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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/24/19)

1. Overwatch Introduces the Workshop
In a surprise developer update this morning the Overwatch team revealed the Workshop, a new custom game mode editor. Jeff Kaplan described the feature as one for “power users,” and explained that the new tool will be easiest to utilize for those with game development or programming experience. The Workshop enables players to build custom game modes and even prototype new heroes. Check out the video below to hear more about it!
2. Modern Warfare 4 May be the Next Call of Duty Game
Activision hosted a private event this past weekend to show off the next Call of Duty game to several NFL and college level football players. Using a video posted on one of the player’s Instagram’s, some internet detectives have concluded the new game is Modern Warfare 4. You can apparently hear the words “Modern Warfare 4” and “Killstreaks.” We’ve all be hoping for Modern Warfare 4 for years so fingers crossed this turns out to be true.
3. Days Gone Getting Free DLC Starting this Summer
Although Days Gone hasn’t even released yet, the developers announced this morning that the game will be receiving free DLC a couple months after launch. The DLC will include a new Survival difficulty that sounds effectively like playing the game on ‘hard mode.’ There will also be new challenges and rewards for players who complete challenges or Survival mode. Days Gone releases on PlayStation 4 this Friday.
4. Cheaper Nintendo Switch Reportedly Coming Soon
There have been whispers about Nintendo’s plans for new Switch models and today we got some more information about what is supposedly in the works. Apparently, there will be a cheaper version of the Switch coming out sometime this June. There is also word of a “modest upgrade” for the original Nintendo Switch, although Nintendo is not working on a “more powerful version” of the console so make of that what you will.
5. Planet Zoo Announcement Trailer
The creators of Zoo Tycoon and Planet Zoo have just revealed ‘Planet Zoo,’ a new zoo simulation game. The game includes both a campaign and a sandbox mode, so you can build your zoos however you like. Based on the trailer, the game’s aesthetic is niiice. According to the description, the animals display lifelike behaviors as they explore the habitats you create for them. Planet Zoo is coming to PC in Fall of this year.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/23/19)

1. Next Fortnite x Avengers Crossover Event Teaser
Fortnite posted another teaser image this morning to build hype for the upcoming Avengers: Endgame crossover event. While yesterday’s tweet showed an image of Captain America’s shield, this one features Thor’s hammer. This seems to hint that players will be able to play as multiple Avengers characters, unless last year’s crossover event that featured only Thanos. Are you excited for Avengers: Endgame and the Fortnite crossover event?
2. Anthem Update Adds New Stronghold, Other Fixes
Patch 1.1.0 comes to Anthem today, introducing the new Sunken Cell stronghold and offering fixes for several of the game’s issues. Sunken Cell is available to all players who have completed the game’s main story. The most welcome aspect of the new patch may be the ability to change your gear without returning to Fort Tarsis or the Launch Bay. Read the entire patch notes in the below article right here.
3. Sea of Thieves ‘Shores of Gold’ Cinematic Trailer
Sea of Thieves’ big anniversary update is coming out on April 30th. The free update is introducing several new things to the game and today Rare released a trailer for the new Tall Tales store mode. The story campaign, called Shores of Gold, will take you and up to three friends on a lengthy search for a mysterious island full of treasure. Check out the incredibly awesome trailer for Shores of Gold now!
4. Biggest Minecraft Update Ever ‘Village and Pillage’ is Out Now
A new update came to Minecraft today, introducing tons of new features. The update, titled Village and Pillage, is apparently the largest ever to come to Minecraft. Among the (lengthy) list of new features added to the game you’ll find: crossbows have been added to the game, cats got new features, pillagers and pillagers outposts have been added, and more. Check out the lengthy patch notes now!
5. PUBG Unbanned in Nepal
A few weeks ago, it was announced that PUBG was banned in Nepal due to gaming addiction concerns. Now, the Nepalese Supreme Court has ruled addiction concerns are not enough to justify outlawing one particular video game. While PUBG is unbanned for now, the game’s detractors in Nepal will have a chance to gather evidence to argue their case. What do you all of think of this idea that videos encourage addictive or violent behaviors among youth?

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/22/19)

1. Fortnite Teases Avengers Crossover
Avengers: Endgame releases this week and it seems like Epic Games will be hosting another crossover event to promote it. Whole some suspect a return of last year’s Thanos event, the teaser shows a Fortnite character holding Captain America’s iconic shield so this year’s event may be different. The teaser says something will happen on April 25th, the day before Avengers: Endgame releases.
2. Apex Legends Stream Views Drop 75% in a Month
This time a couple months ago Apex Legends was on top of the world. The streaming world, that is. But over the course of March and the first half of April, Apex Legends experienced a sharp decline in Twitch viewership. In comparison, Fortnite remained steady during that same period of time. It is hard to understand why Apex Legends hasn’t maintained viewership, but it could be due to a lack of new content in the game. What streams are you watching these days?
3. Kingdom Hearts 3 Critical Mode Coming This Week
When Kingdom Hearts 3 released this year it was notably missing Critical Mode, the most challenging difficulty from past Kingdom Hearts games. Well, franchise director Tetsuya Nomura took to Twitter this morning to announce Critical Mode will be coming to Kingdom Hearts 3 tomorrow. Critical Mode can make the game more difficulty by changing several variables like damage taken, AP or HP gains, and more.
4. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice Update
Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice was a masterpiece of a game, at least according to our very own admin Rue who wrote an excellent Rueview of the game here on Moot. However, great games can still improve and FromSoftware is releasing an update today to accomplish exactly that. The new update focuses on balancing different tools so that players have more relevant strategic choices to make during combat.
5. Smash Bros. Player Assaulted with Crab after Winning Tournament
Immediately after Juan ‘Hungrybox’ DeBiedma was the grand finals at a tournament this weekend someone from the audience threw a dead crab at him. Luckily, the crab did not hit Hungrybox but he was immediately aware of it. The assailant was identified by the event organizers and he will be permanently banned from future events with the tournament organizer.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/19/19)

1. Moot Points Episode 50: Is Apex Legends Dead?!
Happy Friday MootTubers! We have a VERY special episode of Moot Points this week as we are celebrating 50 episodes! There's even a giveaway in this episode, so we highly encourage you check out the episode RIGHT NOW!!!
2. Floating Rune Shows Up in Fortnite
Here we go again! A floating rune just appeared in Fortnite near Paradise Palms. The metallic object has a massive health meter that all players can see. Every time the object takes enough damage, it moves a little bit. This will probably be a lot like Kevin, the famous purple cube, where we’re frantically chasing the rune around the map for the next few days or weeks as the buildup to Season 9 continues.
3. Epic Catches Hundreds of Cheaters in World Cup Qualifiers
Last week was the first round of Fortnite World Cup Qualifiers and Epic Games has caught hundreds of players participating in unsavory behaviors. 206 players will forfeit their winners as a result of their actions. Some players went around region locks to participate in more qualifiers. Others were banned for account sharing. A small number of competitors were even caught teaming. The next round of World Cup Qualifiers takes place this weekend.
4. Overcooked 2’s Campfire Cook Off DLC is Live
Overcooked 2 is awesome cooperative cooking game where you work with a friend or loved one to prepare meals until it eventually ruins your relationship. Super awesome! The game just got a new DLC called Campfire Cook Off that introduces new levels, new chefs, new recipes, and more. The base game is also 30% off this weekend!
5. Apex Legends’ Gibraltar is Currently Bugged
Apex Legends patch 1.1.1 introduced a new passive perk to both Gibraltar and Caustic that makes them take 10% less damage. This was implemented to account for the larger size of these two Legends, which makes them easy targets. Unfortunately for Gibraltar fans, there is actually a bug currently where he seems to take a bit of damage to his health when shot even if he still has shields. You can see the bug in action in the article right here.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/18/19)

