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PopularThe Daily Moot (11/16/18)

1. Happy Friday Mootmedians! In this week’s special episode we show you all the best Moot bloopers as we take you behind the scenes of Moot Points.
2. Fortnite Takes Down Red Dead Redemption 2 to Win Game of the Year
At this year’s Golden Joystick Awards, there were two clear favorites for Game of the Year: Fortnite and Red Dead Redemption 2. Although most critics favored Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s not hard to see why Fortnite took home the gold. Fortnite is a phenomenon that is bigger than gaming, and there's no doubt that popularity contributed to their victory. Do you agree with the Golden Joystick Awards? What would be your pick for Game of the Year?
3. Stardew Valley has Already Made $1Million on Mobile
Stardew Valley, already a smash-hit on PC and console, is now dominating the mobile market as well. In less than a month since its release on mobile, Stardew Valley has already earned over $1Million. The farming sim/rpg/adventure game has been a fan favorite since it’s initial release in 2016 and is the perfect type of game for a mobile port. Hopefully this will start a trend of great mobile games that don’t rely on microtransactions.
4. Bethesda Lays Out Improvements for Fallout 76
In response to first-week criticisms and complaints for Fallout 76, Bethesda has promised a series of improvements and bug fixes before the end of the year. Although many of the improvements are PC-only, players will be delighted to hear that a stash limit increase is among the top priorities. The first patch for Fallout 76 comes out on Monday.
5. Happy Birthday to Shigeru Miyamoto!
Happy birthday to Shigeru Miyamoto who turned 66 today! Perhaps the most famous gave developer of all time, Miyamoto is responsible for some the most well known and critically acclaimed games of all time. With incredible game series like Mario, The Legend of Zelda, and Donkey Kong all in his resume, it’s easy to see why Miyamoto is a huge part of Nintendo’s success and why he’s often considered the greatest game developer ever.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (11/15/18)

1. Playstation will NOT be Attending E3
For the first time in E3’s 24-year history, Playstation will not be attending the event. In lieu of E3, it sounds like Playstation has something unique up their sleeves, saying that are looking for “inventive opportunities to engage the community” and that they “can’t wait” to share their plans. What exactly are these plans? Your guess is as good as mine. Hopefully we’ll be hearing some specifics in the near future.
2. West Virginia Makes “Reclamation Day” from Fallout 76 a Reality
In honor of Fallout 76, November 14th has been officially named “Reclamation Day” by the state of West Virginia. Fallout 76, which takes place in West Virginia, has brought significant amounts of attention and tourism to West Virginia, and it's clear the state has benefited tremendously from the game’s publicity. Despite being a post-apocalyptic franchise, the relationship between Fallout and West Virginia has been nothing but positive; making Reclamation Day official is just the icing on the cake.
3. USC is Paving the Way for the Future of Esports
The University of Southern California has just announced the launch of their Esports Union (ESU). Unlike other collegiate esports teams, the ESU will act as a varsity team for the Trojans, helping pave the way for esports as a major sport in the public eye. They are currently focused on League of Legends, which was founded by USC graduates Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill, but they intend to add Overwatch and Super Smash Brothers in the near future. This is a great sign for the future of esports and should help legitimize elite gamers as serious competitors worthy of attention from powerhouse universities.
4. Nintendo Shuts Down Rumors of the N64 Classic
Following the success of the NES and SNES Classic, many die hard Nintendo fans assumed that a N64 Classic would be the next logical step. Unfortunately, Nintendo shut down those rumors, explaining that they only released the NES and SNES Classic as a marketing scheme to promote the Nintendo Switch. Although they didn’t rule out the possibility of a N64 Classic in the future, they have made it clear that they won’t be releasing it anytime soon.
5. Telltale Games is Going Under
After a year filled with scandals and turmoil, it appears that Telltale Games is finally shutting down. Although they had a good run, especially with series like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones, it seems that Telltale Games couldn’t overcome their poor management decisions. Many of their games are starting to be removed removed from the Steam Marketplace so now is likely your last chance to buy their games before they’re gone for good.

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The Daily Moot (11/14/18)

1. Rainbow 6 Siege Free Weekend is Back!
The Rainbow 6 Siege Free Weekend is back! From November 15-18, you can download and play Rainbow 6 Siege completely free of charge. Any progress you make during Free Weekend will be saved in case you choose to buy the game in the future. During Free Weekend, Ubisoft will also be offering steep discounts on all versions of the game, so now is the perfect time to give Siege a try if you haven’t already.
2. The United States Army is Starting an Esports Team
In an effort to persuade today’s youth to join the military, the U.S. Army has announced that they will be starting their own Esports team. Although there’s no news about which games they intend to compete in, they have made it clear that the teams will be comprised entirely of enlisted, veteran, and active-duty members of the Army. They hope this will make the Army seem more relatable to America’s youth. Could this strategy work? Let us know what you think!
3. New Fortnite Game Mode: Food Fight
Fortnite has released a new temporary game mode dubbed “Food Fight.” Teams (which are divided as Pizza or Burger) will be separated by a giant barrier which allows players to build a defensive fort around their fast-food mascot. Once the barrier falls, players will have to break through the opposing team’s defenses and attempt to assassinate the enemy mascot. You can watch Epic’s promo trailer below:
4. PC Classic Console Announced
The trend of re-releasing the games of past generations is in full swing. Following the success of Nintendo’s release of the NES Classic and SNES Classic, Playstation announced that they will be releasing the Playstation Classic in December. Well, in a move that’s either crazy genius or crazy stupid, one crowdfunding project has decided to take it a step further by re-releasing classic PC games on a new PC Console. The “PC Classic” will contain about 30 games from the ‘80s and ‘90s. You may be wondering why anybody would need to buy a separate PC Console in order to play these classic titles, rather than using the PC they already own. I know I am.
5. Red Dead Redemption 2 Online Beta Coming at the End of the Month
Although no specific date has been given, Take-Two has announced that Red Dead Redemption 2 Online will begin its public beta at the end of this month. There aren’t any details regarding the restrictions of the beta, so all we can do is hope that it will be available to everyone that’s purchased the game. Rockstar has stated that they want to give players plenty of time to complete the story and side quests before releasing the Online version, which means it may be a while before we see a full release.

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The Daily Moot (11/13/18)

1. Glider Redeploy is Leaving Fortnite’s Default Modes
Glider redeploy was controversially added to all game modes in Fortnite about a month ago. If players fell from a certain height, they would be able to pull out their glider. This naturally changed the dynamic of many aspects of the game and was rather controversial. Epic Games will be removing glider redeploy from the game’s default modes, restricting it only to larger team modes, while they continue testing the mechanic. Do you guys enjoy glider redeploy? Do you want to see it again? Let us know!
2. Blizzard Announces Official Overwatch Cosplay Battle
Blizzard is organizing an official cosplay battle that will pit teams from six different European countries against each other. The Overwatch Cosplay Battle will see teams of three cosplayers from France, Germany, Italy, Russia, Spain, and the United Kingdom spend three months working collectively on one costume. Which costume each team makes will be influenced by community votes. There is a panel of judges, Blizzard artists and cosplayers included, and the community vote will also matter.
3. PUBG on PS4 to have Exclusive Cosmetics
If the former biggest game in the world coming to the PlayStation 4 wasn’t already exciting, Bluehole has now revealed PS4 players will get some exclusive cosmetics alongside their purchase of PUBG. What is especially sweet is the nature of the cosmetics, as they’re all related to other PS4 exclusives. You’ll be able to play as Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series, and if you pre-order you’ll get Ellie’s backpack from The Last of Us. Finally, if you play on day-one you’ll get a bonus PlayStation themed parachute.
4. Path of Exile: Betrayal Coming Soon
Path of Exile is a free dungeon grinder RPG, akin to Diablo, that has seen overwhelming positive reviews over the past couple years. Path of Exile: Betrayal is a new update coming in December that sees Jun Ortoi investigating a mysterious organization known as the Immortal Syndicate. The Syndicate has eighteen members, and you will need to play them off of each other to manipulate the organization. You can also raid Syndicate safehouses for sweet new loot. Check out all the details of the massive update at the official link below!
5. The Game Awards 2018 Nominees
The Game Awards has revealed their nominees for dozens of different awards. Your choices for game of the year are Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Celeste, God of War, Marvel’s Spider-Man, Monster Hunter: World, and Red Dead Redemption 2. Fortnite has been nominated for 4 awards: Best Ongoing Game, Best Mobile Game, Best Multiplayer Game, and Best Esport. Check out the rest of the nominees and cast your votes at the link below!
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The Daily Moot (11/12/18)

