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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/21/19)

1. Steam’s Remote Play Goes Live
Steam has just revolutionized multiplayer gaming with the launch of their new Remote Play feature. Now you can finally play your favorite local co-op games with all your friends across the globe. Here’s the best part: only one person needs to own the game! Not only do your friends not have to buy the game, they don’t even have to install it. Because they don’t have to have the game installed, this allows players to play PC games on any compatible device including mobile!
2. Rainbow Six Siege Free Weekend
Rainbow Six Siege free weekend is back and this time it features an all-new Money Heist crossover event. In collaboration with Netflix, Ubisoft is basing the event on the Spanish crime drama La Casa de Papel (known in the US as Money Heist). Unfortunately it seems the name is a bit of a misnomer as you don’t actually get to heist any money. Free Weekend will last from November 21-24, and all versions of the game will be on sale in the Ubisoft store during the event.
3. Sniper Elite is Becoming a Board Game
The popular tactical shooter Sniper Elite is being made into a board game by Rebellion Unplugged. Rebellion Unplugged is the newly launched board game division of video game studio Rebellion Developments. Sniper Elite will be their first venture into the world of physical games and is being described as a “competitive stealth action game for two to four players.” Do you think any of your favorite video games would make a good board game?
4. Details on Xbox Project Scarlett
After years of speculation and silence, we finally have some details on Microsoft’s next-gen Xbox known only by its codename “Project Scarlett.” The new Xbox is expected to launch late 2020 and will feature custom-built AMD components as well as an SSD to ensure fast speeds. While it won’t rival the specs of top PCs, the new Xbox will likely be the most powerful gaming console in the world when it launches next year.
5. Pokemon Sword and Shield is the fastest-selling Switch Game
Pokemon Sword and Shield set the record for the fastest-selling Switch game in history with over 6 million copies sold in the first week. Breaking records is nothing new to Pokemon; their last main installment Sun and Moon became the fastest selling game of all time in the Western world. It’s worth noting that Sword and Shield has already earned its fair share of controversy so we’ll have to see if the sales numbers continue to hold up.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/20/19)

1. Fortnite Chapter 2 Extended for Two Months
Fortnite’s next season has been delayed into the new year due to holiday themed updates preparation. Some of the updates are said to be a “live experience you that you won’t want to miss.” This has us thinking, what will Fortnite do next that can top what they have done in the past? We don’t know but we certainly trust Epic Games to create something monumental over the holidays that will get everyone talking about the legendary game of Fortnite.
2. Modern Warfare Full Patch 1.09
Yesterday we discussed the nerf for the 725 shotgun which came in the most recent patch. Today, we want to share the full patch notes for Modern Warfare’s 1.09 patch. Check the link below for all things changing in the game including general fixes, gun changes, ground war updates, and more!
3. More PS5 Rumors
More PS5 rumors have leaked including price, release date, and controller design! The price is said to be $499 and it will release sometime in November of 2020. The release date seems fine but a price of $499 for a console that may or may not be a very similar to the one you currently have is a bit steep in our opinion. In addition, the controller for the PS5 is said to be very similar to the Dual Shock controller for the PS4. So far, the PS5 hype is not the best but it still should please most people. Will you guys be buying the PS5?
4. Borderlands 3 First DLC Campaign
Borderlands 3 is getting its first downloadable campaign this December! The campaign is called Moxxi’s Heist of the Handsome Jackpot, and it certainly will bring some fun and refreshing content to Pandora. See the link below for much more information on how the campaign will be structured!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/19/19)

1. Game Awards 2019 Nominees
The nominees for the 2019 Game Awards have been released! Headlining the list after being nominated for a plethora of awards are Control, Death Stranding, Outer Worlds, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice! The Game Awards are an amazing show to witness as the industry honors the best video games of the year. Last year, God of War took home the crown jewel as Game of the Year – who will take it this year? Also, don’t forget about Moot’s Game Awards coming in December where you can vote on various things in the gaming industry and enter to win big prizes!
Check out our Moot Game Awards from last year:
See the full list of this year's Game Awards nominees:
2. Modern Warfare 725 Nerf, AGAIN
The incredibly OP 725 shotgun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare has been nerfed for its THIRD TIME! This time, the nerfs are pretty significant. Infinity Ward is receiving a range damage reduction, giving it a bigger spread when shot from the hip, and reducing the damage total when shot from the hip. Based on previous nerfs it seems as if this will also be rather insignificant and the 725 will still remain an elite option in Modern Warfare. What do you guys think?
3. New Half Life Game
Valve has officially announced their upcoming Half Life: Alyx VR game with a full reveal set for this Thursday. This may not be the exact news Half Life fans wanted to hear as they have been begging for Half Life 3 for years now, but this game will certainly be a hit! Thursday can not come soon enough!
4. Detroit: Become Human Coming to PC
The highly popular PS4 game, Detroit: Become Human, is getting an enhanced version coming to PC on December 12th via the Epic Games Store! The game will release with a price tag of $39.99 and there will also be a free playable demo so you can get a taste of the game before you make a final decision. The game received mixed reviews when it released on PlayStation, will it receive better reviews when it is available on PC? Let us know!
5. Shenmue III Available Now
After 18 years, the wait is finally over. Shenmue III is now available for PC’s everywhere! The predecessor to this game, Shenmue II, may have come out long before some of you were born. Nonetheless, this is a really cool game you should absolutely familiarize yourself with!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/18/19)

What a week in gaming! Pokemon Sword and Shield released just a few days ago, the Google Stadia comes out tomorrow, and the Esports Awards winners have been chosen! We also have updates about all the good stuff going on on Moot. Let’s dive in!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/15/19)

1. Pokémon Sword & Shield Out Now
The long awaited game has finally been released and the world is now a better place! New Pokémon, new regions, and enhanced gameplay are just a few reasons to be excited for the new Pokémon. In honor of the release, take a look at all of the brand new Pokémon in Generation 8 and tell us which one is your favorite! When are you going to get this game?
Check out the Pokémon lounge:
2. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Out Now
Star Wars released their next game in the franchise this morning and it is already off to a hot start! The graphics are actually insane, they are delicious and nutritious. The game is available right now on all platforms (besides Switch) for $60 and is well worth it. Take a peek at our Star Wars lounge below and get the conversation started!
3. Fortnite X Star Wars
Fortnite has unveiled their brand new skin, the Storm Trooper! It comes as no surprise that Fortnite is teaming up with one of the most successful franchises in the world alongside the release of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. To get the skin you can either purchase the Star Wars game and get it for “free,” or you can just buy it separately in the Shop! Either way it is a winning situation.
4. Everything Announced at X019
X019 recently wrapped up and there was a ton of exciting new announced for the future of Xbox! From Age of Empires 4 gameplay to Halo Reach coming to modern systems, there is a lot of quality content coming soon. Take a little looksee at the link below to see everything that is coming soon to the gaming powerhouse!
5. Every Golden Joystick Winner
Golden Joystick winners have been announced and we are pretty happy with the results. Spoiler: Fornite, Minecraft, and Apex Legends all took home an awards or two! Want to see the full list, click below!
Are you brave enough to sail the seven seas and fine the hidden treasure? Good luck.
We have new gradient colors coming to the Shop very soon! Check it out:
If you haven't seen our new event yet, check it out below! You can win some cool prizes... 😎

