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The Daily Moot (9/21/18)

Happy Friday Deja-Moo(t) experiencers! In this week's episode of Moot Points, Brian is left alone to talk about how amazing the Marvel's Spider-Man game is. Brian also talks about what is coming soon to the Switch, rants about what makes him made, and tests yet another snack in search of the ultimate gaming snack. Enjoy!
2. Epic Games Reveals Fortnite Season 6 Launch Date
This morning Epic Games announced Fortnite’s sixth season will begin on September 27th. Fans of the game across the world have been speculating about the new season’s start date for weeks with many expecting it would come sooner. If you’re stressing to maximize your season 5 rewards, fret not! Epic Games also announced a bonus XP weekend starting now. Up through Monday morning players will receive FOUR HUNDRED PERCENT bonus match experience.
3. Old School Runescape Mod Fired for Stealing from Players
Earlier this year, an Old School Runescape player claimed a serious data breach caused him to lose 45 billion coins. While the vast majority of the community dismissed his claims, a small minority believed the user named ‘mazrim_lol.’ Well, earlier this week mazrim_lol and his believers were vindicated, as Jagex announced they fired an employee for stealing. The fired employee, Jed Sanderson, may face legal consequences for his actions.
4. 80 Brand New ‘Super Mario Party’ Mini Games Revealed
Super Mario Party recently announced they would be adding 80 brand new mini games to their game, and today those 80 games were shown in their full glory! From bike races to Toad stacking, the new games seem to have it all. It is a very exciting time in the gaming world as many games are right on the brink of releasing, and Super Mario Party seems to be leading the pack (or close to it). Check out all 80 new mini games at the link below while you wait for the game’s October 5th release date.
5. New Black Ops 4 Zombies Trailer Featuring Avenged Sevenfold
Treyarch just released an official trailer for the Zombies mode in their upcoming title Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and it is a bit unique. The new zombies trailer features Avenged Sevenfold in what is effectively a music video that just happens to show some Zombies gameplay. The trailer shows off the Roman colosseum arena we saw when Zombies was first revealed back in July. Make sure you check out the trailer to get hyped for Zombies, which comes out with Black Ops 4 on October 12th.
6. PlayStation Now adds Downloading PS4 and PS2 Games
PlayStation Now is a service that lets subscribers stream PlayStation games to play. Now, the PlayStation team has announced the service will start allowing subscribers to download many of games included in the service to play locally and offline. PlayStation Now includes popular games like Bloodborne, God of War 3 Remastered, and NBA 2K16. The new download feature will be slowly rolled out to users over the next few days.

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The Daily Moot (9/20/18)

1. PUBG Test Patch Finally Adds Ranks, Region Lock
PUBG Update #22 is on the Test Server now and it is an exciting one. The update will introduce a ranking system to the realistic battle royale game. Players will have to play ten provisional matches before getting assigned their starting rank. The same update also introduces a new “Skin Trade Up System,” brings back map select, and finally implements region lock.
2. Red Dead Redemption 2 Will Have First-Person at Launch
Man, is Rockstar the best game developer right now or what? It was just revealed this morning that players will be able to experience all of Red Dead Redemption 2 in first person mode from launch. Players will be able to toggle camera views to switch between first and third person at their leisure. If GTA Online is any indication, we can assume Red Dead Online can also be experienced in first person mode when it comes in November.
3. World of Warcraft World-First goes to Method, Again
<Method> has been the uncontested best raiding guild in World of Warcraft for the past few expansions and they’ve started off Battle for Azeroth with another world-first. Last night, Method got the first kill of mythic G’huun, the final boss in the new expansion’s first raid. This one was special for Method as they streamed their progression for the first time. The guild took eight days of raiding before they finally killed the boss. Check out and enjoy the nerd screams of victory in the article below.
4. Super Mario Party Launch Trailer is HYPE
Nintendo finally dropped the launch trailer for Super Mario Party and it looks exactly as amazing as expected. There are going to be 80 new mini games, many of which look to utilize the unique aspects of the Nintendo Switch joy-cons. There are also several new game modes so you can beat your friends, or play alongside them, in all new ways. Super Mario Party launches October 5th for the Nintendo Switch.
5. ‘Space Jam 2’ Movie Announced, Starring Lebron James
It’s a good time to be a basketball fan. Last week, NBA 2K19 came out and now it has been officially announced that Lebron James will star in a Space Jam sequel. The movie probably won’t even start filming until the end of the 2019 basketball season, so we may be a few years away from seeing it in theaters, but it is exciting nonetheless. Space Jam 2 is being produced Ryan Coogler, who produced the highly successful Black Panther movie.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (9/19/18)

1) Fortnite's Cube Dissolves into Loot Lake
Today at 1pm PDT Fortnite's purple cube apparently finished it's journey across the game's battle royale map. The cube, which started in the desert but has travelled to several locations over the last couple weeks, found itself on Loot Lake's dock. As soon as the cube touched the water, it began to dissolve until it was gone and turned all of Loot Lake into a big bouncey platform.
2. Sony Unveils PlayStation Classic, Available This December
This morning Sony revealed the PlayStation Classic, a small console that comes pre-loaded with 20 classic PlayStation titles. The reveal on the PlayStation websites lists Final Fantasy VII, Jumping Flash, Ridge Racer Type 4, Tekken 3, and Wild Arms as example games that are included. The other games haven’t been revealed yet. The PlayStation Classic will be available December 3rd for $99.99 USD.
3. Magic: The Gathering Arena Launches Open Beta Next Week
Magic: The Gathering Arena is the free digital version of the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering. MTG Arena is designed to be beginner friendly while still maintaining 100% of Magic’s sometimes complicated rules. On September 27th, MTG Arena will move into Open Beta and will be available to all. Check out the announcement trailer to learn more about MTG Arena and how you can play it.
4. Ninja Graces the Cover of ESPN Magazine
Adding to his growing list of firsts, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is now the first pro gamer to have his picture on the cover of ESPN Magazine. ESPN also did an extensive profile on Ninja, which you can access on their website, that covers his gaming background and how he is continuing to grow his brand. It will be interesting to see how Ninja’s popularity fluctuates as other games compete for Fortnite’s spot as the biggest game in the world.
5. Rockstar Games Announces Red Dead Online
This morning, Rockstar Games announced Red Dead Online which they describe as “a new online connected experience set against the backdrop of Red Dead Redemption 2’s enormous open world.” We take that to mean it will be very similar to GTA: Online, which has been an incredible success. Red Dead Online will launch as a public beta in November of this year. Red Dead Redemption 2 launches on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on October 26th.
6. Instant Bans Come to Rainbow Six Siege for Teamkilling
A new Rainbow Six Siege patch is upping the punishments for teamkilling, as well as bringing them to the casual game mode. Recently, teamkillers would get kicked from a Ranked match and receive a 30-minute penalty that prevented them from joining another ranked game. Now, players will be locked out from all matchmaking playlists after they get kicked for teamkilling. Subsequent offenses will increase the length of the lockout, going up to one week.