1. Mounted Turrets are Coming to Fortnite
An in-game message over the weekend teased the addition of a crazy new item to Fortnite’s battle royale mode. The new item is the Mounted Turret, which came with the description “Place the Mounted Turret and hop in to apply some suppressive fire! Careful not to overheat.” As usual, the item is ‘coming soon,’ which means we can probably expect it toward the middle or end of this week. What do you guys think? Awesome, stupid, broken, busted? Let us know!
2. Keyboard and Mouse Support Coming to Xbox One
Starting with Fortnite and Warframe, Xbox One games will soon start to get official support for keyboard and mouse inputs. Developers will be able to choose if they’d like to introduce support for the input method. Microsoft also announced a list of games that will get keyboard and mouse support sometime in November and some games that will get it eventually, but not necessarily soon. Check out the lists in the article below.
3. Warframe hits new All-time High Player Count
Although Warframe released all the way back in 2013, it is still constantly growing. Every update developer Digital Extremes releases brings more players into their free-to-play sci-fi shooter, with the most recent one setting a new record for peak concurrent players. In the wake of the latest update, named Fortuna, Warframe saw 132k concurrent players on Steam this past weekend.
4. Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales is now Available on Steam
Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales has been exclusively available on GOG for a few weeks now, but it is finally available to play on Steam. Just like the version on GOG, Thronebreaker on Steam will cost you $30. Unlike if you purchase on GOG though, when you buy on Steam you also get a copy of The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director’s Cut. RPG fans will love the game that kicked off the genre-defining series, but more modern game fans may find it a bit rough. Either way, it’s free!
5. DLC for Vermintide 2 called ‘Back to Ubersreik’ Coming in December
A December DLC for Vermintide 2 will be bringing players back to Ubersreik where things all started. Three maps from Vermintide 1 have been remastered for the update, starting with Horn of Magnus. Each map has some new secrets awaiting players. While we don’t know an exact release date for the DLC yet, we do know it will cost only $9.99.
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The Daily Moot (11/9/18)

1. Happy Friday Mootmaticians! This week we talk all about our thoughts on the upcoming Super Smash title! Check it out and let us know your thoughts!
2. Zelda: Breath of the Wild Sequel in the Works?
Zelda: Breath of the Wild is one of the most critically acclaimed games of this generation and helped catapult the Nintendo Switch into immediate success. It looks like Nintendo is planning to capitalize on that success with an upcoming sequel. Although nothing is set in stone yet, Nintendo’s Japanese website has posted that they are searching for developers for a new 3D Zelda game. If it’s anywhere close to as good as Breath of the Wild is, Nintendo might have another masterpiece in the works for us.
3. Xbox Holiday Giveaway
Xbox is getting the holiday season started off with a bang as they’re giving away several games completely free. Starting today, the original Crackdown is available for permanent download and PUBG and PES 2019 are available for free play. The offer only lasts until November 11, so make sure to hurry if you want to get in on the fun.
4. Prima Games Shutting Down
Prima Games, which has been producing detailed strategy guides for nearly 3 decades, is shutting down. The one-time goliath with millions of strategy guides sold is yet another example of the changing tides of gaming in the internet age. It’s no surprise to see them shutting down considering that guides for every game are available for free on the internet, but it is certainly the end of an era.
5. Fallout 76 Pre-Download Available Now
Fallout 76 is now available for pre-download for anybody that pre-ordered the game. This means that the game will be ready to play right when it launches on November 14. Right now the pre-download is only available for Xbox, but it should be coming to PC and Playstation in the next few days. Let’s hope Fallout 76 lives up to the hype!

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The Daily Moot (11/8/18)

We just introduced Moot V2.2.1 which has some massive improvements to the LFG experience on Moot. Check out the post below to see how we made finding your perfect teammates even easier than it was before!
1. YouTube has Arrived on the Nintendo Switch
Well, it looks like the rumors from earlier this week were in fact true. The incredibly popular video streaming app YouTube is now available for free download on your Nintendo Switch. Before now, the only video streaming service on the Switch was Hulu. A large reason for the lack of non-gaming apps on the Switch was Nintendo’s desire to focus on growing their games library first, but now that the console has a decent array of games you can expect more non-gaming apps like YouTube to become available.
2. Red Dead Online Beta Coming at the End of November
We already knew the Red Dead Online beta would be coming out in November, but Rockstar has now confirmed it will release to the public at the end of the month. The developers also confirmed Red Dead Online will use the game’s full map and have fluid development. That means, like GTA Online, the developers will tune Red Dead Online’s development to match what the players like and dislike. Get those campaigns finished soon people, you don’t have much time left!
3. Fallout 76 Beta now Locks FOV and Caps Framerate
The Fallout 76 beta on PC has had some bumps so far, with speed-hacking being rampant for those who knew how to unlock their framerate. Now, instead of fixing the actual issue, Bethesda has resorted to locking the framerate and heavily restricting the Field of View options. There is only one more beta period before the game’s official release next week.
4. Hitman 2 Official Gameplay Launch Trailer
Hitman 2 has had some exciting advertising building up to its release, the pinnacle being a series of videos featuring Sean Bean. This morning, the game’s official gameplay launch trailer came out and it definitely helps to build the hype. Hitman 2 is available tomorrow if you have purchased the Gold Edition, but the rest of us will have to wait until November 13th to get our hands on it.
5. World of Warcraft Classic Demo Will Continue Through the Weekend
If you purchased a Virtual Ticket for BlizzCon 2018, you’ve had access to the World of Warcraft: Classic Demo for the past week. Blizzard announced today the demo won’t last forever; in fact, it will be unavailable after this weekend. In the demo, you can choose your race and class and then you start at level 15. You can explore one area, the Barrens for the Horde and Westfall for the Alliance, and you can only level up to 19. World of Warcraft: Classic will full release next summer.
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PopularThe Daily Moot (11/7/18)

1. Treyarch Adds a Zombie Boss to Blackout
Blackout already features some zombies in certain spots on the map, but the game mode now also features the Blightfather from the game’s Zombies mode. The Blightfather is located south of the Asylum area in the Graveyard. You’ll know when the Blightfather is around to kill by a red pillar of light. Treyarch has also said those who are able to kill the Blightfather will be rewarded with some sweet loot. The Blightfather won’t be around forever though, as Treyarch announced he will disappear on November 13th at 10am PDT.
2. Temporal Surge lets Destiny 2 Players buy Retired Emotes
Destiny 2 players can usually purchase cosmetics for the current season in the Eververse store. When the season ends, the cosmetics are no longer available. But now, Bungie is introducing the Temporal Surge store to Destiny 2, where players will be able to buy cosmetics from previous seasons. The current Temporal Surge store offers only emotes, but Bungie has promised future Temporal Surges will include different cosmetics. The only hitch with the Temporal Surge is that the cosmetics included can only be purchased with Silver, which is Destiny 2’s real-money currency.
3. Red Dead Redemption 2 has Sold 17 Million Copies
If you haven’t played it yet and couldn’t tell from all the buzz around it, Red Dead Redemption 2 is a pretty sweet game. So sweet, in fact, that 17 million copies of it have already been purchased around the world since it released on October 26th. Technically those 17 million copies have been sold to retailers, but not necessarily passed on to consumers yet. The game also had a historically massive opening weekend, raking in $725 million over 3 days. All of this and it’s not even available on PC.
4. Esports Arena is Opening Locations Inside of Walmarts
Esports Arena is a company that runs gaming locations around the West Coast of the US, but they will soon be expanding into Walmarts. There are five locations planned so far, presumably with more on the horizon if the initial wave does well. Each of the five Walmarts will feature roughly 25 PCs or PlayStation 4 setups that will be linked with other Esports Arenas for tournament and league play. The price is $5 per hour and $10 to enter events.
5. League of Legends Worlds 2018 was the Game’s Most Watched Event Ever
League of Legends viewership numbers have been declining over the course of this year, possibly due to the meteoric rise of Fortnite, but this year’s World Championship still set a new high-water mark for the game. At one point during the past weekend, 1.14 million people were watching Worlds which tops last year’s record by 50,000.
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PopularThe Daily Moot (11/6/18)