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The Daily Moot (11/14/19)

1. Epic Launches new RPG “Battle Breakers”
Epic Games surprised launched their new hero collector role-playing game “Battle Breakers” on Android, iOS, and PC. Although the game was first announced over 2 years ago, it was built as a passion project by a small team and much of its development has been kept in secret. Battle Breakers is free-to-play, seamlessly cross-platform, and all of your progress is saved between devices. Now it’s your turn to assemble the ultimate team of super warriors and save the planet.
2. Herman Miller is getting into gaming
The world of gaming chairs is a contentious one. Half the world seems to think racing-style chairs are best for gaming while the other half thinks office chairs are best. Now those two worlds are colliding as Herman Miller has announced a partnership with Complexity Gaming. There’s no word yet on when their first line of gaming chairs will come out but they probably won’t be cheap. Would you spend thousands of dollars on a gaming chair?
3. Bleeding Edge release date leaked
Fans of Ninja Theory were hoping to get some new information about Bleeding Edge at X019 but the Microsoft Store jumped the gun and posted the release dates early. The listings (which have since been removed) showed that Bleeding Edge will launch on March 24, with two closed betas on February 14 and March 13.
4. Halo: Reach is on the way
Halo fans rejoice, Reach is on the way! It was suspected that Halo: Reach would be ready for the holiday season but it looks like we finally have some concrete information. According to the Microsoft store, the PC version of Halo: Reach will launch on December 3. Microsoft hasn’t released any information about the Xbox release date, but you can expect an announcement at today’s X019.

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The Daily Moot (11/13/19)

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 Gets Fix for PC
Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC is finally getting a fix making it playable again. YAY! Not only that, but PC players will be receiving a gift from Rockstar as a token of their appreciation for you players sticking it out through their struggles. The gift is not fully revealed yet but it apparently will consist of a Prieto Poncho, select provisions, and ammo. This isn’t the best gift in the world from Rockstar but it is still better than nothing! At this point, are any of you guys still playing this game? Let us know!
2. Pokémon Sword & Shield IGN Review
Pokémon Sword and Shield are out this Friday and we could not be more excited! IGN released an extensive review, as they do for all big games, and we think it is worth a read. Check out the review below and let us know if this is enough for you to buy the highly anticipated game! We will definitely be buying copies for our entire office.
3. Age of Empires 4 Reveal Tomorrow
During X019, which starts tomorrow, we will finally get to see some Age of Empires 4 gameplay! We have not heard much about the game since the initial announcement back in 2017. The Relic-developed sequel t
o Age of Empires 3 still has not release date but we may finally get that information tomorrow at X019!
4. Breath of the Wild 2 Coming in 2020
The highly reliable leaker, Sabi, posted on Twitter saying Breath of the Wild 2 is set to come out in 2020. However, they said to not get our hopes up too much because Zelda games have an extensive history of being delayed. This very minimal information regarding one of the most anticipated games of all time but our excitement for the game is simply too high to not report the sliver of news. Are you guys juiced for this game or what?!
5. Epic Sues ANOTHER Fortnite 2 Leaker
Epic Games is taking legal action against another QA tester for Fortnite 2 who leaked private images of the game before its launch. Epic Games claims a man by the name of Johnston deprived the company of the element of surprise for their reveal. They are suing him for over $85,000 in damages. This is a reminder to never even considering leaking private information because the risk is NEVER worth the reward.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/12/19)

1. Stadia Launch Games Revealed
The Google Stadia will release with 12 playable games and will add at least 14 more by the end of the year! The 12 playable games at launch are as follows: Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Destiny 2, Gylt, Just Dance 2020, Kine, Mortal Kombat 11, Red Dead Redemption 2, Samurai Showdown, Thumper, Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider 20 Year Celebration Edition, and Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition. The games are said to be “carefully chosen” but honestly they do not excite us too much. But fear not! The games coming later this year and in 2020 are going to be BOOMING! Standouts from the list include Borderlands 3 and Cyberpunk 2077.
2. LTM Overwatch Event Gives Mercy Skin
The new Overwatch LTM Event, Mercy’s Recall Challenge, runs from 11/12 through 12/2 and it allows you to earn a sweet legendary Mercy skin. The skin is a “Dr. Ziegler” themed and is pretty darn cool. There are plenty of challenges to partake in and even more rewards to received, check out the link below for full information on the event!
3. New Modern Warfare Patch
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is releasing another patch which pinpoints exactly what the community is complaining about. The highlights from this patch are Piccadilly spawn and flag reworks, sound improvements on footsteps, and various weapon changes. It is absolutely incredible to see Infinity Ward truly listening to their community and implementing changes overnight. See the full list of changes below.
4. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Datamine
A dataminer from Reddit revealed some pretty big information from the upcoming Star Wars title. We will not post anything here as there are some spoilers included in the story but we will leave the link below for you to click at your own risk. REMINDER, ONLY CLICK BELOW IF YOU ARE OKAY WITH SPOILERS.
5. Sonic The Hedgehog’s New Look
Our furry blue boy has a brand new look in the trailer for the Sonic movie coming 2020! Initially when the trailer first released, Sonic resembled more of a horror movie monster than a G-rated protagonist. Paramount Pictures released a brand new trailer today and we can confidently say that Sonic got a big glow-up! Check it out below:
Be sure to check out the greatest pirate to ever live, Treasure Master!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/8/19)

Happy patch day everyone! Modern Warfare got an awesome update today that introduced new maps PLUS THEY NERFED THE OP SHOTGUN! There's also some new game modes and other weapon changes. Check out today's video for all the details on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare's latest patch!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/7/19)