1. Fortnite: World Cup Creative Announced
Epic Games has just announced another event to the Fortnite World Cup. The Fortnite World Cup Creative will run from April 29th to June 7th. The World Cup Creative will feature five different creative maps made by community creators. 15 participants will be selected to compete in the final Creative competition at the Fortnite World Cup Finals.
2. Mortal Kombat 11 Launch Trailer
Warner Bros. and NetherRealm Studios just released an awesome launch trailer for Mortal Kombat 11, which comes out next week. The launch trailer features the iconic music that has defined the Mortal Kombat series for over 20 years. In the trailer, we see Kronika, the Keeper of Time, attempt to rewind time to reset history. Players will need to battle as fighters from different eras to restore balance to the world. Mortal Kombat 11 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC on April 23rd.
3. Halo: The Master Chief Collection Beta Tests may be Delayed
Halo: The Master Chief Collection is coming to PC some time this year. When the news was announced last month, it was also revealed that PC beta tests COULD start as early as this month. Now, we’ve gotten the word that we may have to wait a bit longer than expected before we can start testing Halo on PC. Much of the difficulty apparently comes from porting Halo Reach to PC, as Reach was not in the original Master Chief Collection.
4. Sea of Thieves Playtesters Broke the Harpoon Mechanic
Sea of Thieves players are patiently waiting for a large update coming out on April 30th to celebrate the game’s anniversary. The update is set to bring a new campaign, new activities like fishing and cooking, and a new PvP mode called Arena. Additionally, it will introduce harpoons which can be used to help maneuver your ship. The Sea of Thieves team released a hilarious behind the scenes video this morning that shows playtesters getting up to wacky hijinks with the harpoon, including using it to ‘climb’ mountains with their boat.
5. ‘Steel Division 2’ Delayed Until June
Steel Division 2 is a sequel to the Real Time Strategy game Steel Division: Normandy 44. The sequel, which is also set during World War 2, has been delayed until June 20th. There will still be beta tests between now and then for those who have pre-ordered the game. Apparently, it is being delayed so the developers can gather more feedback from players and implement relevant updates.
We just added a Frequently Asked Questions board in the Moot Lounge! Check it out:

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/17/19)

1. Vault Unearthed Below Fortnite’s Loot Lake
Ah jeez, Rick. It’s time for Fortnite Season 9 teasers. Just this morning, a massive vault revealed itself below Loot Lake. This happens to be the location where the purple cube affectionately named Kevin disappeared. Players have reported hearing a low, lurching noise at the sight of the vault which is surely a sign of something. What do you think is inside the vault?
2. Microsoft Unveils Xbox One S All-Digital Edition
Yesterday Microsoft unveiled the next edition of the Xbox One, the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition. As the name suggests, the new version of the Xbox One S is completely disc-free. The Digital Edition Xbox can be pre-ordered for $249.99, which is $50 cheaper than the original Xbox One S. The new console will be available on May 7th.
3. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 3.0 Comes Today
Update 3.0 comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate today, bringing with it some new game modes and Joker from Persona 5. There is also a stage based on Persona 5’s Mementos location plus music from the game. Update 3.0 introduces the recently leaked Stage Builder mode. Finally, there is also a new Video Editor mode.
4. Ubisoft Giving Away Assassin’s Creed Unity
In response to the horrible fire at the Notre Dame cathedral in France, Ubisoft has pledged to donate €500,000 to the restoration efforts. They are also giving away Assassin’s Creed Unity for free. Unity released in 2014 and includes a beautiful representation of the Notre Dame cathedral. You can download Assassin’s Creed Unity for free through Uplay or the Ubisoft Store.
5. Fortnite Brings Back Planes for Limited Time Mode
Fortnite Planes are back! There’s no need to worry though, as the planes have only returned for a Limited Time Mode. This week’s patch is small, probably because Epic doesn’t want to shake things up too much with World Cup Qualifying taking place. However, there is a new addition in the form of Epic and Legendary versions of the Infantry Rifle.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/16/19)

1. Apex Legends Patch 1.1.1 Balances Legends and Weapons
The first patch in what feels like forever released for Apex Legends this morning and it is PACKED with exciting changes. Caustic and Gibralter have new aspects in their passive that prevent 10% of all damage taken. Snipers will do more damage to arms and legs. The Wingman and Spitfire both have smaller magazines. The gold weapons now have GOOD ATTACHMENTS, like a Digital Threat on a Gold Wingman and a Turbocharger for the Gold Havoc. Finally, your first top 5 of the day for the next 2 days will earn you an entire battle pass level’s worth of experience!
2. Sony Reveals Next-Gen PlayStation Details
This morning, the lead system architect for the next PlayStation showed off some internal components for the system. The most exciting aspect of the new PlayStation is the inclusion of a solid state drive, which will drastically improve loading speeds. The console will also accept physical disks and include backwards compatibility for at least PlayStation 4 games. Finally, it was confirmed that the next PlayStation will NOT release this year.
3. Is There a New Lego Star Wars Game?
Star Wars Celebration took place this past weekend and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was the video game we all had our eyes on. However, an employee of Skywalker Sound, the studio that makes sound effects for all things Star Wars, mentioned in an interview a new Lego Star Wars game set to release this year. This is the first public mention of any such game. Apparently, the new Lego Star Wars game will focus on the entire saga instead of just a specific episode.
4. ‘Fate of Atlantis’ DLC for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Coming Next Week
Ubisoft just dropped the launch trailer for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey’s Fate of Atlantis DLC and it is striking. The first chapter of the DLC, which releases on April 23rd, is titled Fields of Elysium. In it, you will explore the afterlife of Greek mythology. The remaining two episodes of the DLC release in a couple months and will take us even further into the mysteries of the Greek gods. The Fate of Atlantis DLC costs $24.99 by itself, but it is also included in the game’s $40 season pass.
5. GameStop Launches “Guaranteed to Love it” Program
GameStop is offering a new deal starting with Days Gone; if you buy a game and within 48 hours decide you don’t like it, you can turn it in for full value in store credit. This should give console gamers who like to own physical versions of games some more flexibility. Theoretically, you could even beat the game within 48 hours and return it for maximum value. Will this save GameStop? Who knows? Who cares?

