Pokémemes Shiny starter giveaway

I’m preparing something big but in the meantime I’ll be giving away 1 set of gen 8 shiny starters
-Comment your first gen

And look forward to my big one :)
Good luck

Shiny starter giveaway
Yoshie 360 Yoshie 360 LV.17 Gameboy 2d
Shiny starter giveaway

Pokémemes 🔔 50 Follower ✨Shiny✨ GIVEAWAY 🔔 ⭕️CLOSED⭕️

It’s time for the special giveaway to celebrate hitting 50 followers! Thanks to everyone for their support up to this point. You guys are awesome! Now onward to 100!

So for this giveaway, I wanted it be just as involved as the last one! You need to guess my 🔷TOP 10🔷 favorite Pokémon!!! 😁 If you guess ANY right, you get a random ✨shiny✨ Pokémon from my roster! That means you can earn more than one shiny Pokémon with this giveaway if get several correct answers!!!!

In order to enter:


Here’s the final list:

1. Mudkip
2. Mega-Scizor
3. Swampert
4. Gmax Drednaw
5. Haxorus
6. Honchkrow
7. Lycanroc-Dusk
8. Melmetal
9. Blastoise
10. Marshadow

Here were your clues...

1. All but one Pokémon is in their final evolution.
2. One Pokémon is in their Mega Form, which is the only Pokémon on the list in their original Generation.
3. One Pokémon is Giganatamax. Which is the ONLY one on the list in Generation 8.
4. TWO of them are mythical Pokémon.
5. There are FOUR Water types, but they are not mythical.
6. There are NO legendary Pokémon on the list.

7. There is NO Pokémon on the list from Generation 6.
8. Half the Pokémon on the list are monotype.
9. There are THREE Pokémon on the list from Generation 7.
10. Two of them are STEEL type.
11. One is a DARK type.
12. Two are ROCK type.

13. One is from Generation 4.

Those are your clues. 😁 As time goes on, I will reveal more clues to help narrow down the selection. If Pokémon have been guessed already, try not to guess them again, as I will only count the first person to get each correct answer!

💚 Thank you to all who participated 💚

🔔 50 Follower ✨Shiny✨ GIVEAWAY 🔔 ⭕️CLOSED⭕️
Sandstraw Sandstraw LV.14 Rare Candy 2d
🔔 50 Follower ✨Shiny✨ GIVEAWAY 🔔 ⭕️CLOSED⭕️


I am giving away not 1 not 2 but 5 Shiny Melmetals!!!! All you have to do is comment ! But whoever guesses the number will also get the 3 shiny Galar starters with a shiny Melmetal:) GOOD LUCK !To enter the Giveaway
1-Follow Me
2- Comment a number between 1-2,000

DragonTea DragonTea LV.19 Dragon 6d


Hey everybody! So as I'm nearing 400 followers, I wanted to do a massive giveaway. But I also wanted to do a special themed giveaway for Easter so I figured, why not combine the two?
I am giving away 5 SHINY scorbunny, 5 SHINY bunnelby, and 10 SHINY Togepi!
Your odds of winning have never been so high before!
All you need to do to be entered is the following:
1) Make sure you're a follower
2) Please like this post
3) Make sure to comment below and let me know what your plans are for Easter!
Thank you for your continued support, I am trying to really step things up a notch as far as my content here on Moot (check out the article on sword and shield I just wrote earlier today) and without your good vibes I don't think I could have made it this far! You guys are truly awesome.
Giveaway ends as soon as I hit 400 followers, or Easter. Whichever comes first. Winnings will be delivered within 24 hours after drawing is complete.

