mixer? WHAT?! Let's dive into it all in this week's video!
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Beta Set for September
Although Call of Duty: Modern Warfare doesn’t launch until October 25th, you’ll be able to get your hands on the game for a few days next month. There will actually be two beta tests, one exclusive to PlayStation 4 and the other available to all platforms. Both beta tests start with two days only for those who pre-ordered and then open up to all players for another two days. The beta tests are from September 12th-16th and September 19th-23rd.
3. Rockstar is Adding Specialist Roles to Red Dead Online
Rockstar just announced they’re going to introduce specialist roles to Red Dead Online, which will enable players to pick a specialty and progress their character accordingly. Rockstar describes this as a “fundamental change” to Red Dead Online, as groups of players will want to consider which roles each player should choose to best contribute to the squad. Currently, there are 3 revealed roles: the Bounty Hunter, the Trader, and the Collector.
4. No Man’s Sky ‘Beyond’ Update Gets a Release Date
Beyond is a massive free update for No Man’s Sky that will look to expand the game’s social and multiplayer experiences. Beyond will also add Virtual Reality support to No Man’s Sky, which is a natural fit for a space exploration game. We still don’t know many specifics about the Beyond update, but we know it will be massive and we now know it will be available on August 14th.
5. Riot Games Confirms They’re Making a Fighting Game
Back in 2016, Riot Games acquired Radiant Entertainment. At the time, Radiant was developing a now cancelled fighting game called Rising Thunder. Naturally, this led to speculation that Riot would eventually release their own fighting game. Well, here we are three years later and the speculation can finally come to an end because it is now official: Riot Games is working on their first game other than League of Legends. There is still no known title or release date, but at least we know it is in the works, right?

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (8/1/19)

1. Fortnite Season X is Here!
Fortnite Season X looks freakin' insane! The brand new B.R.U.T.E. mech is a two player vehicle which packs some serious punch. It comes equipped with a devastating rocket launcher and shotgun! There are also new areas on the map with various new functionalities, as well as a brand new Battle Pass for you to grind out! The new season is here and ready for you to play. Check out the Season X trailer below and let us know what you think!
Take a look at the new Season X Map here:
2. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Reveal
Today at 10 am PST Infinity Ward and Activision will be revealing the multiplayer gameplay for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Seeing as most First-Person Shooter games live or die based on the strength of their multiplayer modes, this is a big moment for Call of Duty fans. You can watch the stream for yourself on Twitch or by following the link below.
3. Four New Champions Coming to Teamfight Tactics
Riot Games has officially confirmed Teamfight Tactics is hear to stay, not that any of us had any doubts. Riot also revealed FOUR new Champions that will be coming to Teamfight Tactics on August 14th. The new Champions are all a new origin called Hextech that randomly disables enemy items. The four new Champions are Camille, Jinx, Jayce, and Vi and they are Blademaster, Gunslinger, Shapeshifter, and Brawler respectively.
4. GTA Online Hits Record Player Counts
The release of the Diamond Casino & Resort has brought record players back to Grand Theft Auto Online. The casino was closed when GTA 5 initially launched. It remained closed for almost 6 years before finally opening up its doors last month. There are tons of activities for players to do in the new update, including story-based co-op missions, gambling, and more.
5. Ninja LEAVES Twitch, to Stream Exclusively on Mixer
Oh my GOODNESS, what a crazy day in gaming. Ninja just announced he will be leaving the Twitch platform to stream exclusively on Mixer, a streaming platform from Microsoft. I don't think anyone saw this coming, but Ninja says he has been sitting on the news for a while. We have our fingers crossed that the $$$ amount Ninja got paid for this switch leaks at some point.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/31/19)

1. Fortnite Season 10 Trailer Leaks
SPOILERS! This morning the Brazilian Fortnite account accidentally posted the official Season 10 trailer instead of the final teaser. The teaser you were supposed to see this morning shows the glowing orb over Loot Late exploding, while the trailer shows the aftermath. After the explosion, we see Jonesy flying through space as he travels back through time. Finally, he lands on Fortnite’s map right next to Dusty Depot just moments before the meteor strikes. Fortnite Season 10 starts tomorrow.
2. Monster Hunter World Iceborne Gets Release Date
Although Monster Hunter World’s Iceborne expansion releases on consoles on September 6th, PC players will need to wait until January 2020 to play it. Iceborne is the first and only big expansion to Monster Hunter World. Capcom has already released plenty of free content updates for Monster Hunter World, with more to come even after Iceborne releases. At least PC players don’t have to wait as long for Iceborne as we had to for the base game?
3. Oxygen Not Included Leaves Early Access
Oxygen Not Included is an adorable colony management game that has been in early access since 2017. Well, after two years the game has developed wonderfully and it is ready for a full release. In Oxygen Not Included, you manage a group of ‘Duplicants’ who attempt to create a colony from nothing on an asteroid. The game usually costs $25 USD but it is currently 33% off.
4. Garfield Kart: Furious Racing Releases This November
You know Garfield, right? The loveably lazy cat with a lasagna addiction? Yeah, that Garfield. Well, he’s getting a racing game. Garfield Kart actually already was a game that released back in 2013. It somehow miraculously slipped under the general public’s radar, which is nice because it means this new game will feel totally fresh. There are eight total characters in Garfield Kart: Furious Racing including Garfield, Jon, and Odie. The game releases on PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Steam on November 5th.
5. Dragon Quest’s Hero is now Available in Super Smash
The Hero from Dragon Quest is now available in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. You can unlock Hero by purchasing the Fighters Pass or the Challenger Pack 2. You will also unlock the Yggdrasil’s Alter Stage and musical tracks from Dragon Quest. Version 4.0.0 also released today, introducing a few new features like a Very Easy Adventure Mode difficulty and new ways to spectate.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/30/19)