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/15/19)

1. First Look at Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Respawn Entertainment revealed their new game ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ at Star Wars Celebration this past weekend. The game is a single-player experience that has you play Cal Kestis, a Jedi Padawan who survived Order 66. Fallen Order will introduce several new planets and characters to the Star Wars universe. It will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 15th, 2019.
2. Massive Clash Royale Monthly Update
Supercell just released a major update for Clash Royale that looks completely awesome. The biggest thing in the update is Trophy Road, a new way to earn rewards as you earn more trophies. There is also a new card called Earthquake, that does massive damage to buildings and slows troops. Finally, there are some new game modes coming. Watch the update video linked here to learn more!
3. Path of Exile Looks to Rework Melee Combat
Path of Exile is a free to play dungeon grinder, similar in gameplay to Diablo, that has been highly popular among fans of the genre. The game’s latest expansion reworked spellcasting, and now the game’s next expansion looks to do the same for melee combat. The 3.7.0 expansion due in a couple of months looks to improve animations, feedback, movement, and more for up close and personal fighters.
4. Sony Blocks Destiny 2 Account Transfers
Bungie was hoping to enable transferring Destiny 2 characters across platforms, but Sony quickly shut that down. Sony “wants people to associate Destiny with PS4” which means we all suffer. Sony has historically fought against cross-platform measures, shutting it down in games like Fallout 76. Fortnite was the exception due to the game’s massive size and popularity.
5. Square Enix Confirms Octopath Traveler is Coming to PC
Last week, there was a leak that suggested the JRPG Octopath Travler would be coming to PC. Square Enix, the studio that developed the game, confirmed this morning that the game will release on Steam on June 7th. The game will be receiving some Steam-specific updates, like achievements and trading cards, but other than that there should not be too many additions to the year-old game.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/12/19)

1. Moot Points Episode 49: Reboot Vans Added to Fortnite
Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian, the guys discuss the controversial Reboot Van that was just added to Fortnite. Are you loving or hating the Reboot Vans so far?
2. Rainbow Six Siege Update Bringing Operator Changes
Ubisoft released Designer Notes this morning that lay out operator balance changes coming in Rainbow Six Siege’s next patch. The patch includes reworks for both Lion and Capitão, which should not be surprising. What may be surprising, however, are the surprise nerfs to Nomad, Blitz, and Maestro. There is also a buff for Kaid’s AUG-A3. Read the full upcoming changes in the article linked below.
3. World of Warcraft Introducing Mount Abilities
Starting in patch 8.2, World of Warcraft players will be able to customize their mounts with abilities. This is in response to players using the Water Strider mount almost exclusively because of its ability to walk on water. Blizzard has revealed three mount abilities so far: a saddle that prevents damage from knocking you off your mount, a parachute that prevents you from taking damage when falling, and shoes that allow you walk on water.
4. Mega Update Releases for Atlas Today
Massive multiplayer pirate game Atlas got a massive update today that added to the map and introduced a new game mode. There are now apparently 40% more islands and unique land masses for players to explore. There is also a new game mode called Colonies that encourages cooperation between players. There were significant problems with Atlas at launch, so it is nice to see the game get large updates.
5. World War Z Launch Trailer
Co-op zombie survival game World War Z is set to launch next week and the developers just released a launch trailer to celebrate. You’ll be able to play World War Z with friends or against others in the game’s Player vs Player vs Zombies game mode. World War Z launches on April 16th on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Note: it will be on the Epic Games Store on PC, not Steam.

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The Daily Moot (4/11/19)

1. Battlefield 5 Firestorm gets Duos Mode
Firestorm, the battle royale mode for Battlefield 5, originally launched with only 4 player squads and solos. Now, at least for this weekend, you can play duos. EA has said they personally love the game mode and want to bring it to the game, but they want to hear from the community before permanently adding it. In your battle royale experience from Firestorm or other games, have you enjoyed duos mode?
2. Apex Legends Glitch Makes Gibralter Temporarily Popular
Some Apex Legends players have discovered an interesting glitch with Gibralter that makes him temporarily not useless. Gibralter has a Gun Shield when he aims down sights and the game recognizes this as a flat surface for other legends’ abilities. Specifically, you can stick Caustic Gas Traps or Octane’s Jump Pads to the Gun Shield. This means Gibralter can walk around with a Gas Lightsaber to swing at people or permanently bounce around on a Jump Pad. Kind of neat.
3. Thanos Limited Time Mode may Return to Fortnite
Last year, there was a Fortnite Limited Time Mode that let players equip the Infinity Gauntlet to become Thanos. Dataminers have uncovered a few lines of text in the latest patch that suggests Thanos may be making a return to Fortnite. The timing on this makes sense, as Avengers: Endgame releases at the end of this month. Did you enjoy the Thanos Limited Time Mode when it was last available?
4. The Division 2 is getting a Public Test Server
Public test servers are dope for both game companies and gamers. Public test servers enable a game’s more dedicated fans to test new updates before they come to the live game. Ubisoft just announced they will be launching a Public Test Server for The Division 2 ahead of the game’s next big update. The Division 2 players on PC will be able to use their existing characters on the PTS so they can test without starting over. Note the PTS will NOT include the raid coming to the game soon, so have no fear of spoilers.
5. Octopath Traveler is Coming to PC
Octopath Traveler is a JRPG from Square Enix that initially launched exclusively on the Nintendo Switch. Well, the game’s platform exclusivity seems to be coming to an end as a non-deleted blog post on the Square Enix website announced it will soon be available on PC. Apparently, Octopath Traveler will be available on both Steam and the Square Enix Store. A release date is unknown as of yet.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/10/19)

1. Fortnite Introduces Respawning in Patch v8.30
Well, the madmen actually did it. The Reboot Van is now in Fortnite, which means you can now respawn your teammates just like in Apex Legends. Honestly, respawning is one of the best features in Apex Legends and personally we’re excited to see it come to Fortnite. You’ll have 90 seconds to pickup a dead teammate’s Reboot Card. Respawned teammates will drop in with 100 health, a common pistol, some ammo, and 100 wood.
2. Bungie Blocks Xbox and PC Destiny 2 Players from Using PS4 Exclusive Weapon
Xur, the travelling salesman in Destiny 2 that is as much of a meme as he is a saleman, briefly offered a PS4-exclusive weapon to Xbox and PC players. This weapon is not supposed to be available on those platforms until September, so Bungie has decided to prevent players who purchased the exclusive weapon from using it until then. At least they can still look at it in their inventory until then?
3. PSN Name Changes are Live
Finally, the ability to change your PSN name is here for PlayStation gamers. Your first name change will be free, with subsequent name changes costing $5 for PlayStation Plus members and $10 for the rest of us. It is VERY IMPORTANT to note that several games have “critical issues” with name changes that may result in you losing achievements, progress, or even specific game accounts. Sony has a complete list of games with known issues, so please check it before changing your PSN name.
4. Sea of Thieves Anniversary Update will be Massive
Sea of Thieves has received a chain of free content updates since the game released, but the anniversary update slated for April 30th will be the biggest one yet. The biggest additions included in the update are The Arena and Tall Tales. The Arena is a competitive match that pits teams of players against one another and Tall Tales are a new campaign-type mission coming to the game. This whole update sounds pretty sweet and like always it will be completely free to Sea of Thieves owners.
5. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate may be Getting Stage Builder Soon
A Nintendo advertisement posted to YouTube yesterday shows a menu option for Stage Builder, a feature not yet in the game. Stage Builder is a mode that lets players design and create their own battle stages. Naturally, a game mode that enables players to customize and create is in high demand. Hopefully we hear more about Stage Builder from Nintendo soon.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/9/19)

