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Recruiting S.S.N.T | Clan Level 4 | TH9+ | Active Players needed | Trophy Pushing | Max Clan Games

Hey, My name is Captain Atix, leader of S.S.N.T, Welcome! We’re a US based clan that loves to war and help each other grow in the game. We’re striving to become a very active clan that offers donation fills, helpful/friendly advice, and competitive wars. **About Us:** Established November 13, 2020; S.S.N.T is a war clan where we do wars all the time non stop back to back. We are US-based and while we're all pretty chill, we do have some rules we're serious about. **Clan Rules:** 1. No donation requirement. Just try to help out a teammate once in a while if there’s no one around to help. 2. Be active. We need you to do every single clan war and clan war leagues attack if you are opted in. 3. If you've opted into wars, and you're selected, you must always follow the war plan and use both attacks. 4. No drama of any kind will be tolerated. Be friendly. Our goals for the clan are to create an environment for players to learn, grow, and become better together. Teach strategies and planning war attacks. Give positive feedback/reinforcement to encourage growth and the player to improve without the pressure and to simple put it, to create a “family” mentality so no members feel like they don’t belong. Our Clan Requirements are: * 1000 Clan Games points minimum * Both Attacks used in war * Members who opt in for war must use both attacks * Have fun and enjoy the game! We like a player who: * Enjoys the game and loves to war * Chats often, adds a positive influence * Likes to grow and develop * Wishes to become part of a family * Seeks promotion through contribution What kind of player We’re looking for: **Active Players*. If you love to WAR, that would be even better for us! * Show *Respect* towards your Clan members, be *Mature*. * People who ***DONATE OFTEN*** * People who will participate in *Clan Games* (At least 1000+ clan points required from each member.) * If you're in war or CWL you must use all of your attacks! * You must be able to speak English and be able to stay active, chill, and have fun. * Most importantly, loyal players who are willing to stay and grow with the clan. No hoppers. * Anyone that just needs a home and looking for a place to grow or talk some clash!. What We can offer YOU: **A healthy* and thriving community with strong donations! **Stable leadership* focused on helping the clan grow together! **An environment FREE* from donation ratio requirements! **MAX* Clan Games rewards! **Clan war and CWL: We like to war on a daily basis, with a few exceptions. ** Keep in mind CWL Rules also apply to this If Opted in and put into clan wars you must use both attacks.* We do not have any performance requirements However, using both attacks is mandatory if opted in via My Profile, Clan Wars, “I’m in”. Members are meant to follow initial war assignments made by our Clan Leader and CoLeaders. Now that we’re done talking about clan wars. We’re a healthy group of people from all parts of life who enjoy a refreshing sense of family and community! We’re mostly based in the United States with a few members also residing in many other various countries. Our leadership team is strong and stable, so let us know how we can help you! We hope to see you soon! Please feel free to contact me on Moot with any questions, comments, or concerns! ~ s.s.n.t #2YCRL2QRQ

Clash of Clans: General - Recruiting S.S.N.T | Clan Level 4 | TH9+ | Active Players needed | Trophy Pushing | Max Clan Games image 3
Clash of Clans: General - Recruiting S.S.N.T | Clan Level 4 | TH9+ | Active Players needed | Trophy Pushing | Max Clan Games image 4

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