1. Third Fortnite Season 10 Teaser
The third (and final?) Fortnite Season 10 came out this morning. The teaser image includes Ragnarok and Drift, two of the popular skins from Season 5. We can now see what may be a time travelling theme coming together. The first teaser image featured Dusty Depot (Season 3), the second featured the Traveler (Season 4), and now we have an image with Season 5 skins. We’ll figure it all out when Season 10 starts on August 1st.
2. Killstreaks Return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare
Killstreak rewards were some of the flashiest plays in the original Modern Warfare games, but they’ve been missing from recent iterations. Well, we’ve now received official word that Killstreaks are making a return in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. A tweet from Infinity Ward revealed some of the Killstreaks we can unlock in the new game, including Juggernaut suits, White Phosphorus air strikes, and an Infantry Assault Vehicle.
3. $500,000K Apex Legends Preseason Invitational
EA revealed this morning an invitational Apex Legends tournament that will take place in Krakow, Poland from September 13th-15th. The three-day tournament will feature a double elimination bracket system with 80 teams. Instead of open qualifiers, EA is asking interested players to email them directly. Presumably, they’ll then select the best teams based on your stats.
4. Blizzard is Bringing Firelands Back to World of Warcraft
Blizzard just announced they will be bringing the Firelands raid back to World of Warcraft using the game’s Timewalking system. Starting with patch 8.2.5, Firelands will enter the rotation of raids that are temporarily available to players. Like other Timewalking raids, players get their gear scaled down to the appropriate power level. Firelands was one of the most popular raids of the Cataclysm expansion, so players should be incredibly excited about this news.
5. ‘The Outer Worlds’ is Coming to the Nintendo Switch
The developers of The Outer Worlds just announced their game will eventually release on the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch release will come after the game releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC on October 25th. The Outer Worlds is a single-player sci-fi RPG from Obsidian Entertainment.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/29/19)

1. Last weekend was absolutely INSANE for the gaming industry! Check out everything that happened in our newest episode of Weekly Wrap Up!
2. Bethesda Releases Original Doom Trilogy, and Disappoints Some Fans:
Bethesda quietly released Doom 1, 2 and 3 for all major consoles, but to the dismay of many players, they included a mandatory log-in. Quickly dissipating the excitement of many, folks also found they could not play the game offline, in particular defeating the entire purpose of purchasing mostly singler-player games (we’re looking at you, on-the-go Switch players!). Kind of ridiculous, as each of these games is over a decade old. Yikes! Luckily, Bethesda is already addressing the issue and will be removing the mandatory log-in with a future patch for each game.
3. Death Stranding Gets A New Character Trailer, Continues to Raise More Questions:
Sony has released a character trailer for Death Stranding’s “Heartman”, a man with a unique medical condition where he “dies every 21 minutes”. In the trailer we learn that Heartman occupies his time alive by indulging in various media including music, reading and film; though he stresses he bides his time awaiting death. What for, you ask? Check out the trailer below, which premiered at SDCC:
4. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Hits #1 on the UK Charts
In gaming news that may surprise some, but probably not all, Fire Emblem: Three Houses has seen some massive success, especially in the UK. The massive addition of an already gigantic franchise has seemingly crept its way into popularity in the West; and the best thing to top off all this news of Fire Emblem growing in popularity is that the directors of Three Houses aren’t even sure why it’s so popular. Talk about humble!
5. The Nintendo Game Boy turns 30
What a time to be alive! The Nintendo Game Boy turns 30 years old soon! Nintendo first released the handheld console in North America on July 31st, 1989. Unbeknownst to many, the Game Boy would pave the way for future generations of gaming, gamers and consoles to follow in what may have been the biggest power-move in the history of gaming (not to forget the Game & Watch). Nintendo’s Game Boy would in its time evolve over various generations, including Game Boy Pocket, Color, Advance, Advance SP, and into the line of Nintendo DS… Bringing is here to our current generation Switch! It’s incredible what has becoming of gaming!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/26/19)