1. ‘Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order’ Teaser
EA and Respawn Entertainment are set to unveil a new Star Wars action-adventure game this Saturday at the Star Wars Celebration convention. The reveal will also be livestreamed on EA’s Star Wars Twitch channel. A teaser posted on Twitter today includes the phrase “Don’t stand out” which suggests the main character in Fallen Order may need to keep their Jedi abilities a secret. We can except a late 2019 release for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.
2. New Red Dead Online Showdown Mode ‘Plunder’
Rockstar continues to add content to Red Dead Online in the form of Showdown game modes. A new mode called Plunder sets two teams against one another in a battle for frontier resources. Both teams fight to capture supplies from a central location and bring those supplies back to their base. You can also just steal supplies from the enemy base. Be careful though, as you’ll be visible to everyone when holding supplies.
3. Destiny 2 Patch Increases Drop Rates, Buffs Arc Subclasses
Destiny 2’s new patch 2.2.1 came out this morning. After the patch, drop rates for both Gambit Prime weapons and Dreaming City cosmetics have increased significantly. Bungie is also updating older Arc variants for each class. Finally, there are new Catalysts available to improve your old Exotic weapons. You can read all the Arc changes and the rest of the patch notes using the link below.
4. Hearthstone: Rise of Shadows is now Live
The new Hearthstone expansion Rise of Shadows is finally upon us. The new expansion focuses on the return of some of the game’s most famous villains as a part of The League of E.V.I.L. This also marks the annual set rotation that removes old cards from the Standard Mode. Cards from Journey to Un’Goro, Knights of the Frozen Throne, and Kobolds and Catacombs are no longer playable except in Wild Mode.
5. Fallout 76 Patch Introduces Sheepsquatch and New Dungeon
A new patch came to Fallout 76 today, bringing new content for players to experience. There is a new questline called Lying Lowe that tasks players with hunting down the Sheepsquatch, a West Virginia legend. Find one of the ‘Sheepsquatch Ate My Brother’ posters in Lewisburg to start the quest. There is also a new high-level dungeon called The Burrows which will be available on April 16th.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/8/19)

1. Overwatch: Storm Rising Event Announced
The next Overwatch event has been announced and is set to begin next week. Blizzard took to Twitter to release a teaser video for Overwatch: Storm Rising, which looks to be the next lore-based PvE event like Retribution and Uprising. In the video, it is revealed that Tracer, Winston, Mercy, and Genji will attempt to take down Doomfist’s accountant Maximilian. Storm Rising starts on April 16th and lasts until May 6th.
2. Apex Legends May Start Punishing Leavers
We reported on Apex Legends stressful patch release last week. The update, which was meant to be small, temporarily reset the account of everyone who downloaded it. While that has since been fixed, it was not the only thing that slipped into the update. There was also briefly a feature that made quitters wait up to 5 minutes between matches after preemptively leaving games. This feature has ALSO been reverted, but it shows Respawn is exploring ways to discourage players from leaving matches before they should.
3. World of Warcraft Classic PvP Plan Revealed
World of Warcraft Classic is a throwback to the game’s original release, with very limited modern touches. About a month ago Blizzard revealed their plan for content updates post release, but they remained silent on PvP (player versus player) content until this morning. When the game releases, PvP will exist but only informally. Over time, battlegrounds and rewards will be rolled out in a way that mirrors the initial vanilla WoW experience. You can read the entire plan in the post below.
4. Steam Flags Angry Borderlands 2 Reviews as “Off-Topic”
When Borderlands 3 was announced as an Epic Games Store exclusive, many outraged PC gamers took to Steam to express their discontent. Borderlands 1 and 2 were both bombarded with negative reviews on Steam from April 3rd through April 6th. Utilizing a new feature, Steam has tagged these negative reviews as “largely unrelated to the likelihood that you would enjoy the product.” In other words, they have nothing to do with the game itself. The tagged negative reviews do not affect the game’s scores, although they are still available to read.
5. Black Ops 4 Combat Record is Now Accessible
Combat Record is a feature that lets you view personal stats for different weapons and attachment. The feature has been in every Call of Duty title since the original Black Ops in 2010. Well, Combat Record has finally come to Black Ops 4 but unfortunately not in the way many players wanted. You can only access your Combat Record via the game’s official companion app.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/5/19)

1. Moot Points Episode 48: Battle Royalcatraz?!!
Happy Friday Inmoots! In this week's episode of Moot Points, the guys discuss the new Alcatraz map in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4's Blackout. The map is significantly different from Blackout's original map and includes some exciting features. Check it out now!

2. Warframe Remasters Plains of Eidolon Region
The Plains of Eidolon region was Warframe’s first open-world space when it released in 2017. Although that doesn’t sound that long ago, the Plains were lacking when compared to Warframe’s more recent content. Thus, Digital Extremes felt it appropriate to remaster the entire region. New terrain textures, improved dynamic lighting, and a new day/night cycle have all brought the Plains of Eidolon back to life for Warframe players. There is also new content to explore in the Plains.
3. Fallout 76 Introduces Non-Cosmetic Microtransactions
In what is just another in a long line of questionable decisions, the team behind Fallout 76 have decided to introduce Repair Kits to the game. These Repair Kits can restore any one item to 100% durability without costing you crafting materials. While this sounds great, the problem is they’ll be purchasable with the real money currency. This means Fallout 76 now has a pay-to-win aspect to it, as players who choose to spend money on Atoms will be able to avoid the crafting materials grind and do more, faster. Yikes.
4. Division 2 Teaser Suggests next Assassin’s Creed Game Features Vikings
Apparently an in-game poster in The Division 2 is probably a teaser for the next Assassin’s Creed game. The poster shows a Viking character holding the Apple of Eden, an iconic piece of Assassin’s Creed lore. Kotaku has taken this opportunity to confirm the next Assassin’s Creed game does in fact feature Vikings. The game, codenamed “Kingdom,” is skipping 2019 and releasing next year. This suggests it is probably going to come out for the next generation of gaming consoles.
5. New Nintendo Switch Controller Enables Voice Chat
A new controller for the Nintendo Switch is coming out in June that will enable voice chat for some games. The controller includes an audio jack and audio controls and will allow you to chat with your friends while playing any game that runs Vivox integrated in-game chat. The good news for everyone is that Fortnite runs this technology, meaning the controller is compatible with the popular battle royale. The controller costs $24.99 and you can pre-order it next month.
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/4/19)

