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Jun 12, 2019, 05:42 AM 6,567 read

Moot x GFuel Partnership Announcement!

Mooties, do you ever find yourself feeling a little tired? A little low energy? Us too, but we think we’ve got something that is juuuussssstttt right for all of us.   That’s right! We’re partnering with GFuel, the official energy drink of esports!   If you know anything about us you already know that we’re fully addicted to GFuel. Oh, you thought Dylan was naturally that handsome, charismatic, smart, and energetic? Well, okay the first three undeniably yes. BUT! Sometimes he’s feeling a bit tired, perhaps from working with Brian all day, and that’s when GFuel really comes in clutch.   Check out the GFuel lounge here on Moot and keep your eyes peeled for some exciting stuff coming in the near future.

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