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Sep 11, 2019, 08:54 AM 7,380 read

Moot Quiz Show #1 Winners!

Hellllo Quiz Show enthusiasts! The first Moot Quiz show, which focused on Fortnite, has just finished up and we’re ready to announce the winners!   As a reminder, all participants received 100 Moot Coins for each question they answered correctly during the quiz. You also received 500 bonus Moot Coins if you got all 5 questions correct.   Now, here are our 10 randomly chosen winners. Each of these people have won a $50 US Amazon gift card!   The winners for the first Moot Quiz Show are:   _SpitFire.64 ΞΔ´^^ Mathfailure1212 Dreamwalker Datoughguy Havøk CallMeLucífer [^>Static_eazy<^] Francisco Javier Thund3rTTV Daily_Rose   Congratulations to the winners and thank you so much to everyone who participated! Please share your thoughts on this type of event in the comments, and let us know what game we should pick for the next Moot Quiz Show!   WINNERS! We will be contacting you via Direct Message here on Moot TOMORROW, September 11th, to send you your prize. We appreciate your patience.  

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