What townhall?

LV.25Warrior2 days ago
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Anyone wanna make a clan

LV.2Lurker12 days ago

New clan!

Active members only join!

LV.2Lurker13 days ago

Looking fir a clan

LV.7Nomad17 days ago

Time to go to th9 right ?😬

LV.2Lurker18 days ago

I’m booty at this game

LV.2Lurker19 days ago

The Goblin

The expert in stealing, the quickest, and ...the weakest of them all we present to you the one and only Goblin ! (Cheering)

*If you’re new to Clash of clans lemme just tell you now that the goblins need to stay away from mortars and wizard towers*

N Yea honestly guys I haven’t been attacked by a single goblin in a long time. Nobody really uses them. These guys are just too weak. So here’s my suggestion for when you’re actually using these:

First of all don’t fill up ur army camp with these. Toss in at least one golem and use that as a meat shield. I’m telling u the goblins will get tore up. So toss in the golem and send in a giant wave of goblins. And don’t stop sending them unless you know you have to.

*if you don’t have golems then use Giants. You’ll have to make like 10 which will prevent you from making more goblins. So choose wisely; more guns or more giants ?*

And second these guys are perfect for taking money out of the mines and collectors. Ya know ? Those inactive villages ? Yea so use the goblins for those too.

These guys are pretty cool because of the fact that they go straight for money but again like one mortar takes these guys out.

*I WILL be posting videos on attacks and different armies you guys can use. And I’ll warn u right now that I’m not perfect and if u notice that I mess up during an attack and u don’t like it then please keep ur opinion to yourself. Only tell me your opinion if I ask for it*

LV.16Super Star19 days ago

Th6 base 🙂🙏

LV.3Lurker20 days ago