Questions & Suggestions

Question (game ID)

How to save my game ID???

LV.2 Lurker 9h


Coins should be presented by our names, like the way our levels and titles are.

LV.24 Insomniac 15h

Moot should add TC: Ghost recon Breakpoint

So I wanted to play co-op on Tom Clancy- Ghost recon Breakpoint and I came on moot to find some players I can play with but there wasn’t any option for the game.
The Co-op mode in the game really helps players with low levels /power to have an advantage as they get teamed up with a higher level player who can help them do the main missions and earn rewards which are useful to all the players in session. I suggest that moot should add Tom Clancys Ghost recon Breakpoint to their list as it’s a game they should consider on being here in the Moot community!

LV.12 Dracula 1d

Can we have a Black Username Color?

ive been thinkin moots been out for a lil while but i noticed something... all these username colors and gradients y'all have but still dont have one of the most basic and loved colors "Black". So i Was wondering if y'all could do that.

LV.22 Insomniac 2d

How do I change my badge? Cant figure it out lol

Im new!

LV.4 Fearless 2d

Where is Rec Room?

Come on y’all gotta add rec room

LV.15 Professional Noob 2d

Just gotta make post

Since I've been on moot i have only kind and nice people

LV.2 Breacher 2d


Can we get some borderlands stuff

verified LV.29 Super Star 3d

Moot, where is shop???

❤love you all❤


Moot, where is shop???
LV.24 Billy 3d

ANOTHER suggestion haha

We should be able to see WHO votes on polls.
Let's be honest, not everyone is honest and it's be nice to see what people chose on a poll and if they even voted or not.

LV.23 Insomniac 3d

Name changes

Can we buy name changes with coins? I changed my name color and guess pressed a letter so when I saved it it used up a change. Then I changed it back to the original and that used a change again.... why is there a limit on name changing anyway?

LV.21 S 4d

petition to add boomer & zoomer title!

420.69 likes and they have to add it!

-lets get this 🍞

LV.13 Sweaty 5d

I need a "YouTuber" Title 👀

LV.21 Dream Chaser 5d

blockchain games

excited to see the first blockchain game that will be features here in moot 😍.

LV.7 Nomad 5d

Do the Ticket Prizes ship to New Zealand too?

LV.23 Team Player 6d

ok what is this?

i wanted to replay with "no..." but now i dont have permission?

ok what is this?
LV.22 Assassin 6d

Something I keep thinking about....((ANOTHER)EDIT)

Personal opinion here. (Obviously)
A lot of these were just spur of the moment thoughts as I was scrolling through Moot.

I think we should be able to VIEW who LIKES our posts/comments.

Sometimes I'd like to follow a person that shows a lot of love but, with the overlapping notifications, and not being able to view them, it's hard to do. (That's just an example, there are more reasons.)

Also, I like the new layout of the feed but, personally... I'd like to still see WHO it is posting what..

I also think we should be able to DELETE COMMENTS on OUR POSTS that we do.

For very good reasons like:
-Sometimes a mod/admin may not think it's against their terms and conditions, but doesn't necessarily mean I want to look at it on MY post.
-A mod/admin may simply not get to see it due to higher priority of another issue. Therefore, we could control somewhat of what's on our posts.
-For our moot games/questions/etc, instead of having a poll, we may just want to ask a question and as I've seen from a Mooter, that if they get the answer right, to delete their comment, we know that's not always the case, so we could do that ourselves.
And I'm sure their are more reasons others and myself could come up with.

I'm sure more things will come to mind and I'll be happy to share my thoughts then as well.

I was just reading and came across these posts and I agree 100% with this person right here haha.

Something I keep thinking about....((ANOTHER)EDIT) +3
LV.23 Insomniac 6d

Add a The Outer Worlds lounge

Add a The Outer Worlds lounge
LV.26 Champion 6d

Twitch Badge Currently Unavailable

I noticed in the shop that the Instagram badge is currently on sale, but when I checked out the rest of the badges and noticed there was a Twitch badge. I also noticed that it was unavailable to be purchased. Do these badges become unavailable after certain periods of time, or do they just temporarily go off sale?

LV.5 Insomniac 7d

GIF Back cover for profile

LV.25 Wild West 7d

Can we have more Minecraft badges I can't walk the streets with a creeper badge my ego will drop AL

LV.6 Fast as Lightning 7d

I'm on day 89 of daily log in and today I'm unable to use the stamps or collect coins

Please help don't wanna loose my streak and 3000 coins is a bonus for this week

LV.21 Looking for teammates! 7d

Diablo III and when it comes out Diablo IIII

I want it to be on there. I still play it and would like to share stuff with it.

LV.12 Fast as Lightning 7d

How do I update my stats?

LV.21 Assassin 8d

Bug with stats!

So a while ago, I was trying to add a game in my stats and when I saved it to my profile, all of my stats magically switched themselves to PC even though I’m on Playstation. I’ve tried several times to fix it and it won’t switch it back over to PS at all. It’s getting a little annoying at this point, I just want the right stats on my account. 🤷🏼‍♀️ Has anybody else ran into this issue too?

LV.5 Shotcaller 9d

Soo how am I supposed to get it?

Soo how am I supposed to get it?
LV.14 Try Hard 9d

Stadia platform

Hey moot, would it be possible to add another platform for stadia? I don't play with xbox, PlayStation, or PC so I'm wondering if you could make it an option. Thanks!

LV.5 Creeper 9d

Direct Messages

Can you add a "Seen" notification/message when someone sees my message I sent them.
Moot love ya, but there's got to be major change
❤love you all❤


LV.24 Billy 9d

"My Feed"

Shouldn't "my feed" be full of people I follow?
I'm just a little confused...
If "my feed" isn't ment for that, I think it should be
❤love you all❤


LV.24 Billy 10d


So it says I have logged in 97 days in a row, but I still only get 5 coins per day, and not rewards for all the weeks I've attended. Please solve :/

LV.20 Clearly Hacking 10d