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Moot Game Calendar Event!

NOTE: Moot v2.20 is now available on iOS devices as well!   Good morning, Mootsters Mootiversery fans! Fans of the original, Mootsters Inc, good morning to you too!   Yesterday, we released Moot v2.20 on web and Android The main feature in the Moot v2.20 update is the Moot Game Calendar, which helps you keep track of upcoming game releases you may be interested in.   To kick off the Moot Game Calendar on Moot, we’re hosting an event!   DATES: 10/2/2019 – 10/10/2019.   HOW TO PARTICIPATE:   -Through the Moot Calendar, share a specific game launch you are excited for on one of your social networks. You can do this easily using the share button! -Not excited for any specific games? You can also share the calendar itself on one of your social networks using the share button!   EVENT PRIZES:   -ALL users who share a game from the Moot Game Calendar or the Calendar itself to one of their social networks will receive 100 Moot Coins.   -1000 Moot Coins will go to 30 randomly chosen users who complete the task.   -2000 Moot Coins and 100 Moot Tickets will go to the 10 users who share the most games from the Moot Game Calendar to their social networks.     And that's all, folks! If there are any games missing from the Moot Game Calendar that you're excited about, let us know!

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