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Moot Quiz Show #2 Winners!

HOWDY HO QUIZ LORDS! We have wrapped up the Rainbow Six Quiz results and are ready to announce the 10 lucky winners taking home $25 Amazon Gift Cards!   🚨Don't forget that all participants received 100 Moot Coins for each question they answered correctly during the quiz. You also received 500 bonus Moot Coins if you got all 5 questions correct!🚨   NOW TIME FOR THE WINNERS! Please see the winners below:   Just Nathan Driftedcandy101 Geicoo TTVDannyrocks969 RaZe.zen W̶i̶s̶p̶y̶ Waffle 1 NINJERZ Amefran27 Lokey_TheBest Duffman_832   Thank you to all you beautiful people for participating in the event! We always love to hear your feedback so please let us know in the comments what you liked/disliked about the Quiz Show! Can't wait to hear from you all 😎   ***We will be reaching out to the winners on Moot via DMs today and you will receive your prize by the end of the week!***

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Bless 🙏

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