1. NFL Skins are Coming to Fortnite
In a totally unexpected but absolutely awesome announcement, The Fortnite Team revealed they are partnering with the NFL to bring each team’s jersey into the game. Players will be able to purchase the NFL jerseys and switch it to any of the 32 NFL teams, plus a unique Fortnite team jersey. Players can also choose any number between 1 and 99 to go on the Jersey.
2. PUBG Coming to PlayStation 4 in December
PUBG will be coming to the PlayStation 4 in December, according to video game analyst Daniel Ahmad’s post in ResetEra. This will be roughly one year after the game came to Xbox One as a timed console exclusive. To us, this seems far too late to capture a big audience as Fortnite and Black Ops 4 are both so popular, but maybe some PlayStation 4 gamers will pick up the game to see what they’ve been missing out on.
3. Blizzard Had a Diablo 4 Video they Chose Not to Play at BlizzCon
Last night Jason Schreier of Kotaku reported that Blizzard had a video of Diablo 4 that they originally intended to play at BlizzCon before they decided not to. Blizzard responded that they did not cancel any of their planned content for BlizzCon, but they did not deny that a video of Diablo 4 exists. The video would have gone a long way to ease fans’ minds about the Diablo mobile announcement, but it seems like some uncertainty about the direction of Diablo 4 may have kept Blizzard from sharing it. Either way, Diablo 4 is being worked on which is good enough for now, right?
4. Action Role-Playing Game ‘Path of Exile’ Coming to PS4
Path of Exile is similar to Diablo, so if for some strange reason you were interested in a different game series to play in the same genre it may be perfect for you. Path to Exile has been enjoying moderate success on PC and Xbox One for some time, so it is only natural for the game to finally come to PlayStation 4. On December 7th the game will receive a content update and then come to PlayStation some time before the end of the year.
5. Current and Former Employees Sue Riot Games for Gender Discrimination
One current and one former Riot Games employees have filed a class action lawsuit against the company for fostering a ‘Men First’ environment in the workplace. The lawsuit alleges that the “Plaintiffs have been denied equal pay and found their careers stifled because they are women.” The Plaintiffs are asking for compensation on unpaid wages, damages, and other penalties. In August, Kotaku released a story that brought accusations against Riot Games to the forefront of the video game world.
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The Daily Moot (11/5/18)

1. Fortnite’s Cube Explodes, Throws Players into a Void
Epic Games announced a special in-game event yesterday and boy was it something. Players who loaded into matches at 10 am PDT got to experience something unlike anything else. The cube at the center of Leaky Lake began to spin before it exploded into a bright light. This sent players into an endless white void, until they eventually reappeared above Loot Lake’s original location, which has once again transformed into something new.
2. Overwatch Reveals a New Hero Named ‘Ashe’
While some Blizzard’s announcements at BlizzCon we’re controversially bad (cough, Diablo, cough), their Overwatch one did not disappoint. Blizzard introduced a new damage Hero named Ashe at BlizzCon on Friday. Ashe’s primary weapon is a single fire rifle that has a sweet scope on it. Ashe also has a shotgun with a knockback on it which she can use to disrupt enemies or reposition herself. But Ashe’s coolest ability is her ultimate, which summons Bob to fight for her. Check out the reveal trailer below!
3. Invictus Gaming is the new League of Legends World Champion
The League of Legends World Championship had some high stakes as China’s Invictus Gaming faced off against Europe’s Fnatic. For the first time in a long time, the world champion was going to be a non-Korean team. Despite the high hopes of many Western fans, Invictus Gaming dominated the finals and won 3-0.
4. Heavy Assault Rifle Coming to Fortnite This Week
The Heavy Assault Rifle will be coming to Fortnite’s battle royale mode sometime this week. Most people probably won’t call it the Heavy Assault Rifle for very long though, as it is basically just an AK47. Epic Games has said the weapon will be “most useful when fired in short bursts” which suggests it will have some hefty recoil to it.
5. ‘Serral’ Becomes First non-Korean to win StarCraft 2 World Championship Series
Joona “Serral” Sotala won the StarCraft 2 World Championship Series this past weekend at Blizzcon, becoming the first non-Korean to ever win the competition. The Finnish Zerg player was a heavy favorite coming into the finals against “Stats,” as Serral had gone undefeated during the tournament’s first week. Serral won the final best of seven series by a score of 4-2.
6. YouTube Might be Coming to Switch on November 8th
YouTube is not currently on the Switch, but that might change this week. Recently, people who search Nintendo’s website have found suggestions for a YouTube app native to the Switch that says it will be available on November 8th. It would certainly make sense for YouTube to come to the Switch. This would represent a big step for the Nintendo Switch toward being the complete entertainment package. All that’s left now is to cross our fingers and wait.
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The Daily Moot (11/2/18)

Happy Friday Mootigans! In this week's episode, we talk about the disaster waiting to happen that is Battlefield V. Specifically, we talk about how long it will be until the game actually gets a battle royale mode. Check it out!
2.Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Releases First Free DLC
Remember Assassin’s Creed Odyssey? That super dope game everyone was playing before Red Dead Redemption 2 came out? Well, it just got its first free DLC story for you to play starting today. The Lost Tales of Greece is a series of free stories that will be added to Assassin’s Creed Odyssey over time. Ubisoft plans to release the stories scattered between chapters of their bigger, paid DLCs.
3. World of Warcraft Classic Demo Will Limit Players
The World of Warcraft Classic demo is available to play today, but there’s a limit. Players will only be able to play for a total of 60 minutes with a 90 minute cooldown. Basically, if you play for 60 minutes you’ll need to wait 30 minutes before you log back in. This will enable as many people as possible to get a chance to test the Classic demo with (hopefully) functional servers.
4. November Clash Royale Balance Update
This month’s update is a fairly juicy one with very little unwarranted balances. Headlining this month’s update is a -9% hit points nerf to the Royal Ghost. The Royal Ghost has been extremely popular recently and had been teetering on the side of OP, so this is absolutely good to see. Check out the full list of all the buffs and nerfs and let us know in the comment section if you think it is fair or not!
5. Hitman 2 Official Launch Trailer Featuring Sean Bean
The official live-action launch trailer for Hitman 2 is so good we should let it just speak for itself, but that’s not our style around these parts. Sean Bean plays the role of The Undying, the game’s first Elusive Target. One week after Hitman 2 launches, you’ll be tasked with hunting down and killing Sean Bean. Although he seems to die in every role he plays, we’re sure he’ll still put up a fight. Watch the incredibly awesome minute long trailer below! Hitman 2 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 13th.

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PopularThe Daily Moot (11/1/18)

1. Full Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Starting Roster Revealed
The final Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct wrapped up this morning and it revealed the last of the full characters that will be included in the game at launch. This morning, we learned the final full character in the game is Incineroar from Pokemon Sun and Moon. Nintendo confirmed the game will have 5 DLCs, each introducing a character, stage, and new music track. They will cost $5.99 each, or you can buy the Fighters Pass for $24.99 and get access to all of them. There may still be echo fighters revealed before the game comes out, and Ken Masters from Street Fighter was revealed as an echo fighter today at the direct.
2. Fortnite Patch V6.21 Introduces Balloons
Buckle up buckaroos, we got another crazy Fortnite item to wrap our heads around. Last week, Epic Games introduced glider re-deploy to their normal game modes and they’ve know announced it will be sticking around for the time being. But today’s patch introduces something even wackier – Balloons! You can inflate balloons to float up in the air, but be careful because enemies can pop them! You can find Balloons in all the normal loot locations.
3. Just Cause 4 DLC Announced
Square Enix revealed this morning an Expansion Pass for Just Cause 4, which launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on December 4th. The Expansion Pass will bring three new content packs to the open-world game over the course of 2019. Players who purchase the Gold or Digital Deluxe versions of the game will gain access to all of the content packs for free. Do you have any interest in Just Cause 4? Have you played any of the older games in the series? Let us know!
4. Fortnitemares Ends this Sunday with a big In-Game Event
Fortnitemares, the Halloween themed event where monsters are storming the Fortnite battle royale map, will come to an end this Sunday. Epic Games announced a big in-game event will take place on November 4th at 10 am PDT that players won’t want to miss. This is reminiscent of a few past Fortnite events, most memorably the rocket launch that took place toward the end of season 4. Many are speculating this will be the end of Kevin the Cube, but who really knows.
5. World of Light is the Story Mode in the New Super Smash Bros. Game
While the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Nintendo Direct revealed some new characters, it also revealed the details of the game adventure mode. The trailer for World of Light showed some lightbeams vaporizing the Smash Bros cast, and you’ll presumably be tasked with rescuing them. It looks like you’ll fight against the different characters to reclaim their spirits and unlock them in the core game. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate launches on the Nintendo Switch on December 7th.
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The Daily Moot (10/31/18)

