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POPULAR The Daily Moot (2/7/19)

1. Apex Legends ‘Twitch Rivals’ Tournament Starts Next Week
Twitch is bringing the iconic Twitch Rivals tournament series to Apex Legends, the new battle royale game on the proverbial block. Apex Legends is free-to-play, available on most major platforms (sorry Switch players), and genuinely fun to play. Most streamers you see are better than your average gamer, so it will be nice to see them pitted against each other. The tournament will feature 16 squads of 3, meaning there will be only 48 players in each match instead of the usual 60. So far, DrDisrespect, Shroud, and TSM_Myth are among the confirmed list of streamers for the event. Check out the Apex Legends lounge here on Moot for all your teamfinding and discussion needs!
2. Fortnite ‘Share the Love’ Event Starts Tomorrow
Epic just announced the Share the Love event for Fortnite, which starts tomorrow and will run until February 27th. The event features some new cosmetics, two double XP weekends, and a competitive series. Placement matches for the Share the Love competitive series will take place this weekend, and the next two weekends will be the double XP ones. Interestingly, Epic mentions the event will end “right before the arrival of Season 8” which means there will be a two-week long delay between the end of Season 7 and the start of Season 8.
3. GTA V Cheat Maker Must Pay $150,000 USD to Rockstar
A judge has ruled the creator of a GTA V cheat must pay Rockstar $150,000 USD, the maximum amount possible for copyright infringement damages. This is potentially the highest damages amount ever awarded in a game cheating lawsuit. The cheat, known as Elusive, apparently created new features in the game that damaged the online experience of other players. Rockstar sought maximum damages both because they estimated tremendous losses due to the cheat but also to set an example for would-be cheat creators.
4. Astroneer Launches out of Early Access
After two years in Early Access the space survival sandbox game Astroneer has officially launched. Astroneer is a co-op focused game but you can also play by yourself. From the limited exposure we’ve had to the game here at Moot, it definitely looks sweet. And unlike some games, just because Astroneer is now officially released does not mean it won’t keep getting better; the developers will be introducing cross-play and eight-player co-op in the future.
5. Elder Scrolls Online Plus will be Free for a Few Days
Elder Scrolls Online is a sweet MMORPG that moved away from mandatory subscriptions back in 2015. Since then, players who purchased the base game could always play for free but players who wanted to experience the DLCs needed to participate in the ESO Plus program. Starting today and running until February 12th, ESO Plus will be free to try for ESO players. Finally, us cheapos can see what we’ve been missing out on.
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The Daily Moot (2/7/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (2/6/19)

1.Apex Legends Hits 2.5 Million Players in first 24 Hours
Okay, so you may have heard of this game by now. But it’s soooorrtta great and its definitely blowing up. The game is blowing up so much so, in fact, that it actually hit 2.5 million players in its first 24 hours. We’re big fans of Apex Legends here at Moot and we have an AWESOME lounge for the game. Head on over to the Apex Legends lounge to see how much Mooties like you are enjoying the game. You can also find teammates on Moot, which is great because Apex Legends forces you to play squads.
2. Sea of Thieves Free Trial Starts This Week
Sea of Thieves has experienced a resurgence over the last month. This has been the result of several free content expansions and renewed attention from popular Twitch streamers like Summit1G. Starting today, Sea of Thieves owners and Xbox Game Pass subscribers will be able to invite up to 3 friends to play for free. There is also some new limited content that seems to act as a bit of a welcome mission for these new players to complete alongside their trusty guides.
3. EA is Disappointed in Battlefield 5 Sales
Well, that’s quite a surprising headline; EA has the self-awareness to recognize one of their games is failing? Astonishing! In all seriousness, EA acknowledged their failure to meet expectations with Battlefield 5 in a conference call yesterday. Perhaps it is because the game’s battle royale mode STILL isn’t out, even though the game released multiple months? Maybe it’s because the maps and single player content are seriously underwhelming? Who knows; we’re all too busy playing other games, like Apex Legends.
4. New Titanfall Game Coming this Year, NOT Titanfall 3
So Titanfall fans have had a confusing week. Respawn released an amazing new free-to-play battle royale game called Apex Legends on Monday. On Tuesday, Respawn confirmed they are not developing Titanfall 3; however, later on Tuesday EA CEO talked about how they plan to release a “premium game this year that is a new twist on the Titanfall universe.” So we know it will be a paid game, unlike Apex Legends, but beyond that is anyone’s guess.
5. Assassin’s Creed 3 Remaster Coming Out Next Month
Ubisoft announced the release date for the Assassin’s Creed 3 remaster this morning. The game will launch on March 29th. Assassin’s Creed 3 had lots of potential, but the game didn’t necessarily live up to it. Hopefully, the remastered edition can fix most of the problems from the original game. Based on the trailer Ubisoft released today, we’re cautiously optimistic.
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The Daily Moot (2/6/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (2/5/19)

1. Apex Legends hits 1 Million Players in 8 Hours
Apex Legends may be the smoothest game launch we’ve seen in recent memory. While there were whispers of this game among industry insiders, many gamers were caught by surprise when Respawn announced their new battle royale yesterday. Within 8 hours, the game had drawn in over 1 million players. That isn’t surprising, as Apex Legends is both free-to-play AND on multiple platforms. You can play Apex Legends for free on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Also, check out the Apex Legends lounge here on Moot to find the best teammates!
2. Fortnite patch v7.30 is Live now, Adds Bottle Rockets
A new patch is live today in Fortnite, bringing with it some basic changes and a new item! The new item is the Bottle Rocket, which can be used to call a mini-airstrike on an area. Throw the Bottle Rocket toward a location and it will soon call down a barrage of rockets that damage players and buildings. The patch also introduces the new environmental campfires; you can light campfires around the map to heal up, although these campfires can be used only once per match. Finally, patch v7.30 vaults the Boombox.
3. List of Changes to Anthem from Demo to Live Game
The Anthem public beta was a smashing success last week, at least according to EA. Unlike the VIP demo the weekend before, the servers generally ran smooth as many got to test Anthem for the first time. Anthem is set to release in just a couple weeks, and Polygon summarized a list of key changes to the live version of the game. We are most excited about the social hub and updated performance that will be in the game when it goes live. Check out the full list of changes to Anthem in the article below.
4. Kingdom Hearts 3 Sells Over 5 Million Copies
Kingdom Hearts 3 is now officially the fastest selling game in Kingdom Hearts history. Square Enix reported the new game has sold over 5 million copies globally. It’s no surprise the game is selling quick, as players waited so long for a new Kingdom Hearts game and the new one looks great. Kingdom Hearts 3 features several Disney characters like Donald Duck and Goofy alongside the main hero Sora. Kingdom Hearts 3 is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.
5. Cross-Play and Battle Passes are Coming to Apex Legends
Have you heard of Apex Legends yet? We’d assume so, both because it is currently blowing up and because it is today’s top story. Respawn posted a roadmap for the game’s first year of development. In the road map, the main emphasis is on battle passes; there will 4 different battle passes this year, with the first one starting up next month. Each battle pass includes free items, like new Legends, and exclusive cosmetics. Respawn also mentioned they are working on cross-play, but they admitted progress and purchases won’t transfer across platforms.
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The Daily Moot (2/5/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (2/4/19)

1. Apex Legends, a Free-to-play Battle Royale, is Live Now
SURPRISE! Another free-to-play battle royale game just launched. Apex Legends is from Respawn, the studio that made Titanfall. Naturally, the game is set in the Titanfall universe. What may come as a surprise, though, is that it seems that the iconic Titan suits from Titanfall haven’t made their way into Apex Legends. Apex Legends is available for free now on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. Head on over to the Apex Legends lounge now to discuss the new game or find teammates!
2. Microsoft Expanding Xbox Live to Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices
Microsoft has just leaked they will be bringing Xbox Live cross-platform support to both the Nintendo Switch and mobile devices. The announcement was set to be made at GDC 2019, which is taking place next month. Xbox Live on non-Microsoft devices may sound confusing; the big takeaway here is you should be able to earn Xbox Live achievements for games even if you’re playing them on your phone or your Nintendo Switch. Kinda neat.
3. Steam Lunar New Year Sale is Live Now
The Steam Lunar New Year Sale is now underway, reducing the price of thousands of games in the Steam store. On top of drastically reducing prices, Steam is offering everyone a $5 USD discount on their first purchase over $30 USD. Additionally, you earn tokens for purchasing games which can be redeemed for more $5 USD discount coupons. The sale will run until February 11th. Boy, it’s a great time to be a PC gamer.
4. Anthem Won’t Support Guilds at Launch
In a multiplayer game like Anthem, guilds are frequently what keeps players engaged with the game long term. A group of friends whom share similar interests, goals, and playstyles as you? Sounds great! Unfortunately, guilds won’t be part of Anthem when the game launches later this month. However, you will still benefit from playing with others by earning Alliance XP. At the end of each week, this Alliance XP will convert into coins. BioWare promises guilds will be coming to the game eventually, which is good, but unfortunately they did not provide any information about when we can expect them.
5. Gfinity Hosting Call of Duty World League Open in London
Gfinity just announced they will be hosting a Call of Duty World League open in May of this year. The event will feature 2 separate Black Ops 4 competitions. The first is a tournament featuring 16 professional teams and a prize pool of $325K. The second tournament is open to over 200 amateur teams that will compete for $75K. If you're looking for an awesome Black Ops 4 team to support be sure to check out Broken eSports; they're a top tier team and we just announced a partnership with them! You can find a link to the announcement at the bottom of this post.

