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Oct 16, 2019, 08:23 AM 1,714 read

Moot Game Calendar Event WINNERS!

Good afternoon Mooterinos!   Over the last couple weeks, we ran an event on Moot that encouraged you to use Moot’s new Game Calendar.   All users who participated in the event will receive 100 Moot Coins for their effort. Of those users, 30 of them will be randomly chosen to receive 1000 Moot Coins instead of 100.   Finally, the 10 users who shared the most games via the Game Calendar to their social medias will receive the GRAND PRIZE: 2000 Moot Coins and 100 Moot Tickets (each!).   Here are the top 10 winners:   - Kills   - Original_TromTone   - obzibobziyt   - MKDarkVoid   - Sony__   - Kata Ascardis   - banana_kris   - New Lane Gaming   - FB35317   - Jonathan Campeau     PRIZES WILL BE DISTRIBUTED BY THE END OF THE WEEK.   Thank you to everyone for participating in this event. Please continue to utilize the Moot Game Calendar to keep up with upcoming game releases. See a game release or update that isn’t on the calendar? Let us know and we’ll update it!

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