1. Undertale’s Creator Releases Free and Mysterious New Game
Toby Fox, the man who created Undertale, has released a free game you can download right now from a website called Deltarune. The website has several ominous warnings including “FOR PUBLIC SAFETY, YOU ARE ADVISED TO REFRAIN FROM DISCUSSION OF THE PROGRAM FOR 24 HOURS.” Well, people have disregarded that warning but even with discussion we still don’t really know what the game is about. Check it out for yourself and if you crack the code please let us know.
2. Fallout 76 Beta on PC Sucked, Longer Beta Later This Week
If you were one of the many players who pre-ordered Fallout 76 to gain access to the PC beta you have our condolences. The first attempt at a beta on PC didn’t go so well, as a bug with the Bethesda launcher forced many to re-download the entire game. Seeing as the beta was only scheduled for a short period of time, this meant many didn’t get a meaningful chance to play the game. Fret not though, as the second beta phase set for later this week has been extended to compensate. This Thursday, November 1st the Fallout 76 PC beta will start at 11am PDT and end at 8pm PDT.
3. Titanfall Developer Will Release Multiple Games Next Year
In an EA earnings call yesterday the company’s CEO said that Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind the popular Titanfall franchise, will release multiple games next year. We know one of them is Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, which is set to come out next fall, but no other games have been announced. The studio is also apparently working on a VR War game, which may release next year. But what everyone is hoping for is Titanfall 3. Do you think we’ll see it in 2019, or do we have to wait longer?
4. MediEvil Remaster Announced for PlayStation 4
MediEvil is an old school action-adventure hack and slash game that released on the original PlayStation back in 1998. You play as Sir Dan, who has been accidentally resurrected by his nemesis, the evil sorcerer Lord Zarok. It is up to you alone to stop Lord Zarok before he conquers the Kingdom of Gallowmere with his army of the undead. Sounds SPOOKY! MediEvil is coming to the PlayStation 4 sometime next year.
5. Fortnite is Super Popular on Nintendo Switch
In a recent earnings report, Nintendo revealed that Fortnite has been installed on nearly half of all Nintendo Switch consoles wordwide. To estimate, that means Fortnite has been downloaded on around 11 million unique Switch consoles. Granted, Fortnite is a free game and the most popular in the world currently so it isn’t a huge surprise to see people downloading it. Switch owners of Moot, do you play Fortnite on your Switch or have you ever? Let us know in the comments!
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The Daily Moot (10/30/18)

1. Old School Runescape Mobile Available on iOS Devices
Nerds, rejoice! Old School Runescape is finally available on all mobile devices for free. Old School Runescape on mobile will use your same account from your computer, meaning you can continue progressing on the go. The servers are also cross-platform, so you can play with your buddies no matter what platforms you’re on. This isn’t the end for Jagex and mobile games, as they’re also working to bring Runescape (the non-Old School version) to mobile devices.
2. Red Dead Redemption 2 has Biggest Weekend in Entertainment History
In news that should be surprising to no one, Red Dead Redemption 2 had a fantastic weekend of sales. So fantastic, in fact, that it has set the record for the largest opening weekend of any entertainment product. In just three days, Red Dead Redemption 2 has sold $725 million in copies of the game. The only game launch bigger than RDR2 was GTA V, which launched on a Tuesday.
3. Super Smash Bros Ultimate Direct Announced
Thursday, November 1st at 7am there will be a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct where Nintendo will reveal “roughly 40 minutes of new information” about the highly-anticipated game. Director Masahiro Sakurai will host the Smash Direct, which will be followed by a Nintendo Treehouse: Live presentation that will showcase more of the game. The Treehouse show will also show off Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Pokemon: Let’s Go!, Eevee, Yoshi’s Crafted World, and Diablo III: Eternal Collection.
4. Star Wars Battlefront 2 Introduces General Grievous
EA released an update this morning that introduced the iconic General Grievous to Star Wars Battlefront 2. The Jedi Hunter has several moves you’ll recognize from the movie. Thrust Surge lunges General Grievous forward with all of his lightsabers thrust out in front of him. Claw Rush lets General Grievous quickly maneuver around the battlefield. And Grievous’s final ability is Unrelenting Advance, which causes him to spin lightsabers in front of him, blocking shots and damaging anyone that gets in his way. Check out General Grievous in action in the video below!
5. Battlefield V Won’t Have MicroTransactions at Launch
DICE revealed this morning there won’t be microtransactions or premium currency in Battlefield V when the game launches on November 20th. Players will be able to earn free in-game currency from the start, but they’ll need to wait before they can spend real money on the game (beyond the initial purchase, of course.) DICE said they’re doing this so their game isn’t pay-to-win, but they also promised their premium currency will only be usable for cosmetic purchases. If I can only use the premium currency for cosmetic items, why do you need to keep it out of the game in order for the game to not be pay-to-win?
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The Daily Moot (10/29/18)

1. Full PlayStation Classic 20 Game Lineup Revealed
When PlayStation revealed the PlayStation Classic last month they revealed five games. Today, the remaining games that will come with the throwback console. Standout games that had not been revealed previously include Grand Theft Auto, Metal Gear Solid, Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six, and Resident Evil Director’s Cut. Alongside the previously revealed Final Fantasy VII and Tekken 3 they’ve really picked a fantastic range of old school, iconic PlayStation titles. See the full list of games below. The PlayStation Classic launches in the US and Canada on December 3rd.
2. Steam Halloween Sale is Live Now
The Steam Halloween Sale went live this morning and tons of on-theme games have had their prices slashed. Games like Dead by Daylight, 7 Days to Die, Left 4 Dead 2, and Hunt: Showdown are all on sale. Whether you’re looking for something spooky to play on Halloween night itself, or if you just like horror or survival games, the Steam Halloween Sale is perfect for you. Move quickly though, because the sale ends November 1st.
3. Red Dead Redemption 2 Might be Coming to PC
Red Dead Redemption 2 launched last week on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and immediately blew players away. Although the game didn’t launch on PC and there’s no official mention of it coming to PC, some file names in the official Red Dead Redemption 2 companion app suggests a PC release may be sooner than anticipated. Multiple file names in the companion app mention PC, and there are even some that suggest the game coming to the Oculus VR. Hopefully we hear about the game coming to PC soon, because many of us would love to play this amazing game.
4. Play Battlerite Royale for Free This Week
Battlerite is a free MOBA on steam, and Battlerite Royale is their early access battle royale game. Battlerite Royale usually costs $20 USD although the game will become free once it leaves early access. This week, Battlerite Royale will be free to play as a part of Steam’s Midweek Madness. You can test the game out and see if this is the ideal battle royale for you. If you decide you like Battlerite Royale, it will be 30% off until the free to play period is over.
5. No Man’s Sky Releases ‘The Abyss’ Update Today
The Abyss, which is an update to No Man’s Sky that Hello Games revealed last week, launched this morning. The update focuses on improving the underwater aspect of the planetary exploration game. The update increases the amount of underwater flora and fauna significantly to improve the underwater exploration experience. Hello Games also added several hours of story that will focus on exploring underwater. Finally, there are new tools to help you explore underwater. Check out the free update, available to download today, to see all of the changes for yourself.
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PopularThe Daily Moot (10/26/18)