The Daily Moot (2/4/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (2/1/19)

Happy Friday Moot Pies! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian the guys speculate about the PlayStation 5. Rumors are swirling about the upcoming system and anything could happen! Check out the episode below!
2. Surprise Hearthstone Nerfs Change some Classic Cards
In a surprising update, Blizzard announced they are nerfing some iconic Basic and Classic cards. This is mostly surprising because the last balance update was only about a month ago. In total 5 cards are changing when the update goes live on February 5th. Rogue spell Cold Blood will now cost 2 mana instead of 1; Shaman card Flametongue Totem will now cost 3 mana instead of 2; Paladin spell Equality will now cost 4 mana instead of 2; Hunter spell Hunter’s Mark will now cost 2 mana instead of 1; and finally, Hunter card Emerald Spellstone will now cost 6 mana instead of 5.
3. Dr. Mario World Coming to Mobile
A Dr. Mario World game will be coming to mobile devices in the United States and Japan this summer. Dr. Mario World will be free to play and will include optional in-app purchases. There isn’t any specific information for what to expect from the new mobile game, but we can safely expect it to be a puzzle game similar to the original Dr. Mario game released in 1990.
4. OWL All-Access Pass Will let you Choose Camera Angles
Starting with the impending 2019 Overwatch League season, the All-Access Pass will grant you the option to choose your camera angles. This has been a highly requested feature from OWL fans, so it is nice to see Blizzard provide viewers with the option. The All-Access Pass for the new season will only cost $15 USD and will also provide users with ad-free viewing, 200 Overwatch League tokens, and a single-use discount code for 20% off OWL merch.
5. Fortnite’s In Game Concert Featuring Marshmello Starts Tomorrow
If you’re a fan of Fortnite, Marshmello, or both you’re going to want to make sure you’re in Pleasant Park tomorrow at 2pm ET. There is going to be some sort of live concert in-game featuring popular electronic musician Marshmello. Epic Games has gone the full nine yards for this event, including a full line of Marshmello cosmetics in the Fortnite store last night.
We're incredibly excited to announce a new partnership with Broken eSports, an up and coming esports organization that is making a splash in the Call of Duty World League! Be on the lookout though, as they're quickly expanding into other esports as well! Read more at the post below:

The Daily Moot (2/1/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/31/19)

1. New Overwatch Map set in Paris is now on the PTR
A new Overwatch map called Paris is available on the Public Test Realm (PTR) as of today. Paris is an assault map, like Temple of Anubis and Volskaya Industries. The attacking team needs to capture two different points, while the defending team tries to stop them. The map is full of iconic Parisian scenery set beside the famous Seine river. Iconic landmarks include the Cabaret Luna, Pâtisserie Galand, and the grand palace Maison Marat. It is unknown when the map will come to live servers or whether it will be included in the first stage of the OWL.
2. Cross-play in Sea of Thieves Will Soon be Optional
Sea of Thieves has experienced a surge in popularity recently, due in large part to several big streamers picking the game up as a change of pace from Fortnite. The pirate game looks to continue growing, as a PvP mode called Arena is coming to the game soon. Before that happens, console players will gain the ability to opt out of cross-platform play if they so choose. If you’ve been considering Sea of Thieves, today is the last day to purchase the game for half off.
3. Mario Kart Tour Delayed to This Summer
If you haven’t heard, Nintendo is developing a Mario Kart mobile game which was originally set to release before March of this year. The game, titled Mario Kart Tour, has now been delayed until at least this summer. According to Nintendo, the game is being delayed “in order to improve quality of the application and expand the content offerings after launch.” While waiting a few extra months is annoying, an incomplete game would certainly be worse.
4. Subnautica: Below Zero Releases in Early Access
Despite the confusing name, Subnautica: Below Zero is actually a paid stand-alone game and not just an expansion to the original Subnautica. Like the original game, Below Zero is an underwater exploration game set on an alien world. Specifically, Below Zero “challenges you to survive a disaster at an alien research station on Planet 4546B.” Subnautica was one of 2018’s best games, with an interesting premise, satisfying game mechanics, and an attentive developer. Hopefully Below Zero impresses us as well, but remember this first Early Access version of the game will certainly lack some polish.
5. Fear the Wolves Set to Launch Next Week
Fear the Wolves is an intense post-apocalyptic battle royale game from the studio that developed Stalker. The game has been available in Early Access since August, but it is now set to officially launch on February 6th. The launch will be accompanied by a “massive update,” which features a new artifact system, a new Wolf Matriarch mutant, new lockdown areas, and more. The new items should mix things up a bit in Fear the Wolves to celebrate the game’s official launch.
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The Daily Moot (1/31/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/30/19)

1. League Play is Coming to Black Ops 4 Soon, on PS4 First
League Play is the competitive ranked mode for Black Ops 4 that was originally slated to release in December. After taking some extra time to work on it, Treyarch is ready to release League Play in mid-February, but only for PlayStation 4. PC and Xbox players will eventually get League Play, but they will need to wait at least a couple extra weeks. While people generally accept certain features releasing on platform before another, this feature is already over a month later than originally promised which has caused both the PC and Xbox communities to be understandably upset.
2. Sony is Shifting First Party Development to Next Gen Console
Sony is apparently having its first-party studios shift their focus to developing games for the PlayStation 5, which may release as early as next year. Apparently, PlayStation 5 developer kits are out there in the world and studios are generally happy with the new system’s specs so far. On top of the first-party stuidos, several third-party publishers like Bethesda and Activision are openly working on next-gen games. Despite the looming announcement of the PlayStation 5, there are still a couple unannounced games for the PlayStation 4 using existing intellectual property.
3. Pirahna Plant now Available in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
We knew the Piranha Plant was coming to Super Smash soon, but we didn’t expect it to be this soon. With the release of version 2.0.0 for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the Pirahna Plant is now available to play for anyone who has purchased the game or purchases it before tomorrow. The 2.0.0 update adjusted the moves of several fighters, which can be viewed in the patch notes. In addition, the Spirit Board can now be played with up to four players. View the full details of the new patch at the link below.
4. The Division 2 Private Beta will have one Endgame Mission
The Division 2 will have a private beta from February 7th to February 10th, where players will be able to experience a bit of everything. There will be two main missions, five side missions, one dark zone, and open world play. Additionally, players will get to test the game’s endgame content starting on the second day of the beta tests. Players will get access to a level 30 character and some of the game’s most iconic weapons, like the crossbow, grenade launcher, and sniper rifle. To gain access to the private beta all you need to do is preorder the game.
5. Rocket League Championship Series Season 7 Features a $1M Prize Pool
The Rocket League Championship Series is returning for a seventh season, this time featuring a prize pool of more than $1 million USD. The RLCS will also introduce a new region in the new season. South America joins North America, Europe, and Oceania as the regions where competitions will take place. The new season will also see esports cosmetics for sale in-game, with a revenue sharing model in place so players can support their favorite teams.
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The Daily Moot (1/30/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/29/19)

