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Moot Quiz Show #5 Winners! 🏆

FREEZE!! 🥶 It is time to announce the winners for the Call of Duty Quiz Show! Okay, now unfreeze. LET'S GET HYPED UP BY LISTENING TO THE SONG BELOW BEFORE WE ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS!!    

    ARE YOU HYPED UP?!     ARE YOU READY?!     HERE ARE THE WINNERS OF THE $25 AMAZON GIFT CARDS:   gatorboy45 Daddyunity Hcspital Hedgie0721 Amex zomb13man13 NinjaWolf1331 Subversive Hippie JaydenMan Driftedcandy101   Congrats to all of the winners!! And thank you to everyone who participated in this Quiz Show. What game do you want the next Quiz Show to be themed?! Let us know!   🚨REMINDER: All participants should have received 100 Moot Coins for each question they answered correctly during the Quiz. You also should have received 500 bonus Moot Coins if you got all 5 questions correct! If did NOT received your prizes for participating PLEASE CONTACT US!🚨   ***We will be contacting winners within 48 hours***

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