1. The Division 2 ‘Tidal Basin’ Update Comes Out Tomorrow
Tidal Basin is the first part of the Invasion: Battle for D.C. and it comes to The Division 2 tomorrow. In Tidal Basin, players will get new challenges that can ultimately advance them to World Tier 5. There are also two new exotic weapons coming to the game. On April 25th, Operation Dark Hours comes to the game as the first 8-player raid in The Division history.
2. Battlefield 5’s Premium Currency Launches Today
Starting today, Battlefield 5 players will be able to purchase Battlefield Currency with real money. This new premium currency will allow players to purchase cosmetic upgrades, special characters, and experience boosts. New epic-level cosmetics are coming to the game today alongside the new currency. There are two bundles you can purchase, a Starter Pack and a Premium Starter Pack.
3. Pokemon Go Fest is Going Global
For the last two years Pokemon Go Fest has taken place in Chicago. This year, the event is still coming back to Chicago but it is also going to occur in two other locations. Pokemon Go Fest will be in Dortmund, Germany and an as of yet undisclosed city in Asia. At Pokemon Go Fest players catch Pokemon and participate in exclusive game activities.
4. BioWare Boss Acknowledges Studio’s Issues
If you’ve missed this week’s drama, let us try to catch you up. An article from Kotaku reported on cultural issues within BioWare that could’ve contributed to Anthem’s weak launch. Initially, the response from BioWare seemed to be one of denial. However, this morning the head of BioWare acknowledged that “these problems are real” and they will work to fix them. While that’s well and good, I think the bigger question remains; can they fix Anthem while they’re at it?

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/3/19)

1. Apex Legends Patch 1.1 Accidentally Resets Account Progress
Apex Legends got a small update this morning that was supposed to introduce a few small quality-of-life updates to the game. Instead, players who updated to patch 1.1 realized all of their account progress had been reset. This includes level progress, achievements, and battle pass purchase and progress. Respawn is desperately working to fix this issue and we’re all trying our best not to freak out. Please, please, please fix this Respawn. (Oh, the update lets you party up with good teammates and allows you to mute bad ones in Legend select.)
UPDATE: Respawn has fixed the issue and player progress has been restored. Phew.
2. Fortnite’s Dusty Divot Begins Filling with Lava
Since just this morning, the Dusty Divot on Fortnite’s battle royale map has begun to fill up with lava. Dusty Divot has been around since Season 4, when a meteor struck Dusty Depot and destroyed it. Currently the divot isn’t completely full of lava, but only Epic knows for sure what will happen next. Do you think this is the end of Dusty Divot?
3. Call of Duty’s Blackout is Free to Play this Month
Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode Blackout is free to play on all platforms until April 30th. While this coincides with the release of the new Alcatraz map, it is a bit awkward as Alcatraz is currently only available on PS4. It is unclear when the close-quarters map will come to PC or Xbox One, but hopefully it is before the end of the month so those of us who don’t own Black Ops 4 yet can try it.
4. Borderlands 3 Official Announce Trailer
Last week we saw an announcement trailer for Borderlands 3 at PAX East. Today, Gearbox Studios released an official announce trailer for the game that reveals new vault hunters, new villains, and a release date. Borderlands 3 will release on September 13th of this year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Epic Games Store on PC. After 6 months, Borderlands 3 will be available on other digital store fronts like Steam.
5. Civilization 6 Gets Cross-Platform Cloud Saving
Civilization 6 is an awesome turn-based strategy game that is almost impossible to walk away from. Well, it may be easier to walk away from your computer now because you can continue your games on your Nintendo Switch. All you need to do is sign up for a 2K account and you can save your Civilization 6 games through the cloud and continue them on either PC or the Switch.
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (4/2/19)

1. Call of Duty: Blackout Alcatraz Map Releases
Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode has just gotten a new map based on the infamous Alactraz island. The Alcatraz map is noticeably smaller than Blackout’s original map, which was touted as the biggest map in Call of Duty history, so it should generate notably different gameplay. If we consider the popularity of Sanhok, PUBG’s smallest map, this means Alcatraz may be exceedingly popular with Blackout players. What do you guys think?
2. Fortnite Patch Introduces Boom Bow
There’s a new weapon in Fortnite! The Boom Bow shoots exploding arrows at enemies. The new weapon uses shotgun ammo and it deals both impact damage upon hitting an enemy and explosive damage in a small area after detonating. You can also charge up a shot if you want the arrow to shoot faster. Today’s patch also brings back the Sniper Shootout limited time mode.
3. Red Dead Online gets ‘Up in Smoke’ Game Mode
Rockstar Games is continuing to expand Red Dead Online this morning, as they just introduced a new Showdown Mode called Up In Smoke. In ‘Up In Smoke’ players must destroy the enemy team’s camp by delivering explosive packages. It will take several explosives to completely destroy the enemy camp. Up In Smoke is now playable on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4.
4. Borderlands 3 Possible Release Date Leaks
A since-deleted tweet from the official Borderlands Twitter account has possible revealed the release date for Borderlands 3. The tweet read “Mayhem is Coming September 13. Pre-order now for the Gold Weapon Skins Pack!” It should be noted this occurred yesterday, which was April Fool’s Day, but this seems like a terrible prank. There was also a deleted video that included the Epic Game’s Store logo, which may suggest Borderlands 3 could be an Epic Games Store exclusive on PC.
5. Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Reach Tests Coming Soon
Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Halo Reach are both coming to PC soon. Public testing for the games on PC will take place in the form of “flights,” with the first starting as soon as this month. You can sign up for the Halo Insider program which will give you opportunities to join these flights of game testing. You’ll be able to test both the Master Chief Collection and PC and Halo Reach on PC and Xbox One.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (3/29/19)

