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Oct 24, 2020, 10:44 PM 98 read

Halo and Xbox Series X

With halo infinite having a delayed release people are very disappointed (as expected) but have no fear. For those who have have MCC on your xbox one or you have gamepass, you will able to play an optomised halo MCC on the series X a week after the Series X's release (november 17th) This release will include all past halos apart from halo 5

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Here are some improvements being made to MCC. - 120fps at 1440p (in both single player and multiplayer) - Split screen improvements - Cross platform play - Adjustable FoV This is good news for halo fans as the only news we have from infinite is "it will be released some time in 2021" Sure most of us have played the past halo games and we want a new one but i feel like 120fps halo will bring some new enjoyment to old games. Feel free to post your thoughts in the comments.

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    add me to friends.I accept all request,will be happy to play☺️

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