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Jun 12, 2019, 02:51 AM 2,514 read

Moot v2.15 Update!

Happy Update Day everyone! Today's update only has a few big changes, but we hope you'll like them. Let's get into it!   1. Embed and watch Twitch and YouTube streams on Moot!   You can now watch Twitch and YouTube streams within Moot without opening the stream in another tab. Now you can check out if that Fortnite 'pro' is actually worth their salt before you actually go their stream to follow them.  

  2. Improved Comment Section   We love to see the discussions that take place on Moot, but sometimes y'all get a little sloppy in the comments section. While we were content blaming you our lovely users, our developers went ahead and made some improvements to the comment section without our approval! 😡   You can now see the comment you're replying to as you write your reply, for example.  

    And that's all we got for big changes in this update. What do you want to see from us in our next update? Do you like the improvements we made in 2.15? Let us know!

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