1. Moot Points Episode 47: Borderlands 3 Officially Announced!
Happy Friday Mooties! Yesterday we got the incredibly exciting news that Borderlands 3 is coming. Check out this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian to see what we know about the game so far! There's also some other sweet stuff in the episode, including a way for YOU to earn some Moot Coins. Check it out!
2. Elder Scrolls Online Expansion Introducing Dragons
The next Elder Scrolls Online expansion will bring players to the Elsweyr region, where they will get to battle dragons for the first time. The expansion’s prequel quest will start soon, which will lead players directly to the main events in Elsweyr. The new expansion will release on May 20th on PC and June 4th on consoles.
3. ‘Dafran’ Retires from Overwatch League
Daniel ‘Dafran’ Francesca is a highly popular Overwatch player who joined the Atlanta Reign for the Overwatch League’s second split. Despite relatively high level play during the season’s first split, Dafran has announced he is stepping down from the Atlanta Reign’s roster to resume a “comfy streamer life.”
4. Riot Games Cancels Rift Rivals in Smaller Regions
Rift Rivals is a series of exhibition League of Legends matches that pits the best teams from different regions against one another. North America versus Europe and China versus South Korea versus Taiwan have been exciting rivalries that draw audiences. The Rift Rivals tournaments that feature less popular regions like Southeast Asia, Japan, Oceania, and Latin America have been cancelled this year. Apparently, they didn’t draw enough of an audience to justify the production costs.
5. Valve Pledges to Fix Artifact
Artifact is Valve’s digital card game that came out late last year and then immediately and tremendously flopped. Valve posted on the game’s official site today to acknowledge the game’s shortcomings and pledge to fix them. Instead of shipping updates with new cards and the like, the Artifact team instead is going to reevaluate the core aspects of the game including game design, the economy, and the social experience of playing. They expect these fixes may take a while to implement, so if you’re hoping for a ‘fixed’ Artifact we wouldn’t recommend holding your breath.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (3/28/19)

1. Borderlands 3 Revealed
The madlads over at Gearbox Studios finally revealed a trailer for Borderlands 3. The reveal took place at the end of the studio’s presentation at PAX East earlier this morning. We don’t know much about the game yet, but we will learn more next week. We do know a few key things, like the fact that there are multiple worlds to visit in the game. Check out the trailer in the article below!
2. Get a Year of Nintendo Switch Online with Twitch Prime
Twitch Prime is awesome. If you don’t know, Twitch Prime is something Amazon Prime customers have access to that enables them to get tons of sweet rewards. Free games, in-game items, and one free subscription to any streamer of your choice are among the benefits. Now, you will also get a free year of Nintendo Switch Online, a $20 dollar value, for free with Twitch Prime. You can redeem your free subscription now through September 28th.
3. Risk of Rain 2 Surprise Releases Today
Risk of Rain is a purely 2D platformer game that came out back in 2013. This morning, Gearbox Studios announced a surprise release of a sequel for the game. Risk of Rain 2 is now fully 3D though, which is full one dimension upgrade over the original. Risk of Rain 2 is available on Steam Early Access right now for $20. Also, if you buy the game before March 30th you’ll get a second copy of it for free to share with a friend. Now if only we had friends…
4. Minecraft Update Removes References to Game’s Creator
The most recent Minecraft update has removed a couple title screen references to ‘Notch,’ the game’s original creator. Notch sold Minecraft to Microsoft for $2.5 billion USD in 2014 and has not been involved with the game since. Between then and now, however, he has made dozens of controversial remarks on social media. This is probably why his name has been removed from the game’s title screen, however Notch is still referenced in the credits.
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (3/27/19)

1. Possible Borderlands 3 Teaser Video
There have been whispers of a new Borderlands game throughout the past month. This morning, Gearbox Software released an awesome teaser trailer for an upcoming Borderlands game to prepare viewers for their presentation at PAX East tomorrow. The teaser video is just over a minute long, so it is definitely worth watching to get hyped.
2. Fortnite Patch v8.20 Adds Poison Darts and Fruit
A new Fortnite patch went live this morning, bringing a couple sweet new items to the battle royale game mode. The Poison Dart Trap fires, surprise, poison darts at enemies that will damage them over time. The new patch also introduced an assortment of different fruits to the game that heal you. The new Limited Time Mode ‘The Floor is Lava’ is also now live.
3. Cyberpunk 2077 is Going Big at E3 Again
Last year’s E3 was when we first got a taste of Cyberpunk 2077. While many studios have been pulling away from E3 this year, CD Projekt Red has said they’re preparing another awesome show for E3 2019. It is uncertain whether the entire presentation will focus on Cyberpunk 2077, as CD Projekt Red is working on at least one unannounced title currently. E3 2019 starts on June 11th.
4. The Division 2 End Game Content Coming Next Week
The Invasion: Battle for D.C. is coming to The Division 2 on April 5th. The update will introduce the Tidal Basin stronghold, which upon completion will bump players up to World Tier 5. There is also a new heroic difficulty mode, which will reward more drops for players capable enough to handle it. Finally, the patch will also include the game’s first weapon balance changes.
5. Gwent is Coming to Mobile Devices
Gwent, the standalone card game that originated from The Witcher series, is coming to mobile devices soon. The game will come to iPhones this year and Android devices “at a later date.” It is uncertain whether this will include the game’s single player campaign, but it will at least include the multiplayer mode. Gwent is also getting its first expansion tomorrow, titled Crimson Curse.
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (3/26/19)

1. Fallout 76 Survival Mode Beta Launches
We know nobody asked, but the Fallout 76 Survival Mode beta launched this morning. Survival Mode is a more hardcore, PVP focused version of Bethesda recent disappointment. Players will now select upon launch whether they’d like to play Survival Mode or the game’s traditional Adventure Mode. In Survival Mode you’ll take full damage from others immediately and you can only respawn or fast travel at certain locations. Honestly, it sounds pretty tight.
2. Major Star Wars Battlefront II Update Released Today
Remember Star Wars Battlefront II? Not the old one, but the more recent game that was pretty sweet but got totally ruined by a greedy microtransaction model. Well, THAT game just got a massive free update that introduced a new game mode called Capital Supremacy. There is also a new map, the Pipeline Junction West on Geonosis. Additionally, the update includes several hero balance tweaks and some quality of life improvements. Check out the patch notes in the article below.
3. ‘The Lord of the Rings – Gollum’ Game Coming Next Year
Game development studio Deadalic Entertainment announced yesterday they’re working on a new Lord of the Rings action-adventure game. The new game will release for PC and interestingly “all relevant console platforms at the time.” The game will focus on Gollum and tell his story like it has never been told before. The Lord of the Rings – Gollum will release sometime in 2021, so buckle up for a long wait.
4. Anthem Update 1.0.4 Adds Legendary Missions
In today’s update, BioWare is attempting to appease Anthem players, who have been upset with the game’s loot since launch. Update 1.0.4 adds Legendary Missinos, Elysian Caches, and other adjustments to the game’s loot economy. There is a single Legendary Mission each day, but it can be completed any number of times. The update also made chests and enemies more likely to drop additional items and crafting materials.
5. Red Dead Online gets ‘Target Races’ Game Mode
Red Dead Online is constantly growing, which is equal parts awesome and necessary. Today, Red Dead Online got a new game mode called Target Races. In Target Races, player race to the finish line on horseback passing through checkpoints and shooting targets as they ride. Hitting targets increases your horse’s stamina. You can also use weapons to attack your opponents. All online activities offer a 20% experience boost this week.
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Moot update v2.10 came out today, bringing several sweet new features to our amazing app! Read about it here:

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (3/25/19)