1. China Introduces Video Game Curfew
The Chinese government has introduced a new rule on when children (under 18) can play video games. Due to gaming interfering with “the physical and mental health of minors,” minors in China are not allowed to play video games for more than 90 minutes from Monday through Friday. On weekends, minors are given a bit more wiggle room to play as the time is increased to three hours. In addition, minors are not allowed to play between the hours of 10pm and 8am. This seems like a good idea in theory, to reduce the amount of time kids play games, but this will surely upset a large group of individual in China. What do you guys think about the matter?
2. Elder Scrolls Online is Free for a Week
If you are interested in Elder Scrolls Online but have not played yet, now is your time to change that. ESO is free from now through Wednesday, 11/13 at 10pm EST. Bethesda says you will have access to four different classes and be able to explore 23 zones (also two main quests). Will you guys be playing this game?
3. RDR2 How to get Best Horse
If you are playing Red Dead Redemption for your first time right now since it just came out on the PC, then it will benefit you to know where to find one of the best horses in the game (for free). Located in the northwest region of the map, an elite white Arabian horse can be found roaming alone just west of Lake Isabella. The area is covered in thick layers of snow so it can be hard to spot the white horse at first, but you are sure to find it in due time. Be prepared to work relatively hard to tame the horse, however, as it is one bucky boy. The lasso is probably the most efficient method of taming the horse, but you can also try and sneak up on the steed if you are feeling adventurous.
4. PlayStation Worldwide Studios President Steps Down
The president of PlayStation Worldwide Studios, Shuhei Yoshida, has stepped down from his role. Replacing him is the cofounder of Guerilla Games, Hermen Hulst. It is still a bit unclear why the president has stepped down, but surely it seems to be the right decision. Yoshida is still employed at Sony, just under a new role that will “focus on nurturing external independent creators.” Hopefully this does not have any bigger impact and affect the PlayStation 5.
5. Battle Giovanni in Pokémon GO
You can now battle the evil leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni, in Pokémon GO. In order to do so, however, you must complete a series of Quests which eventually will lead to the battle with the big, bad leader. The Quests include tracking down legendary Pokémon, catching shadow Pokémon, and taking down other Team Rocket leaders along the way. Pokémon GO continues to be one of the most successful mobile games of all time and updates like this will only improve their chances of continuing down that path.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/6/19)

1. New Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Character
There is a brand new character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! The new character comes from the fighting game Fatal Fury and his name is… Terry Bogard! Terry brings a bunch of new, fun, and exciting techniques to an already incredible fighting game. In addition, the game is adding new tunes and a new stage which has some unique mechanics that you should definitely check out! Check out the link below for all that is new in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!
2. Red Dead Redemption on PC is Off to a Rough Start
Red Dead Redemption 2 got off to a fairly poor start for PC players. From game crashes to game changing bugs players are relatively unhappy… But fear not! Rockstar is working around the clock to ensure you have a quality experience with Red Dead 2 on PC. Want to follow along with all of the fixes as they happen? Tune into the link below or follow Rockstar on Twitter.
3. Hearthstone’s Battlegrounds Mode in Early Access
Hearthstone’s new autobattler, Battlegrounds, is now available to select players for early access. Don’t be sad if you aren’t one of the select players because the open beta will be available for everyone on November 12th which is just next week! “Players choose from 24 heroes, then recruit minions in Bob's Tavern that can be strategically deployed across the board between rounds until one challenger is left standing,” according to IGN. Will you be checking it out?
4. Payday 2 Getting Free Update Tomorrow
Payday 2 is set to get a free update tomorrow with even more DLC! To be more specific, the update is called Silk Road and include three free DLC’s. The update includes various skins and outfits as well as new guns, attachments, and heists! Get ready to tear it up in the new and improved Payday 2 starting tomorrow, November 7th!
5. Another Age of Mythology Reboot May Be Coming
PC Gamer is reporting that the Age of Mythology spin off from 2014 may not be the last take on the remake after all. It is still not clear exactly what this means, but it is exciting that Microsoft is still considering making improvements to the classic game. In other news, Age of Empires: Definitive Edition is due to release on November 14th which is sure to be a smashing hit.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/5/19)

1. ENTIRE Pokémon Sword & Shield Pokédex Leaked
The entire Pokédex for the upcoming game in the Pokémon franchise, Sword and Shield, has allegedly been leaked. The game is set to release on November 15th, but like every other video game these days, the game failed to avoid massive leaks before launch. According to ResetEra, there will be a total of 400 Pocket Monsters to catch in the Galar region. It makes sense to not have every single Pokémon in the upcoming game but it is still sad to not have some of the long time favorites available to conquer with.
2. 100T Courage Signs with YouTube Gaming
Another one bites the dust! The popular Twitch streamer, Courage, has officially signed with YouTube Gaming and will no longer be streaming on Twitch. The trend of leaving a platform to go “officially sign” to another is something we have been seeing since Ninja went to Mixer. We think this trend will continue and more big name streamers will leave the streaming powerhouse, Twitch. Who do you think is next to go?
3. Fortnite Adds Harpoon Gun
Fortnite has added a Harpoon Gun in their most recent patch but has once again not released their patch notes. The Harpoon Gun is essentially a much better version of the Fishing Pole that also does 75 damage to opposing players. Have you used the new gun yet? Let us know how you like it in the comments below!
4. Apex Legends Adds Firing Range
Apex Legends has added a Firing Range mode in their most recent update, 3.1. The Firing Range allows you to improve your game without having to actually get slaughtered in the arena. In the Firing Range you can find all guns with all attachments as well as dummies to fire at in order to improve your gameplay. Whether you want to drop into the Firing Range solo or with a duo is entirely up to you. Check it out now!
5. More Unnamed Overwatch Characters
Apparently we did not learn all of the information about Overwatch 2 at BlizzCon last weekend. According to Game Informer, there are AT LEAST four unannounced heroes set to be disclosed during a large reveal sometime soon. It seems like we are getting a little bit more Overwatch 2 every single day since BlizzCon ended. Does the recent news make you want to play Overwatch again?