Happy Friday Vladimir Mootins! In this week's episode we talk about the highly-anticipated RPG Red Dead Redemption 2, which released TODAY for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. As always, we also continue our search for the best gaming snack and reveal the Meme of the Week. Check it out!
2. Multiple Iconic Resident Evil Games Coming to the Switch
Capcom announced this morning they are bringing some of the best games from the Resident Evil series to the Nintendo Switch. Resident Evil, Resident Evil 0, and Resident Evil 4 will all grace the beautiful mobile console at some point in the future. We can hope the HD remastered versions of the games will be what they port to the Switch, but Capcom hasn’t said. They also haven’t revealed when the games will be available on the Switch, but hopefully it will be sometime soon!
3. Black Ops 4 Blackout Streamer Tourney at TwitchCon Starts Tomorrow
TwitchCon started today, but the real fun starts tomorrow with a Black Ops 4 Blackout streamer tournament firing off at 12:30 pm PDT. Four streamers have assembled their squads and will battle it out in lobbies full of fans for part of a $250,000 prize pool. The four streamers are Ninja, Shroud, Courage, and DrLupo. We don’t advocate for betting, not that you could bet on something like this, but if we did we would tell you to pick Shroud’s team. See the action for yourself tomorrow on the Doritos Twitch channel. (Yes, you read that right.)
4. Halloween Returns to For Honor
Last year For Honor celebrated Halloween with the Feast of the Otherworld event. Well, it was popular last year so this year For Honor players get to experience the Return of the Otherworld starting today. Skeleton armies have returned to the game for players to fight off, as well as new challenges, quests, and rewards. There is also a man with a pumpkin for a head, if you’re into that kind of thing.
5. ARK: Survival Evolved comes to the Switch Next Month
ARK: Survival Evolved is a popular survival game with an extra dinosaur twist. Back in March, the studio behind the game surprise-revealed they were working to port it to the Nintendo Switch. Now, they’ve revealed the game’s Switch release date as November 30th. We don’t know exactly what aspects of the original game will translate to the Switch port, but we know for sure it will include hunting, harvesting, crafting, farming, and base building. We also know there will be online multiplayer and a solo mode.

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The Daily Moot (10/25/18)

1. Clash and Maestro Nerfed in Rainbow Six Siege Update
In a Rainbow Six Siege patch we can expect next week Clash and Maestro are both receiving slight nerfs. Clash will now swap between her CCE Shield and Sidearm a bit slower. She will also take twice as long to start refilling charge and attackers will regain mobility faster after Clash shocks them. Maestro has only one change, but it’s a significant one; Maestro’s LMG will no longer have its unique recoil pattern and will now align with other LMG recoil patterns in the game. Finally, this update reduces SMG-11 recoil.
2. PUBG’s New Event Mode is ‘One Gun Warrior’
PUBG was a bit late to the game when it comes to special event modes, but they’ve had a few good ones. This weekend you’ll be able to play ‘One Gun Warrior,’ which is a mode set on Erangel with no weapon spawns. You’ll start off with a themed loadout, like a sniper kit or a melee package. Although there aren’t any gun spawns on the map, you can still loot enemies like normal. As usual, you can play One Gun Warrior now through the end of the weekend.
3. First Fortnite Nerf Gun Revealed
Hasbro and Epic Games revealed this morning the first real life Nerf gun based on a gun from Fortnite. The new Nerf Fortnite AR-L Blaster won’t be available until June 1st of next year, but that won’t stop us from getting hyped now. The gun is based on the Scar-L and features “rapid fire motorized blasting and flip up sights.” Hasbro is going deep with Fortnite-themed toys, as they’re also releasing Fortnite Monopoly tomorrow.
4. Stellaris is Getting an Economy Focused Expansion
Stellaris is a grand strategy game set on a galactic scale. The studio behind the game, Paradox, released a teaser trailer this morning to announce a new expansion that focuses on operating an interplanetary scale. The expansion, called MegaCorp, will enable players to erect trade buildings, lead companies as CEO, and ultimately grow a financial network that spans the galaxy. We don’t know when the expansion comes out, but we do know it will cost $19.99 USD and launch alongside a free update to the base game.
5. A Battlefield V Dev was Accidentally Banned from Black Ops 4
Florian Le Bihan is a developer working on Battlefield V. He is also a big fan of Black Ops 4’s battle royale mode Blackout, and apparently he is pretty good. Le Bihan is so good, in fact, that Treyarch’s anti-cheat measures accidentally banned him. It is no surprise that Le Bihan is good at video games, as he used to be a professional player under the screenname DRUNKKZ3. Le Bihan has since been unbanned, but not before he got to humblebrag on Twitter about being so good that his competitor had to ban him from their game.
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PopularThe Daily Moot (10/24/18)

1. Battlefield V Won’t Have Battle Royale Until Next Year
Congratulations to Treyarch and all Black Ops 4 fans, you’ve officially won. EA revealed this morning that Battlefield WILL NOT include Firestorm, the game’s battle royale mode, until March of next year. Some misleading advertising and poorly time trailers led many players to expect Firestorm to launch alongside the main game, but that has never been the case. How EA could think delaying Firestorm until MARCH OF NEXT YEAR is a good idea is beyond us. The only thing that makes sense is the game mode still needs a lot of work and it wouldn’t be ready any earlier. Rest in Peace Battlefield 5, 2018-2018.
2. Fortnitemares Begins as Halloween Quickly Approaches
A new patch to Fortnite this morning introduced Fortnitemares, the game’s Halloween-themed event. In a new limited time event, players will have to fight off monsters in the game’s battle royale mode. This strongly resembles Save the World, Fortnite’s original PVE mode. The crossbow has returned, alongside the new Six Shooter, to help players fight off the monsters. This patch also introduces glider re-deploy to all game modes.
3. Fallout: New California Mod is Finally Available for Fallout: New Vegas
Fallout New California is a massive Fallout mod for New Vegas that has been in development for around seven years. Now, the mod is finally available to the public. In New California you’ll play as a kid from Vault 18, which has remained a secret vault hidden high in the San Bernardino Mountains. If you’re interested in getting your Fallout fix before Fallout 76 releases, you should seriously consider New California. There’s a narrative trailer included in the article below so you can learn more about the game’s unique storyline.
4. Control Your Own Camera During the Overwatch World Cup
Blizzard is going to test letting viewers control their own camera during the Overwatch World Cup. You’ll be able to watch via the client and have complete access to all the camera tools the Overwatch League camera operators have. You can control the camera, switch between first and third-person views, and choose which players to watch. Hopefully this feature will be fully available by the time the Overwatch League’s second season rolls around.
5. Fallout 76’s Beta Continues This Weekend
Fallout 76 had it’s first round of beta testing last night for four hours exclusively on Xbox One. Xbox One players will get another crack at the beta this Saturday for just two hours from 5-7pm ET. PlayStation 4 and Windows PC players will be able to join the beta on October 30th. All players need to do to gain access to the Fallout 76 beta is pre-order the game on any platform.
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PopularThe Daily Moot (10/23/18)

