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Update v3.7 Review

Questions & Suggestions

And we are back with another update review! Man I love doing these! This update has me hopeful for v4.0 tbh, let's not get ahead of ourselves and get into it shall we! 1) LFG button added to home page This is great, it makes the app feel more like its intended purpose which I love. I just opened it and WOW that looks sexy, it honestly looks so clean and I love the 2 tabs that moot put in the LFG section, cant wait to use this beautiful feature in the future! 2) New moot ticket giveaway structure This seems really interesting, I think this will allow for more prizes in a way and seems like it will have that feel of more opportunity to win. Cant wait to see the feature in it's full glory soon! 3) New splash screens (Loading screens) These seem interesting and I really feel like they could open up to a whole new era of something. It is just loading screens but I feel like it could be used for something more, idk what exactly but I'm excited to see what moot possibly brings to the table... Here is one of the splash screens

Moot: Questions & Suggestions - Update v3.7 Review image 2

Update Rating - Potential/10 NEXT UPDATE REQUESTS 1) Remove Q&A entirely In my opinion this should've never been added, just doesnt have a reason in this app tbh 2) Content Policy Updates The content policy is outdated and moot is changing with new waves of content that shouldn't belong on moot but they do. I've already talked about this multiple times, if any admin wants the info I'll give it, just ask... 3) Lounge Changes I feel like Lounges are overwhelming and need to be simplified somehow. I think there also needs to be a feature that somehow allows low follower count mooters to be recognized easier. As of the current time Lounges just promote people getting comments but you cant really do that if you dont have the audience for it. I think this needs to be in a separate post at another time because I'm flourishing with more ideas for Lounges rn. 🖤love you all🖤 #SpreadtheLove #FullHomoGang

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