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The Daily Moot (9/18/18)

1. Fortnite Patch V5.41 Adds New Port-a-Fortress
Fortnite’s patch this week is a small one but it brings a couple big items. The Port-a-Fortress is like the Port-a-Fort’s bigger brother, as it creates a castle instead of just a tower. The Port-a-Fortress is legendary rarity and can be found everywhere except on the ground. Epic Games has also added the Spiky Stadium to Playground mode, which will instantly spawn an arena full of Damage Traps and Bouncers.
2. Gwent’s ‘Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales’ Releases Next Month
GWENT is a standalone digital card game that originated in The Witcher video game series. Last year, the team behind GWENT announced they were working on a single-player RPG experience now known as Thronebreaker. The game was set to release last year as a game mode within GWENT, but CD Projekt Red decided the project was big enough to warrant a standalone game. Thronebreaker is set to release for PC on October 23rd and for PS4 and Xbox One on December 4th.
3. Nintendo Reveals a Fortnite Switch Bundle
This morning, Nintendo revealed a new Fortnite Switch Bundle that will let Fortnite fans get some in-game goodies with the purchase of a Nintendo Switch. The Bundle costs $299.99 USD, the normal price for a Switch console, and comes with 1,000 V-bucks and the Double Helix cosmetic set. The Double Helix set gives players a matching skin, back bling, glider, and pickaxe. It seems the Switch console itself in the bundle is just the normal Switch instead of a Fortnite-themed one.
4. Dozens of Sega Genesis Games Coming to the Switch
Sega announced today that over 50 of their most iconic games for the Sega Genesis will be coming to the Nintendo Switch in one massive bundle. Sega Genesis Classics will bring to the Switch classic games like Sonic the Hedgehog and Streets of Rage. A similar bundle came to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One earlier this year. That bundle cost $30 USD so we can expect the Switch bundle to have a roughly equivalent price.
5. NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 Releasing Next Month
NBA Playgrounds 2 was originally set to launch in May, but the game was pushed back to get some extra polish. Since then, 2K has taken over publishing the game and the title changed to reflect that. Now, NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 will release on PC and consoles on October 16th. Playgrounds provides players with a fast-paced 2v2 arcade experience, featuring hundreds of iconic NBA players from throughout basketball’s history.

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The Daily Moot (9/17/18)

1. My Nintendo Gold Points can help Pay for Nintendo Online
As more information about Nintendo Switch Online is rolling out, we have now learned My Nintendo Gold Points will be able to help pay for your subscription. Gold Points are earned when users make purchases in the Nintendo Switch eShop. Users receive 300 Gold Points for each $59.99 USD game they purchase, which equals roughly $3.00 USD in coins. A month of Nintendo Online costs $3.99, which means each game purchased is almost enough coins for a month of online play.
2. South Park: The Stick of Truth Comes to Switch Next Week
South Park: The Stick of Truth originally released on 2014 to critical praise. The sequel, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, released on Nintendo Switch earlier this year. Fans of the games will now be able to play the original title on Switch, as The Stick of Truth comes to the Switch next Tuesday, September 25th. The game will cost $29.99 USD and will be available on the Nintendo Switch eShop.
3. ‘Forsaken Shores’ Update for Sea of Thieves Delayed
Sea of Thieves next major update, Forsaken Shores, is now delayed until next Thursday, September 27th. The update was originally slated to release this week, but a few significant issues were found during the final stages of testing. Forsaken Shores is set to feature a volcanic Biome called Devil’s Roar, which is filled with dangerous features like seismic tremors and boiling water.
4. Amazon’s MMO ‘New World’ Releases Beautiful Screenshots
If you didn’t already know, Amazon is behind a new MMO called New World. New World has players battling to survive “in a savage and arcane 17th century world.” The game is about to move into alpha testing and some new screenshots may entice you to sign up. The album includes around a dozen screenshots and captures the game’s wide range of environments. We can see small towns, spooky woods, and large cities. Check out the screenshots for yourself below and consider applying for the alpha while you’re at it.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (9/14/18)

Happy Friday Mooters and Shakers! In this week's episode, Dylan and Brian compare the two upcoming AAA titles Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5. They also have some great posts of the week, a spicy meme of the week, and a delicious food review. Check it out below!
2. Some Games Won’t Require Nintendo Switch Online to Play
Nintendo Switch Online launches next week and will require a paid subscription after an initial test period. While this is a bit concerning, there is good news for cost-aware gamers. Not all games will actually require you to purchase Switch Online to actually play online. The most important game, Fortnite, is one of the lucky few where you can play online without paying for a subscription.
3. Yesterday’s Nintendo Switch Direct Revealed Some Awesome Games
We can’t possibly list all of the sweet games revealed yesterday (okay we could, but we aren’t going to), but let’s recap some of the most exciting reveals. Luigi’s Mansion 3 was revealed yesterday and will come to the Switch in 2019. Mega Man 11 is coming to Switch on October 2nd. Super Mario Party 5 will release shortly after on October 5th. Cities Skyline is out on the Switch RIGHT NOW. Sid Meier’s Civlization VI comes to the Switch on November 16th. And TONS MORE. Click the link below to see a full recap of the Direct.
4. The Culling: Origins Relaunches as Free-to-Play Today
The Culling was a pretty good game. The Culling 2, however, flopped harder than a fat guy off a diving board in a public pool. The studio behind the game, in an astonishing turn of events, listened to community feedback and decided to make massive changes. They cancelled The Culling 2, refunded all orders, and decided to go back to their first game. Today, The Culling: Origins relaunches as a free to play battle royale. Give it a shot and let us know if you like it.

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The Daily Moot (9/13/18)

1. Diablo 3 Eternal Collection Releases on Switch in November
November 2nd will be the start of BlizzCon 2018, but we now know it will also be the launch day for the Diablo 3: Eternal Collection for the Nintendo Switch. The Eternal Collection includes the original version of Diablo 3, which released in 2012, as well as the game’s expansion packs and content updates. Switch players will have access to 4-player co-op play and some unique cosmetics, but Blizzard has also said they’re 'exploring' cross-platform play.
2. BlizzCon 2018 Virtual Tickets now Available
Although BlizzCon doesn’t start until November, you can now order your virtual ticket for the event. To sweeten the deal a little bit, virtual ticket holders will immediately unlock a Diablo-themed legendary skin for the Overwatch hero Sombra. The virtual ticket will enable holders to watch the main presentations from BlizzCon when it kicks off on November 2nd. This year’s BlizzCon Virtual Ticket costs $50 USD.
3. Rocket League’s Cross-Platform Parties Delayed
Psyonix Studios, the team behind Rocket League, have made a lot of big strides for their game this year. The RocketID, which would enable cross-platform friends to party up and play online together, was supposed to release this month but will now be late. Psyonix announced yesterday they are delaying the RocketID to make sure it is operating smoothly upon release. In the meantime, we’ll keep grinding away on the new Rocket Pass.
4. Assassin’s Creed 3 Remastered Releasing Next Year
Assassin’s Creed Odyssey is coming out next month, and this morning Ubisoft announced the game’s DLC and season pass plans. Included in the game’s season pass is a nice surprise, an Assassin’s Creed 3 remaster. Assassin’s Creed 3 is set during the American Revolution and received mixed reviews. While the story itself was better than average, the game released with a medley of issues. Hopefully the remaster cleans up most of the old bugs. The Assassin’s Creed 3 remaster will be available independently of the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey season pass.
5. Nickelodeon Kart Racers Announced
90s kids! This one’s for you. Nickelodeon Kart Racers features characters from some of Nickelodeon’s most popular shows, including Spongebob, Hey Arnold, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Rugrats. The announcement trailer makes the game look like it would fit right into the late 90s ensemble of games, which is fitting given the subject matter. Nickelodeon Kart Racers doesn’t have a release date, but we know it will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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The Daily Moot (9/12/18)

