SenseiCam LV.3 Lurker
Apr 11, 2020, 01:28 PM 110 read

Join are clan!!!

Base Building

Brand new clan looking for members. I promise you we are active 8 hours a day each. And we will not let this game die. Looking for Gold and up for our clan. Yes we can donate seige machines and electro drags. Message me if you’d like to join. The clan name is : SemiPro_101

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  • SenseiCam LV.3 Lurker Apr 11, 2020, 01:29 PM

    Only 2 members so far but we can take this clan to the top

  • JacobMcCoy04 LV.16 You're a Bot Apr 12, 2020, 01:53 PM


  • SenseiCam LV.3 Lurker Apr 12, 2020, 01:58 PM