1. What is goin' on party people?! The Fortnite World Cup Finals are LIVE and we could NOT be more excited! Check out this week's episode of Moot Points (without Brian 😊) for Fortnite news, the next Overwatch hero, and the PUBG Season 4 update!
2. Fire Emblem: Three Houses Launches Today
Today marks the official launch of the latest game in the Fire Emblem series, Fire Emblem: Three Houses. In this tactical role-playing game, players act as a former mercenary who must guide their chosen nation through battle. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the 15th game in the Fire Emblem series and is the first game in the series designed specifically and exclusively for the Switch.
3. Original Doom Trilogy Re-Release
In breaking news from QuakeCon, Bethesda announced that Doom 1, 2 and 3 will all be re-launching today. This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Doom franchise and long-time fans will be thrilled to play the classic games on newer platforms with all three games being available on PS4, Xbox One, Mobile, and Switch. You can pick up Doom 1 and 2 for $4.99 and Doom 3 for $9.99.
4. Aliens Come To Arma 3
Aliens have made their way to Arma 3 in the latest DLC “Contact.” Beginning with the discovery of an unknown object beneath the surface of the fictionalized European country Livonia, the player is sent on a mission to determine what the extraterrestrial visitors are and what they want. Although there are still plenty of combat encounters, the Contact DLC places emphasis on non-shooting gameplay and attempts to have the player progress via tactics and strategy. Contact is available now on Steam and the Bohemia Store.
5. Fallout 76 Tweaks Survival Mode
Fallout 76’s Survival mode was in an awkward state following the most recent patch which introduced a global marker showing the exact locations of the top 3 players in the game. Although the intentions were good in that they wanted to encourage more PvP combat, players argued that the new system was little more than a punishment for being good at the game. Well, it turns out that today’s hotfix has now reverted the change. Kudos to Bethesda for being so receptive to the community’s feedback, it’s not often that complaints get addressed so quickly.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/25/19)

1. Fortnite World Cup Starts Tomorrow!
The biggest Fortnite tournament in history begins tomorrow! The Fortnite World Cup is a 3-day event where the best Fortnite players in the world will battle it out for their share of a whopping $30M prize pool. Tomorrow will feature the Creative and Celebrity matches, Saturday will feature the Duos matches, and Sunday will feature the Solo matches. Tune in to see who will emerge victorious! It all starts with the pre-show tomorrow, July 26th, at 9:30AM PT.
2. Echo Fox Sells LCS Spot
Echo Fox has agreed to a deal with Kroenke Sports & Entertainment to sell their League of Legends Championship Series spot for $30M. The management and financial side of Echo Fox has seen a lot of turmoil in the past year amid reports of an investor consistently exhibiting racist behavior to other investors and team personnel. Riot Games issued Echo Fox an ultimatum for forcing the investor off the team, but it appears they were unable to do so and are now selling the franchise spot which they purchased for $10M just last year.
3. New Yakuza Game To Be Revealed Next Month
A press conference slated for August 29th is expected to reveal the next Yakuza game. Both a commercial and critical success, the Yakuza series is best described as a Japanese GTA (but with less car jacking). The Yakuza games have a lot of interwoven storylines so fans will no doubt be excited to see what happens at the unveiling next month.
4. GTA’s New Casino Inaccessible To More Than 50 Countries
After years of hope and anticipation, GTA Online’s Diamond Casino finally opened its doors this week. While most players have been loving the new update, others haven’t been able to access it at all. Due to local gambling laws, all in-game gambling at the Diamond Casino has been disabled in more than 50 countries. Fans have been quick to complain about the exclusion, often pointing out the oddity that in-game gambling is disabled while real-money gambling is still permitted through loot boxes.
5. MechWarrior 5 Delayed, Will Be Epic Exclusive
MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries has been delayed for 3 months and will now be an Epic Games Store exclusive. Many fans will be very disappointed by the news, as the game was originally going to launch on Steam where it was available for pre-order. Those that pre-purchased MechWarrior 5 will be eligible for a full refund until September 1 and will keep any bonus MechWarrior Online content or in-game currency included in their pre-purchase. MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries is now expected to launch on December 10th.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/24/19)