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/4/19)

1. HUGE Modern Warfare Datamine
A new datamine has revealed that Infinity Ward has BIG plans regarding DLC moving forward. It is rumored up to 38 maps are set to grace Modern Warfare… 38!! While that is a big number, it is important to note that just because all of those maps were datamined it does not guarantee they will all make the cut. Check out the link below to get a full list of maps (potentially) coming to Modern Warfare!
2. FaZe Jarvis Perma-banned from Fortnite
FaZe Jarvis, one of the top Fortnite players in the world, has been permanently banned for using an aim-bot. Jarvis idiotically thought it would be a good idea to use an aimbot on an alt account, record himself doing it, and upload it to YouTube. Clearly, this was not a great idea. Jarvis recorded an apology video and posted it to his YouTube channel. If you are ever thinking of cheating in a video game, remember this incident.
3. Next Overwatch Hero
Last weekend, Overwatch 2 was announced and people everywhere are rather excited. The next Hero also was revealed but people seem to be overlooking that news. The next hero is named Sojourn and she is a Canadian badass with cybernetic enhancements. We do not know too much about Sojourn and her abilities yet, but we will likely hear more relatively soon.
4. Some Modern Warfare Guns Are Bugged
Do you suck at Call of Duty? Us too! However, it turns out you may not be as bad as you think! Apparently some guns including the Kilo 141 assault rifle, the M-13 assault rifle, and the MP-5 submachine gun are all slightly bugged. The guns have extremely high recoil when crouched, so much that people are claiming the guns are actually bugged. Have you guys been experiencing this problem?
5. Kojima Productions to Being Making Movies
Kojima Productions newest game, Death Stranding is coming out very soon on November 8th and people are super excited. However, before the game even released, the company is making headlines regarding something completely different. Apparently Kojima Productions are planning to create movies in the future! I guess we could have anticipated this after they began working with Norman Reedus, one of the main characters in the popular TV program, The Walking Dead.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (11/1/19)

Welcome to the weekend, folks! This weekend will be PACKED with gaming news as BlizzCon develops but don't worry! You can spend the whole weekend gaming and we'll catch you up to speed with our Monday video.
In today's video we cover the top stories from BlizzCon, including some HYPE new game announcements. But first, an apology?
1. Blizzard Apologizes and other MAJOR Stories from BlizzCon Day 1
Stories 2 through 5 are covered in the video above!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/31/19)

1. Witcher Release Date and New Trailer!
The Witcher is coming in HOT and arriving on Netflix December 20th. The show based on the popular books and video games stars Henry Cavill as Geralt of Rivia, Freya Allen as Cintran Princess Ciri, and Anya Chalotra as Yennefer. Netflix released a trailer for the show and it has us preeettty excited… Check the link below for the trailer and more information about the show!
2. Mario Kart Tour Multiplayer Still to Come
Multiplayer is still going to come to Mario Kart Tour, but Nintendo refuses to tell us exactly when that will be. The mobile game has been out for less than a month but has already made huge strides towards sustained success. Want to find a friend to play with when online play is released? Head on over to the Mario Games lounge!
3. Ubisoft Wants Cross-Platform Play for all PvP Games
Ubisoft’s CEO, Yves Guillemot, told investors that they want all of their PvP games to eventually have cross platform compatibility. He even as far as to say the development to bring cross play is “well underway.” Obviously, the biggest games that come to mind are Rainbow Six, For Honor, and Ghost Recon. Cross platform play is all the rage recently and can only enhance a user’s experience if implemented properly.
4. Confirmed PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Games
Ubisoft confirmed today that Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods and Monsters will all be coming to the PS5 and the Xbox Scarlett. The games will certainly take advantage of the new specs and features coming to the new consoles. Ubisoft also confirmed that there are still two more AAA games coming to the consoles that are unannounced. We cannot wait for the upcoming consoles!
5. Brand New Red Dead 2 PC Trailer
Rockstar released the final trailer for the upcoming PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2 (and it’s dope). The game is already spectacular but it looks even better, and may play better, in 4K on a PC. Check the link below to see the game in all of its beauty!

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The Daily Moot (10/30/19)

1. Duos Coming to Apex Legends
Duos are coming to Apex Legends for a limited time! Since day one, fans have been begging Respawn Entertainment to create a duos playlist and the day is finally coming on November 5th! The Apex Legends Twitter account announced the news which included a short, yet very sweet, video. Check it out for yourself!
2. Last Death Stranding Trailer Before Launch (Spoilers!)
The last Death Stranding trailer was released today and it contains a ton of spoilers for the main story. The trailer gives you the most in depth look to date on what the game actually will be about. We don’t want to ruin any of it for you so why don’t you go ahead and check out the eight-minute trailer below!
3. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Breaking Records
As expected, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is breaking records and taking names. The first three days of Modern Warfare’s life were monumental. Some of the records broken were the top-selling new premium game release of 2019, it sold more units in its first three days than any other Call of Duty title this console generation, and more! Congratulations to Infinity Ward and Activision for making such a successful game!
4. Apex Legends Launching on New Platforms
Recently Apex Legends surpassed 70 million players and has announced they are looking to launch the game on new platforms. Now, Apex Legends is available on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC so we can assume they are referencing mobile and/or the Switch (or potentially the next gen consoles). We, for one, really hope the game launches on the Switch as a lot of people at the Moot headquarters would play the heck out of it.
5. No New Battlefield Next Year
Andrew Wilson, EA’s CEO, announced that there will not be a Battlefield game coming out next year. This comes a surprise since they have consistently been releasing a new game every other year since Battlefield 3 in 2011. Wilson states they made this decision to focus on “Targeting new innovation that will be enabled by next-gem platforms and a growing install base on the new consoles, our next Battlefield game is set for FY22.” This is sad, but exciting news for Battlefield fans. What do you guys think about Battlefield pushing back their next release?

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The Daily Moot (10/29/19)

1. EA Games are Coming to Steam
EA and Valve announced their brand new partnership today which will bring specific EA games as well as the EA Access Library to Steam. Some of the titles that have been announced include fan favorites like The Sims 4, Unravel 2, Apex Legends, Battlefield 5 and FIFA 20. The first batch of games will start being released over the next couple months with plenty more to come next year.
2. Festival of the Lost Returns to Destiny 2
The latest update for Destiny 2 brings Halloween to the Tower! The Festival of the Lost will feature spooky decorations, events, and the return of the Haunted Forest. The latest update isn’t all fun and games though, it also features balance changes with big nerfs coming to the Striker and Dawnblade subclasses.
3. Sony is Looking to Sell the PlayStation Vue
Apparently Sony’s attempts to break into the streaming market haven’t fared so well as they are now looking to sell the PlayStation Vue. The Vue was pitched as a replacement for cable TV service but unlike competitors such as Netflix, Sony doesn’t offer any original content on its platform. Looks like Sony should stick to games for now and keep their focus on the upcoming PlayStation 5.
4. Eve Online Chapter 2 Coming in November
New Eden is in trouble and the Triglavians are bringing all out war. Take them down and claim incredible rewards like a new Triglavian ship which you can claim as your own to use the Triglavians' own weapons against them. Chapter 2 also brings changes to bookmark sharing which may seem small but longtime fans know this is a huge quality of life improvement.
5. Gwent Comes to Mobile
The popular card game originally featured in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is now available on mobile! Gwent had its official launch on iOS today which means Apple users can now play the game from their iPhone or iPad. CD Projekt Red is currently working on an Android version which is scheduled to release early next year. In the meantime, Android users can enjoy the free-to-play game on PC, Xbox One, or PS4.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/28/19)