1. Fortnite Patch v7.30 Vaults Bolt Sniper, Adds Chiller Grenades
In what may be a controversial move Epic Games has decided to vault the Bolt-action Sniper Rifle in patch v7.30. The Bolt-action Sniper Rifle is one of the game’s oldest and most iconic weapons. Alongside it, the Burst Rifle, Heavy Shotgun, and the SMG have been vaulted. Coming out the vault in this patch is the Suppressed SMG. Finally, patch v7.30 introduces the Chiller grenade which knocks back and freezes enemies.
2. Destiny 2 Update Buffs Golden Gun, Nerfs Blade Barrage
Today’s Destiny 2 update includes some big weapon changes for a few different classes. The Gunslinger’s Golden Gun will now do 40% more damage to bosses. Blade Barrage, on the other hand, has had its impact damage nerfed. The impact from Blade Barrage will now deal a measly 35 damage instead of 150, but to compensate the explosion damage will deal 250 instead of 150. Also, you can now damage yourself with Blade Barrage if you stand too close to the blast. Check out the full patch notes at the link below.
3. Fallout 76 Patch Nerfs Two Shot and Explosive Legendary Damage
A new Fallout 76 patch has nerfed the powerful combination of the Explosive legendary mod with Two Shot legendary weapons. The Explosive legendary mod will now only give +20% base damage instead of +100% for explosive area of effect damage and the Two Shot legendary effect’s damage bonus has also been reduced from +100% to +25% of base damage. The same patch also caps player carry weight at 1,500 pounds over the player’s current maximum carry weight. Bethesda says this is to help with server lag, as it should reduce the overall number of items in the game.
4. It is now Easier to Rank Up in Hearthstone
Beginning with the February Ranked Play season it will be slightly easier to rank up through the lower ranks in Hearthstone. Currently, it takes 5 stars to rank up through most ranks but in the new season it will only take 3 or 4. This change is actually effectively reverting Hearthstone to the game’s older ranked model; before the March 2018 season ranking up was very similar to how it will be again.
5. Fortnite’s NFL Skins Return for Superbowl Weekend
Starting February 1st, Fortnite’s NFL uniform skins will be available in the in-game shop. The NFL uniforms were available for a short period of time earlier in the football season but have not been in the shop for a few months now. Additionally, the Los Angeles Rams and New England Patriots will get a special white version of their uniforms in Fortnite to celebrate their Super Bowl appearances. Finally, there’s a new NFL Rumble Limited Time Mode; teams of 20 will face off against one another, with everyone wearing either a Patriots or Rams uniform.
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The Daily Moot (1/29/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/28/19)

1. Resident Evil 2 Remake is More Popular than Resident Evil 7
Capcom’s remake of Resident Evil 2 seems to have made a big splash, as it is more popular upon release than the series’ most recent game. Resident Evil 7 managed a peak of 20,449 players when it releases two years ago. In comparison, the Resident Evil 2 remake peaked at 74,227 players which is almost 4x more. Some of the game’s success may be attributed to the game’s demo, which demonstrated the remake’s impressive graphics to would-be players.
2. Destiny 2 Trailer for ‘The Last Word’ Hints at Another Popular Weapon Returning
Bungie is bringing The Last Word, a popular hand cannon from the original Destiny, back to Destiny 2. The Last Word was a fan favorite weapon in the Crucible, so its return is surely welcome by Destiny 2 players. Bungie released a trailer today to celebrate The Last Word’s return, but the real interesting thing in the trailer is in the last few seconds; we see some uniquely shaped bullets that are an obvious hint at the Thorn returning. The Thorn is another popular weapon from the original Destiny and was at one point the game’s most overpowered weapon.
3. Metro Exodus will be an Epic Games Store Exclusive
Metro Exodus is the newest addition to the Metro series, set to release next month on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. While the game was originally available for preorder on Steam, that is no longer the case. PC distribution of Metro Exodus will occur entirely on the new Epic Games Store, which offers developers a healthier cut of the sale price. As a result, Metro Exodus will only cost $50 USD in North America on PC. Metro Exodus releases on February 15th.
4. New Dragonball Z RPG ‘Project Z’ Announced
Bandai Namco released a trailer this morning announcing a new RPG called Project Z. Project Z is set in the Dragon Ball universe and will feature Goku as the main character. Whether this is a new story or a retelling of an old one is still unknown. The trailer looks great, which is a good sign if it uses in game footage. We don’t know when Project Z will release exactly, but Bandai Namco stated the game is coming later this year.
5. Last Week to get Pirahna Plant for Free in Smash Bros.
If you purchase Smash Smash Bros. Ultimate before January 31st you will unlock the Piranha Plant fighter for free when it comes out next month. If you don’t purchase the game before the end of the month, you’ll need to pay $6 USD to unlock Piranha Plant when it comes to the game. Once you purchase the game, you should find a code for Piranha Plant in your email.
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The Daily Moot (1/28/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/25/19)

Good afternoon Rick and Mooties! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian the guys discuss Anthem, a new open world third person shooter coming from EA. The game is certainly hyped up, but will it live up to expectations? Hear what the guys have to say in the video below!
2. Nintendo President Says they’re not Considering a Switch Successor or Price Cut
The president of Nintendo confirmed yesterday in an interview that they are not currently considering a successor to the Switch or a price cut. The Nintendo Switch has seen wild success around the world, yet some have been holding out hope for a Switch 2.0 or a price cut on the original Switch. If you were one of those holding out hope, this news seems to confirm you should just cave and buy the original Switch at the original price. Ask anyone with a Switch and they’ll tell you it is definitely worth it.
3. Red Dead Online Updates ‘Gun Rush’ Mode
Rockstar released an update to Red Dead Online today, with the primary focus being Gun Rush. Gun Rush is the game’s battle royale mode, where up to 32 players battle it out to be the last cowboy standing. We say ‘up to 32’ because many lobbies weren’t filling up, leaving the overall experience to be wanting. With today’s update, Rockstar says they’ve improved matchmaking so lobbies will fill up as they’re supposed to. To reward players for their patience with the Red Dead Online beta, Rockstar will give 5 Gold Bars to every player who launched RDO this weekend.
4. Blizzard Permanently Reduces Overwatch’s Price
Blizzard announced today they are permanently reducing the price of both the Overwatch Standard and Legendary editions. The Standard Edition of the game has been reduced from $39.99 to $19.99, a 50% reduction. The Legendary Edition, which includes some cosmetics for Overwatch and other Blizzard games has been reduced from $59.99 to $39.99. This is a nice move by Blizzard, but it may not be enough to keep Overwatch relevant as more and more games are following the Fortnite free-to-play model.
5. Fortnite Save the World’s Loot Boxes now let you See Inside Before You Buy
In the 7.30 update for Fortnite, V-Bucks Llamas will change to X-Ray Llamas in Save the World. The Llama’s are the game’s loot boxes; for a small amount of V-Bucks you open a llama that includes an assortment of weapons and cosmetics. With the new patch, players will be able to see exactly what is inside each llama to decide if it is worth buying. If you don’t like what you see, you can just wait until the store refreshes and perhaps you’ll be more interested in what tomorrow’s llama offers. Thanks Epic.

The Daily Moot (1/25/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/24/19)

1. ESL Announces a Fortnite Tournament at IEM Katowice
ESL is one of the biggest organizations in gaming when it comes to hosting tournaments. This year Intel Extreme Masters Katowice will feature Fortnite for the first time. The Fortnite tournament will span across two weeknds and feature a prize pool of $600,000 USD. The first weekend, the top 100 Polish players will battle. The next weekend, 100 international players will battle it out to be the last duo standing.
2. Sea of Thieves is 50 Percent Off This Week
Sea of Thieves is a multiplayer pirate game that looked promising during beta testing but upon release the game lacked the content necessary to maintain a player base. Since then, Rare has constantly added to the game and they’re capturing the attention of gamers. Notably, several big streamers have taken the game over the past few weeks, breathing new life into the pirate world. For the next week, Sea of Thieves is 50% off. Now’s the perfect time to buy into the pirate hype and take to the seas.
3. PUBG Lite Open Beta Starts Today
PUBG Corp. opened up a beta for PUBG Lite today to all players. PUBG Lite, as its name suggests, is a trimmed down version of the game for players with systems that couldn’t properly handle the graphically intense game. PUBG Lite is, and will forever remain, free to play. The current beta only includes Erangel and third-person mode, but you can play solos, duos, or squads. Apparently, additional maps and game modes will come to PUBG Lite eventually.
4. Cyberpunk 2077 Head Writer Joins Blizzard
Sebastion Stepien was both the head writer for Cyberpunk 2077 and a creative director for The Witcher 3. According to his LinkedIn profile, he has left CD Projekt Red and taken a job at Blizzard. This may actually be promising for Cyberpunk 2077, as it could mean the game doesn’t need any more writing and is nearing a release. What Stepien is working on for Blizzard is still unknown, but it may be a new Diablo game?
5. Fallout 76 ‘Survival Mode’ Beta Set for March
Bethesda just revealed more information about Fallout 76’s upcoming PvP mode and set a tentative beta date. ‘Survival Mode,’ as it’s called, will be separate from the main game which is now called ‘Adventure Mode.’ When you launch the game you’ll choose which to play. You can use an existing character or choose a new one. Survival Mode is a lot like the main game, but all players outside of your party are immediately flagged as hostile. Most of Survival Mode will be subject to change either before, during, or after the beta based on what the community likes and dislikes about it.
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New lounges are here! Check out the new lounges for Anthem, Brawl Stars, Gears of War, and Resident Evil. Links to the new lounges are in the post below!