1. Chinese League of Legends Gets Anti-Addiction Tool
In an attempt to curb gaming addiction in China, Tencent has added an anti-addiction tool to League of Legends. This tool will only affect players under the age of 18 and will automatically kick off players who have played more than 2 hours in a day. Games in China are able to know the age of their players because Chinese games use national ID numbers to create accounts. What do you think about having your gaming time limited just because you’re under 18? Is 2 hours per day fair? Let us know what you think in the comments below.
2. PUBG Season 4 Now Live
PUBG Season 4 is now live on PC and it features some pretty awesome changes to Erangle. Erangle was PUBG’s first map and it has now been completely overhauled with both massive transformations as well as plenty of subtle tweaks. Season 4 also features the new Survivor Pass “Aftermath” which will feature skins and items that highlight Erangle’s history. PC players can jump into Season 4 now, but console players will unfortunately have to wait until “late summer.”
3. Microtransactions Coming to Sea of Thieves
Sea of Thieves has come a long way in its short history and managed to pull off something that few games are able to do: come back from the dead. Sea of Thieves had a lot of problems shortly after launch but has been revitalized thanks to a series of free updates and DLC. Sea of Thieves is still looking to improve their game, but it will now come at a cost through their new microtransactions shop which will feature new items such as pets and cosmetics.
4. Oxygen Not Included Launching Next Week
The wildly popular and critically acclaimed space-colony simulation game Oxygen Not Included is set to launch next week. After spending more than 2 years in early access, version 1.0 is finally ready to go. Although there have been a lot of improvements during the game’s stint in early access, there’s no word yet on precisely what changes will accompany the official launch. The full version of Oxygen Not Included will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store starting on July 30th.
Brian’s gone for a week but where is he going?? See what insanity he’s up to in the video below and follow Brian along his Magical Spanish Journey on our Twitter and Instagram!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/23/19)

1. GTA’s Diamond Casino Now Open For Business
GTA Online’s long-awaited Diamond Casino is finally open for business. The venue has no shortage of gambling options with games such as poker, blackjack, roulette, and even horse racing. It’s not all just fun and games though, once you’ve finished gambling you can relax at the luxurious and highly customizable Diamond Penthouse. Money is definitely the theme here and unlocking everything in the DLC will cost upwards of $60M. Better win your bets!
2. Sigma Hits The Test Servers
Sigma, Overwatch’s new hero, goes live on the test servers today. Sigma was just revealed yesterday through a short origin trailer and although the video was fantastic, it didn’t explain what his abilities would be. Now we know. It turns out that Sigma is a crowd control tank who can manipulate the battlefield to create shields and stop projectiles. Sound interesting? You can give Sigma a try on the test servers starting today.
3. Dota 2 International Supassses $30M prize pool
The International 2019, Dota 2’s biggest tournament of the year, has eclipsed a $30M prize pool. The International has been the reigning champion when it comes to massive esports prize pools, including a world-record-setting $25M prize pool last year. The International’s status seemed in jeopardy with Epic’s $30M Fortnite World Cup coming up this year, but it turns out that Dota 2 still reigns supreme. The International 2019 kicks off on August 20th.
4. Rocket League Fall Roadmap Revealed
Psyonix just released the Fall Roadmap for Rocket League and it contains some pretty big news. Following complaints about the gap between Rocket Pass 2 and Rocket Pass 3, Rocket League is extending Rocket Pass 3 until August 27th. This will completely erase any gap between Rocket Pass 4 which will release the following day. It’s not just the Rocket Pass that’s getting extended, the entire competitive season is. This means you’ll have until August 27th to climb as high as you can before the servers shut down and Season 12 starts on August 28th.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/22/19)

1. New Overwatch Hero Revealed: Sigma!
After a series of teasers Blizzard has finally revealed the next Overwatch hero! Sigma is described as ‘an eccentric astrophysicist who hopes to unlock the secrets of the universe, unaware he’s been turning into a living weapon.” There’s really not much information on Sigma yet beyond the origin story video posted today, which you should DEFINITELY watch.
2. Rainbow Six Quarantine Will Launch Before April 2020
Rainbow Six Quarantine is an upcoming game from Ubisoft that branches off from Rainbow Six Siege. Quarantine is based on the highly popular ‘Outbreak’ game mode from last year. When Quarantine was announced at E3 we were told it had an ‘early 2020’ release date, but that just got narrowed down. The game will release before the end of the current fiscal year, which means before April 2020. Personally, we’re hoping for January.
3. Modern Warfare Gunsmith Feature Revealed
Although the full multiplayer reveal for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is slated for next week, Activision chose to tease a new feature called ‘Gunsmith’ today. Gunsmith enables you to customize your weapon loadouts to suit your style. Each weapon can equip five custom parts at one time, although many of them will have more than five slows available so you’ll need to make some tough choices. Examples of slots include: muzzle, optic, stock, magazine, underbarrel, and perks. The full multiplayer reveal is slated for August 1st.
4. Twitch Plays Teamfight Tactics
The Twitch Plays channel, where Twitch viewers collaborate to play a game together, has started playing Teamfight Tactics. Viewers can participate by typing commands into chat, and then those choices are carried out in game. Currently, Twitch Plays is ranked Gold 4 in Teamfight Tactics which is pretty good. You can watch and participate by following the link below.
Monday's suck, but we have The Weekend Wrap Up to help cheer y'all up. We cover the top stories in gaming that took place while we were all too busy gaming this past weekend. Check it out!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/19/19)