1. More Details on Overwatch 2
ESPN was able to obtain documents containing more information on the next iteration of Overwatch which will be fully revealed at BlizzCon. It is believed that the game will NOT be Overwatch 2, it will more so be an Overwatch Chapter 2. Chapter 2 will introduce Hero 32 (rumored to be named Echo), a PvE experience, new Hero ‘Talents’, and much more! Be on the lookout for more information coming soon from BlizzCon this weekend!
2. Death Stranding Coming to PC
It’s official! Death Stranding will be available on PC Early summer of 2020. This is not too much of a surprise as it was always anticipated that the game would arrive on PC, but now that it is confirmed we can all sleep peacefully. 505 Games has been confirmed as the publisher for the PC version as well. In the meantime, get ready for Death Stranding on PS4 coming soon on November 8th!
3. What’s Next for Ghost Recon Breakpoint?
Ubisoft has issued a brief overview on the plan for Ghost Recon Breakpoint moving forward after a disappointed release. The five main areas of concerns are the technical state of the game, post-launch content, in-game economy, AI teammates, and freedom of choice. Check out the press release from Ubisoft below and let us know what you think!
4. Fortnite Sues Chapter 2 Leaker
Ronald Sykes, or, Invisiblellama9, was a UX tester for Fortnite Chapter 2 and was responsible for leaking information prior to its public release. It turns out Fortnite is suing Sykes for “injunctive relief and maximum damages” for the leaks. Fortnite considers their information to be a form of currency and takes the privacy of their content extremely serious. Let this be a lesson to all of those who are considering leaking video game information!
5. Steam Halloween Sale
Steam’s Halloween sale is live and you can get some preeeeetty dope stuff! All you horror-fan gamers should check out the link below to see if any of the content interests you. We will definitely be taking advantage because we aren’t scaredy cats…. Kind of…. Okay we are pretty scared of most of these games.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/25/19)

Twitch vs Mixer is the REAL Modern Warfare!
1. Ubisoft Admits Ghost Recon Breakpoint is Trash
The sequel to Ghost Recon Wildlands, Ghost Recon Breakpoint, was expected to be an astonishing game set to compete for one of the best game of 2019. However, that certainly was not the case. After an immense amount of negative feedback from the community, Ubisoft is now admitting that their game is a hot mess. From bugs, to boring story, to unsatisfying endings, Ghost Recon Breakpoint missed the mark big time. Hopefully the studio comes together and attempts to revive the game with so much promise!
2. Modern Warfare Released – First Patch Notes
Call of Duty Modern Warfare released today (technically last night) and it has been a huge hit. Besides the initial server delays due to too many users trying to log on at once, the game has been great and they have already released their first patch notes. It’s great to see the developers listening to the community’s feedback and making swift changes. Check out the link below for the full patch notes!
3. Cast Your Vote for Golden Joystick Awards
The Golden Joystick Awards are set for November 15th and it is time for you to cast your vote! As members of the gaming community it is important we all vote and have our voices heard. A bunch of incredible games are up for a plethora of awards – it should be a fantastic awards show!
4. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Coming to PC on…
…January 9th, 2020! The much anticipated release came to Xbox and PS4 earlier this year and has had some success. There are a handful of improvements and new features coming to the PC version of the game, check out the link below for the full list!
5. Google Opens First Gaming Studio for Stadia
Google recently announced that they are opening a first party game development studio in Montreal specifically for the Stadia. In the announcement, Google states they “will produce exclusive, original content across a diverse portfolio of games in all your favorite genres.” Although the delivery of the actual Stadia to your front door may delayed, it is certainly going to shake up the gaming world when it eventually arrives in November!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/24/19)

Mixer has officially signed Shroud to team up with Ninja on their platform! This is absolutely insane news.
See his announcement below!
1. The Last of Us 2 Delayed
The Last of Us 2 has been pushed back from February 21st, 2020 to spring of next year. This is a sad moment for gamers everywhere as almost everyone has been looking forward to playing the second iteration of The Last of Us. However, it is always better to delay a game rather than released a broken, buggy, and incomplete game (*cough* Ghost Recon Breakpoint, *cough* Fallout 76). There is no specific release date for the game yet so stay tuned on Moot to stay up to date on gaming news!
2. Over 7 Million People Watched Fortnite Event
I mean… That is about the whole story here. But isn’t that crazy?! Over 7 MILLION people tuned in to watch the Fortnite Chapter 2 black hole event. People can hate on Fortnite all they want but I think we can all agree on one thing; they sure do know how to put on an event.
3. Battlefield V’s Expansion Brings Back Pacific
Battlefield V is bringing back the iconic Pacific maps in their next free expansion. The update is coming out on Halloween, October 31st, and includes a ton of weapons and vehicles from previous Battlefield titles as well as brand new ones. Check the link below to see the full list of everything new coming in the next Battlefield V expansion!
4. Trio of Ubisoft Games Delayed
Ubisoft unfortunately has to delay Watch Dogs Legion, Rainbow Six Quarantine, and Gods & Monsters. As we said in the first article, it is always unfortunate when a game company has to delay their game but it is always for the better. The soonest we will see any of these three games will be April 2020.
5. Mike Ybarra Joins Blizzard
A former Xbox executive, Mike Ybarra, is joining Blizzard as the executive vice president and general manager. Why anyone would join Blizzard after their recent actions is a bit of a mystery but we can imagine that there is a large check behind this. It also is not too farfetched to think that Blizzard is in a bit of a panic mode and needed someone with some big time experience to hop in and help out. Either way, Blizzard has something big planned as Blizzard is just around the corner.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/23/19)