1. Overwatch’s New Map ‘Busan’ is Live
After some time on the PTR, Overwatch’s newest map is ready for public consumption and is now live on all servers. Busan is a control point map set in D.Va’s home town. The design team has even gone so far as to match details on the map with the D.Va-centric animated short that released last month. Today’s patch also introduced a new feature that should make sorting and finding specific cosmetic items easier.
2. Pokemon Go Players can now Nominate PokeStops
Niantic announced this morning they will soon add the ability for high level Pokemon Go players to nominate PokeStops. Players will be able to submit photos and descriptions of any location that they believe could make a good PokeStop. Currently, the feature will only be introduced in Brazil and South Korea but hopefully it will quickly expand.
3. Nintendo Switch Online Launches Next Tuesday, September 18th
Nintendo has finally revealed the official launch date for Nintendo Switch Online. Switch Online play has been a highly requested feature since the console debuted, so it is exciting that the time is finally upon us. Although Nintendo Switch Online won’t be free, there is a 7-day free trial you can sign up for. There are different tiers of subscriptions with varying costs, but the cheapest option is $19.99 for one year. Subscribers also will gain access to 20 NES games at launch, including Super Mario Bros. and The Legend of Zelda.
4. New Sandbox MMO ‘Boundless’ Out Now
Boundless is a sandbox MMO that feels like Minecraft mixed with No Man’s Sky. The game has been in early access for a while, but yesterday Boundless full released on Steam. Based on the trailer, the biggest aspects of the game are exploration, crafting, and fighting. While Minecraft x No Man’s Sky sounds amazing, be careful. Steam reviews suggest the developers recently switched to a rather predatory microtransaction system. Watch the trailer and check out Boundless to see if it’s the perfect next game for you.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (9/11/18)

1. Fortnite Vaults Tommy Gun, Introduces Suppressed Assault Rifle
The absolute maniacs at Epic Games have really done it now, as they’re vaulting the incredibly popular Tommy Gun as of this morning. The Tommy Gun was known for being powerful from the moment it was introduced. The submachine gun was a big contributing factor to the ‘spray meta’ of season five that many have despised, so perhaps it won’t be missed. With the Tommy Gun leaving, we are getting the Suppressed Assault Rifle which supposedly “rewards precision over rapid-fire.”
2. PUBG Drops Below a Million Daily Players
After the ridiculously high highs PUBG set last year, it’s no surprise to see their player numbers dropping off to more reasonable levels. For the first time in over a year, yesterday marked a day where PUBG did not exceed one million daily players. PUBG is still the most popular game on Steam and the predominant ‘realistic’ battle royale game, but with Black Ops 4 and Battlefield 5 right around the corner PUBG’s downswing may be just beginning.
3. Marvel’s Spider Man to Receive New Game Plus Soon
In response to a fan question on Twitter, developer Insomniac Games confirmed they are working on a New Game Plus mode for Marvel’s Spider Man that will hopefully be ready soon. New Game Plus is a popular game mode that lets you restart the game with all of your upgraded abilities after you beat it. New Game Plus provides players with a reason to keep playing, especially while they’re waiting for future DLCs.
4. Hollow Knight Comes to PS4 on September 25th
Rejoice PS4 players! On September 25th the highly acclaimed platformer Hollow Knight will finally be available on the PlayStation 4. Hollow Knight: Voidheart Edition includes the original Hollow Knight and all four content packs, which each add new quests, bosses, and abilities. Hollow Knight has seen tremendous success on the Steam marketplace and the Nintendo Switch, so it will be exciting to see it do well on the PlayStation 4 as well.
5. Dr. Disrespect Ends Stream After Shots Fired Into his Home
Popular Twitch streamer and gaming icon Dr. Disrespect ended his stream early today because someone fired a gun into his house, breaking a window. The doc was playing the new Black Ops 4 battle royale beta this morning when he heard a gunshot. After leaving to investigate, Dr. Disrespect came back and explained that he needed to end the stream because for the second day in a row someone had fired a gun at his home. The doc has updated on Twitter to say that he and his family are all safe.

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The Daily Moot (9/10/18)

1. Fortnite Fall Skirmish Announced, Starting Soon
The Fortnite Summer Skirmish wrapped up a couple weeks ago, but the fans of competitive Fortnite won’t have to wait too long for more exciting tournaments. Epic Games announced this morning the Fall Skirmish, which will offer a 10 million-dollar prize pool across six weeks of tournaments. In the announcement, Epic said the tournaments will ‘start soon’ and they’ll have more information for us later this week.
2. $1M Rocket League Championship in Las Vegas
Psyonix revealed this morning they’re bringing the Rocket League World Championship to Las Vegas on November 9th-11th. 10 teams will compete for the biggest cut of a million-dollar prize pool. Although Rocket League may get less hype than some other esports, Psyonix has worked hard over recent months to do things the right way. They just recently released a Rocket Pass and are introducing cross-platform parties soon.
3. League of Legends Shows new PVE Mode via Cinematic
Odyssey: Extraction is a new League of Legends event that starts tomorrow. The event was announced via an amazing cinematic, embedded in the article below, that shows Jinx, Malphite, and Yasuo aboard a spaceship flying through space. In game, players will battle on a “hostile alien planet” to rescue Ziggs from a crash landing. There are also sweet new skins for all champions involved in the event. Odyssey will last through September 25th.
4. Spider-Man is the Fastest-Selling Game of the Year in the UK
Even though it is a PS4 exclusive, Marvel’s Spider-Man is officially the fastest-selling game of the year in the UK. The previous record-holder was Far Cry 5, and the previous best selling exclusive was God of War. Insomniac Studios has done a great job delivering the web-slinging experience that so many of us desired out of this game. We highly recommend you check out Marvel’s Spider-Man if you own a PlayStation 4.
5. StarCraft 2 Commemorative Bundle to Honor TotalBiscuit
John “TotalBiscuit” Bain passed away earlier this year and Blizzard Entertainment is honoring his legacy through a commemorative StarCraft 2 bundle. The bundle looks to contain badges, icons, and emotes that honor TotalBiscuit’s memory. All proceeds from bundle sales will go to Bain’s family. The bundle will be first available this week and will be available until it sells out or December 31st.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (9/7/18)

Happy Friday Mootinos pizza rolls! This week's episode is a real barn-burner as we talk about the incredibly hype upcoming game Cyberpunk 2077. Check out the episode below and tell us your thoughts!
2. PUBG Patch Finally Adds Training Mode
PC 1.0 Update #21 went live for PUBG this morning, which finally introduced the training mode shown at Gamescom last month. Fans of the game originally only asked for a shooting range, but the training mode offers much more. The new 2x2km map includes a shooting range, a racing track, a parachute practice area, and more. The update also introduces a new weapon, the MK47 Mutant, and a new Sanhok-exclusive vehicle.
3. Overwatch League Adds Eight New Teams
It’s been an exciting off season for the Overwatch League, but finally some of the dust is settling and several new teams have been confirmed for the league’s next season. There will be eight new teams in season 2, with three of the new teams settling in Chinese cities. The other five new franchises are located in Paris, Toronto, Vancouver, Atlanta, and Washington D.C. The Overwatch League is now 20 teams in total.
4. Sid Meier’s Civilization VI Coming to the Nintendo Switch
Although this week’s Nintendo Direct was postponed due to a natural disaster, that hasn’t prevented us from getting some sweet game reveals for the Switch. The team behind Civilization announced this morning they are bringing the most recent title in the series, Civilization 6, to the Nintendo Switch. Specifically, the popular turn-based strategy game comes to the portable console on November 16th.
5. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition Comes to Consoles
The Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition, which launched on iOS and Android earlier this year, is now available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Better yet, the team even announced they game will “soon” be available on Nintendo Switch as well. The PS4 and Xbox versions are both 40% off this week, potentially to celebrate the original version of the game selling over 8 million copies.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (9/6/18)