The Daily Moot (1/24/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/23/19)

1. Farming Simulator League Announced with 250,000€ in Prizes
If you thought esports was intense, wait until you hear about the Farming Simulator League. Last year the Farming Simulator Championship was apparently enough of a success that GIANTS Software is doubling down and investing in a full-fledged league; 10 tournaments will take place across Europe, leading up to a championship at the end of the year where one team will earn the title of Farming Simulator Champion. The competitive matches will be played in a new competitive 3v3 mode.
2. Riot Games Teases what’s to come in 2019 for League of Legends
Yesterday Riot Games posted an amazing cinematic to build hype for the new League of Legends season, and today they’ve shared a short teaser video to showcase what players can expect from the game over the next year. To summarize what was teased in the video, which you can watch at the link below, we can expect: new game modes, new Marvel comics, a new Versus event, updates to Kayle and Morgana, returning skin lines, and new support champions. Sounds sweet to us!
3. Fortnite’s Guns Fire Slower at Lower Framerates
It recently came to light that framerates were affecting the rate of fire of guns in PUBG, of all games. DrLupo, a popular Fortnite streamer, considered this issue may also affect Fortnite as the game’s share an engine (Unreal Engine 4). He tested it, confirmed lower framerates meant lower fire rates, and tweeted at Fortnite. Their response? “We're aware of this issue and are investigating a fix for it.” Well, if that ain’t somethin’.
4. PUBG Adds Snowbikes and Night Mode to Vikendi
Vikendi is PUBG’s most recent map. The winter wonderland has received heavy praise for its map design and pace of play. A new update to the game has now brought a new snowbike to the map for players to enjoy. The snowbike has better mobility than the snowmobiles on Vikendi, but will blow up much more easily. Today’s update also introduced a nighttime setting to Vikendi, similar to fog or rain on older maps, that will allow players to battle under the moonlight and the aurora borealis. Neat!
5. Blizzard Reveals Skins for Overwatch’s Year of the Pig
Every year, Blizzard has an event to celebrate Chinese New Year. This year is the year of the pig and Blizzard has just revealed some of the new skins coming to the game. Reaper, Hanzo, Reinhardt, Torbjörn, and Zenyatta will be getting new legendary skins. We have also seen new skins for Tracer, Orisa, and Brigitte on the Overwatch Korea YouTube channel. You can see all of the skins showcased so far in the article below. Overwatch’s Lunar New Year event starts tomorrow!
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The Daily Moot (1/23/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/22/19)

1. Fortnite Introduces Snowman Disguises in Patch V7.20
We’ve said it before and we’ll probably say it again: the best game in the world just got better. You can now disguise yourself as a SNOWMAN (or woman) using the Sneaky Snowman item. The Sneaky Snowman comes in stacks of five. Primary fire will throw a projectile that creates a destructible snowman and secondary fire will cause you to wear the Sneaky Snowman. The patch also adjusted drop chances for shields and mobility items and vaulted the Quad Rocket Launcher, Port-a-fortress, and Grappler.
2. Blizzard Reveals WoW 2019 Esports Plans
Blizzard has revealed their plans for esports events in 2019 and there’s a little bit for everyone. The Arena World Championship is returning to pit the best arena players against each other. There will be two seasons each in North America and Europe, qualifying players for the World Championship at the end of year. The Mythic Dungeon competition also returns, this time open to all competitors. Get through five level 14 Mythic dungeons between February 26th and March 12th and you’ll unlock the tournament realm, where you can compete in time trials and move on.
3. League of Legends Cinematic ‘Awaken’ Celebrates Start of 2019 Season
The League of Legends ranked season kicks off in just two days and Riot has released an awesome cinematic to celebrate. ‘Awaken’ is another in a long line of impressive League of Legends cinematics; the music is beautiful, the characters are full of personality, and the visuals are stunning. This week also marks the start of League of Legends professional leagues.
4. Blackout’s next Limited Time Mode is ‘Ambush’
The Call of Duty companion app apparently leaked information about Blackout’s next limited time mode before players were meant to know. Treyarch has since confirmed the information that ‘Ambush’ will be the new limited time mode. In Ambush, players will only have access to sniper rifles and melee weapons. It will be a few weeks until players get a crack at Ambush, as Down But Not Out will continue to run on all platforms. Once Down But Not Out is gone, Ambush will be available immediately.
5. FIFA 19 Update Fixes Overpowered Goal Shooting
FIFA 19 introduced to the series a featured called Timed Finishing. It was meant to be a risk/reward mechanic that encouraged players to take more control over where exactly their shot would be aimed. Unfortunately, the mechanic was far too forgiving and even poorly timed shots were going toward the net. The new update fixes this, and players will be punished more for poorly timing their shots. Good looks, EA.
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The Daily Moot (1/22/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/18/19)

Happy Friday [insert Moot pun here]! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian the guys discuss Red Dead Redemption 2's new battle royale mode, Gun Rush. Gun Rush is still rough around the edges but it has tons of potential. Will Gun Rush and RDR2 pose any threat to the existing battle royale games?
2. Epic Games Announces Fortnite ‘Secret Skirmish’
Epic Games has announced the first big Fortnite tournament of 2019 will be the Secret Skirmish. We don’t know many details about the tournament yet, but we know it will feature the top players from every previous Open tournament. We also know the prize pool is $500,000 USD. Rumors claim the tournament will take place on February 14th-15th. More details will be announced soon.
3. Bungie Talks About the Future of Destiny
Bungie and Activision split up last week, leaving the future of the Destiny franchise in question. The game’s franchise director posted on Bungie’s website to promise they will remain committed to Destiny in both the short and long terms. In the short term, players can expect more content. In the long term, Bungie will stay committed to Destiny and the universe they created.
4. Netflix sees Fortnite as a Big Competitor
In a quarterly report, Netflix claimed they compete with Fortnite more than HBO. While at first thought this may be confusing, it actually makes sense. Fortnite exploded on Twitch last year, and kids (or adults) have been choosing to watch Fortnite instead of watch other things. With gaming growing more mainstream with every passing month, it will continue to compete with other more established forms of entertainment.
5. Admin Account for Atlas was Compromised, Leading to Chaos
Atlas is the pirate-themed MMO that seems a lot like a reskinned version of Ark. The game has been struggling since it launched but some people are still having fun with it. In fact, one person yesterday had a ton of fun when they got ahold of an admin account for the game. This person spawned warplanes, tanks, and massive whales to mess with the game’s player base. Things got so chaotic that the game’s developers had to rollback servers to undo the mess.

The Daily Moot (1/18/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/17/19)

1. Black Ops 4 Blackout will have Respawning for a Short Time
Treyarch is introducing the ability to respawn to Black Ops 4’s Blackout mode starting this week. Seeing as respawning seems to pretty directly contradict the entire purpose of a battle royale mode, there must be a reason for this change. Most likely, this is meant to appease new players who are trying the game during it’s free to play week; new players will get to learn the game faster if they can respawn a few times during a game. Players can only respawn after they’ve collapsed if they still have at least one team member alive. This will last until January 30th.
2. Upcoming Sea of Thieves Update Will Require a Complete Reinstall
The studio that makes Sea of Thieves has announced that an upcoming update will require players to fully reinstall the game. Rare explained that this is necessary to prevent the game from bloating in size with each coming update. The new download will be almost half the size of the game’s original file, which Sea of Thieves players should be happy to hear. The update that will require you to uninstall and reinstall Sea of Thieves comes out on February 6th.
3. Brawlhalla to Invest $500k Into Esports this Year
The developers of Brawlhalla just announced the game’s fourth year of esports competitions will include the game’s biggest prize pools yet. Year Four will include total prizes of $500k USD spread across multiple in-person and online events. Brawlhalla has been an exceptionally popular fighting game on both PlayStation 4 and Steam, in large part due to it being free to play.
4. Bethesda has Started Banning Fallout 76 Players over Exploits
Sometime last week, a Fallout 76 player discovered a secret room in the game. This room was meant to be closed off to the general playerbase and only accessible to the game’s developers. Inside the room there were tons of items that aren’t meant to be in the game yet. Bethesda has started suspending the accounts that entered the room, but they aren’t suspending accounts that have had the improperly-obtained items traded to them. Man, this game’s a mess.
5. Mixer Adds Premium Currency to Support Streamers
Mixer is Microsoft’s streaming platform meant to rival Twitch. Previously you could support Mixer streamers by donating them Sparks, which viewers generated passively as they watched streams. As you donated Sparks to streamers, they would attain different milestones which had cash rewards. Mixer has now introduced Embers; Embers are different from Sparks in that they translate directly to cash, without the milestone aspect.
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The Daily Moot (1/17/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/16/19)