1. Epic Adds Glider Re-deploy to All Game Modes
In a completely unexpected announcement, Epic Games has announced they will be enabling glider re-deploy in all game modes as part of a test. This test will last a week, which means for the next week whether you’re playing Solo, Duos, or Squads you will be able to deploy your glider if you are falling from at least three stories high. How do you feel about this change? End of the world? Best thing ever? Just another Tuesday? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below!
2. Fallout 76 Will Have a Battle Royale-esque Game Mode
Bethesda has outlined how PVP will function in Fallout 76 and one of the ways to play sounds a lot like a battle royale mode. General PVP in Fallout 76 will be possible only if both players demonstrate their willingness to fight by hitting each other with direct shots. The more exciting way to PVP though is the new Hunter/Hunted Radio station, where four or more players will play a game of cat and mouse. Each player will be assigned another as their target, so you must hunt while also being hunted. Last Hunter standing wins. Oh, also the safe zone decreases over time. Sound familiar?
3. No Man’s Sky Unveils Halloween Event Called ‘The Abyss’
Although No Man’s Sky was originally poorly received, the team behind the game has worked hard to improve their image with No Man’s Sky NEXT. Since NEXT launched a few months ago, the game has seen several free content updates. The next one on the list is The Abyss, which “focuses on some of the eerier elements of No Man’s Sky” to celebrate Halloween. The free update releases next week for all players. Let us know if you’re still playing No Man’s Sky and if you’re enjoying the game since NEXT came out!
4. Pokemon Go Celebrates Halloween by Adding More Pokemon
As of today at 1 PM PDT a new Halloween event has started in Pokemon Go. Players will see increased spawns of Ghost and Dark-type Pokemon, including new Generation 4 Pokemon like Drifloon and Stunky. You’ll also be able to battle and capture legendary Pokemon Girantina in Legendary raids until November 20th.
5. Hunt: Showdown’s New Map Will be Playable at TwitchCon
Hunt: Showdown is an early access title with an incredibly unique feel. The game originally released with one map set in a dark, murky swamp. Although the game is still in early access, developer Crytek has begun teasing a new map. The new map, now titled Lawson Delta, is a stark contrast from the original. For starters, it is set in daytime. Crytek also said they developed this map according to player feedback about the first map, and they claim it creates a much more natural environment for the game’s action to take place in. If you can’t test Lawson Delta at TwitchCon, fret not for Crytek assures us it will be out very soon.
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PopularThe Daily Moot (10/22/18)

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay and Map Leak
Finally, there have been some leaks for Red Dead Redemption 2, which comes to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this Friday. The first leak shows 24 seconds of gameplay where we see Arthur Morgan hop off his horse and shoot some guys, with a sweet slo-mo finish on the last kill. The second leak shows what is apparently the game’s map in its entirety. The clip of gameplay will be hard to find with Rockstar aggressively taking it down, but you can see a picture of the map in the article below.
2. Fortnite’s Floating Island is Acting Weird, Building up to Halloween Event
As of yesterday, Fortnite’s floating island returned to its original location above Loot Lake. Now, the island appears to be summoning something above it. This is most likely related to the recently teased Halloween event coming to Fortnite called Fortnitemares. Last year’s Halloween event started on October 26th so we can expect things to kick off this week if the same schedule is followed. What do you guys expect out of Fortnitemares? A new game mode, new weapons, or something else entirely?
3. Save the World Won’t be Free This Year
Although Epic Games originally promised their PVE mode, Save the World, would eventually be free before the year’s end, they have decided to move Save the World’s free to play launch to next year. Apparently, it is taking a lot to prepare for the influx that will come from a free to play launch and Epic Games has decided the best thing to do is delay. To compensate players who were holding out for free to play by the end of the year, Save the World is 50% off this week.
4. 16-Year-Old is the New Tetris World Champion
The Classic Tetris World Championship took place in Portland, OR this weekend and 16-year-old Joseph Saelee walked away the champion. He defeated in the finals seven-time winner Jonas Neubauer. Although Tetris came out in 1989, the Classic Tetris World Championships didn’t start until 2010. Since then, Neubauer won every year except for 2014 and now 2018.
5. Valve’s Card Game ‘Artifact’ Public Beta Delayed
The public beta for Artifact, Valve’s long-awaited Dota 2 card game, has been delayed. The beta is now expected to release on November 19, slightly more than a week before the game’s official launch on November 28. The beta will remain invitation-only, meaning that there will be no open beta prior to the game’s full launch at its retail price of $19.99.
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PopularThe Daily Moot (10/19/18)

Happy Friday Moot Loops! In this week's episode of Moot Points with Dylan & Brian, the boys talk about Soulcalibur VI which released today! We also introduce a BRAND NEW segment, so please let us know if you like it or love it.
2.The Black Market Comes to Black Ops 4
As of today, the Black Market has come to Black Ops 4 on PlayStation 4. It will be available on other platforms starting next Friday. The Black Market provides Call of Duty players with a place to purchase gear and cosmetic items. There will also be events run through the Black Market, starting with a Halloween-themed Special Event that comes to PlayStation 4 tomorrow and comes to other platforms next weekend.
3. Infection in Halo 5: Guardians Gets a Halloween Revamp
To celebrate Halloween, the Infection playlist in both Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection are getting revamped. Infection in Halo 5: Guardians will have new maps, new modes, and double XP until the end of the month. In the Master Chief Collection, you’ll now be able to play any of your favorite Infection maps from past Halo games all in one playlist.
4. TotalBiscuit to be Posthumously Inducted to Esports Hall of Fame
John “TotalBiscuit” Bain will be inducted to the Esports Hall of Fame at the end of this month. TotalBiscuit, who wore many hats in the video game industry, passed away in May at the age of 33. Bain is perhaps most known for his game critiques on YouTube, where his passion for gaming and staunch advocacy for consumer rights caused many to resonate with his messages. TotalBiscuit will be the first non-player to be inducted to the Esports Hall of Fame.
5. Rocket League’s RocketID System Now Delayed to Next Year
Rocket League currently has cross-platform play in their online playlists but friends on different platforms cannot party up and play together. Psyonix has promised and outlined a new RocketID system where friends will be able to play together and join online matches, much like how Fortnite’s Epic Games IDs allow people across platforms to play together. While the feature was originally planned for September, it was pushed back to “sometime this year” and has been pushed to “sometime next year.”

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The Daily Moot (10/18/18)

1. Red Dead Redemption 2 Launch Trailer
The newest trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2 released today and we are more hyped than ever. We have said just about everything we can say about the upcoming game. Watch the trailer and get ready for greatness! Also, remember we have a sweet Red Dead Redemption lounge here on Moot where you can share your hype, game tips, screenshots, and more with other Mooties!
2. First In-Game Live Event for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey Delayed
Technicial issues have caused Ubisoft to delay the first planned live event for Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. Live events will offer players the chance to complete limited time contracts to earn Epic and Legendary rewards. The first target was meant to be Damais the Indifferent but now players will have to wait until next week to fight “an epic ship arriving in the Aegean Sea” instead. Don’t worry, Ubisoft assures us we’ll get our chance to fight Damais eventually.
3. PUBG PC Update Adds New Weapon, Changes Blue Zone Visuals
A PC only patch for PUBG that has just come to the test servers is introducing the Skorpion to the game. The Skorpion is a new fully automatic pistil that uses 9m ammo and spawns on all maps. You can also now view patch notes in the lobby by clicking the Patch Notes icon in the top right. The other big change in this patch involves the blue zone. The big blue wall delineating between the safe zone and the danger zone is now more transparent.
4. The Stanley Parable’s Hardest Achievement is now Achieveable
The Stanley Parable is an interactive storytelling game that officially released on October 17th, 2013. The game only took a few hours to complete, meaning many players finished it the day it came out. Stanley Parable included several fun or wacky Steam achievements, with the crown jewel being the Go Outside achievement. To earn the Go Outside achievement, you had to NOT play The Stanley Parable for five years. As of today, this achievement is finally earnable for those who completed the game the day it came out. Congratulations!
5. Zombie Mario Comes to Super Mario Odyssey
A ‘Zombie Mario’ costume has just been added to Super Mario Odyssey just in time for Halloween. The Zombie Headwear and Zombie Outfit can be purchased at Crazy Cap shops for 3,000 and 5,000 coins respectively. Both items can only be unlocked after players complete the main storyline.
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PopularThe Daily Moot (10/17/18)