1. Activision Drops a Reveal Trailer for Blackout, Black Ops 4's Battle Royale
Activision just released a new trailer for Blackout, the battle royale game mode in Black Ops 4. Watch it.
The full map was also revealed yesterday, check it out below:
2. Lego Harry Potter Collection Coming to Xbox and Switch
The Lego Harry Potter games were hugely popular with fans of the series. They enable players to experience an honest Hogwarts experience with fun game mechanics to keep the story moving forward. The Lego Harry Potter Collection, which combines the two Lego Harry Potter games, originally released for PlayStation 4 last year. On November 2nd, the collection is coming to both Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Watch the announcement trailer in the attached article for maximum hype.
3. Early Access Survival Game SCUM Sells 700,000 Copies in a Week
SCUM is the next battle royale game in line to get our hopes and then dash them quite expertly. So far, things are looking great for the early access title. SCUM has sold roughly 700,000 copies in just a week, which is no small achievement. There was a patch for SCUM this morning that fixed several bugs and started the process of server optimization. As we’ve seen with other early access titles recently, optimization can be make or break for a game’s success. Check out SCUM on Steam now for just $19.99.
4. EVE Online Developer gets Bought Out by Black Desert Online Creator
EVE Online and Black Desert Online are both popular MMOs, but only the studio behind one of those games is thriving. CCP Games, the studio that makes EVE Online, has been experimenting with some other games but none of them really panned out. On the other hand, the studio behind Black Desert Online has had a great year. Black Desert came to mobile this year and will be releasing globally in 2019.
5. Bloodborne is now Available on PC via PlayStation Now
Sony owns the right to Bloodborne, a Dark Souls type game from the same creator, so many PC players believed they would never get a chance to play it. Today though, Sony announced they are adding Bloodborne to PlayStation Now, which enables PC players to play console-exclusives without the console. PlayStation Now usually costs $10 USD per month, but there is a seven-day free trial. Think you can beat Bloodborne in 7 days?

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PopularThe Daily Moot (9/5/18)

1. Old School Runescape Launches on Mobile on October 30th
The absolute legends behind Runescape have finally announced an official release date for Old School Mobile. The game will be coming to both iOS and Android devices on October 30th. Old School Mobile will offer full cross-platform play with PC, meaning you can use the same account on both. Old School Runescape on mobile was originally announced back in 2017.
2. Rainbow Six Siege Offers Free Skin for Two-Factor Authentication
Just like Fortnite players a couple weeks ago, Rainbow Six Siege players will earn a free skin if they enable two-factor authentication. 2FA, as it is frequently abbreviated, is a surefire way to improve account security. Apparently, Ubisoft’s authentication process is less smooth than other games as it will require you to install the Google Authenticator app on your phone. It is still worth enabling, especially if you like playing ranked. Ubisoft has said that 2FA will soon be a requirement to join ranked matches.
3. Company Behind Warframe is Working on a Lord of the Rings MMORPG
Athlon Games, the publisher behind popular action game Warframe, has just announced they got the green light for a Lord of the Rings MMORPG. The game will be set in Middle Early “long before the events of the Lord of the Rings.” The wording of the announcement post suggests the new game may be free to play, but only time will tell. There is no information yet about platforms, game mechanics, or release dates yet. Still though, any new LotR game is exciting news.
4. Nintendo Switch and 3DS Direct Tomorrow
Nintendo has announced yet another Direct, this time focused on the Switch and the 3DS. The Direct will take place tomorrow, September 6th, at 3pm PT. The show will be about 35 minutes long and will provide ‘information on upcoming Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch titles.” While one can only speculate about what new games may be announced, we can pretty safely assume there will be more information about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tomorrow.
5. Absolutely Massive Clash Royale Update Adds Trading
Clash Royale’s September update is bringing tons of new stuff to the game. Perhaps most importantly, you can now TRADE with your clanmates. There is a new item called a Trade Token that you use to offer a 1 for 1 trade to your clanmates. If anyone accepts, you swap cards and the Trade Token disappears. The update also added the Goblin Giant, reworked the card level system, and improved the 2v2 experience.

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The Daily Moot (9/4/18)

1. New Battlefield 5 Trailer Reveals More Battle Royale Details
The team behind Battlefield 5 released a new trailer this morning that provides some valuable new information about the upcoming title. First, we have now learned the battle royale mode will be called Firestorm. Apparently, Firestorm will be squads only. It is said to take place on the largest Battlefield map ever, featuring destructible environments, assorted weaponry, and tons of vehicles. The trailer also provides details about multiplayer game modes and the single player campaigns. It is definitely worth checking out!
2. Anthem’s Story Mode DLC’s Will be Free
Anthem is a highly anticipated multiplayed action-RPG coming from Bioware next year. During PAX this past weekend, Bioware announced that all post-launch story DLCs for the game will be free to all players. The fact that they’re specifying one type of DLC will be free suggests there will also be paid DLCs, although we can only assume what those will include for now. We do know there won’t be any loot boxes and there apparently won’t be any way to “pay for power.” Bioware releases on February 22nd, 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.
3. Olympic President Says Esports are Too Violent for International Games
Thomas Bach, the president of the International Olympic Committee, said over the weekend that any video games that revolve around violence will not be accepted into the Olympics as they are ‘contradictory to Olympic values.’ Ironically, Bach’s background is in fencing. Sure, fencing has violent roots, but Bach believes it is a civilized expression to partake in fencing. Video games where you kill each other though? Far too uncivilized for the Olympics, according to Bach. What do you guys think?
4. Sci-Fi Platformer ‘Planet Alpha’ Launches Today
While there are dozens of platformers releasing every month, certain ones stick out for one reason or another and Planet Alpha is one of those. Planet Alpha is striking not just for its artistic style, which is mesmerizing, but also for its premise. You play as a scientist who wakes up on a strange world, injured, and need to find your way home. As you progress you realize you have the power to manipulate the time of day, which you must use to your advantage. Planet Alpha launched today and as available on Steam for $19.99 USD.
5. Fortnite’s ‘High Stakes’ Event Starts Tomorrow
A new event starts for Fortnite tomorrow called High Stakes. Some information about the event was revealed at PAX West over the weekend. We learned the event will feature a heist theme and introduce a new game mode. The new game mode requires teams of four to compete to steal the prized crystal llama. While this is definitely a break from traditional Fortnite battle royale modes, it is very much in line with the type of experimenting Epic Games has messed around with in the past.
6. Henry Cavill Will Play Geralt in Netflix’s Witcher Series
Netflix has been working on a TV series for The Witcher for a while now and they just found their Geralt. Henry Cavill, perhaps most known for playing Superman, will play Geralt of Rivia in the new show. It is worth noting the show, which will feature 8 episodes in its first season, is based on the books, not the video games.
Also, we are recruiting more Moderators! If you think you'd make a great addition to our moderation team, check out the application below and apply!

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PopularThe Daily Moot (8/31/18)

Happy Friday Mootopians! This week we have an actually good episode for once, as it is entirely bloopers! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. Let us know your favorite blooper in the YouTube comments or down below. One random commenter will win a Moot t-shirt!
2. For Honor Having ‘Open Test’ of New Expansion Next Week
Ubisoft’s multiplayer combat game For Honor is getting a new expansion in October called Marching Fire, but fans of the series won’t need to wait that long to test the new Chinese warriors. Next week there will be an open test, meaning anyone will be able to play For Honor with all 22 fighters unlocked. During the test during September 6th through 10th, players will also be able to test the expansion’s three new maps.
3. No Man’s Sky Launches Community Event, Includes Cosmetic Rewards
As a part of continuing efforts to revive their game, Hello Games is introducing a series of community events. It seems like these events will have players exploring “a specific corner of the galaxy” to learn more about a “glitch in reality.” Players who complete their tasks will earn Quicksilver, which can be used to purchase unique exotic collectibles. This week’s prizes include base-building parts, three decals, and a new emote.
4. Announcement Trailer for ‘Hellpoint,’ a Dark Sci-Fi RPG
Hellpoint is an upcoming Dark Souls-like game set in a dark, science-fiction setting. According to the YouTube video’s description, you play as a ‘mysterious ghoulish character whose intentions are entirely determined by your decisions.’ The trailer really emphasizes the dark vibe of the game using heavy music, bloody combat, and sinister messages. If you’re into Dark Souls or science fiction, we highly recommend checking the trailer out.
5. ‘Rebel Galaxy Outlaw’ Revealed at PAX, Coming Next Year
Rebel Galaxy is a space combat game that came out in 2015 to high praise. Now, the team behind the game has just announced a follow up titled Rebel Galaxy Outlaw. Outlaw is set 34 years before the events of the original game. According to the studio’s co-founder, the new game features ‘high-octane space combat,’ side activities like poker, and plenty of odd jobs to make a few bucks. Rebel Galaxy Outlaw is set for an early 2019 release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Nintendo Switch.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (8/30/18)

