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May 15, 2019, 08:14 AM 3,913 read

Moot v2.13 Update!

Happy update day everyone! This week's update has a few things that we hope you'll be excited about, so let's jump right in.   1. More details about Moot Ticket Giveaway Items   The Moot Ticket Giveaways have been an awesome way for us to give back to you all, the Moot community, in a fun and exciting fashion. We've now added popups for each item so you can see more details before you commit your hard-earned Moot Tickets to enter a giveaway. No need to thank us, it's kind of our job.

  2. Profile Updates in your News Feed   Ever catch yourself saying "woah, since when has THAT been your cover photo?" Boy, don't you feel stupid when that happens? Well, you'll never feel out of the loop again now that profile updates appear in your News Feed. This one you CAN thank us for. (You're welcome.)

  3. Repost LFG posts after they expire   Okay so we know your LFG posts never expire because you always find the perfect teammates right away, BUT if one of your LFG posts expires due to some extraordinary circumstances, we've got you covered. You will now be notified when one of your LFG posts expires and you can repost it right away!   And those are the biggest things in v2.13. We've got some sweet stuff planned for v2.14 that we know you'll love, but we can't talk about that just yet. As always, please let us know in the comments down below or in the Questions & Suggestions Board what you'd like to see in future updates.   Much love, mooties.

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