NB4ITYT LV.18 Mobile
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Stereo Bump Complete "Stereo Madness" in Practice mode Stereo Madness! Complete "Stereo Madness" in Normal mode On my way Complete "Back On Track" in Practice mode Back On Track! Complete "Back On Track" in Normal mode Polarbear Complete "Polargeist" in Practice mode Polargeist! Complete "Polargeist" in Normal mode Dehydrated Complete "Dry Out" in Practice mode Dry Out! Complete "Dry Out" in Normal mode All your base... Complete "Base After Base" in Practice mode Base After Base! Complete "Base After Base" in Normal mode Hold on Complete "Cant Let Go" in Practice mode Cant Let Go! Complete "Cant Let Go" in Normal mode Hop Hop... Complete "Jumper" in Practice mode Jumper! Complete "Jumper" in Normal mode Tick Tock Complete "Time Machine" in Practice mode Time Machine! Complete "Time Machine" in Normal mode Loops Complete "Cycles" in Practice mode Cycles! Complete "Cycles" in Normal mode yStep Complete "xStep" in Practice mode xStep! Complete "xStep" in Normal mode Funky Complete "Clutterfunk" in Practice mode Clutterfunk! Complete "Clutterfunk" in Normal mode Theory of Something Complete "Theory of Everything" in Practice mode Theory of Everything! Complete "Theory of Everything" in Normal mode Electro Time Complete "Electroman Adventures" in Practice mode Electroman Adventures! Complete "Electroman Adventures" in Normal mode Clubbin Complete "Clubstep" in Practice mode Clubstep! Complete "Clubstep" in Normal mode Electromaniac Complete "Electrodynamix" in Practice mode Electrodynamix! Complete "Electrodynamix" in Normal mode Hexagonest Complete "Hexagon Force" in Practice mode Hexagon Force! Complete "Hexagon Force" in Normal mode Blast Power Complete "Blast Processing" in Practice mode Blast Processing! Complete "Blast Processing" in Normal mode Second Theory Complete "Theory of Everything 2" in Practice mode Theory of Everything 2! Complete "Theory of Everything 2" in Normal mode Geometry Warrior Complete "Geometrical Dominator" in Practice mode Geometrical Dominator! Complete "Geometrical Dominator" in Normal mode Living Open Complete "Deadlocked" in Practice mode Deadlocked! Complete "Deadlocked" in Normal mode Fingerdash Complete "Fingerdash" in Practice mode Fingerdash! Complete "Fingerdash" in Normal mode Reflex Champion Complete a Demon difficulty level in Normal mode Demon Chaser Complete 2 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode The One Complete 3 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode Demon Master Complete 4 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode Demonic Guardian Complete 5 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode Demonic Overmind Complete 10 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode Master of Timing Complete 15 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode Unstoppable! Complete 20 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode Demolicious! Complete 30 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode Give me a CHALLENGE! Complete 40 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode Grim Reaper Complete 50 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode You fear nothing Complete 60 Demon difficulty levels in Normal mode Ultimate Clubstep Collect all 3 coins on Clubstep Ultimate TOE2 Collect all 3 coins on Theory of Everything 2 Ultimate Deadlocked Collect all 3 coins on Deadlocked Oh, Shiny! Collect 100 stars More stars! Collect 200 stars Star Maniac Collect 300 stars Master Collector Collect 400 stars Epic Collector Collect 500 stars Epic Master Collector Collect 600 stars Star Factory Collect 700 stars Starshine Collect 800 stars All MINE! Collect 900 stars MORE SHINY!!! Collect 1000 stars Was that all of them? Collect 1500 stars Knock knock. Who's there? STARS! Collect 2000 stars These are pretty warm... Collect 2500 stars They are REALLY warm! Collect 3000 stars IT BURNS!! Collect 3500 stars GAAAAAAAAAH! Collect 4000 stars More star achievements? Collect 4500 stars You want me to collect 5000!? Collect 5000 stars I should sell these Collect 5500 stars Why so many? Collect 6000 stars No stars for you! Collect 6500 stars All stars are my stars Collect 7000 stars