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Moot Quiz Show #5 Winners! 🏆 (ROUND 2)

Hey! We made a mistake with the last Quiz Show. We failed to send a push for the final Quiz which caused lots of users to miss the Quiz, thus missing a chance to win the main prize.   SO   We picked 10 MORE WINNERS, randomly chosen from users who responded correctly to Quiz Questions 1 through 4.   (Note: the original 10 winners will STILL RECEIVE THEIR PRIZES)   HERE ARE THE 10 ADDITIONAL WINNERS OF A $25 US AMAZON GIFT CARD:   SkillfulGenius DarkAmy1222 Dubaderp 死人 (Dead Man) Spike2795 Lopro BakeTownKilla Cristoquer GL Red Raccoon Weeb   Congrats to all of the winners!! And thank you to everyone who participated in this Quiz Show. What game do you want the next Quiz Show to be themed?! Let us know!   ***We will be contacting winners within 48 hours***  

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