1. Fallout 76 Gets $100/Year Subscription!
Remember the Bethesda game that was supposed to be next level epicness but then turned out to be squishy pile of dog poop stuck to your shoe? Yeah, we do too. That game is called Fallout 76 and it certainly did not even come close to living up to the hype it created. Today Bethesda announce that there will be a $100(!!!) per year subscription to gain premium content in Fallout 76. This may be the biggest slap in the face by any group of developers in the history of video games. We suggest you try to fix your game before even considering premium subscription models.
2. Google Stadia Shipments Delayed!
Google announced the Stadia will begin shipping out on November 19th at 9am PT which means most people will not get their prized possession until a few days later than promised. Google also announced that the Founder Edition has sold out so they have started offering the Premium Edition, but even then that won’t start shipping until the 19th. It’s a shame we will have to wait to play the exciting new console but hopefully people can remain patient (especially Dylan, he preordered one).
3. Red Dead Redemption Online SPOOKY Update!
Red Dead Redemption Online released an update introducing a swamp dwelling bandit as well as a variety of spooky Halloween masks! RDRO started extremely slow upon launch but has continuously been improving the game ever since. It is great to see a game make such large improvements after such a shabby start. Red Dead Redemption 2 also releases for the PC on November 5th!
4. WWE 2K20 Proves 2K Developers Are Diminishing!
WWE 2K20 has been absolutely abysmal upon release. The in game bugs have made the game nearly unplayable unless, for some odd reason, you thrive on bugged out games! 2K has quickly become the laughing stock of the league in terms of game developing companies. Want proof? Check out the link below.
5. NCAA Football Making a Comeback?!
Is NCAA Football returning to gaming consoles?! Not exactly. However, the CEO of EA said they would “jump at the opportunity” which is a great sign for the long lost game. Of course this all comes in the wake of the new NCAA bill which allows college athletes to be paid for playing the game they love. Check out the Polygon article for more information on the bill and how EA could potentially make a huge comeback in the form of NCAA Football!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/22/19)

1. Next Batman Game Leaked!
Another leaked game?! Whaaaat! The next Batman game, Batman: Arkham Legacy, has been leaked by the reliable leaker @New_WabiSabi on Twitter. The game is rumored to include a plethora of playable characters all stemming from the Batman family. Multiple characters with unique upgrade trees (and skins) seems to be a very popular format for video games these days. All video game leaks and rumors should be taken with a grain of salt, but if this one is true it should make for a hit game!
2. Week Four of Borderlands’ Five Week 10th Anniversary Event!
Even if the title above is a mouthful to say, it sure is something we should talk about! The fourth week of the five week Borderlands event is underway starting today with “Mayhem on Twitch!” According to IGN, “any player who enables Mayhem Mode will have an increased drop rate for Anointed Gear, along with extra XP for defeating enemies, and reduced values for various Mayhem Mode penalty modifiers.” In addition, there are rewards for players who link their Shift account to their Twitch account. Borderlands 3 continues to put fun and exciting events for all its players!
3. Pokémon GO to get Online Multiplayer Battles!
The “GO Battle League” is set to come in early 2020 where players will be able to go to head to head in Pokémon GO! This league will be a huge step up from the already existing Trainer Battles as it will allow you to battle anyone, at any time, regardless of location. We do not know too much about the league just yet but it is always exciting when Pokémon GO gets a new feature!
4. Hearthstone Trophy Continues Esports Tradition!
This isn’t as much news as it is comedy, but we are going to include it in the Daily Moot anyways! This past weekend we witnessed the Canadian powerhouse, Eddie “Eddit” Lui, win big at the Hearthstone Championship. He then went on to raise his trophy in joy only to have the top complete topple over onto the stage. This seems to be a recurring theme in the esports scene, unfortunately. Check the link to see his mishap and a bunch of other mishaps coming from esports championships!
5. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker Final Trailer!
You thought we only liked video games here at Moot? KEEP DREAMING! Last night during the halftime of Monday Night Football, America witnessed greatness in the form of a Star Wars trailer. The trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker certainly did not let lifelong fans down in the slightest. If you missed the trailer go ahead and click the link below!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/21/19)

*NEW video coming soon*
1. Diablo 4 AND Overwatch 2 Leak!
Two of the most popular games in existence may be getting a sequel! Diablo IV was accidentally leaked in a German magazine called GameStar (see image above) and a Twitch streamer named Metro claims it will officially be announced during BlizzCon. Metro also claims that Overwatch 2 will be announced at BlizzCon as well. Usually leaks like this are to be taken with a grain of salt but Metro has a successful history with leaking Blizzard content (last year leaked Overwatch Hero, Ashe a week early). If these rumors are true, will you be playing?
2. Fish in Fortnite Deals INSANE Damage!
Fortnite Chapter 2 recently released and along with it came fishing. By fishing you can pull various levels of weapons out of the water to be used during the game. Recently, players have been sporadically finding the ever elusive Mythical Goldfish which is a throwable fish that deals massive damage. The Mythical Goldfish is nearly impossible to find but is very rewarding when caught! If you find it in Fortnite be sure to share it with us and we just might have a reward for ya!
3. MLB The Show ’20 Cover Athlete Revealed!
The MLB The Show ’20 cover athlete has been revealed and it is none other than the magician himself, Javier Báez. Javier Báez is the starting shortstop for the Chicago Cubs and is one of the most exciting players in all of baseball. MLB The Show is a fantastic video games which brings good fun to your living rooms. What do you think Báez will be rated in the game?
4. Borderlands 3 ‘Bloody Harvest’ Announced!
The Borderlands 3 Halloween themed event, Bloody Harvest, will go live on October 24th. The event will task you, the player, to take down ‘Haunted’ enemies in return for a new limited time currency, ‘Heckotplasms.’ Participating in the event will reward you with new boss battles, a new legendary weapon, legendary skins, and much more! Check out the trailer for the event in the article below.
5. Hallow’s End Comes to WoW (and WoW Classic)!
Hallow’s End is the yearly World of Warcraft event celebrated by players of both factions. In the retail version of WoW, Hallow’s End is a highly developed event that provides players countless ways to spend their time. Meanwhile, WoW Classic’s Halloween celebration is simpler; you can complete Hallow’s End specific quests, Trick or Treat at different Inns across Azeroth, or farm for the 16-slot Pumpkin Bag.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/18/19)