This is the last star achievement Collect 7500 stars Just kidding, there are more Collect 8000 stars I think I got all the stars Collect 9000 stars Nope, found more over there Collect 10000 stars Coins?! Collect 5 Secret Coins Maybe behind that block? Collect 10 Secret Coins I.. Need... MORE! Collect 15 Secret Coins We wants it! Collect 20 Secret Coins We needs it! Collect 25 Secret Coins Must have the precious Collect 30 Secret Coins They stole it from us! Collect 35 Secret Coins Where is it?! Where is it?! Collect 40 Secret Coins Thief, thief, thief! Collect 45 Secret Coins My Precious... Collect 50 Secret Coins There's more!? Collect 55 Secret Coins Found it under a rock! Collect 60 Secret Coins Not so secret Collect 65 Secret Coins Nothing is secret! Collect 70 Secret Coins Finders Keepers! Collect 75 Secret Coins The Golden Rule Collect 80 Secret Coins Robin Hood Collect 85 Secret Coins The Finder Collect 90 Secret Coins Tax Collector Collect 95 Secret Coins The King's Vault Collect 100 Secret Coins These are pretty heavy Collect 105 Secret Coins Where do I even put this? Collect 110 Secret Coins Seriously, enough! Collect 115 Secret Coins Leave some for the rest of us! Collect 120 Secret Coins Insatiable Greed Collect 130 Secret Coins What are those!? Collect 1 User Coins The journey begins... Collect 10 User Coins I can't stop! Collect 20 User Coins Mom, get the camera!!! Collected 30 User Coins I feel rich! Collected 40 User Coins What to buy... Collect 50 User Coins i'll get that for you Collect 60 User Coins Piece of cake Collect 70 User Coins We're gonna need a bigger boat Collect 80 User Coins Got coins? Collect 90 User Coins So... greed much? Collect 100 User Coins MAX COINS! Collected 110 User Coins Just kidding... Collect 120 User Coins I think there's one left Collect 130 User Coins Where did you get those? Collect 140 User Coins So many shinies... Collect 150 User Coins Power level increasing Collect 160 User Coins Ultra mega coin catcher Collect 170 User Coins Something that rhymes with coin Collect 180 User Coins Will you ever be satisfied? Collect 190 User Coins Level up! Ultra Greedy... Collect 200 User Coins Something funny about coins Collect 225 User Coins Who makes these? Collect 250 User Coins More coins, give reward Collect 300 User Coins Much coin, very wow Collect 350 User Coins Who has this many coins? Collect 425 User Coins Enough is enough Collect 500 User Coins Stop collecting coins Collect 600 User Coins Y u take all coin? Collect 700 User Coins Can I have some? Collect 800 User Coins Congratulations, you have them all! Collect 900 User Coins You have them all again! :O Collect 1000 User Coins Jump, Forrest, jump Complete a Map Pack Failure is not an option Complete 5 Map Packs Map Packer Complete 10 Map Packs Pack it up Complete 15 Map Packs Package Complete Complete 20 Map Packs You pack, I complete Complete 25 Map Packs I R Unstoppable! Complete 30 Map Packs Hah, you call that a pack? Complete 35 Map Packs 40, not bad... Complete 40 Map Packs Ha! What now? Complete 45 Map Packs New shinies!?! Collect 100 Diamonds Sparkle sparkle Collect 250 Diamonds This is addictive Collect 500 Diamonds DIAMONDS Collect 1000 Diamonds Can't stop my shine Collect 1500 Diamonds One for you, ten for me Collect 2000 Diamonds How many can I carry? Collect 2500 Diamonds House of Diamonds Collect 3000 Diamonds Diamond Castle Collect 4000 Diamonds Diamond Master Collect 5000 Diamonds Challenger Complete a user created level in Normal mode Master Complete 10 user created levels in Normal mode The Gamer Complete 50 user created levels in Normal mode Geometrician Complete 100 user created levels in Normal mode Spike dodger Complete 200 user created levels in Normal mode No match for me! Complete 300 user created levels in Normal mode Bring me their heads! Complete 500 user created levels in Normal mode Tonight, we dine in GEOMETRY DASH! Complete 1000 user created levels in Normal mode Supporter Have fun :) Bounce Jump 1000 times I like jumping Jump 10000 times You jump like a pro! Jump 20000 times Hop Hop Hop Jump 50000 times Can't stop jumping!!! Jump 50000 times Trial and error Do 100 attempts Crash Tester Do 500 attempts You Shall Not Pass! Do 2000 attempts