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The First Wave of Wiki Editors is Here!


*EDIT: The original version of this post falsely stated only Mootified users were chosen. That is not the case. We hand selected users based on activity, level, and other criteria. This isn't meant to be a popularity contest!*   Good afternoon, Mooties!   We’re excited to announce the next step in our Rainbow Six and Animal Crossing Wiki Venture. Starting today, a handful of trusted users can edit the Rainbow Six and Animal Crossing Wikis if they are active in those lounges!   If you’re a highly active user who hangs out in either the Rainbow Six or Animal Crossing lounges CHECK YOUR NOTIFICATIONS because you may have been chosen!   If you weren’t chosen and feel like you would be a good contributor to either our R6 or Animal Crossing Wikis, let us know! Contact Team Moot and explain why you would be a good contributor. We’ll check out your post and comment history and add editing privileges to everyone who impresses us!   You can also try to contribute indirectly to the Wiki by talking to your favorite Mootified user, who may be willing to add things to the Wiki at your suggestion!   Finally, let us know what you think about the Wikis in the comments below! What game should get a Wiki next? Who NEEDS to be a Wiki Contributor for our Wikis to the best possible? Tell us now!   (And remember, more Wikis are coming soon... )   Rainbow Six Wiki:

Animal Crossing Wiki:

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