1. Subnautica Introduces ‘Below Zero,’ New Standalone Game
Subnautica is a popular underwater open-world exploration game. Just this morning, the team behind the game announced a new standalone expansion called Below Zero. Like the original game, they will release it in Early Access and shape the final product based on player feedback. Below Zero is “set in an ice-bound region of planet 4546B, after the events of the original game,” and will offer a completely new story. The team shares some sweet concept designs in the article linked below. Check ‘em out!
2. Battlefield V Release Delayed One Month
Earlier this morning, EA announced they will be delaying the release of Battlefield V to November 20th. Although the game was originally set to release on October 19th, the team behind the game has said they want more time fully implement community suggestions before release. Many suspect the date change is largely to create some separation from the release of the new Call of Duty game, which is seen as Battlefield V’s biggest direct competitor. The game’s open beta will still start on September 6th.
3. Gwent’s Single Player Mode Becoming a Standalone RPG
Gwent, the card game from the Witcher turned standalone game, has been undergoing a bit of an identity crisis recently. To address this, the developers are working on a massive overhaul of the game called Homecoming. This overhaul apparently extends to the single player aspect of the game, which will soon be a standalone title called Thronebreaker: The Witchers Tales. The RPG will still include card battles, but with much more depth than the single player in Gwent currently has.
4. Massive Update for Rocket League adds Club Play
Yesterday a ‘Progression Update’ for Rocket League went live, reworking some key features and implementing some fresh ones. The most important addition is Clubs. You can now join a Club and set club names, colors, and more. You play online normally with your club members, but when two clubs face off in an online match the arena and your cars change to your club colors. This is just the start of Rocket League’s resurgence, though, as they’re introducing massive player rewards through a new Rocket Pass feature next week.
5. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Gets New Heroes and Modes this Year
Although Star Wars Battlefront 2 struggled upon launch, EA is not giving up on the title. General Grievous is coming to the game as a playable hero in October, with Obi-Wan Kenobi following in November. Players will also get to play a new game mode by the end of the year. In the new mode “two teams battle for capture points,” a tried and true formula for online play. Are you still playing Battlefront 2? Let us know in the comments.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (8/29/18)

1. Fortnite’s Cube is Now Surrounded by an Anti-Gravity Dome
You probably know by know that there is a mysterious giant purple cube in Fortnite’s battle royale mode, but did you know it now has an anti-gravity field surrounding it? Players began to report seeing the purple dome around the cube last night. When inside the dome, all players experience reduced gravity and seem to slowly gain shields. The season 5 story seems to be accelerating now, so make sure you stay tuned as you don’t want to miss the big finish!
2. Spider-Man’s First DLC Comes Out One Month After Release
The highly anticipated Marvel’s Spider-Man game comes to PlayStation 4 on September 7th, to be shortly followed by DLC. Developer Insomniac Games announced yesterday they will be releasing the game’s first DLC, The City That Never Sleeps, in 3 chapters by the end of the year. The first chapter, The Heist, features Black Cat and releases on September 7th. The second chapter, Turf Wars, comes out in November to be followed by Silver Lining in December. Players can purchase individual chapters for $9.99 or the entire DLC for $24.99.
3. Nintendo’s Mobile RPG ‘Dragalia Lost’ Launches in September
This morning Nintendo announced the launch of their first original mobile game will take place next month. Dragalia Lost, an action role-playing game, will launch on September 27th in the US, Japan, Hong Kong, and Macau. Nintendo will reveal more details about the game in a Mobile Direct tonight at 8:30 PT. Dragalia Lost will come to both Android and iOS devices.
4. Into the Breach Comes to Nintendo Switch Today
Into the Breach is a highly praised turn-based strategy game from the team behind Faster Than Light. Into the Breach originally released on PC earlier this year, but it is now available on Nintendo Switch for $14.99. In Into the Breach, players pilot mechs to fight against an alien onslaught. While the game looks simple, it actually offers a surprising amount of strategic depth and complexity. We highly recommend checking this one out!
5. Far Cry 5 Adds New Game+ and Higher Difficulty
An update to Far Cry 5 went live this morning, introducing two new ways to play the game. The first, New Game+, allows players who have completed the game to restart it with all of their progress intact. This includes all your money, gear, weapons, perks, and more. If you want an even bigger challenge, you can also now play the game on the Infamous difficulty. When playing on Infamous, players will face enemies with significantly more health.

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The Daily Moot (8/28/18)

1. Shockwave Grenade Comes to Fortnite
A small Fortnite Content Update released earlier this morning brings the new Shockwave Grenade to Fortnite’s battle royale mode. The shockwave grenade is what you get if you stuff some Hop Rocks inside an Impulse Grenade, and it functions exactly like you’d expect. When the Shockwave Grenade detonates it sends players flying away with the anti-gravity effect that Hop Rocks or bounce pads give, but it sends you WAY further than an impulse grenade. The Shockwave Grenade will even blast players through structures!
2. ‘SCUM’ is a new Hardcore Survival Game Coming to Steam
The survival and battle royale genres have exploded over the last year, with dozens of studios releasing games to capture some of the new market. SCUM, a hardcore survival game, is the next one up. In SCUM, you fight to the death as one of 64 prisoners trapped on an island. The size of the map combined with the overall complexity of the game’s mechanics leads to a much slower battle royale experience than other games in the genre. Streamers on Twitch have generally enjoyed the game so far, but we will see how the public feels when the game comes to Steam Early Access for $19.99 tomorrow.
3. Dota 2’s International 2018 Battle Pass Extended for Two More Weeks
The International is Dota’s biggest tournament, known for its massive prize pool. The prize pool comes largely from sales of a Battle Pass that provides players with quests, achievements, and rewards. 25% of the proceeds from selling the Battle Pass goes toward the tournament’s prize pool, which hit about $25 million USD this year. Without much fanfare, the Dota 2 team announced on Twitter they will be extended the Battle Pass for two more weeks, giving players extra time to unlock everything.
4. Capcom Announces ‘Onimusha: Warlords’ Remaster
Capcom announced today they are remastering their iconic Samurai game Onimusha: Warlords for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch. The remaster will release on January 15th, 2019 and will feature enhanced visuals and updated graphics. There will also be analog stick support, which was missing from earlier versions of the game, as well as a new soundtrack and freshly recorded Japanese voice acting.
5. Shovel Knight Multiplayer Mode Revealed
The popular platformer Shovel Knight, which originally found success via a Kickstarter campaign, has just unveiled their local multiplayer battle expansion set to come out next year. Shovel Knight Showdown “will cost $9.99 USD on its own or be a free update as Treasure Trove.” Shovel Knight Showdown will be available worldwide next time, although it won’t be available on the Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation Vita.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (8/27/18)