1. PUBG Teases Halloween Event
A short teaser clip on PUBG’s official Twitter account revealed there will be a Halloween event coming to the battle royale game. The clip, which is less than ten seconds, shows a few skins that we can assume will be coming to the game. We see a creepy nurse, a butcher, and an evil clown in the clip. PUBG Mobile has already begun to celebrate Halloween, with a night mode being added to Erangel.
2. Agony Unrated Appears on Steam
Agony is an adult-only survival horror game that released to poor reviews back in May. Many felt the game was over the topic with its adult content, while others felt the game didn’t go far enough. The latter group will be happy to hear Agony Unrated has now appeared on Steam. Agony Unrated is supposed to be the game without any censorship of the most graphic content. Agony Unrated says it will release on October 31st, but there’s been no word or announcement from the game studio.
3. RimWorld Official Launch Trailer
RimWorld is a sci-fi colony management game that officially launched 1.0 today after years in early access. The game has receiving glowing reviews for the duration of its time in early access and doesn’t appear to be slowing down. You start with three colonists who will each have unique backgrounds that determine their strengths and weaknesses. Your story is controlled by one of several storytellers, who each have different moods that lead to distinct tones of gameplay. RimWorld is available on Steam for $34.99 USD and we highly recommend you check it out!
4. Fallout Games Available on Humble Store
Dozens of Fallout games, DLCs, and expansions are available for up to half off on the Humble Store for the next week. The sale is conveniently timed just about a month before Fallout 76 releases. This is the perfect time to get into a Fallout game to get hyped for Fallout 76, which will be an online multiplayer RPG set in the iconic Fallout universe. Fallout 76 releases on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on November 14th.
5. You’ll Get to Kill Sean Bean in Hitman 2
Hitman 2 releases next month and the game first Elusive Target is Sean Bean. A video posted today shows the actor, famous for dying in just about everything he’s in, teasing us to come kill him. Players will have ten days to find and kill Bean in Hitman 2. The mission, titled ‘The Undying’ is the first of many in Hitman 2 where players need to take down Elusive Targets for special rewards. Hitman 2 releases on November 13th.
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The Daily Moot (10/16/18)

1. Fortnite Patch V6.10 Goes Live
Epic Games released a patch for Fortnite this morning that introduced the recently revealed Quadcrasher to the game alongside a new Events tab. The Quadcrasher is a two-seater vehicle that allows you smash through buildings while boosting. The Events tab is where tournaments will be hosted. In-game tournaments will allow any players to enter and play for the chance to unlock a golden pin for that tournament. In the future, tournaments will probably get more interesting prizes.
2. Marvel’s Spider-Man DLC Starts Next Week
Marvel’s Spider-Man launched to almost universal praise just over a month ago and next week the game is getting its first DLC. Insomniac revealed a series of DLCs called The City That Never Sleeps, and the first chapter The Heist will release next Tuesday. The Heist is focused around Felicia Hardy, better known as Black Cat. You can buy The Heist for $9.99 or buy the collection of 3 DLCs, set to all release before the end of the year, for $24.99.
3. Discord Launches New Store Beta
You may notice your Discord client is a bit different today, as it now includes a new store where you can buy games. In a rather ambitious plan, Discord is hoping to become a hub for you to buy games and play them. You’ll be able to connect games you own, even if they require their own launcher, and launch those games directly from Discord. There are also ‘First on Discord’ games that will be available on PC exclusively on Discord for up to 90 days after launching. Check out the store on your Discord and let us know if you like it!
4. New Battlefield V Single Player Trailer
A new trailer came out today showcasing Battlefield V’s single player option, War Stories. There are three War Stories that will be available upon launch and coming in December. Each War Story tells a different ‘untold story’ of World War 2. You’ll resist German occupation in Norway, sabotage enemy efforts as an English soldier, fight with your brothers in arms in Tirailleur, and pilot a Tiger 1 in The Last Tiger. Battlefield V releases on November 20th.
5. Pokemon from Diamond and Pearl are Coming to Pokemon Go
Pokemon from the game’s fourth generation have started appearing in Pokemon Go following a tease last week. These Pokemon come from the game’s Sinnoh region and were originally found in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum. The new Pokemon will come to the game in a few waves, with the first wave happening today. Sinnoh Pokemon are available to catch in the wild, battle in raids, and hatch in eggs. Good luck trainers!
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PopularThe Daily Moot (10/15/18)

1. In Game Tournaments are Coming to Fortnite
Epic Games has revealed a new tournament feature that is coming to their battle royale mode in the 6.1 update. Players will compete in tournament matches to earn points based on eliminations and placement. The in-game tournaments will use matchmaking to match equal skilled players together over the course of a tournament. Although current prizes are restricted to ‘pins’ that sound like just a cosmetic item, in the future that could change. The first tournament is a solo one that starts tomorrow.
2. Big Nerfs Come to Hearthstone’s Most Annoying Cards
Blizzard announced this morning three cards they will be nerfing later this week. The biggest nerf is to Giggling Inventor, which will now cost 7 mana instead of 5. A two mana increase is an absolutely massive nerf in Hearthstone, so we will have to see if anyone plays this card any more. Mana Wyrm almost surprisingly got nerfed, with a cost increase from 1 to 2. This should open the door for some good, cheap mage spells in the future. Finally, Aviana got her cost increased from 9 to 10 to weaken the strength of Druid in the Wild format.
3. New Trailer for Destiny 2’s ‘Festival of the Lost’ Event
The Festival of the Lost starts in Destiny 2 tomorrow and a new trailer revealed more about what we can all expect from the event. Guardians can earn and wear different masks while they search the Infinite Forest. There is also a new, exclusive auto rifle to unlock. The event will introduce new questlines and bounties to keep players engaged, and the trailer even promised a mystery toward the end of the month so be sure to stay tuned for that. Check out the trailer below and start playing Festival of the Lost tomorrow!
4. Valve Reveals how Drafting Will Work in Artifact
Artifact is a digital card game based on DotA 2 and designed by Richard Garfield, the legendary creator of Magic: the Gathering. In any collectible card game, how your draft format works is integral to the success of your game over time. In a video posted in IGN this morning, Valve revealed in its entirety how their draft format will work. To share some details, you will open 5 packs and pick 2 cards at a time. If you a pick a Hero card, it will come with a few of that Hero’s unique cards. And you will pick more cards than you ultimately need for a complete deck, so you can have some flexibility. If you’re interested in Artifact you should watch the video in the article below!
5. Multiplayer Game ‘Town of Salem’ Launches on Mobile
Town of Salem has been a popular browser-based game that tests how well you can lie and detect when others are lying. Players are assigned a role, either Town, Mafia, Serial Killer, Arsonist, or Neutral and act accordingly. As of yesterday, Town of Salem is now available on both iOS and Android mobile devices. Not only is the game now on your phone, but it includes the entire original game plus some sweet new features all for free! Check it now!

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PopularThe Daily Moot (10/12/18)

Happy Friday post it Moots! (like post it notes...forgive us, we're getting desperate.) In this week's episode of Moot Points, we talk about the leaked Harry Potter RPG footage that came out last week. Dylan and Brian are incredibly hyped for the game, especially if all of the leaked details turn out to be true. Enjoy!
2. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Launches Today
It is finally here, Mootios and Mootettes. The next Call of Duty game and hopeful Fortnite-killer is now available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Treyarch has taken some big risks with Black Ops 4, most notably by choosing not to include a single player campaign. Instead of a campaign, Black Ops 4 is launching with a battle royale game mode titled Blackout. Initial reviews of Blackout are positive, but they’ll need to do something magical to start pulling a meaningful number of players away from Fortnite.
3. New Quadcrasher Vehicle Coming to Fortnite
Fortnite’s current coming soon message reveals we will be getting another vehicle introduced to the battle royale game mode called the Quadcrasher. The Quadcrasher looks like a little ATV but with a sort of shield on the front. The in-game description says “Charge the boost to crash through structures or get some air!” We don’t know much more about the Quadcrasher yet, but we can expect to see it in game some time this weekend or early next week.
4. PUBG May Permanently Add Flare Guns
Flare Guns were introduced in a limited-time mode earlier this year and have been tremendously popular ever since. For the unaware, Flare Guns in PUBG can be shot into the air to summon a special air drop. If the Flare Gun is fired inside the safe zone, a care package arrives with premium loot. If a Flare Gun is fired outside of the safe zone, however, it will summon a special vehicle. This weekend you can play Flare Gun Stage 2, a limited time mode meant to see how Flare Guns act in an otherwise normal game of PUBG.
5. Diablo 3 Will Eventually Get Cross-Play
In a recent interview, a Blizzard representative stated “it’s a question of when, not if” regarding cross-console play in Diablo 3. Apparently, Blizzard is working with both Sony and Microsoft to enable cross-platform play for the iconic Diablo 3. This is particularly interesting because Diablo 3 is coming to the Nintendo Switch on November 2nd, and players will presumably be more interested in buying it if they know they can play with their friends.

