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How the giveaway winner gets announced if he wins?

LV.12 Genius 4h

How do you change you name color? Help?

LV.3 Steve 8h

Here's the truth, and it needs to stop.

What's with all the people saying " Oh YeA tHiS iS sO aNd sO'S sIbLiNg ThEy CoMmItEd sUiCiDe I'll bE tAkIng oVeR now" like wtf. WORST WAY TO GET ATTENTION. And it sucks for those people who are actually hurting, and have to sit back and watch people joke around.
So Abby aka Juicy Jacob AKA...
DefNotAstro~ Aka Zypher. All the same people just faking attention. Moot, please take action, it's getting really annoying, this is an app where people have fun and interact, not a therapy session. This is what I have to say to all those people seeking attention:

LV.19 I Love Food 12h


LV.4 Killer Main 16h

POPULAR Can I get a bowl of soup badge?

Pls pls pls pls pls pls

verified LV.25 Default Savior 2d

Tanks Moot :)

LV.27 Rootin Tootin 3d

LFG Notifications

How do I get rid of LFG notifications, I’m up to 50 already and I don’t know how.

LV.19 Let’s play R6! 3d

Add a meme section for Destiny 2

LV.19 Assassin 3d

Add a meme section for MTG

LV.19 Assassin 3d

How do you get tickets?

LV.5 Lurker 4d

Suggestion for Moot...↘↘

Hey Moot,

ProAlpha Fox1 here just trying to put out a suggestion for your app...

For the Looking for group section could you please add the game "Call of Duty Mobile" as a game selection and also I was wondering if you could add "Mobile" to the Counsel Selection Section. It would make all Mobile players happy and I see most games that have a Board are either Mobile and Counsle Games and/or Cross-platformed which was why I was just throwing a suggestion your way Moot.

Thank you,
ProAlpha Fox1

LV.12 Team Player 4d

How can i change my name color i forgot!

LV.14 AWPer 5d

Is there a way to see how much XP you need to level up?

LV.9 Bamboozled 6d


Ok hear me out, I just entered 10k tickets into the HyperX Cloud 2 giveaway and well ofc I didn't win it....but I'm just curious how does the giveaway thing work?? Is it the person with the most tickets or its just a spinning wheel of chance and the more tickets the better chance u get?

Please can someone explain..

LV.19 Supersonic 6d

The shop is broken...(again)

Pls fix this.

LV.8 Bamboozled 7d


Can you guys at team Moot please add a Sofa tilte most of my friends call me that for short

LV.16 I'm a Bot 7d

POPULAR Custom Badges?

People could create their own unique badge and submit it to be approved by Mods. Idk maybe this will get traction.

LV.26 Bandit 8d

What happened to the monthly gradients schedule?!

The previous months there was a monthly color gradient schedule whatever happened to that?
Will October not have one?

LV.18 The Best 8d

Any new gradient colors

It’s a new month and no new ones so idk

LV.14 Bamboozled 8d

Pls add “mozzie main” title

LV.6 Best Squadmate 8d


Does anyone own the game Battleborn if so please message me I want to get people together and play it I would appreciate it a lot thank you! Send me your Xbox 1 gamertag!

LV.3 Lurker 9d

The calendar and DOOM Eternal

Doom eternal has been delayed but the change hasn’t been put in in the calendar. Please fix this when you can

LV.19 Myers 9d

TEAM MOOT please read this!

So if you are reading this, thank you as it is important to fix this, there are some terrible things going on. First off, the entertainment lounge is on the brink of dying as people are posting that content on off topic. Second, there needs to be some close attention to messages and posts as people have been doing some.....well.....people have been selling nudes from what people say (people also saying they got rid of them but if you didn't know about it, there a big problem). But I know that need to get banned from spamming hateful messages and comments, people who are posting inappropriate content (sexual). So please pay attention to what happening in your community as many important people to the community have left because of these things. Third, your admins need some looking over as some should not be admins anymore.

Lastly, this community is special to a lot of us, and we don't want it to die, so as these partnerships are amazing, what's the point of them of theres no community to enjoy them, that's all, I honestly hope you read this Team moot, I love this community so much and it's something I don't want to lose.😊

LV.25 Professional Noob 9d

Can anyone tell me how to enter more than 1 ticket at a time?

LV.17 Creeper 9d

A new gem color

Moot, can you add a multicolor gem for the people who buy all the gems badge please?

LV.8 Insomniac 10d


Is there anyone that still plays this game? I just got it again after a few years of not being able to play due to my Xbox breaking. It was one of my favorite games ever so it's kinda upsetting to see it dead now, I know it's an old game but it's still great to me.

LV.7 Pokémon Master 10d

If you can download images, why not videos?

If you can download memes from people, why not also be able to download videos from people? If you like it so much, you should be able to download it. Also, Gudguysolid, if you see this, consider this a shout out to you 👍

LV.26 Gameboy 10d

Hi Moot

Hi moot, i has question
Is it possible to purchase coins?

LV.6 Nomad 10d

The grammar cracks me up everytime.

Here are should be here is, either that or I'm stupid or not mentally well.

LV.5 Lurker 10d


How and the world do run out of DIGITAL CONTENT

LV.17 Fearless 10d