Before getting into the positive stories in the gaming world, we need to discuss something tragic that happened this weekend. There was a shooting yesterday in Jacksonville, Florida at a Madden tournament. The two victims in yesterday’s shooting were professional Madden players Taylor Robertson and Eli Clayton. Taylor Robertson went by the name Spotmeplz and had made over $80,000 playing Madden. He was married with one child. Eli Clayton went by the handle TrueBoy and made last year’s Madden national finals. The esports community has come together to mourn this tragic event.
1. Fortnite’s Mystery Cube is Moving Across the Map
Last week we reported Fortnite’s rift was closing and purple lightning was striking the map. Over the weekend, the purple lightning summoned an equally purple cube. The cube is bouncy, regenerates your shields, and may kill you. It is also slowly moving, so there’s that. Epic Games is clearly building up to something as they wrap up season 5 and move toward season 6, so be sure to stay tuned.
2. Full Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Demo Released
CD Projekt Red showed a 48-minute demo of Cyberpunk 2077 to media at E3 and Gamescom, but the general public didn’t get to see any of it. Today, the studio released the full demo to the public. They also released a statement explaining that almost everything shown in the demo is subject to change. Hopefully they don’t change too much though, because the game looks amazing. Watch the demo or read highlights at the link below.
3. Side-Scrolling Fighter ‘Streets of Rage 4’ from Sega
Streets of Rage is a series of side-scrolling fighters that originally debuted on the Sega Genesis. After over two decades without a new release, the series is making a return with Streets of Rage 4. There is no known release date or platform information yet, but there is a sweet reveal trailer. The game’s hand drawn art style is definitely a nice call back to 90s gaming. Check it out below!
4. H1Z1’s Original Mode ‘Just Survive’ Shutting Down Soon
Daybreak Games announced yesterday they will be shutting down servers for Just Survive at the end of October. Just Survive launched last year, but it is effectively H1Z1’s original zombie survival game. In 2015, H1Z1 had survival and battle royale. The two modes split into separate games on Steam in 2016, and Just Survive has dwindled in popularity ever since. Steam purchases of the game and in-game microtransactions have both been disabled.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (8/24/18)

Happy Friday Alaskan Malamoots! This week Dylan is all by himself for Moot Points, as Brian was out visiting family in Atlantis. In this week's episode, Dylan goes over his top ten games of all time, reviews another gaming snack, and more!
2. Purple Lightning is Striking Fortnite’s Map
As of the last update, Fortnite’s giant rift is the sky has begun shrinking. It has also turned a purple color and occasionally started striking the battle royale map with purple lightning. This naturally draws our minds back to the end of season 3, when meteors started falling from the sky. We all watch in anticipation as Fortnite’s Season 5 story line continues to develop and come to a close over the next few weeks.
3. Twitch to Stream Massive Pokemon Marathon
Starting next week, Twitch will start a massive livestreaming marathon of the entire Pokemon series. They will air episodes of the different TV seasons for eight hours Monday through Thursday, reruns on Friday and Saturday, and movies on Sundays at 1 pm. This is Twitch’s most ambitious streaming marathon yet and it will last until sometime in 2019.
4. Nerfs Coming to Rainbow Six Siege Ahead of Operation Grim Sky
Operation Grim Sky hasn’t released yet, but one of the two new operators has already been nerfed. Maverick, the new American operator, was deemed too stong on the test server and will now be weaker. His blowtorch isn’t as strong as it was and his smoke grenades have been replaced by stun grenades. Zofia and Glaz have also received slight nerfs in this update.
5. Free Fortnite Emote for Enabling 2-Factor Authentication
Frugal Fortnite fans, we’ve got good news! You can now get a complete free emote called Boogie Down just for enabling Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) on your account! 2FA protects your account from hackers or scammers, as it requires logins or changes to your account information to be confirmed via email or a standalone app. Sometimes 2FA is a bit of a hassle, but it protects your valuable information and now gives you a sweet emote too!

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The Daily Moot (8/23/18)

1. For Honor Draws 225K+ Concurrent Players
For Honor went into free-to-play yesterday and has already hit a major milestone by having over 225,000+ concurrent players! The massive uptick in players puts the game at number 8 all time on Steam’s leaderboard for a concurrent player count. The action packed hack-and-slash fighting game was expected to be a massive success upon its initial release in February of 2017, but quickly was deemed repetitive and boring which eventually led to a major downfall. It is great to see the game doing well again; hopefully the Triple-A title will see more success in the near future after the free-to-play version is through!
2. Battle for Azeroth is the Fastest Selling WOW Expansion Ever
The highly anticipated expansion for World of Warcraft, Battle for Azeroth, was recently released on August 14th 2018, and surpassed 3.4 million sales on the first day… 3.4 MILLION! That is a lot of cheddar. This is the seventh expansion in World of Warcraft’s extremely successful history and has already proven to be one of the best. The expansion is a bit expensive as it costs $49.99 for the standard edition and $69.99 for the deluxe version; however it seems to be worth every penny!
3. Big Rocket League Update on August 29th, 2018
Rocket League has a massive update coming out on August 29th which is set to revamp the in-game XP system as well as the overall progression systems. Soon after said update, the Rocket Pass is expected to launch which we can only assume will follow closely to what we have seen with Fortnite’s reward system. Rocket League continues to be a very successful game with no downfall in sight barring any negative feedback given after the update and Rocket Pass are released.
4. BLOPS 4 ‘Blackout’ Vehicles will be Well-Balanced
When Black Ops 4’s Blackout battle royale game mode was announced a while back, we learned that there will be accessible vehicles roaming the sea, land, and air. Joe Donnely from PCGamer caught up with Treyarch studio and discussed how the vehicles in the upcoming game will work exactly. Treyarch’s director of communications, John Rafacz, gave a very refreshing answer to Donnely’s inquiry stating that “There's a range of vehicles that I think are well-balanced to match with the on-foot combat. It isn't like you're driving a tank, trying to fight against a dude with a scavenged submachine gun. They're all well-balanced.” We do not know too much about the Blackout game mode, but we do know the beta will release on September 10th and we cannot wait!
5. Nintendo eShop Update
The Nintendo eShop is getting another update this week with some super sweet games making an appearance. The first Monster Hunter game to grace the Switch is coming in the form of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, which will make for a perfect addition to the massive library of existing games. Check out the link below to see the entire list of games coming to the Nintendo Switch!

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The Daily Moot (8/22/18)

1. PUBG Training Mode is a new 2x2km Map with a Shooting Range
PUBG players asked and will soon finally, eventually, sort of, receive a shooting range! PUBG Corp. announced a new map apparently called Training Mode is that is only 2x2km in size. Training Mode includes a shooting range, a melee range, and some close quarter combat training areas. It seems like you won’t be able to play it by yourself though, as it is currently a mode for five to 20 players. Not exactly what PUBG players meant when they said they wanted a shooting range, but it’s better than nothing, right?
2. Blizzard Reveals New Overwatch Map and Animated Short
At Gamescom this morning Blizzard revealed a new Overwatch map called Busan and a new animated short focused on D.Va. The new map is a control map called Busan, with the three smaller sections of the map named Sanctuar,y Downtown, and MEKA Base. The animated short, as usual, includes the perfect mix of action and exposition so be sure to check it out.
3. Fortnite’s Next Item is the Rift-To-Go
Buckle up friends, because Epic is introducing what may become their strongest item yet. There are still some questions about the Rift-To-Go, but there isn’t too much room for speculation with a name like that. The official coming soon announcement reads “Rift-To-Go – Coming Soon! A rift you carry in your pocket! Teleport above your current location and glide down.” It is expected to release this Thursday.
4. DayZ Coming to Xbox One Next Week
Xbox One players will get a chance to play popular survival game DayZ when it comes to the Game Preview program on August 29th. DayZ is a survival game with an added zombie twist that originally started as a mod of Arma 2. Developer Bohemia Interactive announced their intentions to bring DayZ to Xbox One players in December of last year.
5. Ubisoft Says no New Assassin’s Creed Next Year
Ubisoft CEO revealed at Gamescom this morning that there will not be a new Assassin’s Creed game next year. Instead, fans of the series can look forward to continual additions for Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey, which is set to release on October 5th of this year. These additions to the game will most likely take the form of DLCs, but we don’t yet know whether they will be paid or free.
6. The Division 2 Will Visit Iconic DC Sites
While we already knew The Division 2 will take place in DC, we have learned more about the game’s specifics from Gamescom this week. Division 2 players will visit iconic tourist destinations like Roosevelt Island, the Air and Space Museum, and even the White House. The Division 2 is coming out March 15th of next year.

