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Want a free game??? 🎮😁

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(TLDR: Watch Ubisoft Forward event tomorrow while logged into your Uplay account to snag a free copy of Watch Dogs 2 during live stream.) I'm surprised that Moot hasn't posted anything on this yet ahead of time. But if they did, then I apologize for the misacknowledgement... But you can earn a free copy of Watch Dogs 2 for PC tomorrow if you watch Ubisoft's Ubisoft Forward showcase on their official website or on their Twitch Stream if you have drops enabled! Just make sure that you create Uplay account before the stream and watch in order to secure your copy as they are only giving away free copies to those who have a Uplay account. Which you can make totally free! More details in the links below. Not only do you get a free copy of a really good game but there will be more information shared on their upcoming games such as Assassin's Creed: Valhalla, Hyper Scale (their entry into the BR gaming space), Far Cry 6, the much anticipated and much delayed Watch Dogs Legion (the follow up to the game they plan on giving out for free), and many more! Not to mention they'll also be giving away other items based on their other games as well by answering questions during the live stream. I'm so excited for this stream cause of Watch Dogs 2 but also to possibly see new gameplay for the next Assassin's Creed title and Watch Dogs Legion (which has been a game on my radar since last year.) I have posted a link to the system requirements in order to be able to play the game on your PC or laptop. So make sure that you at least meet the minimum requirements to be able to run the game. I just wanted to put everyone on game to this because I don't see it mentioned anywhere here on Moot so I thought I'd alert anyone who might be interested ahead of time so that you guys & gals don't miss out on this amazing opportunity. Don't forget tomorrow at 11PM Pacific/2PM Eastern will be the pre-show and 12PM Pacific/3PM Eastern will be the main show in which they will be giving away Watch Dogs 2 and other items for free! Again check the links down below for more information. Hope to see y'all on the stream as well because I will definitely be there! Great gaming to you all! 🕹️🎮😉👍🏽


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