1. Overwatch Introduces Role Queue! (Moot Points Ep. 62)
Happy Friday everyone! In this week's episode of Moot Points we discuss the exciting news from Blizzard: Overwatch Role Queue! Hear our thoughts (and share yours) by clicking below!
2. Twitch Prime Members will get Free GTA Penthouse Access
If you link your your Rockstar Social Club account to Twitch Prime before the end of today, you’ll earn yourself free access to the Master Penthouse in the Diamond Casino & Resort when it opens up next week. Owning a penthouse will earn you VIP membership, a parking space (with valet), high-limit gambling, and more. The GTA Online casino and resort will be available on July 23rd.
3. Leaked Marvel’s Avengers Video Shows Gameplay
This morning, a San Diego Comic Con attendee recorded and leaked some gameplay from the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game. The short clip shows some Thor gameplay. We see Thor smashing bad guys with his hammer, even sending some flying off into the distance after what looks like a combo move. Honestly, with how low our expectations are for this game after E3, this clip looks decent. Marvel’s Avengers launches on May 15th, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Google Stadia.
4. 4K Footage of Modern Warfare’s Gunfight Mode
Even though we got the Gunfight game mode reveal stream last week, apparently that wasn’t enough. Infinity Ward just released a 6 minute video of Gunfight gameplay at 4K resolution. In the video we see gameplay from 3 different maps: Pine, King, and Stack. Whoever’s perspective we’re watching is a beast, too, as they don’t die once in the entire video. Check it out to build some hype for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, which releases on October 25th.
5. Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Drift Class Action Lawsuit
A United States based law firm is preparing to file a class-action lawsuit against Nintendo over Joy-Con drifting issues. If you don’t know, Joy-Con drift is a big issue many Nintendo Switch owners have faced; the joystick on the Joy-Con controllers will frequently pull to one direction or another even when they are not being touched at all. This can naturally interfere with gameplay and lead to an unpleasant gaming experience. Read the article below for more information and to participate in the class-action lawsuit if you have been affected.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/18/19)

***NOTE: The Moot Ticket Giveaway is now available to ALL Moot users. We never intended for the current giveaway to be US-Only. Non-US users, we are sorry for the confusion. Good luck in the Giveaway***
1. Role-Locking is Coming to Overwatch
A leaked video for the Overwatch League confirms previous reports that role-locking will be coming soon. Teams will be forced to play compositions featuring 2 tanks, 2 healers, and 2 damage dealers. This change may not be restricted to just professional players though. Role-locking may trickle down to Overwatch’s ranked playlist or even the casual queues as well.
2. Plants vs Zombies 3 Pre-Alpha Starts Today
PopCap Games announced today they’re working on Plants vs Zombies 3. Not only are they working on the game, but they’re even launching a pre-alpha for it today on the Google Play Store. A limited number of people will be able to download the game on their Android devices to help test it out. Read the announcement post below to learn how to enter the pre-alpha.
3. GTA Online’s Diamond Casino Opens Next Week
The Diamond Casino & Resort will be opening their doors on July 23rd. GTA Online players will be able to use Chips to play Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, and Slot Machines. There will also be virtual horse racing. Finally, you can purchase a penthouse at the resort which will immediately earn you access to VIP status. You also unlock new missions to complete once you purchase a penthouse.
4. Ubisoft Claims Porting Games to Stadia Will be Affordable
In a quarterly earnings call yesterday, the Ubisoft CEO claimed the cost for porting existing games to Google Stadia is “not that high.” This means existing Ubisoft titles like Rainbow Six Siege could come to the cloud-based platform sometime in the future. We already know Ubisoft titles including Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and The Division 2 will be on the Google Stadia at launch.
5. Sea of Thieves’ Black Powder Stashes Update is Live
A new update to Sea of Thieves has introduced new missions that are sure to be a blast with players. The new missions send you out to collect gunpowder barrels and bring them back. You can exchange the barrels with various factions for commendations and doubloons. There are also several quality of life changes, bug fixes, and more in this month’s update.
We just released the Teamfight Tactics Simulator, which is a tool that helps you build team compositions for TFT to maximize synergies! Read more about it here:

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/17/19)