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The Daily Moot (8/21/18)

1. Valve Officially Reveals
Valve has officially unveiled their new streaming platform just in time for The International, Dota 2’s biggest tournament. Although Dota 2 is currently the only game on the platform, that will soon change. Viewers can go back to rewatch any part of the stream, and important highlights are even marked on the stream’s timeline. Do you think Valve has any chance of competing with
2. PUBG on Xbox One Leaving Early Access on September 4th
PUBG on Xbox One is will finally leave early access in a couple weeks. The update will also bring some new content to the Xbox One, most notably the ‘new’ map Sanhok. We actually don’t know if it will the full release of Sanhok or some sort of testing phase, but it will be playable. Xbox players will also get access to War Mode, the popular team deathmatch-esque game mode. Finally, there will be a new in-game currency to buy cosmetic items.
3. Ubisoft Unveils ‘The Settlers’ Reveal Trailer at Gamescom
Ubisoft unveiled a new game in the Settlers series, simply titled The Settlers, set to release in Fall 2019. Other than a cinematic trailer, we don’t know anything about the upcoming game’s features. We can, however, reflect on past games to get some ideas. The Settlers games helped define the real-time strategy game genre, as they took city building and combat mechanics to new levels. Speaking of previous games, the first seven Settlers games will be available as The Settlers: History Collection on November 15th on PC.
4. Hunt: Showdown Coming to Xbox One
Monster-hunter shooter Hunt: Showdown will be coming to Xbox One via Xbox Game Preview some time in the future. In Hunt: Showdown you play as a bounty hunter searching for monsters in a Louisiana. You aren’t just fighting monsters though, as other teams of two are after the same bounty as only one team can get out with it. Hunt: Showdown came to early access on Steam earlier this year to generally positive reviews.
5. Hearthstone’s Puzzle Lab is now Live
Recent Hearthstone expansion have had a string of great single player PVE experiences, and The Boomsday Project does not appear to be an exception. The Puzzle Lab, which launched today, provides players with over 100 puzzles that will challenge them in different ways. You’ll be asked to do things ranging from killing your opponent to clearing the board, and you will be provided specific tools to do that with. Those who complete all the puzzles will receive a Boomsday card back.

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The Daily Moot (8/20/18)

1. Battlefield 5 Open Beta Starts on September 6th
EA announced today that Battlefield 5, their upcoming World War 2 themed FPS, will start its open beta on September 6th. The beta will include both the Conquest and Grand Operations game modes, although map selection will be extremely limited. Grand Operations in a new game mode where the battle will unfold slowly across a massive map. Those who have Origin Access or preorder the game will receive beta access a few days earlier than everyone else, but exactly how early is still unannounced.
2. Artifact Beta Starts in October
Artifact, the highly anticipated digital card game coming from Valve, will start its beta in October. During The International, a massive Dota 2 tournament, Valve announced that everyone in attendance would receive the game for free and a beta code. Those who play Artifact at PAX West will also receive a beta code. This suggests the beta will be closed initially or for its entire duration. Artifact releases on November 28th for $20 USD.
3. Blizzard Teases New Overwatch Content Coming for Gamescom
Blizzard just announced their lineup for Gamescom this year and Overwatch will be prominently featured. Blizzard will be at Gamescom from August 21st through the 25th and will reveal new Overwatch content on August 22nd. There will apparently be new Overwatch content and a new animated short. Fans who attend the event will also get a chance to play Lucioball against the German Overwatch World Cup 2018 team.
4. God of War gets a New Game Mode
God of War, which was generally well received when it released earlier this year, is getting a new free game mode called New Game Plus. New Game Plus will provide players with a bit more challenge if they so choose. Valkyrie are tougher, as they have different attack patterns, and Realm Tears have changed a bit. You’ll no longer be able to run away from combat after opening a rift. Additionally, you’ll be able to forge new armor for both Kratos and Atreus.
5. The International 2018 sets Record Prize Pool
The International is the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year and it is known for its large prize pool. Starting with 2013, Valve has sold an item called a Compendium that players could buy with some of the money going to the tournament's prize pool. Last year, the total prize pool for The International was $24,787,916 USD and this year's prize pool has just surpassed that mark.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (8/17/18)

What is up Moot Squad?! It is Friday and we are back with THE BEST episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian to date! You don't want to miss this one as we discuss Fortnite coming to Android, as well as what we expect from Red Dead Redemption 2 after their HOT new gameplay trailer. Stay beautiful Moot Family and have an amazing weekend! 😊
2. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Pushed Back
The highly anticipated remastered version of Spyro has been pushed back all the until November 13th. The game was supposed to be released on September 21st but due to some setbacks, and the developers wanting to get everything perfect, it will have to wait a bit longer. The head of Toys for Bob (the studio behind the game), Paul Yan, stated the game needs “more love and care” and he knows once the game is released “the extra time [will be] worth the wait.” Team Moot is very excited for the upcoming game, are you guys? Let us know in the comments!
3. PUBG’s Newest Event Mode
The newest event mode for PUBG is supposed to bring back the loot and rules from the games early access phase, back when the game was at its peak of popularity. A big part of this game mode will be the ability to “find level 3 helmets throughout the map, and the Kar98k and Tommy Guns in care packages,” according to IGN. The new event mode is currently available to play and will end on August 19th at 7PM PDT. Click the link below to see the full details of the new game mode!
4. Warframe Adds New Fighting Mode
Digital Extremes’ popular third person shooter game, Warframe, received a brand new Street Fighter inspired game mode called Frame Fighter. Choose from a wide variety of fighters all with unique abilities and upgrades and fight your way to victory. The game mode looks like a new and fun alternative to the already successful game. Will you be trying it out?
5. Mad Machine Looks Like Robot Rocket League
Is Mad Machine the new Rocket League?! Probably not… However, it does look eerily similar and could be a popular alternative to the widely popular car-soccer game, Rocket League. In Mad Machine you play as sporadic robots who go head to head with other machines in a game of robot soccer. The gameplay looks upbeat and exciting, and it could prove to be a widely accepted game! Check out the link below to see for yourself.

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The Daily Moot (8/16/18)

1. Diablo 3 Coming to the Switch this Year
Good news Diablo fans! Your favorite dungeon grinder will be coming to the Nintendo Switch by the end of year. The Diablo III Eternal Collection “will include the original game, the Reaper of Souls expansion, the Rise of the Necromancer pack, and all updates the game has received thus far.” There is also extensive multiplayer support, so you can play locally on one Switch, locally with multiple Switches, fully online, or a mix of local and online. The Diablo III Eternal Collection will cost $59.99.
2. Microsoft says Halo: Infinite is Halo 6
When Halo: Infinite was announced at E3, some fans were confused. They didn’t want some spinoff Halo game, they wanted the next REAL Halo game. Now, Microsoft is assuring fans that Halo: Infinite is effectively Halo 6 and fans should consider it as such. Halo: Infinite is a direct sequel to Halo 5: Guardians, and notably will focus more on Master Chief. Hopefully we will get at least the single player portion of Halo: Infinite by the end of 2019.
3. The Iconic MP5 Finally Comes to Counter-Strike: GO
As of an update this morning, the MP5 is officially in Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The gun has been a mainstay in FPS games for years, including earlier iterations of Counter Strike, so it is about time it came to Global Offensive. CS:GO’s version of the MP5 comes with an integrated silencer. Players will be able to test it out for themselves in offline modes and official casual and deathmatch servers today.
4. Sony Announces PlayStation VR has Sold 3 Million Units
A Sony blog post today revealed that they have sold over 3 million PlayStation VR units. They also shared a list of the most popular VR games to date, which includes Skyrim VR, Resident Evil 7, and Batman: Arkham VR. The blog post also included the info that Creed: Rise to Glory with release on September 25th and Evasion will release on October 9th.

