Ghost 141 Ghost 141 LV.5 Eights Days!
May 23, 2020, 07:25 AM 9 read

CWRP Gmod server!

Questions & Suggestions

Welcome to Odyssey networks! Hello all, we are a new semi-serious/serious Star Wars (Clone Wars) role-play server looking to make the best experience we can in such a popular game-mode. We are searching for players looking for a place to call home and grow as a community together. All suggestions and opinions are accounted for and voted on to create a better and unique experience. make sure to check out our forums All information about the server can be found on our forums or discord. Join us by searching under StarwarsRP for odyssey networks or using the server IP. ( ) we accept donations and you will receive the donator role! every little helps and the more donations the more awesome stuff. we offer events almost every day to make it exciting for you I hope you give the server a try, we are trying extremely hard to make it a fun and great community for everybody!

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