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Introducing Moot Gaming Enyclopedias!


Greetings, gamers!   If you visit the Rainbow Six or Animal Crossing lounges you’ll notice a new tab labelled ‘Encyclopedia.’ Tapping on either of these tabs will take to you a new and wonderful place called a “wiki.”   These wikis are currently a bit sparse because we are only allowing a select few users to contribute to them. Soon though, we hope to expand wiki privileges to more and more Moot users so we can all contribute to the growing bank of knowledge.   Check out the wikis by navigating to the Rainbow Six or Animal Crossing lounges and tapping the Enyclopedia tabs!   Rainbow Six Wiki:

  Animal Crossing Wiki:

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    Shut up

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    moot is alright

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    how do i play the games

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    Good idea!

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    Awesome XD