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Jul 13, 2019, 07:37 AM 6,754 read

Moot Coin Shop Update!

Greetings, gradient name color addicts!   This week we introduced a series of new multi-colored name colors we’re calling gradient name colors. We’ve learned a few things over the last couple days. First and foremost, it seems like y’all really like the new name colors. But for some reason, y’all don’t love staying up until midnight (or later?!?!?!?!?!) as much as we hoped you would. Finally, ‘limited-supply’ is perhaps less fun in practice than it was on paper.   SO, we’re making some changes!   FIRST, the items in the Moot Coin Shop will now refresh AT 3 PM PDT! Yay, we can finally sleep through the night again. You will also now get Wish List notifications right at 3 PM if an item on your Wish List is available to purchase.   SECOND, we are DOUBLING the stock of each gradient color each time we put them in the shop.   FINALLY, we understand the frustration many of you felt last night as you stayed up late only to find there was no gradient color in today’s shop. To prevent this from happening in the future, we are going to tell you EXACTLY which days for the rest of the month a gradient color will be in the shop.   For the next three SUNDAYS, California Sunset will be in the Moot Coin Shop. For the next three MONDAYS, Tropical Breeze will be in the Moot Coin Shop. For the next three TUESDAYS, Violet Sunshine will be in the Moot Coin Shop.   We hope you all appreciate these changes. Happy Friday.


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