1. Fortnite Patch v9.40 Reintroduces the Tactical Shotgun
The Tactical Shotgun has made its return to Fortnite in a new and improved form. The Tactical Shotgun has a new look to it and now only comes in Epic and Legendary rarity. The new max damage per shot is 83 or 87, depending on rarity. This patch also reintroduces the Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle, replacing the suppressed equivalent. Finally, there are some quality of life improvements and tons of bug fixes as we prepare for season 10.
2. Overwatch Summer Games 2019 Begins
The Overwatch Summer Games event has kicked off, meaning Lucioball is back! There are also, of course, several new legendary skins to unlock. These include new skins for Reaper, Genji, Torbjorn, and a few more. The Overwatch Summer Games event ends on August 5th so be sure to get your fill of Lucioball while you can!
3. PUBG Season 4 Cinematic Trailer
PUBG just released a cinematic trailer to build hype for the game’s fourth season, which will introduce an overhaul of the original map. The trailer reveals some of Erangel’s origin story, which is honestly something we never stopped to consider before. Along with the map changes, season 4 will introduce balance changes to vehicles and weapons as well. You can see the trailer for yourself at the link below.
4. Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gets a Release Date
Nintendo just announced Luigi’s Mansion 3 will release this October. Specifically, it will release on October 31st aka Halloween. That’s a natural fit, given the game is set in a haunted mansion. In Luigi’s Mansion, you play as Luigi as you attempt to hunt down some spooky ghosts. Luigi’s Mansion will release on the Nintendo Switch only.
5. Nintendo Announces Updated Switch Model
First of all, this is NOT the Nintendo Switch Pro many of us may have hoped for. Instead, this is simply an upgraded version of the original Nintendo Switch. The only significant update is an improved battery life. Whereas the original Nintendo Switch boasted a battery life between 2.5 and 6.5 hours, the new version will last between 4.5 and 9 hours. The updated Nintendo Switch will be available for purchase in August.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/16/19)

1. Resident Evil 5 and 6 for Switch Get a Release Date
Capcom has confirmed an October 29th release date for Resident Evil 5 and 6 on the Nintendo Switch. Nintendo announced the Switch ports at E3 but did not mention a release date at that time. The games will be available in the Nintendo eShop, but there will also be the Resident Evil Triple Pack available for retail. The triple pack will feature a copy of Resident Evil 4, 5, and 6.
2. Borderlands 3’s Reveal this Morning was Pointless
We were supposed to learn something about Borderlands 3 this morning during a so-called “Celebration of Togetherness.” Instead, it was just a new trailer for the game centered around co-operative play. Well, we sort of already knew we could player Borderlands with friends. That’s… sort of the point of Borderlands. While we can appreciate the Borderlands 3 team trying to build hype for their game, maybe don’t promise exciting news and then give us…this?
3. Sega Reveals New Super Monkey Ball Game
Sega has revealed a new Super Monkey Ball game they will release this year for Switch, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC. The game is actually a remake of the 2006 Wii game Super Monkey Ball: Banana Blitz. The new game will release for PS4 and Switch at the end of October. The PC version of the game will come to Steam sometime in December.
4. Hunt: Showdown Introducing Trinity Mode
Hunt: Showdown is a sweet game where you hunt monsters (and other hunters) in a spooky swamp. The game is traditionally played in teams of two, but starting with the official game release there will also be a Trinity mode. Apparently, many Hunt: Showdown players have been asking for a way to play with teams of 3 for some time. Hunt: Showdown releases on Xbox and PS4 on August 27th.
5. Tetris Effect Coming to PC Next Week
Tetris Effect is an intense Tetris experience that is currently available on PS4 and PS VR. Well, starting next week it will also be available to PC players. In Tetris Effect, everything is synced to your actions. That means the lights, music, sounds, and special effects all react to how you play. All of that sounds particularly sweet, especially when you remember this game is in VR. Tetris Effect releases on the Epic Games Store on July 23rd.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/15/19)

1. Borderlands 3 Won’t Launch with Crossplay
The official Borderlands Twitter account posted an image announcing a big reveal set for tomorrow morning that included the phrase “a celebration of togetherness.” Fans immediately took this to mean we were finally getting the crossplay announcement. Unfortunately, Gearbox Studios CEO Randy Pitchford quickly clarified that Borderlands 3 won’t have crossplay at launch and tomorrow’s reveal is about something else. Thoughts?
2. Apex Legends to Start Matching Cheaters Against Each Other
Respawn Entertainment caught fire with Apex Legends, but they quickly were faced with an army of cheaters attempting to ruin their game. One thing they’re going to start doing is pairing detected cheaters against one another. Many other video games have used this tactic to deter cheating in the past. When your game is free, banning cheaters isn’t practical. How can you best discourage cheating, then? Make it not fun. What’s not fun? PLAYING AGAINST CHEATERS.
3. Dota Underlords Introduces a Free Battle Pass
Although Season 1 for Dota Underlords hasn’t stated yet, Valve has already introduced a battle pass for the game. The pass is called the Proto Pass and it is free to all players. Think of the Proto Pass as a test run before the actual battle pass that will presumably come with Season 1. You can unlock cosmetic rewards like new game boards, win streak effects, and more.
4. The Division 2 Director Considering Single-Player
Over the weekend, the creative director of The Division 2 asked his Twitter followers whether they’d be interested in a single player version of their game. Naturally, the response was overwhelmingly positive. What do you all think? The Last of Us x The Division sounds like it would be a pretty sweet crossover, eh?
It is Monday, which means it is time for the Weekend Wrap Up! We cover the biggest stories that took place while we were all locked in our gaming caves over the weekend. Check it out!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/12/19)