Shadonai Shadonai LV.19 Shadow 7m

Pokémemes Huge shiny giveaway

Hey guys a huge giveaway is starting I will be giving away 15 shiny Pokémon those Pokémon are alolan meowth eevee zigzagoon normal form ribombee alolan diglet nicket delibird bonsly salazzle stuffle pikachu aegislash gothita wingull and snowrunt. This giveaway will end the 10th at 8pm Eastern standerted time. To enter like comment and follow

Huge shiny giveaway
Scott3218 Scott3218 LV.6 Nomad 2d
Huge shiny giveaway

Pokémemes 🐣🎉Easter Giveaway!!🎉🐰

After doing a poll to figure out what you guys wanted for a giveaway, I decided on two of them for the giveaway and the guess the number, so I really liked crazyace993’s idea of all the available starters being a giveaway so I will be giving away a shiny bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble! This means that there will be a winner for each set of three! Also, as the guess the number giveaway, I am thinking of a number 1-300 closest number wins a shiny masuda 6iv ditto! And last but not least I will be another giveaway that’s also random selection which will be 3 shiny togepis! All you have to do to enter is like and follow! Have a happy Easter! 🐣 and May the odds be in your favor!

🐣🎉Easter Giveaway!!🎉🐰
Tealo Tealo LV.14 Shadow 3d
🐣🎉Easter Giveaway!!🎉🐰

Pokémemes First !GIVEAWAY! 3 zeraoras

So for my first giveaway ill be giving away 3 zeraoras! The winners will be picked sunday

What you gotta do to join :
Follow me
Follow araluwen he helps me a lot
Like this post
Comment what pokemon is your favorite ultra beast ( i wanted to be original with the comments😂)

Good luck everyone!

Larz24 Larz24 LV.7 Nomad 1d
First !GIVEAWAY! 3 zeraoras


For my first giveaway I will be giving away a shiny mew!
All you have to do is

1. Follow me
2. Like this post
3. Enter a number between 1-1000

The giveaway will end at about 2:00pm PST on Saturday!

Good luck folks!

Ants237 Ants237 LV.11 Dragon 2d

Pokémemes *laughs in snipe shot*

*laughs in snipe shot*
Shadonai Shadonai LV.19 Shadow 2h
*laughs in snipe shot*


I’m Trading 6 sets of shiny dragons (Kyrem and Zekrom and Reshiram) all you have to do to enter is to upvote the comment and follow me it ends on the 11th of April leave a comment saying done when you’ve done all of that

Nony LV.4 Lurker 20h

Sword and Shield, two step forwards, three steps back?

So, here we are, it’s been almost 5 months since Pokémon Sword and Shield came out. Based off of all the information we received in advance it seemed as if they were poised to revolutionize our beloved franchise but when the time came a lot of us were just met with disappointment. Since then there has been somewhat of a bounce back as far as overall satisfaction…but before we get there let’s take a moment and discuss what caused all of this backlash to begin with.