1. EA Cancels Open-World Star Wars Game
Back in 2017, EA announced they were working on an open-world Star Wars game. The game was originally a project from Visceral Games that was not going to be open-world, but Visceral Games shutdown and EA inherited the project. EA decided to begin the project anew and felt an open-world game would have the most success. Now, we have received the unfortunate news that EA has canceled the project. It is rumored that EA canceled the open-world project in favor of a different, smaller Star Wars game they will be able to bring to market sooner.
2. Black Ops 4 Zombies gets Double XP to Celebrate 115 Day
Elemental 115 is significant to the Call of Duty Zombies lore, so Treyarch decided to celebrate 115 Day (January 15th) with a few days of doubled XP for Zombies. Until Friday the 18th you’ll receive double XP and double weapon XP, plus you’ll even get double Nebulium Plasma. PlayStation 4 players can also experience a new mode called Gauntlet; in Gauntlet there are 30 rounds, each with a different challenge. Failing a round gives your team a strike, and three strikes mean you’re out.
3. The Division 2 Private Beta Dates Announced
Ubisoft has revealed the private beta for Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will begin on February 7th. The beta will only run for a few days, ending on the 10th. Players can gain access to the private beta by pre-ordering The Division 2 or by registering on the game’s website, however those spots are limited. Ubisoft also released a new story trailer today, exploring the game’s Washington DC setting a bit more.
4. Elder Scrolls Online Expansion ‘Elsweyr’ Announced
Elder Scrolls Online’s next major expansion is titled Elsweyr, and will see players journeying to the land of the Khajiit. The expansion will be similar in size to last year’s Summerset expansion, and will tell a roughly thirty-hour long story over the course of the next year. Players will help the Khajiit defend their homeland against invading Imperials and dragons. Elsweyr is bringing dragons to Elder Scrolls Online for the first time, and Bethesda has promised these dragons will be more difficult to defeat than the ones we remember from Skyrim.
5. Black Desert Online’s 50-player Battle Royale Launches Today
Black Desert Online is an MMO game with many complex in-game systems that collectively provide players with an incredibly deep play experience. Today, BDO has sunk to the level all games apparently have sunk to; today, BDO introduced a battle royale mode. The Shadow Arena is still just an early access version, but players can test out the 50 player battle royale mode. Players will start as a spirit but can become one of the game’s classes as the battle progresses.
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The Daily Moot (1/16/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/15/19)

1. A Massive Icy Orb Appears in Fortnite, Starting Season 8 Buildup
Buckle up buckaroos, it’s time for the wild ride that is Fortnite’s build up to Season 8. Last year, it was a purple cube. This year, it is an icy blue orb floating over the castle at Polar Peak. There is also the iceberg near Happy Hamlet with a universal health bar. This health bar depletes for everyone on all servers whenever anyone hits it with a pickaxe. At the current rate, we will find out what is inside the orb in just a couple short hours.
2. Valve’s Artifact has lost 97% of Playerbase in 2 Months
To say Artifact is struggling would be an understatement. The game was incredibly hyped before it released, as it is a digital card game from a partnership between the creator of Magic: the Gathering and one of the biggest gaming companies in history. However, almost immediately after release we saw issues with Artifact. The game is exceedingly complex to play or watch and has a frustrating economical model. Valve certainly hasn’t given up on Artifact yet, but it sure seems like the gaming community at large has.
3. Black Ops 4 Will Start a Free Trial of Blackout This Week
Starting this Thursday, Blackout will be free to play for one week. Activision and Treyarch announced the free trial for Blackout will be available on all platforms. This is just speculation, but this could be a trial run to see if it is worth it for Blackout to be permanently free to play. This would enable them to compete with Fortnite for a larger share of the battle royale playerbase, as Fortnite is notably free to play.
4. Riot Games Publishes New Company Values
Riot Games, the creator of Legend of Legends, came under fire a few months ago due to allegations of a sexist and toxic workplace. Several previous employees came out with some concerning stories about their experience working at Riot Games. The company promised to improve and today they posted a new set of company values. Included in the new values, Riot promises they will cultivate a fair work environment and have their leaders embody and promote the company’s values. Only time will tell whether Riot Games, and specifically the higher up employees who seemed to be the root of the company’s problems, can actually adhere to the new values.
5. KFC is Hosting a Blackout Tournament
Fast food restaurant KFC announced they are hosting a Blackout tournament featuring 16 content creators and a prize pool of $63,700. There is also a ‘KFC Black Card’ up for grabs, which will allow whoever wins it to eat for free at KFC every day. The event is going to start on January 17th with more information to revealed between now and then.
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The Daily Moot (1/15/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/14/19)

1. Glider Redeploy Returns to Fortnite, with a Twist
Glider redeploy in Fortnite enabled players to pull out their glider if they fell from almost any height. It was a controversial feature, as it enabled players to take certain risks they could not normally take. Epic Games removed the feature after a short test period, but it is now returning with a twist. Glider redeploy is coming back, but as an item; players will be able to loot Gliders around the map, similar to how they could loot Jetpacks or Balloons, and Gliders will have a certain number of charges.
2. Rocket League Finally Gets Full Cross-Platform Play
With the help and cooperation of PlayStation, Rocket league is now to the second game to enter the PlayStation Cross-Play Beta program. Now, players on all the major systems can get randomly matched against one another. Cross-platform parties, on the other hand, are still not available. You can play private matches with and against friends on other platforms and full cross-platform parties are coming “soon.” Personally, playing against people on other consoles is just step one. Hopefully cross-platform parties come sooner rather than later.
3. Battlefield 5 Trailer Shows off Lightning Strikes Update
DICE released a trailer this morning showing off the Lightning Strikes update, which releases later this week on the 17th. Lightning Strikes focuses on tanks, vehicle warfare, and big explosions which makes for an exciting trailer. Lightning Strikes introduces new weapons, new vehicles, and some game modes. Rush returns, alongside a new co-op mode called Combined Arms. Lightning Strikes is the 2nd of 3 chapters in the Tides of War content series. The third chapter, which is set to release in March, will finally introduce a battle royale mode to Battlefield 5.
4. Datamine Reveals Potential SNES Games Coming to the Switch
An alleged data mine has potentially revealed an impressive list of SNES games that may be making their way to the Nintendo Switch Online store soon. The list of games includes: Super Mario Kart, Super Soccer, The Legend of Zelda: Link to the Past, Yoshi’s Island, Star Fox, Super Metroid, Super Mario World, and more. There are already NES games available on the Switch Online store, so it’s not outside the realm of possibility for SNES games to become available as well. Fingers crossed for these rumors to be true!
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The Daily Moot (1/14/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/11/19)

Happy Friday New Years Revomootions! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan and Brian, the guys make some predictions about the next year in gaming. What will be the biggest game of the year? Will Fortnite stay the most popular game in the world? Check out the episode to see the guaranteed correct answers to these questions and more!
2. Fortnite is Fixing its Uneven Ground Problem
One of the most annoying things in Fortnite is getting fixed next week. Any experienced Fortnite player can recall a time when they died because their wall built in the ground instead of at a normal level to protect themselves. A new update will enable players to automatically build two vertical walls when the lower wall is mostly underground. The ‘underground’ wall will also cost no materials, which is a nice touch. Did the best game in the world just get better?
3. Amazon is Apparently Developing a Game Streaming Service
Rumors are starting to swirl about Amazon starting their own game streaming service, to rival Microsoft’s and Google’s programs. Game streaming will enable you to play games that are running on a computer other than your own. Google’s Project Stream had a beta where testers got to play Assassin’s Creed Odyssey on Google Chrome; while it was undoubtedly sweet, there were graphical and framerate issues. Amazon’s project could be out as early as next year.
4. Riot is Letting League of Legends Players Keep Free Skins
An error in the League of Legends store temporarily allowed players to get skins effectively for free, and while Riot has now fixed the error, they are letting players keep the skins they got for free. Skin capsules, which usually cost 750 Riot points, were available for 1 blue essence yesterday. Riot points are the game’s premium currency while blue essence is a free currency given out in excess to players. Some members of the community are annoyed with Riot’s lack of action on the matter, but other community members are presumably happy with all of their new skins.
5. Kingdom Hearts III Update Schedule Revealed
A significant portion of Kingdom Hearts III leaked a few weeks ago, much to the dismay of the general fanbase. The game’s director assured fans that nothing major was included in the videos, but the studio is still taking precautions to prevent spoilers. The day after the game releases, an update will include an Epilogue to be viewed after players complete the main story. The next day, a “Secret” video will be added for players who have met certain criteria. These measures are being taken to prevent players from seeing any more spoilers before they get a chance to experience the game for themselves. Kingdom Hearts III releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 29th.