Check out today's video where we cover Fortnite Chapter 2 and take a look at the games revealed by Riot Games earlier this week. Happy Friday!
1. Battle Pass, NOT Loot Boxes, Coming to COD: Modern Warfare!
It’s official! Loot boxes will NOT be in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Instead, the game will move towards a more user friendly rewards system, the battle pass. The battle pass will be much like Fortnite where players will be rewarded for gaining XP and completing missions in the game. Also like Fortnite, there will be a free version and a premium version of the battle pass. It is important to note that there will be no items in the battle pass that improve your gameplay, they will simply be cosmetics. This game is certainly ramping up to be one of the bests in 2019!
2. Apex Legends Nerfs Charge Rifle!
One of the newest weapons to appear in Apex Legends, the Charge Rifle, has been nerfed. The Charge Rifle was by far one of the strongest gun choices in the game as it was basically a one shot kill and had literally zero bullet drop. The nerf did three things: it increased the amount of ammo per shot, changed the mag size, and had an increase in falloff damage. Apex Legends continues to be one of the dominating forces in the gaming sector and changes like this will only increase its popularity amongst players.
3. Details on Call of Duty League!
Information on the highly anticipated Call of Duty League has finally been revealed. The competition will start in 2020, will feature 12 teams, and will be “home-vs-away 5-versus-5 professional match play.” All gameplay will be played on PS4, as COD remains the only game where the competitive scene is not played on PC. Teams will come from Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, Paris, and more! In addition, Call of Duty Challengers is returning and there will be a new competition called Call of Duty League City Circuit.
4. Patrick Mahomes Continues Madden Curse!
Do you believe in the Madden curse? Well, you may want to start believing now if you don’t. Patrick Mahomes, the face of Madden 20, continued the uncanny streak of bad luck to those who dawn the Madden cover by dislocating his knee in last night’s matchup against the Broncos. The Madden curse has been in effect for well over two decades and seems to not be slowing down. I mean, do you remember who was on the Madden 2019 cover? Antonio Brown.
5. NBA 2K20 is the Best Selling Game in 2019!
Coming as a rather large surprise, NBA 2K20 is leading the way as the best-selling game in 2019 so far. The EA franchise has sold more copies than games like Borderlands 3 and Ghost Recon Breakpoint. NBA 2K20 should enjoy it while it lasts because Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is going to absolutely obliterate the 2019 record, and may put itself on the all-time leaderboard, when it releases next week.

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The Daily Moot (10/17/19)

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 4K PC Trailer!
This game will never cease to amaze us. The music, the scenery, and the story is second to none and will only be better when it is available on PC. As you know, that time is coming VERY soon (November 5th)! The Red Dead Redemption 2 4K PC trailer came out today and it is 100% worth the watch. Simple, elegant, intriguing.
2. Spooky Skeletons Have Invaded Sea of Thieves!
Just like most other video games, Sea of Thieves has introduced their spooky Halloween themed update. This update is a free “raid” on the Fort of the Damned which rewards players with MASSIVE rewards, including a guaranteed Chest of Legends. Check the link below to see everything new in the Sea of Thieves October update!
3. PUBG Season 5 Trailer!
PUBG Season 5 is just around the corner, coming to PC on October 23rd and to consoles on October 29th! The new content includes the ability to throw all melee weapons, a new Survivor Pass, and significant changes to the lackluster map, Miramar. Miramar will now include vending machines, a new vehicle, race tracks, stunt jump, and more which will surely make the map more exciting! You can see the trailer and all that is new in the article below.
4. Overwatch X Nintendo Switch = FAIL!
Simply put, Overwatch is way too much for the Nintendo Switch to handle. From character models not rendering, to slow, unathletic movements and gameplay, Overwatch on the Switch falls short in many aspects. The Switch runs all games (handheld or docked) at 30 fps which some would consider laughable, but 30 fps should be enough to play any game smoothly. If you are looking to play Overwatch it may be best to look elsewhere besides the Switch.
5. Anthem Halloween Event: Season of Skulls!
Anthem? Do people really still play this game? Apparently… 🤷‍♂️ Anyways! The extremely disappointing game, Anthem, has unveiled their Halloween event called Season of Skulls. During the event, players will find new spooky cosmetics as well as a bunch of new activities to explore in Anthem’s open world. All players will be rewarded with crystals which in turn can be used to buy limited-time items!

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The Daily Moot (10/16/19)

1. Riot’s League of Legends 10th Anniversary Celebration was LIT!!
League of Legends is ten years old, HOORAY! The video game powerhouse celebrated in a fashion in which only they could pull off – a massive birthday bash livestream! In the livestream, Riot revealed a handful of super exciting projects they have been working on including a new LoL Champion, a LoL Hero shooter, a new fighting game, a LoL themed anime, and much more! Check out the link below for more on the League of Legends birthday bash livestream!
2. New Gigantamax Pokémon in Sword & Shield!
Let the truth be known! Gigantamax versions of Pikachu, Charizard, Eevee, and Meowth will all be available in the highly anticipated game, Pokémon Sword & Shield. Gigantamaxing a Pokémon is a brand new way to increase the overall fighting performance in battle which gives your Pokémon an all new look (honestly kind of a weird/crazy look). You’re going to want to see what Meowth looks like, that’s for sure…
3. Google Stadia Release Date & Confirmed Games!
The Google Stadia, the cloud base gaming platform which allows you to play your favorite games anywhere, will be available to the world November 19th 2019. This is right around the corner! Now, you may be asking, what games are going to be available on this new platform? Well, we have answers for you! Check out the link below to see all of the games confirmed for the Google Stadia (some pretty sweet games are coming!).
4. Ghost Recon Breakpoint Patch 1.0.2!
The Ghost Recon Breakpoint Patch 1.0.2 was recently released across all platforms. Fans had hoped this patch would make a major difference in gameplay by reducing bugs and lackluster AI, but in reality it changed very little. The game has so much promise and is fun on the surface but when you dive a little deeper you realize it is a rushed AAA title that will get kicked to the curb once Call of Duty: Modern Warfare released on October 25th.
5. $20 Boost to Level 900 in Destiny 2!
Want to boost your Destiny 2 character to power level 900?! Well now you can for a simple $20 (or you could buy some pizza or a lot of tacos)! Destiny 2 is allowing anyone to boost their character to power level 900, but there is a catch. In order to purchase the power boost, you must have already had a character reach level 900 the good ol’ fashioned way. This micro transaction seems odd as it is a small reward for a rather large sum of money. Is this game still relevant at all? Let us know in the comments!

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The Daily Moot (10/15/19)

1. Fortnite Chapter 2
After a crazy weekend event that included almost two days of server downtime, Fortnite has officially launched Chapter 2. Chapter 2 introduce several new features to the game, but the highlight is the new map. On the new map there is fishing, swimming, boats, and more to explore. Fortnite fans, are you excited?
2. Overwatch Halloween Terror Event is Live
Overwatch’s Halloween Terror Event is live now! The event will last three weeks and you can earn unique cosmetics during each of those weeks. If you win nine games in a week, you will unlock that week’s skin. The popular PvE game mode Junkenstein’s Revenge is also back for another year.
3. Blizzard Cancels Overwatch on Switch Launch Event
Blizzard just cancelled a launch event for Overwatch on the Switch. The event was scheduled to take place this week in New York City. There was no official reason given for the cancellation but most suspect it is related to the Blizzard controversary from last week. While this event has been cancelled, BlizzCon is still scheduled for early next month.
4. Apex Legends Fight or Fright Event
The Halloween event for Apex Legends just launched today, introducing a new game mode to King’s Canyon. Shadowfall brings players to a nighttime version of King’s Canyon for a sweet invasion-type game mode. There are also 24 new premium cosmetics that you can purchase directly or unlock via Apex Packs. Fright or Flight lasts until November 5th.
5. WoW Classic Update Adds Dire Maul
The Dire Maul dungeons were originally slated to release as a part of WoW Classic’s phase 2, but they’ve just been introduced early. Dire Maul is a collection of 3 high level dungeons that offer tons of loot upgrades for max level players, including a bounty of caster gear specifically. Dire Maul also provides lucrative farming opportunities to several classes that can utilize “tribute runs” or “jump runs” to farm aspects of Dire Maul repeatedly.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/11/19)