Since the young age of 7, I as well as many fans of this incredible franchise have been sold on a promise. One that can only be described as simply as the old tagline “Gotta catch ‘em all”. Since red and green first hit the market in Japan in 1996 we have been told that we are meant to traverse the lands to capture every single monster we can get our hands on, and for those that are not in our game due to “version exclusives” we are meant to trade with our friends so we can complete that ever elusive Pokédex.
Fast forward 13 years into the future after many games have come out, all with a larger and more diverse Pokédex than the last and Junichi Masuda informs us that for the first time in history that all of the Pokémon would not be in the next mainline games. This of course instantly was followed by a huge call for a boycott. “Don’t buy sword and shield, let’s show Game Freak that we won’t support their decisions” was the freedom cry of every random fan during that time and even some today swear by their decision to avoid purchasing.
As we all know now it never really made a difference to Game Freak’s bottom line because the sales figures for Sword and Shield are, frankly quite impressive. But, is a short-changed Pokédex the only reason everyone originally was so concerned?
Despite the fact that underneath every single preview of gameplay footage that was released ahead of time for Sword and Shield there was a large disclaimer that said something to the tune of “Gameplay footage is not final. Final product is subject to change” it did nothing to prevent everyone and their mothers from analyzing the footage and coming to their own conclusion about how Game Freak just didn’t care anymore simply because the graphics were “horrible”.
Now that we have the final product in our hands, in my honest opinion I don’t think it’s too bad. Yeah, it’s not the most beautiful game on the Switch but for the amount of time that GF had and this being their first real foray into something that could be described as more than “2-D/3-D” it seems pretty good to me.
The main “problem” that most people had was the idea that GF had recycled models from the 3DS straight to the Switch and there was all kinds of various proof that was released to the public by others claiming to show once and for all that GF had duped us and they were just being lazy. I have no personal opinion on this because I think regardless of whether they did or not the Pokémon look better than ever thanks to the much higher processing power of the Switch hardware.
Those are the two main reasons that a lot of people claimed sword and shield would be a flop. Now let’s discuss what GF have done since then to try and improve on these complaints.
Coming soon, to a console near you…
Thankfully we do have a saving grace. By the end of June, we will receive the first of two expansions meant to build upon the backbone of the base games and go one step further. The Isle of Armor is going to be pretty awesome from what we’ve seen so far! It’s essentially another gigantic area that is going to be similar to the original Wild Area, with lots of new features, new clothing options, new characters, etc. There’s even a new legendary Pokémon that can be evolved in two different directions based off your decisions! Not to mention, yes, there is a wave of Pokémon that will be coming with it as well as some gigantamax forms of Pokémon we know and love like the new Gen 8 starters.
Unfortunately, however, it isn’t all of them. Not even with the second expansion “The Crown Tundra” will we finally be able to complete our national Pokédex. From what we know so far, we should be getting around 200+. But that is just barely over half of what exists at this point. We barely know anything about the second expansion as of yet, but I’m sure more information will come out as we get closer to the “Fall 2020” release date. There have been small things that have come along as time as gone on as well to try and alleviate some of the concerns. That brings me to my last point.
Raid until you can’t anymore!
One thing we can say about GF so far is that they’ve done a pretty decent job of making sure that the game at least tries to stay fresh. Every so often we receive an update to the raid battles that are featured in the game, and sometimes even with new Gigantamax forms! This keeps the game going and allows us a new objective every so often to try and go complete our collections of the next humongous Pokémon to hit raid dens. Personally I loved seeing all of the Gmax forms for the first time and it’s almost a nod to the now shuttered and much beloved (but also hated by many) Mega Evolution line.
All in all, I think that now is one of the best times to be a Pokémon fan. Considering that all of the Pokémon even after the expansions have yet to be added back that leaves the door open for possibly more expansions in the future. Regardless of how you feel about these new main line games they have more than ever before brought new people into this incredible community and have also brought all of us together, especially during a time as trying as the state of the world these days. If you love the games, good for you, and I do too. But that doesn’t automatically mean that all of our grievances have been addressed. Nonetheless I will continue to enjoy them for the foreseeable future. Thank you for taking the time to read this, stay tuned for much more content in the future like this!

Sword and Shield, two step forwards, three steps back? +3
Shadonai Shadonai LV.19 Shadow 1h
Sword and Shield, two step forwards, three steps back?


Shadonai Shadonai LV.19 Shadow 2h


Here we are, it's time for the winners of the Lunala, Solgaleo, and Necrozma giveaway to be announced! There they are above, just waiting to be claimed... so as soon as you see that you won, message me and gets yours! Also, Censored Gun imo had the best comment letting me know what fake thing they are doing to spend their time during this COVID-19 they get the Shiny Necrozma! Congratulations!
The winners are:
Dragon 5
I have no clue who
Anonymous Lemons

Pictures below for proof! Thank you to all who entered and keep trying if you didn't win! Also right after this I am making another post so be ready!

Shadonai Shadonai LV.19 Shadow 15h

Shiny Arcanine Giveaway!!!

To enter,
And comment whatever u want

I decided since everyone else is being so generous I would too, I don't have a masuda ditto so I don't have much shinies, but I'll still do a giveaway every now and then, good luck everyone!

Nitrobone Nitrobone LV.3 Lurker 20h
Shiny Arcanine Giveaway!!!

Pokémemes Choose one Pokemon

If you could ever have one pokemon in real life what would it be? Is it shiny or not? I think I would choose Shiny jirachi.