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The Daily Moot (10/11/18)

1. Festival of the Lost is Returning to Destiny 2
Last year, Destiny skipped the Festival of the Lost due to the timing of Destiny 2’s release. This year, the popular Halloween event is finally making a return and Bungie has revealed most of the details as of this morning. The Festival of the Lost will start on October 16th and will introduce a new vendor, a new currency, and even a new event. The Haunted Forest event will give players 15 minutes to explore as deep into the forest as possible. The Festival of the Lost will be free for all Destiny 2 players.
2. Limited Fallout 76 Stress Test This Weekend
Starting this Saturday morning, Bethesda is hosting a stress test for Fallout 76 before the game’s official beta launches. Unfortunately, the beta is going to be restricted to Xbox One players who have already pre-ordered the game. Not only that, as you will also need to be an Xbox Live Gold subscriber and Xbox Insider member to have a chance to join the beta. You can get more details about the stress test in a FAQ from Bethesda linked in the below article.
3. Fortnite is now Available on all Android Devices
The time has finally come for Fortnite on Android. As of this morning, anyone can play Fortnite on their Android device even if they weren’t invited to the private beta. You still cannot download Fortnite from the Google Play Store, but it is easy enough to download from Epic’s website. To download Fortnite on your Android device you just need to visit Fortnite’s website and scan the QR code. Happy hunting and many victory royales to all!
4. Cities:Skyline Industries Expansion Announced
A new expansion is coming to Cities: Skyline this month that will enable you to develop a massive industrial region in your cities. The expansion introduces more ways to customize your indrustrial areas, supply chains for each of the four main resources, and new industrial buildings. There is also a new service for mail delivery and a cargo airport to ease importing and exporting goods. The Industries expansion will be available on October 23rd and costs $15 USD to pre-order.
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The Daily Moot (10/10/18)

1. Fortnite Patch V6.02 Introduces the Quadlauncher
Another week, another Fortnite patch introducing a new weapon. This time, the weapon is a new rocket launcher that lets you fire four rockets in quick succession. The new weapon, creatively dubbed the Quadlauncher, comes in Epic and Legendary rarities and can be found in chests, Supply Drops, and Vending Machines. This patch also adjusts the drop rates of many snipers and explosive weapons, although the total number of these powerful weapons will stay roughly the same.
2. Hunt: Showdown Teases a New Map
Hunt: Showdown is a multiplayer survival game with some heavy battle royale undertones and it is awesome. Since the game came to early access this year, the team behind it has improved optimization, matchmaking, and performance across the board. Now, they’ve released a teaser to show off an upcoming map called Lawson Delta. Lawson Delta is set in post-Civil War Louisiana and will be playable for the first time at TwitchCon later this month.
3. Nintendo Gives Switch Online Subscribers ‘Legend of Zelda’
Switch Online subscribers got a pleasant surprise yesterday as they found The Legend of Zelda was available for free for them to play. This isn’t just some normal version of The Legend of Zelda though, as Nintendo describes it as a “souped-up” version of the game. Players will start with more rupees, some nice equipment, and powerful weapons. If you beat the game, you’ll get access to a more difficult version called Second Quest.
4. PlayStation Confirms PSN Name Changes, Launches Preview Program
A blog post on the PlayStation website has confirmed the recent rumors that PlayStation players will soon be able to change their PSN name. There will be a preview program of the feature on an invite-only basis. Users in the preview program will be able to change their PSN ID as many times as they wish, but each change after the first will cost $5 USD for PlayStation Plus members and $10 USD for regular members. If it unknown whether these prices will carry over to when the feature goes live. Speaking of, PSN name changes will be available to general public by early 2019.
5. Forza Horizon 4 Reaches Two Million Players in One Week
Just one week after launching, Forza Horizon 4 has seen two million unique players try their game. This makes Forza Horizon 4 the highest-rated Xbox exclusive of the current generation. The team behind the game shared some fun stats to celebrate their first week success. Some highlights include the facts thaet over 4.6 million hours of gameplay have been watched across livestreaming platforms and players have driving over 822 million miles.
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The Daily Moot (10/9/18)

1. Overwatch Halloween Terror Starts Today
Overwatch’s Halloween event kicks off today and the PlayOverwatch YouTube channel released a short trailer showing off some of the skins. Based on the skins shown off in the trailer, this year’s event seems like it will be worth grinding some loot boxes. This Halloween event also brings back last year’s PvE brawl, Junkenstein’s Revenge. Start playing now, as the event ends on October 31st.
2. Epic Games Buys Anti-Cheat Company
Epic Games, the developer behind the world’s most popular video game ‘Fortnite,’ just acquired the anti-cheat company Kamu. Kamu is the creator of Easy Anti-Cheat, software that Epic Games already uses for Fortnite. Fortnite has been lucky to avoid the level of cheating that has plagued their competitor PUBG. Hopefully this move will mean Fortnite continues to be predominantly cheat and exploit free in the future.
3. Stardew Valley Coming to Mobile
The creator of Stardew Valley took to his game’s forums this morning to announced Stardew Valley will be coming to the iOS App Store on October 24th. Stardew Valley recently came to the Nintendo Switch, but soon those without the popular console will have another way to play on the go. The mobile version of Stardew Valley will cost $7.99 USD with no in-app purchases. Although Stardew Valley is originally only coming to iOS devices, an Android release will hopefully not be too far behind.
4. Borderlands 2 VR Announced
Gearbox Official released a trailer on their YouTube channel this morning announcing Borderlands 2 Virtual Reality. Borderlands 2 is a highly popular open world role-playing first person shooter. Borderlands 2 VR will give fans of the series a new way to experience the world of Pandora. The trailer does not show how the gameplay may be different than the original Borderlands 2. Experience Borderlands 2 VR for yourself starting on December 14th.
5. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 Now Backwards Compatible on Xbox One
As of today, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD are both backwards compatible on the Xbox One. Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HD can be purchased on the Xbox Live Marketplace for $20 USD. With today’s additions, the original Metal Gear Solid and Metal Gear Solid 4 are the only MGS games not available to play on Xbox One. Will you all be playing these Metal Gear Solid games on your Xbox One?
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PopularThe Daily Moot (10/5/18)

Happy Friday Super Moot-io Party players! In this week's episode Dylan and Brian discuss Super Mario Party, which released today. BUT FIRST! We've been running the first Moot Caption Contest this week and we received over a hundred over entries, but the contest is now over. Check back Tuesday at noon PDT to see if you won!
1. Moot Points with Dylan & Brian (Episode 24)
2. Bungie Announces Balance Changes in Gambit Mode
Gambit has been an incredibly popular game mode among Destiny 2 players, but one item in particular needs to be nerfed. Bungie announced they will be nerfing the Sleeper Simulant in only Gambit mode, but for some reason we’ll need to wait until October 30th for that change. Bungie has also teased some future changes to Gambit bounties, the frequency of rewards, and other aspects of Gambit so they can keep Guardians engaged with Destiny 2.
3. GWENT Homecoming PTR is Live This Weekend
GWENT is a card game that originated within The Witcher game series. After The Witcher 3 popularized the game, GWENT came to be a standalone digital card game. While it was well received initially, GWENT has slowly declined in popularity. To revive their game, CD Projekt Red is going back to square one with a massive rework called Homecoming. GWENT Homecoming is releasing on October 23rd, but you can participate in the Public Test Realm starting today through October 9th. We’d love to hear your thoughts on the new and hopefully improved GWENT.
4. Nintendo Patents a Game Boy Casing for Touchscreen Devices
Yesterday it was revealed that back in March Nintendo patented a device that looks to try and turn your phone into a Game Boy. The main function of the device looks to be enabling button presses to be recognized by the phone’s touchscreen. While Nintendo hasn’t announced anything official, the accessory could enable a wide range of old school Game Boy games to come to touchscreen devices. Pokemon on your iPhone, anyone?
5. Disney Unveils ‘Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far’
To build hype before Kingdom Hearts 3 releases in January 2019, Disney has unveiled a collection of past Kingdom Hearts games. Kingdom Hearts The Story So Far is releasing on PlayStation 4 on October 30th and will cost $39.99 USD. The collection includes a total of 9 Kingdom Hearts games so you can relive everything that has built up to the new game coming out next year.

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