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Feb 25, 2021, 08:08 PM 42,525 read

All Moot lounges moved to Band!

Moot: Notice - All Moot lounges moved to Band! image 1

    Hi, Moothies!   I brought some news today that could be 'the last notice'.     The migration to the band we talked about a month ago was done this week. Since the lounge where the migration took place hasn’t been available to write or comment, many users may have experienced not being able to write in Moot's lounge since last weekend.   Now the notice has been posted in all the lounges where the migration has been completed. You will be able to see the link to the band that the contents of each lounge have been moved from in this notice, so we want you to be active in each of the band.   And you can also use a Moot-like form of chat function in the band, maybe even more powerful! Anyone can make a public chat room and a private chat room in this band. We've moved some public chat rooms in the current Moot to each band that's been migrated, so go check it out right away!     And I know there are still a lot of users left in the Moot. Unfortunately, all remaining functions of the Moot will be suspended on March 2, and regular lounges except the Plug lounge will no longer be visible to you from March 9.   The chat function, which many users are using now, will also end, so I think it'll be better to move to the band's chat in advance! However, as I mentioned in the previous notice, the game lounge with the plug mark of Moot will not be closed. Therefore, you will be able to be in action after March 2 there.     Lastly, we would like to thank you for your interest and love in Moot over the past three years. We won't forget the love you've shown us during this time. Now that we're starting a new service with Band, please show a lot of interest and love to Band!     Yours sincerely, Team Moot

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