The Daily Moot (1/11/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/10/19)

1. Bungie Splits from Activision, Takes Destiny with Them
Bungie has announced that it is splitting with Activision, bringing an early end to their ten year publishing partnership surrounding the Destiny franchise. Bungie will acquire full rights and publish all future content independently. Destiny 2 will remain on BattleNet for PC players following the departure.
2. PUBG Bans a Dozen Pros and 30,000 other Players for Cheating
Last month, PUBG conducted a global investigation of all currently active pro PUBG players to see if any of them were cheating. Turns out, a handful were. PUBG just discovered a very hard to detect cheat that scanned data being sent to the servers, instead of game files themselves, which enabled the cheater to effectively have radar vision. PUBG caught and suspended 10 players for cheating and 2 more players who knew their teammates were cheating but said nothing. These players have been banned for 3 years and future pro competitors will be screened more thoroughly moving forward.
3. Red Dead Online gets a more Genuine Battle Royale Mode
Rockstar has said they will adapt Red Dead Online to match what the playerbase wants to see, and apparently the players want to see more battle royale. A new game mode called Gun Rush came to Red Dead Online today which is truer to the usual Battle Royale style than the Make It Count game mode currently in RDO. In Gun Rush, up to 32 players will gather weapons and ammo for a fight to death in an ever-shrinking play area.
4. The Better Business Bureau Gives Epic Games an F
Epic Games just received an “F” rating from the Better Business Bureau, supposedly for not responding to customer complaints. The majority of the complaints have to do with customer service and ignoring refund requests. It should be HEAVILY EMPHASIZED that the Better Business Bureau is a private organization, not a government entity, and there is an EXTREME CORRELATION between companies that pay them money and companies that get good ratings. Have you ever had to interact with Epic Games customer support staff? If so, do you feel this rating is fair?
5. Stan Lee Tribute Added to World of Warcraft
Azeroth’s biggest cities have always been full of fun Easter eggs for the most diligent World of Warcraft players. It was one of these players who noticed a new NPC (Non-Player Character) walking the halls of Stormwind Keep. The character is named ‘Stanley’ and he looks exactly like the late Stan Lee, of comic book fame. If looking like Stan Lee isn’t enough to confirm this is a direct tribute, Stanley actually shouts Excelsior! as he walks around. Nice touch, Blizzard.
6. Old School Runescape gets a New Region in Today’s Update
In what is the first big update since the game went multiplatform late last year, Old School Runescape got a new region today. The Kebos Lowlands includes a new town called Brimstome, a new monster in the form of a hydra, a new slayer dungeon. There is even a new farming guild. Jagex has called this update the game’s most diverse since Old School Runescape launched in 2013.
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The Daily Moot (1/10/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/9/19)

1. Ubisoft Foregoing Steam, Selling The Division 2 on Epic Games Store
Ubisoft and Epic Games have announced a partnership deal that will see the PC version of The Division 2 selling on the Epic Games store. The Epic Games store may pose the first real threat to Steam, which has has effectively been the only online marketplace for digital games for some time now. Epic only takes 12% of revenue, which is significantly lower than the 30% Steam takes. In the announcement, Ubisoft announced they will release a few more select titles on the Epic Games store over the course of 2019.
2. Final Fantasy Digital Card Coming to PC, in Japan at Least
Square Enix has revealed a digital card game inspired by Final Fantasy, due to start a beta test in Japan this month. There has been no word yet if the game will come to other regions for beta testing or upon release. The game has players compete in turn-based battles where you place characters and monsters on a grid-like board.
3. Assassin’s Creed Odyssey gets Level Scaling and More
Ubisoft has been grinding away to bring new content to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. It’s not all about content though, as the game is getting expanded features as well. Perhaps the most exciting new feature is the option to choose how your enemies scale to your level. Starting tomorrow, you’ll be able to adjust enemy scaling so you can play the game at the exact difficulty you desire. There is also a litany of new quests coming to the game this month. Check the article below to read more about how Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is expanding this month.
4. Epic to Host a Fortnite Tournament at the Australian Open
The Australian Open is one of the four biggest tennis tournaments of the year, but this year it won’t be all about tennis. Epic Games has announced they will be hosting a tournament called the Summer Smash at the event, which boasts a prize pool of $355 thousand USD. There will be a solo tournament and a pro-am duos tournament, open to Australia and New Zealand residents over 16 years old. The tournaments will take place during the final weekend of the Australian Open, January 26-27. The ProAm will feature popular streamers from the region, including Loserfruit, LazarBeam, and Muselk.
5. Bungie is Unlocking the Bergusia Forge; Destiny 2 Puzzle Still Unsolved
The Bergusia Forge is the final piece of content related to the Black Armory, but before Bungie opened it to Annual Pass holders they had a puzzle the community had to solve. Well, the puzzle was too hard; so hard in fact that no one has solved it yet. Bungie released an announcement this morning stating they don’t want to withhold the content any longer, so the Bergusia Forge is now available. For you maniacs that still want to solve the puzzle, you’ll unlock a unique emblem and ghost for your efforts.
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The Daily Moot (1/9/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/8/19)

1. Fortnite Introduces Silenced Sniper Rifle, Brings Back Dual Pistols
Epic quietly (see what we did there) released a content update last night that introduced a new silenced sniper rifle to their battle royale mode. The same update has also brought back the popular dual pistols, affectionately nicknamed ‘dualies,’ and removed all versions of the burst rifle except for the rare and legendary rarities. Finally, the content update has heavily nerfed the X-4 Stormwing plane. Planes will now spawn less often and take more damage when they run into structures.
2. Laser Cannons Come to GTA Online in New Update
If you were struggling to find a weapon with adequate firepower in GTA Online, struggle no more; the Unholy Hellbringer and Widowmaker guns are both now available to purchase at an Ammu-Nation near you. If you need to earn some cash to purchase either of these bad boys, you can earn double cash and RP rewards from any of the Arena War game modes for the next week. Finally, there’s tons of new discounts on businesses and vehicles in this week’s update.
3. First Overwatch PTR Patch of 2019
The first Overwatch patch of the new year has come to game’s PTR servers. The first change comes to armor, which will only reduce damage by 3 instead of reducing it by 5. Next, Brigitte is being nerfed. Her Rally ability now has a maximum duration of 30 seconds. D.Va’s defense matrix has had its cooldown increased from 1 second to 2 seconds. And finally, Reaper is getting buffed, as his life steal is getting increased from 30% to 50% of damage dealt.
4. Tropico 6 has been Delayed Until March
After a closed beta run toward the end of 2018, the studio behind Tropico 6 has decided to delay the game’s release by a couple months. The extra time will give the developers an opportunity to implement community feedback in response to the beta. Specifically, they will polish pathfinding, multiplayer, and how the game simulations both the Tropicans and the economy. Due to the delay, if you have preordered the game or do so before January 10th, you will receive Tropico 6’s first DLC for free.
5. Earn Ana Bastet Cosmetics by Winning Games and Watching Streams
Yesterday, Blizzard released a short story called Bastet that focused on Soldier 76 and Ana. In the story, Ana spent some time as Bastet, the protector of Cairo. Today, a new set of in-game challenges has come to Overwatch that will give players a chance to unlock Bastet-themed cosmetics by winning games. 3 wins will get you a player icon, 6 wins gets you a victory pose, and 9 wins will unlock the Bastet Ana skin. You can also earn a unique spray by watching a handful of promoted Twitch streamers.
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The Daily Moot (1/8/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/7/19)

