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Moot Quiz Show #4 Winners!

Pencils down, class! It is time to turn in your Minecraft quizzes. Please make sure your name is written on your quiz in the top right LEGIBLY and then pass your quiz forward.   ...   Alright, we've checked your answers and selected winners. Will the following users please stand up and step forward to collect your prize in the form of a $25 US Amazon gift card.   CONGRATULATIONS TO THE FOLLOWING WINNERS:   MJ 2 SIDES Ferchi27444_Yt Dolphin_Gamer Original_TromTone ThyLazyDragon Geicoo Lewd Deku C3R102 ⓙⓞⓔ ⓜⓜⓐ ツ Κaizen     🚨REMINDER: All participants should have received 100 Moot Coins for each question they answered correctly during the quiz. You also should have received 500 bonus Moot Coins if you got all 5 questions correct! If you have NOT received your prizes for participating PLEASE CONTACT US!🚨     ***We will be reaching out to the winners on Moot via DMs today and you will receive your prize by the end of the week!***  

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