1. Battlefield 5 BR Mode ‘Firestorm’ is Live
The battle royale mode for Battlefield 5 is finally here! Firestorm is a classic battle royale mode, where 100 players can battle it out to be the last one standing in either solos, duos, or squads. Firestorm is an absolutely massive map that includes boats, tanks, and everything else that makes Battlefield games awesome. While it is definitely not too little, Firestorm may be too late to make a big impact on the battle royale genre. Will you be playing it?
2. ‘The Floor is Lava’ LTM is Coming to Fortnite
The Floor is Lava is Fortnite’s next Limited Time Mode. This limited time mode is a throwback to the classic childhood game we all remember, where you would pretend the floor was lava so you had to cross the room by jumping from one piece of furniture to another. The mode description says “get to high ground or build above the lava that’s overtaking the island.” This LTM is expected to come to Fortnite soon.
3. Philadelphia Fusion are Building an Esports Arena
Overwatch League team Philadelphia Fusion have announced they are building a massive esports arena to play their home games in the future. The $50 million dollar project will be the first “purpose-built esports arena in the Western hemisphere.” The Fusion Arena will set up to 3500 spectators. There will also be bars, suites, box seating, a dedicated training facility, a broadcast studio, and team offices. It is unknown whether the arena will be ready in time for the OWL 2020 season which is when teams will start playing home and away games.
4. No Man’s Sky is Getting VR
Sony announced this morning that No Man’s Sky will be adding VR compatibility later this summer. No Man’s Sky Beyond was announced earlier this month; Beyond is a multi-part free expansion to the space exploration game. The first chapter of Beyond will introduce No Man’s Sky Online, which will enable you to play the game with friends. It is unclear when specifically VR compatibility will come to the game except we know it will come out during the summer.
5. Apple Arcade is a New Subscription Game Service
Today Apple announced Apple Arcade, a new subscription service that will give subscribers access to premium games. The service is coming to iPhone, iPad, Apple computers, and Apple TV. Apple is both handpicking games for the service and developing games specifically for it. There will be no in-game advertisements or in-app purchases. Apple Arcade is set to launch in the fall of this year and we expect to find out more information about it before then.
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POPULAR Team Moot Does GDC!! (Day Three)

It is our last day at GDC! We had an incredible time meeting incredible people, playing revolutionary games, and exploring the wonderful city that is San Francisco! Keep your eyes peeled on Moot for new games coming soon. Can not wait until next year!

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POPULAR Team Moot Does GDC!! (Day Two)

It's day two of the Game Developer Conference for Team Moot! Another day of incredible gaming and networking is in the books. Watch today's video and see everything that happened and what you can expect to see tomorrow at day three of GDC!

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POPULAR Team Moot Does GDC!! (Day One)

It is day one of the Game Developer Conference for Team Moot! So many incredible games, revolutionary technology, and unforgettable memories (oh and Dylan won a freakin Oculus Go for winning a Clash Royale tournament). Check out the video and let us know what you want to see the boys get into on day two!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (3/19/19)

1. Google Unveils ‘Stadia,’ a New Game Streaming Service
Google rocked the gaming world this morning when they announced Stadia, a new cloud gaming service. Stadia will stream games from the cloud to Chrome browsers, the Chromecast, and Pixel devices. The service will aunch in the US, Canada, UK, and Europe in 2019. Stadia will enable instant access to play games, without the need to download or install anything. Google also unveiled the new Stadia Controller to play with. Honestly, there’s a lot going on here to read about so we encourage you to check out the article below for more information.
2. Apex Legends Season 1 is Live!
Apex Legends’ first season is finally here! The new season brings to the game a battle pass, a new Legend, dozens of bugfixes, and a handful of character adjustments. The battle pass costs $10 USD and gives you access to over 100 unique items. The new legend is Octane, the High-Speed Daredevil, who is sure to shake things up a bit. Finally, there are dozens of bug fixes, optimizations, and character changes. Read all of the Season 1 patch notes here!
3. You can now Forgive Teamkills in Rainbow Six Siege
Ubisoft is finally reworking their solution to the teamkilling issue in Rainbow Six Siege. Previously, players could kill two teammates using friendly fire and get booted from the game if they teamkilled a third. Now, after the first teamkill, all damage the offending player commits to their teammates is actually reversed back onto them. You can also now forgive teammates for teamkilling, which has been a highly requested feature from Rainbow Six players for some time.
4. Call of Duty is Coming to Mobile Devices
Activision and Tencent just mutually announced Call of Duty: Mobile. The mobile game will be free to play and available on both iOS and Android devices. Call of Duty: Mobile will draw inspiration from both Black Ops and Modern Warfare games. It will feature popular game modes like Search and Destroy and Free-For-All. Additionally, there will be iconic maps like Nuketown, Crash, and Hijacked. There is a public beta coming for Call of Duty: Mobile this summer.
5. Rockstar Outlines Next Red Dead Online Update
In a press release this morning Rockstar outlined several features that will be coming to Red Dead Online in a major update “later this Spring.” Among the features is the ability to toggle on Defensive Mode, which will make it harder for enemies to kill you and vice versa. There is also a new Hostility System to discourage griefing. There will be more Land of Opportunity Missions, more Free Roam Missions, and more dynamic events. Finally, there is the new LeMat Revolver to look forward to.
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (3/18/19)

1. Apex Legends Season 1 Starts Tomorrow!
Respawn Entertainment has finally announced the official start date for Season 1 of Apex Legends! The new season will start tomorrow, March 19th, and will introduce the new Legend Octane to the game. There will also be a battle pass, including over 100 new cosmetics to earn. The new season is called Wild Frontier and you can check out more information, including all of the Battle Pass rewards, right here!
2. Fortnite Temporarily Disables Hamster Ball
Due to stability issues related to the Baller, Epic Games has temporarily disabled the item. The Baller is the official name of what most call ‘the giant hamster ball’ that was recently added to Fortnite’s battle royale mode. The Baller has been a dominant force in the game’s competitive meta since it was introduced, and many seem happy to see the item gone. Knowing Epic, the Baller will probably return very soon.
3. Battlefield 5’s Firestorm Map is Massive
DICE announced Firestorm last week, the battle royale game mode coming to Battlefield V. The map is called Halvøy and it is actually ten times larger than the game’s current largest map, Hamada. While battle royale maps are normally large, this is a bit ridiculous. It makes sense though, as Firestorm will feature helicopters, tanks, and other vehicles that will enable players to traverse the map with speed. Firestorm comes to Battlefield V on March 25th.
4. The Culling Servers Are Going Offline
The Culling is a battle royale game that has had a tragic storyline. The Culling was a generally popular game that got put on the backburner almost immediately after release so the team behind it could work on developing a sequel instead. After the sequel’s failed launch, the team reinvested in the original The Culling game and made it free to play. Unfortunately, a microtransaction model didn’t generate enough revenue to keep the lights on and come May the game’s servers will be shutting down for good.
5. Splatoon 2 Demo Coming to Nintendo Switch
Splatoon 2, the popular online shooter for Nintendo Switch, will be getting a free week starting tomorrow morning. The special demo version of the game can be downloaded from the Nintendo eShop now. You can access four different game modes during the demo, including four-on-four Turf War and the game’s classic mode. If you decide you like Splatoon 2 enough to buy it, you’re in luck! Splatoon 2 is 20% off for the next week.
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (3/15/19)