Choose one Pokemon
Life Life LV.16 Dragon 18h
Choose one Pokemon

Pokémemes Throwback to when I made this nightmare fuel as a kid

Throwback to when I made this nightmare fuel as a kid
UwU/OwO UwU/OwO LV.7 Team Rocket 2h
Throwback to when I made this nightmare fuel as a kid

Pokémemes The Official MeltanMaster and Yoshie 360 Pokémon Championship (Updated)

Hey Guys. So on my latest post it seemed you guys liked the idea of MeltanMaster Pokémon Championship. But now it’s a COLAB with me and Yoshie 360 and along with this collab there are MORE prizes that will be available.

On Wednesday April 15 (1 week from now) it will begin

So to enter all you have to do is
1) follow me
2) follow yoshie 360
3) like
4) comment (preferable a suggestion)

You have until April 15th at 12:00pm to enter

And then the battles will begin

Again thank you to Yoshie 360 with collaborating with me


-No legendary/mythical but all others are allowed
-No entree Fee
-You decide singles or doubles with the person your fighting

More info coming soon

MeltanMaster MeltanMaster LV.19 Sage 2d
The Official MeltanMaster and Yoshie 360 Pokémon Championship (Updated)

Pokémemes This is how I feel sometimes!

This is how I feel sometimes!
Shadonai Shadonai LV.19 Shadow 15h
This is how I feel sometimes!

Pokémemes Daily Meltan giveaways #4 (closed)

So today is another day witch is another giveaway
Question is... my most and least favorite starter Pokémon
(This time I will give away 2 Meltan today. 1 for each question)

! You can only guess once !

Note: if you win I can not trade for a few days sry

Edit: hint, it’s in gen 8

MeltanMaster MeltanMaster LV.19 Sage 13h
Daily Meltan giveaways #4 (closed)

Pokémemes Hello

Can anyone trade me a sobble for the dex?

Also if u can plz let me evolve it to inteleon

Eeveevaporeon Eeveevaporeon LV.5 I'm a Bot 2h

pls look at my post (2)

pokemontradergirl♡ pokemontradergirl♡ LV.15 Enderman 5h
pls look at my post (2)

pls look at my post

pokemontradergirl♡ pokemontradergirl♡ LV.15 Enderman 5h
pls look at my post

Pokémemes Shiny

Cynthia Phillips2 LV.3 Lurker 6h

Pokémemes I got my nintendo account back (sorry for the late update)

i talked it over with nintendo and they said that i could only have a one time ban repeal and that if it happened again they wouldn’t do anything about it so hopefullythat doesn’t happen again

Endernoob48 LV.6 Team Rocket 2h
I got my nintendo account back (sorry for the late update)

Come watch some Pokemon yellow

Watch "Pokémon yellow stream" on YouTube

seanny boi LV.9 Nomad 11m
Come watch some Pokemon yellow

Pokémemes THE TIME HAS COME !!

So the giveaway has now officially ended and here are your Winners , for guessing the number spot on the winner of Melmetal and 3 shiny galar starters is Devilcat626!!! And the winner of the Zeraora is Yoshie 360!!! And here are the rest of the winners !!! DM me to claim your prize and thank you all for this :)

DragonTea DragonTea LV.19 Dragon 1d

Made this a while ago, it’s not very good but I tried my best 😅

Made this a while ago, it’s not very good but I tried my best 😅
Tealo Tealo LV.14 Shadow 1d
Made this a while ago, it’s not very good but I tried my best 😅


Alright everyone so it's time to announce the next giveaway! 😁

This time three lucky winners will receive a FULL SET of SHINY GMax Pokémon. Yes, every single one. 😎
(excluding Eevee, Pikachu, and meowth because they are Shiny locked. You will still get a regular GMax of each though!)

Also, I'm thinking of a number between 1-500. Closest to that number without going over gets one of the two unclaimed sets of shiny Fossil Pokémon. Also, closest to my number that's over it gets the other set of shiny Fossils. 😉

So to make that clear... 🤔
If my number was 499 and someone guessed 498 they would get a set and the person who guessed 500 would get a set.

Winners will be drawn on March 23rd. Best of luck to everyone!

(3) COMMENT BELOW (with a number if you want a chance at those fossils!)