1. New Overwatch Short Story Explores Soldier 76’s History
Blizzard released a new Overwatch short story called Bastet today, which focuses on a conversation between Soldier 76 and Ana. During their conversation, it is revealed that Soldier 76 used to be in a relationship with a man named Vincent, whom he had to leave behind due to his duties. Soldier 76 is the second Overwatch hero to be LGBTQ, as an animated comic from 2016 revealed Tracer has a girlfriend named Emily.
2. 14 Days of Fortnite Challenges are Coming Back
Epic Games announced over the weekend they will be bringing back 14 Days of Fortnite after the event’s controversial end last week. 14 Days of Fortnite was an event that providing daily challenges and rewards, but some players missed out on completing the challenges due to a miscommunication from Epic. The challenges will be available again for about a week, although progress on partially completed challenges has unfortunately been reset. As before, anyone who completes just one challenge will unlock the Equalizer Glider.
3. Stardew Valley now has a Battle Royale Mod
The popular game Stardew Valley got multiplayer just last year. Now, there’s a downloadable mod called Battle Royalley that enables players to fight to be the last farmer standing. The game mode supports up to 100 players, although you may struggle to find that many for a match. Just like any other battle royale, players start spread around the map and a safe zone shrinks as the game progresses. You can build fences, chop trees, and even ride horses in the game mode. If you get a chance to play, we’d love to hear your thoughts on Battle Royalley!
4. Nvidia Announces the RTX 2060 Graphics Card
Nvidia has revealed the RTX 2060 as their next budget graphic cards. According to an official press release from Nvidia, “The RTX 2060 is 60 percent faster on current titles than the prior-generation GTX 1060… and beats the gameplay of the GeForce GTX 1070 Ti.” The RTX 2060 features 6GB of GDDR6 and 240 Tensor Cores. What’s most exciting is how soon the new card will be available. The RTX 2060 will be available on January 15th for $350.
5. Humble Store now Selling Nintendo Switch and 3DS Games
Starting today, the Humble Store is now officially selling Nintendo Switch and 3DS games. Over 40 games are now available to purchase on the Humble Store, including Breath of the Wild, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, and more. You can also purchase 3-month and 12-month individual memberships for Nintendo Switch Online. There’s no word if Nintendo titles will make it into Humble Bundles offered through the service, but this is a promising step towards that reality.

The Daily Moot (1/7/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/4/19)

1. Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Won't Include Bowsette
Bowsette came into existence when it was revealed that a new item existed in the upcoming Super Mario Bros game called the Super Crown. The Super Crown is used by Toadette and turns her into Peachette. Fans speculated that the crown could then combine any character with Peach, even Bowser. Bowsette fan art took the internet by storm for a few days, but now an item description for the Super Crown has been posted by Nintendo that clarifies the crown can only be used by Toadette. Oh well.
2. Hitman: Blood Money and Absolution Remasters Releasing Next Week
IO Interactive announced this morning the remastered versions of Hitman: Blood Money and Hitman: Absolution will launch January 11th on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The games feature both graphical and mechanic updates, including 4K visuals at 60 FPS, improved textures, improved lighting, updated controls, and more. There is also a digital-only package called the Hitman HD Enhanced Collection, that will cost $60 and presumably include the remastered versions of both games.
3. Batalj Beta Extended and Open to All
Batalj is a 1v1 strategy game that we had not heard of before today, but it has been in closed beta for about a month now. Although the beta was supposed to end with the new year, the developers instead announced they’re extending it until January and are making beta keys easily accessible. The game offers turn based combat, but with the unique twist where turns resolve simultaneously. If you want to try the game for yourself, check the article below to see how you can get yourself a beta key.
4. Bethesda’s Lawsuit against Westworld Mobile Game has been Resolved
A few months back, Bethesda sued Warner Bros. over an alleged copyright violation. Bethesda claimed a Westword mobile game was a ripoff of their own Fallout Shelter mobile game. Now, Bethesda has released a very brief statement saying the two parties reached an “amicable” resolution, but provided no further details. The Westworld mobile game is free to play and remains available on both iOS and Android phones.
5. New Pokemon Movie may be a Remake of the Original Movie
Fans are speculating the upcoming Pokemon movie, Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution, will be a CGI remake of the original Pokemon movie from 1998. After a new trailer released, some believe the theory to be even more likely. The new trailer shows a clip that is entirely CGI, which has also led some to speculate the new movie will be entirely CGI. Clearly, not much is known about the movie that will release later this year. What would you rather see? An entirely new story or a remake of the classic movie from almost 20 years ago.
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The Daily Moot (1/4/19)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (1/3/19)

1. Old Hearthstone Designers Announce They’re Making a Marvel Game
Last year, Ben Brode and a few of his colleagues left Blizzard to found their own indie studio named Second Dinner. Brode had been the director and face of Hearthstone for several years, so his departure was big news in and of itself. The new studio has now announced their first game will be set in the Marvel universe. The announcement also reveals they have accepted an investment from the Chinese company NetEase to the tune of $30 million. We still don’t know what genre of game will be made, but hopefully that will be revealed soon.
2. CS:GO had a Great Month after Going Free to Play
On December 7th, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive made the transition from a paid game to a free-to-play one. On the same day, Valve also added a battle royale mode to the game called Danger Zone. Looking at some of the figures for the game since then suggests the move was worth it, at least in the short term. Twice as many Steam users played CS:GO in December compared to the previous month. CS:GO has a valuable loot box system so Valve could still make remarkable profits off the game despite it being free to play.
3. Spooky Gifs from Infinity Ward on Twitter Hint at a new Call of Duty Game
The communications manager for Infinity Ward has been posting a spooky gif on their twitter account almost daily since the end of November, but it was just noticed by the internet at large recently. The gifs include subjects like ghosts, demons, ghouls, and more. While some are guessing this is hinting at a sequel to Call of Duty: Ghosts, that may not be the most likely. For one, Ghosts didn’t have demons or ghouls. For two, it was a pretty crappy game to be honest and doesn’t particularly warrant a sequel. Hopefully we will get some more concrete hints soon enough.
4. 14 Days of Fortnite Ends with Confusion
14 Days of Fortnite was a series of daily challenges that spanned two weeks. Players who completed all of the challenges by the end of the two weeks were meant to get a unique prize, the Equalizer Glider. Unfortunately, a bit of poor communication from Epic Games meant some players thought they would have a couple extra days to complete all of their challenges. To make it up to those specific players, Epic announced they will be giving the Equalizer Glider to all players who completed at least one of the 14 challenges.
5. Blizzard Punishes 18,000 Overwatch Accounts in South Korea for Toxicity
Blizzard has struggled over recent years to keep toxicity out of Overwatch matches. In fact, reducing toxicity was one of the studio’s main goals for the popular game last year. Blizzard overhauled the game’s report feature, began tracking down bad behavior outside of the game, and added social features to promote positive behaviors. While these measures probably helped to some degree, they haven’t fixed the problem. Yesterday, Blizzard’s South Korean office started off the new year by banning 18,188 accounts for toxic behavior.
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The Daily Moot (1/3/19)
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The Daily Moot (1/2/19)

1. ‘Town of Salem’ Data Breach Compromises 7 Million Players
Town of Salem is a fun online game that tests your abilities to lie and detect when others are lying. Recently, the developers of the game suffered a massive data breach that apparently compromised the personal information of more than 7.6 million players. The hacked information includes usernames, emails, passwords, IP addresses, game activity, and payment information. You can use the website to see if your information has been compromised.
2. Fallout 76 has been Nuke-Free all Year
An unexpected bug in Fallout 76 has left players unable to launch nukes since the new year started. While a New Year’s armistice sounds like a possible event, Bethesda has confirmed this short-term peace was entirely unplanned. It seems Fallout 76 in 2019 is picking up exactly where Fallout 76 in 2018 left off. Confusing headlines, poor communication from Bethesda, and a dwindling player base.
3. Get a Free Indie Game Every Day in 2019
Alright, now this is really cool. An indie game developer named Rami Ismail has announced a new game launcher that will give you a free, small game every day for all of 2019. The games will only take about five minutes to play through and will range in genre, from puzzlers to platformers. The launcher will download one game at midnight GMT which will only be available to play for 24 hours. Check the article below for more information and a link to download the game launcher, called Meditations.
4. Activision Blizzard Fires Their CFO
Activision Blizzard announced this week they are firing their chief financial officer Spencer Neumann, who appears to be headed to work at Netflix. While Activision Blizzard has certainly had a bumpy year, with declining numbers almost across the board, they said in the announcement that the firing is unrelated to the company’s finances over the last year.
5. Xbox Game Pass for January has Some Sweet Games
Xbox Game Pass will be bringing some excellent games to Xbox players over the course of January. On January 3rd you’ll be able to play Ark: Survival Evolved and Life is Strange 2: Part 1. If you haven’t played Life is Strange before, you can play both the first game and the prequel game through Xbox Game Pass as well. Just Cause 3 is the other big headline game, which will be available on January 10th. Check the article below to see the other games that are included in this month’s Xbox Game Pass lineup.
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The Daily Moot (1/2/19)
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The Daily Moot (12/31/18)