Happy Mootday everyone! (every day is Mootday if you're living life right.) In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian the guys talk about Firestorm, the battle royale game mode coming to Battlefield V next week. Hear all about the upcoming BR in the video now!
1. Moot Points: Battlefield V Firestorm Mode Revealed (Episode 46)
2. Overwatch League Teams will Play in Home Cities in 2020
Starting in 2020, all Overwatch League teams will get to play in their home cities. Currently, all matches are played at the Blizzard Arena in Burbank, CA with the exception of a few “homestand weekends” this season. During these homestand weekends the Dallas Fuel, Los Angeles Valiant, and Atlanta Reign will get to play a few matches in their home cities. By next year, many teams still won’t have their own stadiums so it will be interesting to see where exactly they get to play. Still, this is a step in the right direction for the Overwatch League.
3. No Man’s Sky: Beyond Update Coming this Summer
Hello Games just announced a big update they have planned for No Man’s Sky. The update is called Beyond and it has three parts. The first part of the planned update, which is the only currently revealed part, will introduce No Man’s Sky Online; you’ll be able to experience a ‘radical new social and multiplayer experience.’ Over the next few weeks we will hopefully learn more about release dates and the following two parts of Beyond.
4. Apex Legends Teasing New Legend, Octane
While they are still making us wait for the battle pass, Respawn Entertainment has begun teasing the game’s next Legend. There is now a jump-pad in the game, just outside of the popular dropspot Market. The jump-pad matches the leaked Ultimate ability for Octane, and functions similarly; when you step on it, you get launched into the air. When can assume Octane will release alongside the battle pass at the start of Season 1. Hopefully, this teasing means both of those are just around the corner.
5. Anthem Improves Grandmaster Loot Drops
Anthem loot drop tables have been notably laughable since the game released. BioWare took a step toward fixing that this morning, as they released an update to Anthem that increased the rate of masterwork and legendary drops. Specifically, these items will now drop at a higher rate for grandmaster 2 and grandmaster 3 difficulty levels. There are also increased drop rates for harder enemies at all difficulty levels.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (3/14/19)

1. Battlefield V Official Firestorm Reveal Trailer
Dice just released a reveal trailer for Battlefield V’s battle royale mode ‘Firestorm.’ Last week a tutorial video for the game mode leaked, where a narrator explained some of the details of Firestorm. This video, in comparison, is way more cinematic and exciting. We can see destructible buildings, vehicles, and everything else that is classic Battlefield. We also now have a release date for Firestorm. The battle royale mode will release on March 25th.
2. Ninja got Paid $1 Million to Play Apex Legends
A report from Reuters has claimed that popular streamer Ninja was paid $1 million USD to stream Apex Legends when the game launched. When Apex Legends ‘surprise’ launched on February 4th, dozens of streamers had sponsored streams lined up. Presumably, none of them got paid as much as Ninja. While Ninja has shifted his streams back towards Fortnite these days, the promotional streams definitely seem to have worked out for EA as Apex Legends is constantly toward the top of Twitch.
3. New Co-op Zombie Game ‘Back 4 Blood’ Announced
The studio that developed the original Left 4 Dead has announced they’re making another co-op zombie shooter. While the developers, Turtle Rock Studios, have said they’re “going back to their roots” for this game, they also stressed this is NOT Left 4 Dead 3. Back 4 Blood is brand new, original intellectual property. Back 4 Blood will feature both a campaign and PVP combat, and there won’t be a battle royale mode. The game is set to release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC but it does not have a release date yet.
4. Hearthstone Expansion ‘Rise of Shadows’ Revealed
Blizzard has just announced the next Hearthstone expansion, which will feature 135 new cards. The Rise of Shadows expansion introduces the League of E.V.I.L., which features a collection of past villains who are returning to the game. The first new mechanic revealed so far is Schemes, which are spells that grow in power every turn they’re in your hand. Lackeys are also a new mechanic; Lackeys are cheap minions that get added to your hand, sort of similar to Spare Parts from the Goblins vs Gnomes expansion. Finally, Twinspells are spells that add a copy of themselves to your hand when you cast them the first time.
5. Overwatch’s New Hero Baptiste will be Live next Week
Overwatch’s 30th hero will be coming to live servers on all platforms on March 19th. Baptiste will be the seventh support character in Overwatch. The combat medic has a submachine gun that can launch healing Biotic Grenades. He can also heal with his Regenerative Burst ability. Hopefully Baptiste will shake things up in Overwatch a bit using the two very unique abilities, Immortality Field and Amplification Matrix. Are you excited to try Baptiste?
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The Daily Moot (3/13/19)

1. PlayerUnknown is No Longer Working on PUBG
Brendan Greene, perhaps better known as PlayerUnknown, is shifting to a new position with PUBG Corp. that will take him away from directly working on the game named after him. Greene is moving from Seoul to Amsterdam, where he will lead a new division of PUBG Corp. called PUBG Special Projects. According to Greene, the new group will focus on “exploring, experimenting, and creating new technologies, tools, pipelines, and gameplay.”
2. PS4 Players Get Blackout Hardcore Mode
The Hardcore Blackout mode in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is now available on PS4. Hardcore Blackout features no HUD, armor, vehicles, or zombies in an attempt to provide a more serious version of the popular battle royale game mode. This update is a part of the Shamrock & Awe event to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day. There is also new vehicles, the ability to inspect weapons, and new Gestures and Callouts at the Victory Screen.
3. Fortnite Reorganizes Cross-Platform Defaults
Epic Games included a small section in yesterday’s V8.10 patch notes that address crossplay matchmaking. Starting with this new update, Xbox One and PS4 players will be combined in their matches by default. Additionally, Nintendo Switch players and mobile players will be paired against one another. You can still play with friends on any platform, but these are the new default options for those who opt into crossplay.
4. Fallout 76 Introduces Free ‘Wild Appalachia’ Update
Wild Applalachia is the first of many free content updates that will come to Fallout 76 over the coming months. Starting today, you can complete the Wasted on Nukashine questline to unlock the ability to brew and distill drinks. Today’s update also added a reporting tool that will finally allow you to report cheaters or griefers as you encounter them.
5. We can now Stream Games from PC to an Xbox One
You can now use Microsoft’s Wireless Display app to stream PC games to your Xbox One. While there may be a small market for this feature, it is still nice to see Microsoft offering the option to those who may want it. Perhaps an Xbox One is the cheapest option you have available to connect your sweet gaming PC to your large flat screen TV in the other room.
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