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Feb 20, 2020, 08:00 AM 81 read

A bug i spotted

Basically lately i've noticed That i lost a lot of viewers and i thought That its because im inactive (aka. I dont post too much) or That i post boring stuff. So posted few memes and stuff but i noticed That The views didnt go Up. And Now i've noticed this...

Moot: Questions & Suggestions - A bug i spotted  image 2

Sry for The censor but its not my post and privacy reasons. The important stuff is in The Red... Red shapes. So we basically got 5 reads and... 16 votes? Hold Up, something ain't right. And i decided to make my own post with a poll to see if its bugged and... Well at some point i had 4 votes and 2 views (didnt ss it unfortunately) I got the latest version of the App. It started happening since The update but i noticed it few days ago. Could it be The updates fault?

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    Moot just had a big brain moment.

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