Happy last day of 2018! We got some sweet New Years items on sale until Midnight tonight in the Moot Coin Shop, so be sure to click the link at the bottom of the post to swag out your profile! Also, enjoy this short montage that captures some of the best moments from Moot Points over the last year!
2. Fortnite’s New Years Event has Started
Players around the world were surprised early this morning when a giant disco ball appeared in the sky inside Fortnite. Until it is 2019 for all time zones, every hour on the hour the giant disco ball will appear and countdown to the new year. Players are forced to dance when the countdown hits zero, which should enable everyone to safely enjoy the fireworks. Happy New Year Fortnite fans and everyone on Moot!
3. Soulja Boy has Stopped Selling his Console Due to a Lawsuit
If you missed what may have been gaming’s most confusing headline of the year, let us catch you up. Rapper Soulja Boy announced a few weeks ago he was selling his personally branded gaming consoles on his website, but they looked suspiciously like Nintendo-knockoff consoles you can buy online. They also included games that Soulja Boy did not have permission to sell. The consoles are now unavailable, as a lawsuit from Nintendo is pending.
4. Fortnite’s new Boombox is Quite Annoying
Epic Games introduced the Boombox to Fortnite’s battle royale mode over the weekend and it has caused a bit of a controversy. The Boombox emits pulse waves that rapidly destroy structures they make contact with. A part of the controversy regarding the Boombox is the timing; there was a big tournament this weekend and the Boombox was added to the game without any time for players to prepare. What do you all think of the Boombox?
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The Daily Moot (12/31/18)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (12/21/18)

Happy Friday Mootheads! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian we talk about the Moot Game Awards, which is an event we're running on our service where you can win some DOPE PRIZES! We're giving away FIFTEEN consoles (of your choice) plus one game to come with it. It is completely free to enter! Watch the video or click the link at the bottom of this post to learn more about the event.
2. Valve Changes Artifact Balance Philosophy, Nerfs Expensive Cards
Valve previously stated they would never tweak cards aside from some rare exceptions, but they’ve changed their stance. An update that came out yesterday changed eight cards, including some of the most prominent ones. Axe, the game’s most expensive card, has been nerfed slightly. If you bought any of the cards in Artifact that have been nerfed, you can sell it back to valve for its peak price 24 hours before the nerf announcement. Kind of neat. Do you think this shift in philosophy will help Artifact recover some of its playerbase?
3. Major Hearthstone Nerfs Hopefully Shake Things Up
Earlier this week Blizzard revealed sweeping nerfs to Hearthstone that may qualify as the biggest balance update the game has ever seen. Nerfs to iconic, deck-defining cards for the Druid, Rogue, Paladin, and Shaman classes are sure to result in massive metagame shifts. Us Arena players haven’t been left out of the fun either, as the menace of Arena known as Mind Control Tech is no longer available to draft. Huzzah!
4. Darksiders 3 Patch makes Combat Like the Previous Games
Darksiders 3 has generally gone over well with fans of the series, but one of the biggest complaints is how different the game’s combat felt from compared to the first two Darksiders games. Well, the game’s developers heard that feedback and have introduced a new option called ‘classic combat.’ This will feel much more like the original style of combat we grew to know and love with Darksiders 1 and 2. There are some other small updates in the patch, like a few new checkpoints, but not much more.
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The Daily Moot (12/21/18)
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POPULAR The Daily Moot (12/20/18)

1. Islands of Nyne Ceases Development, Goes Free to Play
The fast-paced battle royale game Islands of Nyne will stop development almost immediately, according to a Steam Community post from the game’s dev team. In the announcement, it was also revealed the game is going to become free to play and servers will stay up in the future so fans of the game may have a chance to keep playing it. The final update to the game will introduce a credits screen to the main menu and add the ability for players to host their own servers. Did you like Islands of Nyne? Have you ever heard of it? Could be a great time to get into it, seeing as it is now free!
2. First Player Creation Makes its way onto Fortnite’s Block
Kanncitak is the Fortnite player who will be remembered (or more likely, immediately forgotten) as the first to have their creation featured on The Block. Grimy Greens factory is now live in game, meaning players can drop into a game of Fortnite battle royale and experience Kanncitak’s custom design first hand. The Block has replaced Risky Reels and will continue to feature different player creations.
3. Sam Raimi Suit Now Available in Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4
Marvel’s Spider-Man on PS4 is getting a new DLC tomorrow that will introduce three more suits, but an update this morning has added another suit. The Sam Raimi Spider-Man suit was highly requested and it is now available in game for free. The “Webbed Suit” is famously the suit Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker wore in the first Spider-Man movie he was in. The paid DLC Silver Lining releases tomorrow, rounding out the DLC pack The City That Never Sleeps.
4. ‘Harry Potter Wizards Unite’ is a New Mobile Game
A new teaser for Harry Potter Wizards Unite was just posted on YouTube this morning, showing some out of control Nimbus 2000 brooms flying down a highway. The game is a new mobile game from Niantic, the company that makes Pokemon Go. You can safely expect Wizards Unite to be an Augmented Reality game similar to Pokemon Go. While the specific details of the game are still unclear, you can expect the game to bring you outside to make sure muggles don’t learn about magic. You can also sign up for the beta now! There’s a link at the bottom of the attached article.
5. For Honor’s Assassin’s Creed Crossover Event is Live
For the Creed is a limited time event that will see Assassin’s Creed completely take over For Honor for the next couple of weeks. Until January 1st, For Honor will feature characters, costumes, music, and visual themes from throughout the Assassin’s Creed franchises history. Ezio Auditore and Cesare Borgia are Commanders, soldiers are dressed as Templars(Knights), Assassins(Samurai), or Pirates(Vikings). The three maps in the game even feature dozens of Assassin’s Creed Easter eggs. Finally, a new version of the Dominion game mode is live which features Ezio and Cesare facing off as Commanders.
We've started a massive end of year giveaway event here on Moot! We just launched the Moot Game Awards because we want to know what your favorite parts of gaming in 2018 are. You can vote on Game of the Year, Esport of the Year, and more. In order to win massive prizes, you just need to vote+comment on a poll! Each vote+comment pair will count as one entry. Read the post below for more information and start voting!

The Daily Moot (12/20/18)
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The Daily Moot (12/19/18)

1. ‘Leaked’ Footage Possibly Shows Red Dead Redemption 2 Footage on PC
A short video showed up on YouTube recently that shows off a potential build of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC. The video, which is only 25 seconds long, shows off the graphics setting menu for the game. There are standard PC options like screen type, resolution, refresh rate, and more. While it is exciting to see this kind of thing, the leak may not be real because it only shows menus, which would be the easiest thing to fake. Maybe Rockstar will come out with a statement on the leak, but we wouldn’t bet on it.
2. PUBG Winter Map ‘Vikendi’ Releases on PC and Mobile
Vikendi, PUBG’s snow map they revealed at The Game Awards, is now live for PC and mobile players. Vikendi is an attempt from PUBG Corp. to strike a balance between the style of their old maps and the recently released Sanhok map. Vikendi is larger than Sanhok, but players can still experience some of the fast paced, close quarter combat the small jungle map offered. Apparently, Vikendi will be available on consoles sometime next month.
3. Fortnite’s Official Merch Store Launched Today
Finally, there’s an official way to buy Fortnite themed merchanise. The Retail Row store, which you can access online, provides fans of Fortnite (or their parents) to purchase some sweet cosmetics. The pickings are a bit slim currently, but you can buy a Durr Burger Onesie for $70 USD. There is also a Skull Trooper Pullover Hoodie and a decent selection of graphic t-shirts. Unfortunately, the merch store is not in time for Christmas, as all items will ship sometime in late January.
4. For Honor and Assassin’s Creed Crossover Event may be Near
The For Honor Twitter account is teasing a crossover event with Assassin’s Creed that will be announced tomorrow. For Honor tweeted “nothing is true, everything is permitted” which is the Creed’s maxim, so we know something is coming from the two games. It makes sense, as both games are owned by Ubisoft and have done small scale crossovers before. The extent of the upcoming crossover is the only uncertainty at this point. Fans of the games should keep their eyes peeled tomorrow for a hopefully big announcement.
5. Fallout 76 will get a PvP Mode next Year
Alongside the last patch of 2018, Bethesda has revealed a few teasers of what to expect in Fallout 76 next year. Perhaps the most exciting is the promise of a new mode “without PvP restrictions.” Currently in Fallout 76 when you attack another player, they will take reduced damage until they choose to fight back. Doing away with this restriction would suggest either a full opt-in PvP mode, or maybe even true PvP servers. Either way, it is exciting to see Bethesda continue to invest in a game that clearly needs it.
We've started a massive end of year giveaway event here on Moot! We just launched the Moot Game Awards because we want to know what your favorite parts of gaming in 2018 are. You can vote on Game of the Year, Esport of the Year, and more. In order to win massive prizes, you just need to vote+comment on a poll! Each vote+comment pair will count as one entry. Read the post below for more information and start voting!

The Daily Moot (12/19/18)
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