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The Next Moot Quiz Starts Tomorrow!

Howdily-ho, Mooterinos! We hope you've studied up because the next Moot Quiz Show starts tomorrow! The Moot Quiz Show is a great opportunity for you to win prizes, both on Moot and outside of Moot! Our second Quiz, which starts this Thursday (9/19/19) and ends next Monday (9/23/19), will focus on Rainbow Six Siege!   We will post one question EACH DAY during the duration of the Quiz. You will only have a three hour window to answer the question, from 6pm PT to 9 pm PT. The questions will be posted in the Quiz Show board here in the Moot lounge.   You’ll receive 100 Moot Coins for each question you answer correctly, plus if you answer every question correctly you’ll earn a bonus 500 Moot Coins at the end of the Quiz!   ALSO, we will be choosing 10 random users who answer EVERY question correctly to win a $25 US Amazon gift card.   If you’re not interested in Rainbow Six Siege, don’t worry! Future Quizzes will focus on different games. Good luck everyone!   Finally, here's a link to the Quiz Show board for your convenience.

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