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Post 4: Religions & Beliefs

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Quick disclaimer: I am on behalf of my personal opinion which should not be attacked. If you don't like my opinion, then please remain silent as it's literally an insult to your kind.   To put a bullet straight to the mark I'd like to say I don't mind if you have a belief that you think God exists or that something is fake or not fake. As long as you aren't going to extremes to express your belief/religion, then by all means, express them. As long as they don't hurt people and such then that's acceptable too. Just don't go to extremes like the Vegans do sometimes.   Now, I need to make this longer because my belief stands that I should express details in a certain amount of depth so you can learn.   Vegans have a belief that meat is bad to eat because it's wrong and they are fine with that. However, when I mentioned about vegans going to extremes, I meant like killing animals that we own as pets. Cannot say about any individuals, but you get the point.   Priests have their own beliefs and Gods just like Greece where they believe various Gods. Ares, Artemis, Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, etc. Some Gods like Mars, Erebus exist outside the realm of the Greek Gods.   As everyone knows there are a few enormous belief wars going on as this post is here (vegans and priests included). Aside from vegans and priests, there is one huge war that goes on every day: Flat Earth versus Global Earth.   I personally don't care if one believes Earth is flat or not, however, if they WANT to play the idiocy game, then I'll let them, I'm not the one who didn't learn from school. There is one thing that should be an addition to this issue though. It's about Gods and religions. It's almost as though the flat Earthers speak of Gods and that they believe that flat Earth is their God while we believe a global Earth is our God.   Anyway, now that I extended that, I must let you know I'll continue posting stuff to express my knowledge, beliefs, opinions and education. Have fun and remember to keep calm and clean!

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