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Game Rating Events WINNERS!

Greetings, game raters! Over the last couple weeks we have seen some awesome game reviews from the Moot community. Thank you to everyone who participated in this event by sharing your opinions here on Moot! We certainly had a tough time choosing our top 5 favorite reviews.


  NOW, ONTO THE WINNERS!   Winner of the GRAND PRIZE of a Nintendo Switch Lite, the exclusive "Game Critic" title, and 500 Moot Coins is...   Mathfailure1212 for their review of Fallout 76! You can view their profile and their reviews here!

  NEXT, four winners of of a $50 US Amazon gift card, the exclusive "Game Critic" title, and 500 Moot Coins!   Lawbringer for their review of Rainbow 6 Siege!

  SpertzzYT for their review of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare!

  <!--_Wasabi_\-->for their review of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

  YoshioHaruki for their review of Death Stranding!

  Congratulations to these winners! We will contact you by the end of today via a direct message here on Moot to give you your prize!   Finally, the below users will all receive the exclusive "Game Critic" title and 500 Moot Coins! It was too hard to pick just 50, so we're rewarding over 100 users with this prize! Congratulations to the below users:   _siixco_ (:TuBER:) ~тнευgℓүcαятι^^~ ⚕NotObscurus⚕ agamer1293 Agent_P. Åj ẞankz^^ AsherJames21 ave_diamond banana_kris BentyLikesSoup blade CallMeLucífer carterM Chompette ^__^ Codename: I!471M CookieBot CreeplyCreep DaPi Daybreak [DB64] Dilbert DuperJrr EmyR6 Recruit EpicGamerSauce007 Errorname404 Fandem. FE4RxRFLEX FF18 GamingYT GearCat115 Genuine_FoxGaming GNE_Victor Hedgie0721 Hijinxx* HiSe I_Fuze_Schools69 ianxboss_ttv Inimicitias Itsjosey Javier Eliassaint Jaxon Steffes Jaydw JEFFIEDOES WORK Jenna Leigh Ewing Just Nathan Kwillzz31 KzKscy LaughingComic17 LegalTarTar Linegod 2000 yt Lord Diabol LS.Trickster Lucha Lvngz Mahatascha MegaHeliolisk MIXER Lukas1950 Murphyisthedawg Nemesis .gg NERD_WIRE Nicolas66 NinjaNick 650 NinjaWolf1331 Ninjero NO U! Not Misxed NotLunaS obzibobzi_YT Original_TromTone PãňđâJáčøbŽŹジ Paradox_clan PauzWasRoofied Pingoo48 Pokémon gamer Privatebutter65 PugslyThePug R1P Ricky and Morty Saltykidzz Schofield22 SilkiestJet8 Sirennon SK1nnyP SmashOnKirby Smokelicense Soul Destroyer Soulzae SpraypaintFinger StevoMc stolen_innocence Tater4Tots That_Lit_Banana The Colonel The Fvcking Batman TheSecretGiver+ THIS DUD3 TNS_MnK Trim_Keys TURTLEPOWER472 TXO ST0RM Unlxved Vicks Willofwar002 W̶i̶s̶p̶y̶ツᘺᗩᖴᖴᒪᘿ Wrongmanmango XAnarchyHeavenX Xenomorph_497 Xizana YouTubeKriz zamanakhtar ZenDraco3309 νѕ¢σgαмєя ツPerseusツ ㄒ乇卂ㄥ   The "Game Critic" title and 500 Moot Coins will be added to your accounts as soon as possible! Thank you again to everyone who participated in our Game Rating event!  

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