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Oct 3, 2019, 07:26 AM 2,998 read

Moot v2.20 Update!

Good Aftermoon, Nooties! We just released a delightful update to Moot and we want to tell you about it!   1. The Game Calendar   There are so many amazing games on the horizon and it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of everything. When does Death Stranding come out? What platform is on again? What about Ghost Recon Breakpoint, is out yet? There's a new Halo game, right?   Sure, you COULD track all this stuff yourself. You COULD "google it" every time you asked yourself any of those questions. You COULD work on your short-term memory issues.   OR, you can just check Moot's new Game Calendar. What's that? You're already on Moot? Seriously? That's un-FLIPPING-believable! The coincidence of it all is too much for us to wrap our heads around.   Anyway, here's a picture of the new Game Calendar, which you can access via your home page. You can also Bookmark games to be notified when they release.

Moot: Notice - Moot v2.20 Update! image 2

See any games missing from the Games Calendar? Let us know (or better yet message Rue)!     2. Changed Home Page Menu Order   We changed the order of the menu tabs on the home page. Home is still first, but it is now followed by Your Feed then the LFG menu.

Moot: Notice - Moot v2.20 Update! image 4

  3. See the Games List when you tap the Games List   You may or may not be aware of this, but when you tap the Games List on the bottom menu bar it would frequently take you to your most recently visited lounge instead of the Games List.   Now, if you tap the Games List it should take you to the Games List. Dope, right?   That's all for major updates in 2.20! We also added a new user tutorial and age verification when users sign up, but neither of those should affect you loyal Mooties. Cheers!

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