Shadonai Shadonai LV.19 Shadow 22d

Pokémemes Just got this on Wonder box trade😍✨🌕

TRADE IS CLOSED!🚫🚫🚫🚫 thanks for the Shiny meltan

Just got this on Wonder box trade😍✨🌕
Justyno94 Justyno94 LV.21 Elite Four 18h
Just got this on Wonder box trade😍✨🌕

🚫CLOSED🚫 3 Shinies!

Hey guys! so I am giving away 3 shiny Pokemon to 3 different people. They are normal pokemon in the Galar dex and will be kept secret until the giveaway is over. All you have to do is:

Follow me.

Upvote here.

And comment your guesses on what the Pokemon might be.

This is my first giveaway and I plan on doing a lot more soon! The giveaway results will be revealed tomorrow!

StatPupet StatPupet LV.18 Be my Mootentine ❤️ 2d
🚫CLOSED🚫 3 Shinies!

Pokémemes 😂😂😂

Justyno94 Justyno94 LV.21 Elite Four 18h

Pokémemes Start Of My Alolan Adventure

Hey guys so I just got a copy of ultra sun and like my poll said the most people voted for me to pick litten so I did

Also I nicked named it after a cat that I had when I was really young (Kane)

Start Of My Alolan Adventure +1
MeltanMaster MeltanMaster LV.19 Sage 18h
Start Of My Alolan Adventure

Pokémemes Coming soon!!!

Me and my buddies are working on a Discord Server for Pokémon, call of duty , Animal crossing , smash bro’s . GTA and more !!! I will also have exclusive giveaways on there as well ! I’d love it if some of y’all came by when we officially make it . Thank y’all 🖤🖤

DragonTea DragonTea LV.19 Dragon 18h
Coming soon!!!

Pokémemes Yes or no?

p.s shiny g-max pikachu and eevee are shiny locked. so no

Yes or no?
Yoshie 360 Yoshie 360 LV.17 Gameboy 12h
Yes or no?

Pokémemes Giveaway #2

Lets do this again

Guess what the pokemon im giving away is

Clue: its legend and shiny
Another clue: it can join together with another legendary

Good luck all

Also pick a number between 1-100 closest number to number im thinking of wins a masterball

(I will tell everyone the winner of the masterball 10/April at 12:00 am

We have a winner for the guess that pokemon
Pokemontradergirl has won the shiny lunala

Eeveevaporeon Eeveevaporeon LV.5 I'm a Bot 18h
Giveaway #2

Pokémemes I’m making it official

I’m making it official plusle is the mascot of this account.
this little guy is my mascot:)

I’m making it official
Yoshie 360 Yoshie 360 LV.17 Gameboy 13h
I’m making it official

Pokémemes Selling these guys✨💲✨💲


Selling these guys✨💲✨💲
Justyno94 Justyno94 LV.21 Elite Four 16h
Selling these guys✨💲✨💲

Giveaway winner!!!

The shiny Ponyta goes to Shadowfawn!!!!

Congratulations!!! Thanks for participating everyone, I'm going to try to do another giveaway like this at some point, so follow if you'd like to keep track of that!! Thank you all again for participating. 😭💗💗

TuxedoBurb TuxedoBurb LV.8 Survivor Main 15h
Giveaway winner!!!

Pokémemes 🔥Gym Leader Blaine🔥and his Scorching 🔥 Friends!

🔥 #GymLeaderBlaine 🔥
🔥 #KantoRegion 🔥
🔥 #FireType 🔥

🔥Gym Leader Blaine🔥and his Scorching 🔥 Friends!
Justyno94 Justyno94 LV.21 Elite Four 12h
🔥Gym Leader Blaine🔥and his Scorching 🔥 Friends!

Pokémemes Hey I have a important question

So I have noticed due to time zone difference between a lot of us, we are missing out on time limited events like daily Meltan Giveaways so I want to change when I upload that sort of content that most if not all people can have a chance
So I can do that I ask all of my followers to enter there time zone so I can change schedule for it to fit more people in the range of time
I am PST (pacific standard time) so it also kinda has to fit there to

MeltanMaster MeltanMaster LV.19 Sage 2d
Hey I have a important question


Froppy wins a shiny Lucario!