Ouch... Do 10000 attempts That hurts! Do 20000 attempts Helper Like an online level Cleric Like or Dislike 100 online levels Watcher Like or Dislike 500 online levels Spymaster Like or Dislike 1000 online levels The Happy One Like or Dislike 2000 online levels Guide Rate the stars of an online level Visionary Rate the stars of 100 online levels Organizer Rate the stars of 500 online levels Guiding Light Rate the stars of 1000 online levels Justice! Rate the stars of 2000 online levels Geometry Dash is Love Follow a creator Geometry Dasher Follow 10 creators No longer lonely Add a friend I'm popular! Add 10 friends Creator Create and submit a custom level Geometry Creator Get 100 likes on a created level Geometry Star Get a star rated level Geometry Mechanic Get 50 likes on a created level RobTop Gamer Tap the More Games button! Number one fan! Like Geometry Dash on Facebook GeometryTube Subscribe to RobTop Games on YouTube Geometry Bird! Follow RobTop Games on Twitter So close Crash at over 95% on a main level in normal mode Rampage! A secret is required Dominating! A secret is required Ultrakill! A secret is required Godlike! A secret is required Wickedsick! A secret is required Master Detective A hidden treasure is required Oh no... A secret is required Thief! A secret is required Thief! Thief! A secret is required Decrypter A secret is required The Unknown A secret is required The Unseen A secret is required Catch them all! A secret is required Nice shot! A secret is required Revealing... A secret is required Third eye open... A secret is required Very clever... A secret is required Doomed us all! A secret is required Nothing is hidden A secret is required Ultimate Energy A secret is required Uber Hacker A secret is required Cold as Ice A secret is required Sneaky Sneak A secret is required I can count! A secret is required Cant be fooled A secret is required Paintbucket A secret is required Burnt Chicken A secret is required Gatekeepers Riddle A secret is required Gatekeepers Query A secret is required Gatekeepers Code A secret is required Gatekeepers Curse A secret is required Gatekeepers Vision A secret is required Steamrolling! Complete level 1-3 in Normal mode (Steam Exclusive) SteamStep! Complete "Clubstep" in Normal mode (Steam Exclusive Bonus) Fire Recruit Collect 5 Fire Shards Fire Apprentice Collect 15 Fire Shards Fire Guardian Collect 35 Fire Shards Fire Champion Collect 65 Fire Shards Fire Master Collect 100 Fire Shards Ice Recruit Collect 5 Ice Shards Ice Apprentice Collect 15 Ice Shards Ice Guardian Collect 35 Ice Shards Ice Champion Collect 65 Ice Shards Ice Master Collect 100 Ice Shards Poison Recruit Collect 5 Poison Shards Poison Apprentice Collect 15 Poison Shards Poison Guardian Collect 35 Poison Shards Poison Champion Collect 65 Poison Shards Poison Master Collect 100 Poison Shards Shadow Recruit Collect 5 Shadow Shards Shadow Apprentice Collect 15 Shadow Shards Shadow Guardian Collect 35 Shadow Shards Shadow Champion Collect 65 Shadow Shards Shadow Master Collect 100 Shadow Shards Lava Recruit Collect 5 Lava Shards Lava Apprentice Collect 15 Lava Shards Lava Guardian Collect 35 Lava Shards Lava Champion Collect 65 Lava Shards Lava Master Collect 100 Lava Shards Bonus Recruit Collect 5 of each shard Bonus Apprentice Collect 15 of each shard Bonus Guardian Collect 35 of each shard Bonus Champion Collect 65 of each shard Bonus Master Collect 100 of each shard Yarrr! Complete "The Seven Seas" in Practice mode The Seven Seas! Complete "The Seven Seas" in Normal mode Lost Viking Complete "Viking Arena" in Practice mode Viking Arena! Complete "Viking Arena" in Normal mode Grounded Robots Complete "Airborne Robots" in Practice mode Airborne Robots! Complete "Airborne Robots" in Normal mode Ultimate Seven Seas Collect all 3 coins on The Seven Seas Ultimate Viking Arena Collect all 3 coins on Viking Arena Ultimate Airborne Robots Collect all 3 coins on Airborne Robots Meltdown Supporter! Rate "Geometry Dash Meltdown" and let us know what you think So it begins... Complete "Payload" in Normal mode Impressive... Complete "Beast Mode" in Normal mode It gets worse... Complete "Machina" in Normal mode You got this!

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