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Moot v1.5.0 Update!


Hello Moot family! Today we officially released the brand new 1.5 update to the mobile platform (desktop coming soon) and it includes some pretty sweet features. The main features of 1.5 are as follows:   1) Direct Messaging   You asked, we listened! After hundreds if not thousands of requests, we have finally released Direct Messaging on Moot. You want to reach out to someone on Moot and play Fortnite together? Direct message them. You want to ask someone a private question? Direct message them. Want to tell the Admins how you really feel? Direct message them. The possibilities are endless! To access the Direct Message feature, tap the menu in the top left hand side of your mobile device and tap on the envelope icon. Happy messaging!   2) Follow Feed   Moot now gives you the option to follow certain users to see only their posts in your feed system! To access the Follow Feed, click the right hand corner of your screen on the newspaper icon and view all of the content under “Feed.” Want to follow people? Easy. Simply click on a user’s profile and click the “follow” button!   Thank you to everyone who uses Moot and supports our vision! We have so many cool features coming in the year 2018 so make sure to stick around and keep your eyes peeled. Have a great rest of your week!   - Team Moot

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    What a beautiful boi.

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    Sounds Good

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