Gengar Lucario 151 wins a shiny Sylveon!

Araluwen wins a shiny Sudowoodo!

Thank you guys so much for participating in my first giveaway! Please stay followed for more in the future!

(DM me 8n the next 48 hours for ur pokemon)

StatPupet StatPupet LV.18 Be my Mootentine ❤️ 21h

offers for shiny message if want any MUST BE ENGLISH NO NICKNAMES

lv100 jirachi with master ball
lv100 kyurem with masterball
lv100 shiny terrakion
lv50 terrakion with masterball
lv66 keldeo with masterball
gmax shiny alcremie(hacked i got it in wonder trade)
lv55 lunala with masterball
lv100 shiny reshiram
lv100 shiny melmetal
lv100 shiny mewtwo
lv100 cobalion with masterball
lv50 virizon with masterball
lv100 shiny lunala
lv100 shiny solgaleo
lv100 shiny necrozma
lv100 shiny foreign mew

shiny inciniroar
shiny scorbunny
shiny venusaur
shiny rillaboom
shiny litten
shiny gardeviour
shiny torracat
shiny alolan vulpix
shiny alolan ninetales
shiny intelion

pokemontradergirl♡ pokemontradergirl♡ LV.15 Enderman 16h
offers for shiny message if want any MUST BE ENGLISH NO NICKNAMES

Pokémemes The official meltan and Yoshie 360 championship

Go check it out for more info

Yoshie 360 Yoshie 360 LV.17 Gameboy 20h
The official meltan and Yoshie 360 championship

Pokémemes Pokémon Breeders in a Nutshell

I think I need help

Pokémon Breeders in a Nutshell
MeltanMaster MeltanMaster LV.19 Sage 10h
Pokémon Breeders in a Nutshell

Pokémemes Surrender Your Life to Snom

Oh no he’s got a knife!

Surrender Your Life to Snom
Tealo Tealo LV.14 Shadow 1d
Surrender Your Life to Snom

Server Shoutout ♡

Roughly two weeks ago, I've joined a lovely discord server with a fantastic community that I think would perk your interest.
What can you do? Here, you can participate and host raids, trade, battle, and check if your pokemon is hacked or not. There is also a variety of channels for other fandoms such as Animal Crossing, GTA, Smash Bros, etc. Inclusive to fun discord bots like pokecord, and you can listen to music! You can share your media like artwork, videos and much more!
It's a friendly vicinity and I would definitely suggest it if you're interested in a wide variety of games and such. Giveaways are frequent and everybody can participate, or host if you so wish. There's more to come and it's definitely worth checking out, everyone is welcome!

Server Shoutout ♡
piers piers LV.13 Team Rocket 13h
Server Shoutout ♡


BigJohnTheGreat BigJohnTheGreat LV.7 Nomad 11h

Pokémemes I drew Lugia

Here it is, Lugia. Upvote for Luigia.

JustAYoutubeGamer123 JustAYoutubeGamer123 LV.5 Billy 14h
I drew Lugia

🌟New Giveaway, Five Winners!🌟

As suggested by Sumiti, the next giveaway is going to have five winners. And each of those winners gets to choose between a shiny Lunala or a shiny Solgaleo!

1) Make sure you're a follower
2) Comment below what you guys are doing to stay busy right now. (fake answers only) Best answer imo gets a shiny Necrozma!
3) Like this post please

Ends Wednesday April 8, 8 AM EST
(Had to extend slightly because of a very busy weekend)

I hope everyone is staying safe.

Shadonai Shadonai LV.19 Shadow 9d
🌟New Giveaway, Five Winners!🌟

Pokémemes Anyone have 13$ Apple Pay? I need it for a pride flag :(

Can somebody give me 13$ on Apple Pay please? I’ll give you 5 shiny Pokémon from this box

Anyone have 13$ Apple Pay? I need it for a pride flag :(
Sora_plays_sploot Sora_plays_sploot LV.9 Link 1d
Anyone have 13$ Apple Pay? I need it for a pride flag :(