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Gunfight Mode Revealed! (Moot Points Ep. 61)
Happy Friday everyone! In this week's episode of Moot Points the guys talk about the new Modern Warfare game mode 'Gunfight.' It was just revealed yesterday and there's a lot to unpack, so check out the video now to learn all about it!
2. Red Bull to Host WoW Race to World First Event
A new World of Warcraft raid is always an exciting spectacle, as top raid teams from around world attempt to defeat the new raid first. Previously, a guild called Method has hosted the Race to World First event. Well, now Red Bull is throwing their hat into the ring as well; Red Bull will host their own Race to World First event featuring some of the top guilds in the world, but not Method. Method is still going forward with their own Race event. Everything will be streamed starting on July 16th, when the Azshara’s Eternal Palace raid releases.
3. Ubisoft Bans XP Farming Quests in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey
Ubisoft introduced a new tool for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey last month that enables players to create their own quests. Unfortunately, some players have been taking advantage of the tool to make easy quests with the sole purpose of farming XP. Well, Ubisoft is nipping that right in the bud as they will begin banning some of the quests. They may also look to restrict some players from creating new levels if they continue to try and exploit the level creator tool.
4. Gears of War 5 Removes all Smoking References
It has officially been revealed that Gears of War 5 will include zero depictions of smoking cigarettes or other tobacco products. Anti-smoking organization Truth Initiative originally approached ELeague about removing smoking from Gears 5. While many of us may not consider it, characters in video games smoking cigarettes can have a powerful impact on young gamers. Good job to all involved.
HEY! We're changing some things with how the Moot Coin Shop works. Specifically, we're changing when new items refresh. Click the post below to learn all about what we're changing and why!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/11/19)

1. First Look at Modern Warfare’s Gunfight Mode
Infinity Ward has officially revealed this morning the Gunfight game mode that will be in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Gunfight is a 2v2 game mode where duos face off on a small map. Your loadouts are random and will change from round to round. You can see this in action right now on Twitch. There will also be a big reveal of the multiplayer for Modern Warfare on August 1st.
2. R6 Siege to Ban Chat Cheaters
There was an exploit in Rainbow Six Siege last week that enabled you to crash another player’s game by spamming the chat. It has since been hotfixed and now Ubisoft will begin dishing out bans to those who exploited it. If you just tried the exploit to test it or whatever, you’re in the clear; Ubisoft has reported they will only be giving bans to those who used it 10 or more times.
3. Jordan Bans PUBG, More Games to Follow
Jordan (the country) just banned PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds due to concerns with the “negative impact” of violent video games. PUBG is just the start, though, as the country looks to ban six more games soon including Fortnite. With as much respect as we can muster, this seems pretty hecking dumb. While we’re sure the people in charge of this decision are intelligent people, it is sad to see older generations create laws on topics that they clearly misunderstand on a fundamental level.
4. Valve Introduces a New Steam Tool to Recommend Games
For a store with effectively unlimited games to play, Steam has historically done a poor job helping users find games they may actually like. In an effort to change that, Valve introduced a new tool today that uses machine learning to recommend games you may like. This is a part of Steam Labs, a new program that gives users a chance to test work-in-progress features.
We are hosting a MASSIVE Clash Royale tournament TODAY! It is free to enter and there are sweet prizes ($$$ for top players and Moot Coins for everyone who wins 5 or more games.) Check out the post below for more details.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/10/19)

