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Jul 6, 2019, 08:09 AM 6,605 read

Moot v2.16 Update!

Happy update day everyone! We're going to start releasing videos alongside our bigger updates to breakdown the key features we're adding or improving. Check out this 2.16 update video if you want to know what's new without needing to read.

  Today’s update has a few unique additions to Moot that we hope you’ll really love.   FIRST, we’re introducing a new type of NAME COLORS. These gradient name colors are a combination of two different colors and they look FLY AS HECK! These colors are going to be super rare, super expensive, and maybe even limited supply. Be sure you check the shop when it resets each day at midnight PST.   (Note:We accept no legal liability if you are caught up past your bedtime. Shop at your own risk!)   SECOND, we’ve added Moot online status. You can now see whether your friends OR enemies are online from an LFG post, your direct messages, or the user’s profile. If you want to stay off the grid, you can turn off your online status through your account settings.   FINALLY, you will now earn an extra NAME CHANGE every time you reach a new level tier. Unfortunately, we cannot reward these retroactively so high level losers…errr, high level users we mean, sorry y’all.   What do you all think of these updates? What do you want to see in future updates? Let us know!

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