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The Daily Moot (8/15/18)

1. Fortnite Patch V5.21 Introduces Heavy Sniper and 2 LTMs
Another week, another exciting Fortnite patch! This week we’re getting the recently leaked Heavy Sniper Rifle, which can destroy walls with one shot. Alongside it, Sniper Shootout returns as a Limited Time Mode. There is also a new twist on the 50v50 LTM called Soaring 50s, where you’ll be able to pull out your glider if you’re ever falling more than 10 meters off the ground.
2. Black Ops 4’s Battle Royale Beta Starts September 10th
Players will finally get a chance to try the highly anticipated Blackout mode for Black Ops 4 starting on September 10th. The first wave of the beta is only available to PlayStation 4 players, but it is safe to assume it will be available to rest of us one week later. We’ve only seen bits and pieces of Blackout so far, but we know the map will feature popular areas from the history of Black Ops, like Nuketown. The beta will include solo, duos, and squads.
3. Realm Royale Struggling to Keep Players After Initial Success
Players are apparently losing interest in Realm Royale, as the game has lost 93% of its player base since peaking at 105K concurrent players shortly after it came to Steam. Shortly after Realm Royale first launched to early access, big streamers played it and drove a lot of interest. Now, those streamers only play it for the weekly Keemstar tournaments. The main criticism in the game’s negative reviews on Steam relate to gun balancing. Still, Hi-Rez is sticking with the game and plan to bring it to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at some point.
4. Hollow Knight Expansion Changes Name, Keeps Everything Awesome
The free content expansion called Hollow Knights: Gods & Glory will now be called Hollow Knight: Godmaster to prevent copyright issues with the popular mobile game Gods & Glory. The update will still bring tons of new content to Windows, Mac, Linux, and Switch on August 23rd. Godmaster will include new bosses, music, NPCs and quests for players to experience.

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The Daily Moot (8/14/18)

1. World of Warcraft’s New Level Cap Attained in Four Hours
World of Warcraft’s new expansion Battle for Azeroth launched yesterday and players have already hit the level cap. While most of the faster players took six or seven hours, one player by the name of Gingi managed to hit level 120 in just four hours and 17 minutes. Gingi and his group are members of Method, one of the most competitive guilds in World of Warcraft, so it is no surprise they were able to achieve yet another world first.
2. Dark Souls Remastered Coming to Switch in October
After a lengthy delay, Switch players will finally be able to play the new remastered version of Dark Souls on October 19th. Dark Souls Remastered released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One back in May and was highly reviewed by all. Hopefully the Switch port of the game will deliver the improved graphics and gameplay the remaster saw on other platforms.
3. ‘Insurgency’ is Free to Keep for the next 48 Hours
If ‘free to keep’ is a phrase you haven’t heard before, it means that if you download and launch this game on Steam in the next 48 hours it will be yours forever. Insurgency is a tactical first-person shooter that appeals to a hardcore audience. The game is free as a way to build some hype for the upcoming release of Insurgency: Sandstorm on September 18th. Give the game a chance if you like strategic FPS game and remember, it’s free.
4. Box of Original 1999 Pokemon Cards Sells for $56,000
An unopened box of original 1999 Pokemon cards has just at auction for $56,000 USD. The box contains 36 packs of cards, each with 11 original Pokemon cards. It is unknown what the buyer intends to do with the box, but if he opens the packs he has a chance to get a holographic Charizard, worth almost the cost of the entire box if in pristine condition.
5. Fortnite’s Giant Rift is Slowly Shrinking
Starting with an update this last weekend, the giant rift in Fortnite’s sky has slowly begun to shrink. Prolific Fortnite leaker @FNBRLeaks on twitter claims the rift will completely disappear on August 21st. We’re only in week 5 of the current season, so this seems like the next step in the story developing. Within a few weeks we will also probably start seeing some teasers for what season 6’s theme will be. Personally, we hope the smaller rifts are unaffected because they are awesome.

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The Daily Moot (8/13/18)

1. New Heavy Sniper Coming to Fortnite Soon
Fortnite battle royale is getting a new sniper rifle soon according to the game’s opening screen. The new Heavy Sniper comes in Epic and Legendary rarities and is designed to deal high damage to structures. A twitter account named Fortnite: Battle Royale Leaks has posted the supposed stats for the weapon and even shown in game footage, where you can see the sniper destroying walls in one shot. Hopefully it won’t be too long before we get our hands on the new gun.
2. Battlerite Royale is now a Standalone Game
Battlerite Royale is a battle royale based on the popular MOBA game Battlerite. Much like the studio behind Realm Royale, the team working on Battlerite found it difficult to fully develop a battle royale game mode within another game. As such, Battlerite Royale is coming to early access next month as a standalone game. Splitting the two games will hopefully enable better balancing, matchmaking, and more for both versions of Battlerite.
3. Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend to Celebrate First Major Tournament
Ubisoft is offering another free weekend from this Thursday through Monday to celebrate their first even Rainbow Six Major championship. Sixteen teams will fight it out in Paris this weekend for a total prize pool of $350,000. Operation Grim Sky will also be revealed at the event. Grim Sky will add two new operators to the game and update Hereford Base to be more competitively balanced.
4. Elder Scrolls: Legends Will Only Come to Consoles that Support Full Crossplay
Bethesda’s digital card game Elder Scrolls: Legends will soon come to consoles after more than year on PC, but it may not come to all of them. Bethesda recently announced Elder Scrolls: Legends will only come to consoles that support full crossplay, meaning your collection spans all platforms and you can play opponents on any platform. While they didn’t mention the PlayStation 4 by name, given Sony’s recent stance regarding Fortnite crossplay the PS4 is the first console that looks like it may be excluded.
5. Unique Narrative Platformer ‘GRIS’ Coming Later this Year
GRIS is a new platformer with a unique and beautiful take on the genre. GRIS “aims to tell the story of a young girl lost in a mysterious world of her own making.” This world, based on the one trailer for the game, is stunningly beautiful and peaceful. The game notably is not meant to be difficult; any skill based challenges are entirely optional. The game apparently has no danger, frustration, or death. Just an entrancing story and world for you to explore at your leisure. GRIS is coming to PC and Switch, although we don’t know exactly when yet.
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The Daily Moot (8/10/18)

Happy Friday Jimmy Mootrons! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian, we discuss the highly anticipated digital card game Artifact and PUBG's new patch. Also we've opened a BRAND NEW, one of a kind lounge so be sure to check below for details!
2. Play Elder Scrolls Online for Free This Weekend
Bethesda is celebrating QuakeCon with a free weekend for Elder Scrolls Online. The free weekend even includes Marrowind, one of the game’s most popular chapters. Elder Scrolls Online is currently on sale, alongside every Fallout and Elder Scrolls game, for the QuakeCon Steam sale. So if you try Elder Scrolls Online this weekend and like it, you can get the base game for just $10 USD until August 13th.
3. Ubisoft Cancels Development for Steep on Switch
Although Steep was one of the very first games announced for the Switch, Ubisoft confirmed in a Tweet yesterday that they are cancelling plans to bring the game to the popular mobile console. Steep is an open world snow sport game that lets you snowboard, ski, or paraglide your way across a beautiful and vast mountain environment. The game was generally well received but many players have felt disregarded by the development team since the game launched in December 2016.
Cuphead Sells 3 Million Copies
The developer behind the popular game Cuphead just announced they have sold 3 million copies since launching in September of last year. To celebrate, Cuphead is 20% off on Steam and Xbox until tomorrow. Apparently, there will also be “some extra-special giveaways” over the next few days that will be announced on their social media accounts.
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