1. Nintendo Reveals the Switch Lite
Nintendo revealed a new version of the Nintendo Switch this morning called the Switch Lite. The Switch Lite is designed for handheld play and does not include detachable Joy-Con controllers. It also does not connect to a television, so you’re completely restricted to handheld mode. The battery life will last longer, which is nice, and it will cost less. The Switch Lite will cost $200 USD and will be released on September 20th this year.
2. The Division 2 Adds Raid Matchmaking
FINALLY, Ubisoft caved to the pressure and implemented matchmaking for Operation Dark Hours in The Division 2. Why was there pressure, you ask? Well, Ubisoft promised raid matchmaking would be in The Division 2 and then the game released and it was nowhere to be found. You can now play through Operation Dark Hours on a new ‘Discovery’ difficulty that lets you find teammates to play with, but you won’t be able to earn Exotic loot.
3. Dauntless Releases First Major Content Update
Dauntless is releasing its first major content update next week, titled Fortune and Glory. There will be a new hunting mode called Trials that will present you with modified Behemoths to fight off against. Two different difficulties will offer unique rewards. There will also be a new season called High Skies, that offers two new Hunt Passes full of cosmetics and consumables. Fortune and Glory launches on July 16th.
4. Amazon is Developing a F2P Lord of the Rings MMO
Yooooo a Lord of the Rings MMO? Let’s goooooooooo! Amazon is working with Leyou, a Chinese game publisher. Leyou owns the studio that develops Warframe, so hopefully some of that MMO experience will transfer over. The new game is set well before events of the Lord of the Rings trilogy. We don’t even have a name for this game yet nor do we know a release date.
Check out our latest YouTube video! In this video Brian analyzes Hollow Knight, a critically-acclaimed indie platformer, to answer the question: Should You Play It?!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/9/19)

1. Fortnite Content Update Adds Air Strikes
Fortnite v9.30 content update 3 released this morning, introducing the Air Strike item to the battle royale mode. The Air Strike is a throwable that calls in a, you guessed it, airstrike on a location. The Air Strike calls in 20 missiles that each deal 75 damage to players and 200 to structures. You’ll be able to find Air Strikes anywhere, but they’re legendary rarity so that may be difficult to come across.
2. The Cuphead Show is Coming to Netflix
Holy smokes, Batman! A new TV show is bringing the iconic Cuphead and Mugman characters from the digital screen to, uh, another digital screen. The Cuphead Show will be a hand-drawn animated series on Netfix that expands upon the world created in the Cuphead game. Apparently, the show will match the darker vibe of the game. There is currently no official release date.
3. Operation Apocalypse Z Begins in Black Ops 4
A new wave of content has started for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, at least on PlayStation 4 anyway. A new multiplayer specialist, Reaper from Black Ops 3, is now available to play. There are new map updates to both Blackout maps and new game modes to boot. Finally, the Zombies story continues as players move to a revamped Nuketown map that is 400% larger than ‘Nuketown Zombies.’ The update will be available on PC (and Xbox?) next week.
4. Dr. Mario World is now Available on Mobile
WARNING: Extreme freemium model in place. Dr. Mario World is a new mobile puzzle game based on previous Dr. Mario games. While the gameplay itself seems pretty satisfying, the game currently has an extremely unfavorable freemium model. The game is technically free and you can technically play for free, but each level you play uses up a ‘heart’ and you’ll need to spend money on more ‘hearts’ if you want to play more than a few games at a time. Still, maybe check it out?
5. Offline Multiplayer Coming to Tetris 99
Tetris 99 is that DOPE Tetris battle royale that released for the Nintendo Switch a while back. A recent DLC added multiplayer single player modes that could be played offline, but there is not yet an offline multiplayer mode. Well, that will hopefully be changing soon as a listing on Nintendo’s Australian website shows a new expansion that references offline multiplayer. Anyone interested in Tetris 99?
Last week we released update v2.16, which included a few sweet introductions we don't think you'll want to miss. Learn all about the new update in the post below!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (7/8/19)

1. Weekend Wrap Up: Pokémon, Destiny 2, and Borderlands 3!
2. Runescape Introduces Dinosaurs
A new Runescape update called Land Out of Time launched today, introducing DINOSAURS to the game. Members can face off against the prehistoric creatures in a new zone that also features tons of treasure to find. You can visit the new location by taking a boat from the Digsite or contacting the Royal Messengers near the lodestones.
3. Batman Arkham Collection Coming to Consoles
The Batman Arkham Collection combines remasters of Arkham Asylum and Arkham City with a version of Arkham Knight into one purchase. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of playing any of the Arkham games, let us tell you they are all exquisite. The Arkham Collection will be available in Europe this September and hopefully the rest of the world shortly afterwards.
4. Earth Defense Force 5 Coming to PC this Week
Earth Defense Force 5 will be available on Steam for the first time later this week. The third-person arcade shooter originally launched for PlayStation 4 in 2017. In Earth Defense Force 5, the year is 2022 and aliens are raining down from the sky. It is up to you to hold off endless hordes of enemies to keep humanity’s hopes alive.
5. Harvest Moon Coming to the Nintendo Switch
The fan-favorite game Friends of Mineral Town is being reworked for the Nintendo Switch, as confirmed by Publisher XSeed Games. The game will officially be called Story of Seasons: Friends of Mineral Town and it currently only have a Japan release date confirmed. Story of Seasons will be out in Japan on October 17th and it will come to North America presumably a few months later.
Last week we released update v2.16, which included a few sweet introductions we don't think you'll want to miss. Learn all about the new update in the post below!

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