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Im actually a girl its just that my little brother is using this app sometimes

Im a girl but my little brother uses this app for some reason

LV.13 Assassin 1h

Moot memes are f word cringe

Why the hell the memes in this plataform are so awful, they're cringe, not funny, and terrible fuck

LV.4 Outlaw 1h

Crafting and building

LV.3 Lurker 2h

Much he stupid to ask but can u help my YouTube channel out

It's BeyondSavin and when I get to 100 I'll give codes or gift skins

LV.3 Lurker 2h

My clan is looking for a really good graphic designer. HMU and we will give you your own role in EMG

LV.7 Nomad 3h

Sub to my channel and add an suggestions or even u know like sponcer

LV.2 Lurker 4h

Add skate 3

Btw if anyone wanna play skate 3 on Xbox 360 hmu

LV.11 Chief 5h


You should be able to delete a comment on your own post (that's not yourself of coruse) if somebody was being toxic or something like that

LV.20 Creeper 5h


I am going to quit use the Moot app soon. Because this app doesn't support for my youtube channel. I am doing the Minecraft video and I just feel youtube channel didn't success. My reason the people always watching the fortnite video more than Minecraft video. My opinion the fortnite has no chill. I don't know how to make works for my youtube channel. I hope you guys understand my bad English texts.

(If this post hit 50 likes then I will quit)

#Minecraft #Youtube #meme #gaming #share

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LV.9 Team Rocket 7h


LV.9 Team Rocket 7h

Modern Warfare

I'm looking for a group to play with when Modern Warfare drops on xbox so comment on this post if you are pre ordering it leave your xbox gamertag in a comment

LV.2 Lurker 8h

Start up esports company (General/off topic, but can't select it - fix please)

So applied to be a streamer at a start up. They cant pay me a salary yet, so instead they let me make an Amazon wishlist of streaming equipment I need/want and they're going to get it for me. But this company is going to be big in tournaments so soon enough I hope to have you guys in a tournament and present you with cash prizes.

LV.12 Dream Chaser 8h

Any tips for a new streamer.

LV.4 Bomb Defuser 9h

Blackshadow be killing it on pubg everyone

LV.4 Lurker 9h

Can someone please make meh a pfp

LV.14 Chief 12h

Better Preview of Username Colors. *Please Read Moot*

So I believe that the only way to truly preview how a color will look on your username is through the item shop if the item is available, otherwise you just see the color used over its own name. I think it would be really rad to have a better preview of name colors, one that would show up over our profile username so we can know for sure if the color matches our profile aesthetic before purchasing.

Don’t get me wrong, I do kind of like the way it is already because it makes it more interesting weirdly enough, almost adding to the ‘rarity’ but I still wanted to suggest my idea.

Hope this all makes sense! Feel free to ask questions!!

LV.12 Titan 13h

Need them coins

I need 500 coins for that legendary color :s

LV.6 I Love Food 20h

In August.

Now I am alone...

LV.7 Creeper 21h

Best pokemon team ever

LV.7 Nomad 1d

Can anybody give me ideas of what i should say?


LV.9 Team Rocket 1d


LV.9 Team Rocket 1d

What are your favorite legendary username colors?

Mine, if you couldn’t tell, is tropical breeze. Neither seafoam green nor teal are my favorite colors normally but for whatever reason I can’t resist them as a mixture. How about you guys?

LV.6 Bomb Defuser 1d

Tickets submission

Dont know if someone already said that, but here is what i am thinking about. It would be nice being able to submit multiple tickets at the same time. If lets say i got 300 of them, and really want some prize, going all-in would take forever. Would be very handy to have at least something like "x10" button as an option. Just something i thought about for the few days. Luck to all

LV.6 Looking for teammates! 1d


How do I change my badge on mobile???

LV.15 Creeper 1d

I got one......finally!

I finally got my first colorful username color skin, everytime I try to get one there gone before a minute passes 😂


Tropical Breeze

Congratulate your boi. After weeks since the release of the limited items i was finally able to get one!

LV.6 Looking for teammates! 1d

Am I really slow or do they not sell this

Ok so I really want these different color username but whenever they go on sale no matter how fast I click it is alway sold out 🤷🏻‍♂️

LV.18 Super Star 1d


LV.13 Pokémon Master 1d


Ok seriously I was waiting for the new item shop and I tried buying tropical breeze and it said sold out and it wasn't even their for a second so can u guys like fix something bc that's crap! No hate to u creators but this happens all the time when it comes out!

LV.7 Fast as Lightning 1d