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Jan 22, 2018, 01:53 PM 125 read

Game Lounges

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It would be great if we could create new or our own game lounges because I have a lot of games that I want to talk about and this app only has some of them so it would be greatly appreciated if you could implement this into the app thanks.

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  • NO NAME verified Jan 22, 2018, 10:11 PM

    Doubt this would happen, people would just take it for granted and make stupid meme lounges and it would ruin Moot.

  • Sir Blitz#3464 LV.34 Mythic Jan 22, 2018, 02:15 PM

    They are adding more as time goes on and I don't wish to see the option to make our own as to many people will make ones that aren't necessarily and also they will spam the chat

  • ObliviousRex LV.36 RIP Jan 23, 2018, 03:34 AM

    Aye, I’m gonna agree with the others here. Creating our own lounges outright would end up making them just different version of Band instead of a centralized community. The way they’re doing things, at least to start, helps keep it organized and moderated.

    On the other hand, they should have a more streamlined voting system in place for new Moot lounges.

  • NO NAME verified Jan 23, 2018, 04:05 AM

    I don’t think that’s a good idea

  • NO NAME verified Jan 23, 2018, 02:52 PM

    They should add a bunch of top played games like csgo pubg wow vrchat dota 2 gmod tf2 but not allow people to make groups

  • Brik LV.5 Lurker Jan 24, 2018, 03:43 AM

    Well great idea but it needs to be guarded by mods

    But anyway its still a bad idea cuz certain admins just doesn’t go online often and it can cause chaos