Why are we upset with Blizzard? (Moot Points Episode 74)
EDIT: Blizzard announced Friday evening they were reducing the ban lengths for Blitzchung and the two casters down to 6 months.
This week's video is different from normal due to the serious nature of the topic. We hope that you still enjoy the video on this critical topic.
1. Leak Reveals “Fortnite Chapter 2”. New Map?!
A leak for Fortnite’s next season seems to suggest some pretty big changes for the next season. The image says ‘Fortnite Season 2,’ which means something massive is going to happen, right? The leaked image shows a group of 3 players looking across a river at what looks like a new map. Fortnite players, are y’all excited for a new map?
2. League of Legends asks Players and Casters to Avoid “Sensitive Topics”
The League of Legends World Championship is currently underway. Teams from around the world compete in the year’s biggest tournament as it is broadcast to fans everywhere. Given the current climate regarding Hong Kong, China, and gaming in general, Riot felt it was appropriate to ask their players and casters to avoid “sensitive topics.” This cowardly plea is to avoid upsetting The Chinese government and fan base, as League of Legends is hugely popular in China. Oh, and Riot Games is 100% owned by Tencent, a massive Chinese company. Oh, and Riot Games said there could be consequences if any players or casters discuss “sensitive topics” on air. Way to stand up for freedom, Riot!
3. Hearthstone Caster ‘ThatsAdmirable’ Steps Down
Another Hearthstone caster is stepping away from the game after Blizzard’s extreme punishment of Blitzchung, the Hong Kong based Hearthstone player who spoke out during an on-air interview. Nathan ‘ThatsAdmirable’ Zamora is following in Brian Kibler’s footsteps as he will also step down from commentating Hearthstone Grandmasters matches. Admirable says he must do what he believes is right and he says he cannot work for a company that does not uphold their ‘Every Voice Matters’ ideal.
4. Sign up for the Gwent on iOS Closed Beta Now
Gwent, the card game out of The Witcher series, is coming to a mobile device near you! Gwent will release on iOS on October 29th, but you could play before then! You can sign up for a closed beta for the game on iOS right now through the link below. Apparently spaces are very limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-serve basis so sign up ASAP!

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/10/19)

1. Apex Legends Screenshots Tease a New Character
Apex Legends lead designer posted some interested images on Twitter earlier today. The images show Octane’s Gauntlet during production and one of them shows what looks like a previously leaked Legend. Leaks dating back a couple months have shown a character named Revenant, but we’ve now seen Revenant in an official capacity. It also seems Revenant is responsible for the Halloween spookiness, so we may be seeing them sooner rather than later.
2. Pokemon Masters Producer Apologizes for a Boring Game
Pokemon Masters is a new mobile game that is apparently boring to play. It is so boring, in fact, that the producer of the game Yu Sasaki publically apologized for the lack of content. He addressed a list of player complaints including poor battle design and promised to address them. While there’s no road map for improvements yet, it is invigorating to see the game’s developer step up and take ownership of its mediocrity.
3. Play Local Multiplayer Games Online on Steam
Steam just revealed a new featured called Remote Play Together, which will enable you to play online co-op with friends for games that are normally restricted to local co-op. The particularly exciting aspect of this? You can now play games on Steam without owning them. All you need is a friend who owns the game and wants to play with you! That shouldn’t be too hard, right? Right? Guys? …
4. Rocket League x Stranger Things for Halloween
Well it didn’t take long to find out what kind of ‘twist’ Psyonix had planned for this year’s Rocket League Halloween event. This year’s Haunted Hallows event in Rocket League will be Stranger Things themed! This actually makes a lot of sense because Psyonix was acquired by Epic Games and Epic Games brought Stranger Things to Fortnite earlier this year.

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POPULAR The Daily Moot (10/9/19)

1. Apex Legends Vaults are now Accessible
When Respawn Entertainment revealed the new map for Apex Legends we immediately noticed the vaults. The vaults on the new Apex map, World’s Edge, are packed with amazing loot. The issue, though, is the vaults are also locked. Originally players were unable to find vault keys but now the drones that patrol the new map have started dropping them. If you loot a key card from a drone, head to one of the three vaults on the map for a chance at awesome loot for your whole squad.
2. Top Hearthstone Personality Brian Kibler Steps Down from Commentary
Brian Kibler is a prominent figure in the Hearthstone community. He competed at the highest level of the game, streams it regularly, and even commentates official tournaments. In a statement, Kibler explained that he understands why Blizzard punished Blitzchung; Blitzchung used their streams to make a political statement. However, Kibler feels the nature of the punishment, which includes a one-year ban and removing all of his winnings from the past year, is extreme. In response to Blizzard’s actions regarding Blitzchung, Kibler has announced he will no longer be commentating Hearthstone Grandmasters events.
3. Epic Games Claims They Won’t Ban you for Political Statements
Earlier this week Blizzard banned a Hearthstone pro for making a political statement during a Blizzard event. Today, the CEO of Epic Games Tim Sweeney has claimed his company would NEVER ban a player for making a political statement. Even when someone pointed out Epic Games is 40% owned by massive Chinese company Tencent, Sweeney doubled down and said that doesn’t matter. Do you believe Epic Games on this?
4. Battlefield 5 to Host Several Free Weekends
Starting tomorrow, there will be a series of free weekends for you to test out Battlefield 5. Each weekend will focus on a specific game mode, which means you won’t have free reign to completely test the game out. This weekend’s free trial is for the Rush game mode. Next, you’ll get a chance to play Conquest. Finally, on October 24th you’ll have an entire weekend to test out the Grand Operations game mode.
5. The Division 2 Episode 2 Coming this Month; Raid Delayed
The Division 2’s second episode of downloadable content is coming out this month, but the raid has been delayed. The new episode, titled Pentagon: The Last Castle, will introduce new main missions, a new specialization, and a new PvP mode. The new PvP mode is Team Elimination, where teams of 4 battle against one another. The Last Castle releases on October 15th for Year 1 pass holders and October 22nd for everyone else.

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