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Our Message to You ๐Ÿ–ค


2020 has been a difficult year for many of us across the globe, gamers and non-gamers alike. As the world unites for equality, justice, and human rights, we at Moot want you to know that we stand by your side. ย  Be safe, be kind, be human.

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  • RegentSpy707182 LV.2 Lurker Jun 5, 2020, 11:32 AM


  • Ganjadragoon LV.2 JUST SEND IT Jun 5, 2020, 01:13 PM

    i love gaming

  • ไนˆNimbrehti LV.2 Lurker Jun 5, 2020, 04:24 PM

    Hey @moot, why is fortnite pinned by default on my account? I did not activate the pin, and I don't want fortnite to be pinned. Please remove it. Thank you.

  • faZeminty LV.3 Lurker Jun 5, 2020, 07:08 PM

  • faZeminty LV.3 Lurker Jun 5, 2020, 07:08 PM

    hello guys

  • Txbleezzy ใƒ„ LV.20 Champion Jun 6, 2020, 07:23 AM


  • Aaron Orta LV.4 Assassin Jun 6, 2020, 12:37 PM

    hope everyone is having a good day

  • THE1R0NF0X LV.15 Best Squadmate Jun 6, 2020, 01:50 PM

    My town had a black lives matter rally because of what happened

  • Hekari_Rather LV.5 Deadeye Jun 6, 2020, 09:13 PM

    thanks moot

  • Max devlin LV.1 Mootie Jun 6, 2020, 09:55 PM

    Love all of you people and thanks for your hard work

  • Qq vv pp LV.2 Lurker Jun 7, 2020, 02:40 AM

    How is this a meme

  • thafix33 PS4 Gang LV.22 PlayStation Jun 7, 2020, 05:31 AM

    I love you guys ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿ™โค๏ธโค๏ธ

  • gamer293920525 LV.1 Mootie Jun 7, 2020, 05:45 AM

    hi I'm new here so please don't be mean to me ๐Ÿ˜” ๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ˜”

  • reMz a qt LV.26 Clearly Hacking Jun 7, 2020, 06:33 AM

    The dislikes are people who got their cookies taken away

  • pug lord LV.2 Survivor Main Jun 7, 2020, 06:48 AM

    I hate mangafan05 and no name as they ruin this app they only care about thenselves