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Jan 21, 2021, 05:51 AM 167 read

I did all of this for nothing

Questions & Suggestions

It sucks that moot will be moving to another platform, so the small amount of followers that I have are now gone. I seen that Lola is trying to get her followers to follow her other socials, well I guess that I'll do that... Twitter-Tee_Editz Discord-Tee_Editz#6350 Twitch-teewhyeasy Email-ClashProductions83@gmail.com PSN-T33why3zy Xbox-TeeWhyEasy Activision- EpcTee Ik this is probably weird putting my account info in this post, it's just i finally got some followers and now, im not gonna have them moving onto the new app (figured out the problem with the app store but I might not get it) thanks guys for all the support on moot. Cya

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